My Summer Of Dares 3: The Therapy Pool Chair

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 3: The Therapy Pool Chair

My decent into submission continued as I knelt before my two well dressed friends, bound, naked, and one hundred percent dependent upon them. My gag was replaced once again, confirming that I would have little input into whatever the girls decided they wanted to do with me. The girls used the scissors to cut away the sweaty plastic wrap and help me stand on my stiff legs, and I was free to the extent that a girl can be stranded far from home without a stitch of clothing. I could possibly make myself understood while cleave gagged as I was, but the symbolism of the gag being in place meant I wasn't supposed to try. I was theirs to do with what they wanted, a hugely excited toy for their amusement, and the only thing missing to make this perfect from my perspective was some form of restraint to remind me of my place.

"As much as we would like to keep you all trussed up", Dana said as if reading my mind, "I think it would be a good idea for you to stretch out the kinks, as it were." Her smile confirming her double entredre was no accident. I followed my two friends to the hospital once again, wearing nothing but sneakers and the backpack they handed me for our long walk, and reluctantly grateful for the ability to move my sore limbs, confirming that the girls knew what was best for me.

I still felt more than just naked in their presence outdoors, and the sound of the occasional cars driving past on the distant road reminded me that they could possibly see us as well without the rain falling as it was last time. Wouldn't that be quite the sight, two well dressed and pretty girls followed by a skinny naked one walking through a field as if I were their young servant. At our great distance from the road however, anybody who did see us through the trees likely wouldn't even be able to tell our gender, let alone that one of us was naked.

There wasn't a bit of hair below my neck with my total trim job and well shaved legs, and I felt immature because of that in my friends stunning presence, and without thinking about it I kept pace several steps behind them with my head bowed in submissive acceptance of my situation.

The hospital looked slightly less gloomy on this sunny day as opposed to the rainy one we first visited it on, but that day was forever glorious in my mind as the day the three of us began our new relationship. Had I only known that such an accidental situation would have made these impossible dreams and fantasies of mine come true, I would have endeavored to create it years ago, if only I had the courage. The "what if" of my friends possible rejection of my unique desires however was always present in my mind.

Sitting in the back of the car, or going to the back of the line was one thing, stripping off and offering my wrists willingly for restraint in a strange place far from home quite another. The more I thought about it though, perhaps I did green light this by letting my friends easily dominate me socially over the years. Stealing my bikini did set a new president for mischief at the time, but being forced to do laps to get it back before one of the college guys discovered our prank was still a huge turn on. Could my perceptive friends have realized this back then, sowing the seeds that have now apparently matured? What if it was they who were waiting for the perfect moment, and not I?

My thoughts were interrupted by my friend's nurse Dana persona, as she and nurse Tracy cornered me once inside the building and suggested that they thought it best that they straight jacket me for my own safety. My backpack was removed and inside it was the remaining roll of plastic wrap, a flashlight, and a great many other things judging by it's earlier weight. Nurse Tracy told me to wrap my arms around my body as if I were hugging myself experimentally, apparently to see if her idea would work. After she seemed satisfied with her concept, she wrapped my torso with my arms held out of the way while flattening my minimal chest with the tight wrap that felt oddly wonderful where it crushed me, not to mention the brief and accidental moments when she brushed my bare skin with her fingers.

She then had me place my first arm around myself as I had just done, and then wrapped it tightly to my body in a nice and snug embrace with the plastic wrap efficiently sticking to itself where it already crossed my naked body. My second arm was finally wrapped overlapping the first, and not only did my assets disappear beneath the various layers, but I was just as helpless and less of a burden on my friends than I was in the broken wheelchair we used on our last visit. This way I could still move somewhat on my own, but do little else without their assistance, and therefore permission. Escape would have been pointless, (not that I wanted to), and my feeling of helplessness was on par with my ride in the trunk that brought us here I the first place.

As an unintended consequence it was even more awkward to keep my balance than with just my wrists bound in front of me, (something I would never have guessed without being compelled to try it for myself), and the girls helped me climb the first flight of stairs with their firm grasps when they noticed my difficulty, making me feel more like a prisoner than the girls straight jacketed patient. Where the first floor had small rooms that could have been offices or private accommodations, the second had large open wards with rows of rusted iron bed frames. There was another large open room centrally located between the ward rooms, but with it's attached industrial sized kitchen that one was obviously the dinning hall.

There was less sunlight on this floor with the windows more completely boarded up, although we still could see once our eyes adjusted to the low light seeping through the cracks, but that likely was responsible for the better overall condition of the painted walls.

The place had an eerie feel to it with the sun creeping into the cracks and generating random shadows as it did, possibly heightened for me because of my restraint and overall helplessness. There were bathrooms and showers as one would expect, but also deep stainless steel bathtubs lined up in a room labeled "hydrotherapy", and hospital grade white tiles that refused to show their age, their sheen a stark contrast to the overall dinge of the place where nurse Tracy experimentally wiped her hand along them.

There was some graffiti in spots that looked as if done years ago, but the age of the paint and undisturbed dust on the floors, (other than from our own footprints), indicated we were the only recent visitors to this part at least. The work on the walls went from crude suggestions as to what one could do to themselves, to something that could be considered urban art. Some of the "art" depicted female nudes chained to beds and looking as if caught in mid scream, and I found the concept quite erotic, if not slightly medieval in this dungeon like imposing structure. The girls took a picture of the art like wall with me in the foreground, and then we explored some more.

The girls looked in the closets and utility rooms with their single flashlight like thieves searching for valuables, and I half expected some ghoul to pop out of one of them like from a horror movie scene, with me all bound up and helpless to run away without falling down flat on my face. The place was so massive that I was happy when the girls finally got bored searching each and every closet they could find, not that I wasn't curious at some level, but I was little more that a gagged and helpless spectator watching my friends have fun.

Speaking of the gag, the girls finally noticed my silence, apparently forgetting I was still wearing it with all the distractions of our exploration and the relative darkness. I could still make noises with it in although I chose not to, but intelligent conversation would require a lot of guessing on their part as forming proper word sounds didn't seem possible. Dana looked me over with her flashlight momentarily blinding me, and then decided to remove the gag somewhat hastily without consulting Tracy first, and this made me frightened of what she saw.

Both girls examined my face with my eyes tightly shut in the bright light, and they felt even more like my nurses at that moment as they touched cheeks that I suddenly realized were quite sore.

"You have some red chafe marks from your drool covered panties grinding on your cheeks, and I hope they go away as explaining them could be difficult."

I felt panic at the thought of somebody besides the three of us learning what we were up to by discovering gag marks on my face, but my two friends really had nothing to fear as they well knew. If I were discovered I couldn't possibly implicate them with the relationship we had developed, and would instead make up some story that would quite likely make me look very bad, but spare them any involvement.

Tracy saw my panicked look and likely thought to lighten the mood by suggesting that they may have to keep me until the marks faded, and her suggestion had the desired effect as that wasn't a hardship from my point of view. My earlier concern was almost instantly forgotten as I realized that they wouldn't leave me on my own, even though they easily could.

Ungagged I assumed I was allowed once again to speak, and I asked what would happen if they never faded.

"Oh, that's a second delicious thought," Dana said. "Maybe hide you in our dorm room like a forbidden pet, or make you play maid keep the place clean and do all our homework while we go out and live it up. I've always wanted a full time maid, as you well know."

...I had lost some bets with my friends over the years, some intentional, some not. Dana's reference was to my loosing a particular bet with her, and as a result I had to clean her whole house while her family was out. It was her chore to do for her family, but both her and Tracy instead watched T.V. and lounged around while I spent the best part of that rainy day being her maid. I cleaned around both girls and had to listen to constant suggestions for areas where I could improve my work, as well as fetch them drinks and snacks. I felt a little like Cinderella by the time I was finished, but it would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy the torment at some level from my two pretty friends...

"I'm bored" I wined. "Lets see what's up on the third floor."

Both girls looked at me as if they wished I was still gagged, but must have been thinking the same thing as they agreed rather quickly to take my suggestion. The three of us found a small set of stairs, and once again I was helped up them so I didn't fall and break my neck.

It was obvious that this is where the actual therapy took place, there was a swimming pool on one end of the building, and if the windows weren't mostly boarded up the view and sun would have been magnificent. Like no other pool I had ever seen though, it had a chair lift with overhead tracks leading to over top of the pool, and various straps to hold whoever was on it securely so they couldn't possibly fall off. My imagination could conger up all kinds of sinister purposes for the human trolley system, but it looked like it was benignly designed to place handicapped or weakened patients into the pool safely.

The thought of being strapped into the skeletonized chair had my entire body tingling, and I became aware of a trickle of perspiration forming between my trapped assets under the plastic wrap, and running down my stomach to trickle over freshly shaved womanhood. The coolness of that moisture's passage was a contrast to the heat I felt elsewhere, and my nipples felt chilled and painfully attempting to erect under the plastic wrap.

This was no improvised restraint system of belts or plastic wrap, but the real thing, and likely used on countless patients over the decades. This device, while not specifically designed to prevent criminal escape, was still designed and proven to prevent a person from getting out of it until they were released by whoever put them into it. The attached straps and cuffs were ancient looking thick leather, but despite their age once buckled about my body I would be as helpless and dependent on my pretend nurses as any previous patient were on their real ones.

"I so want to give that a ride", I said almost breathlessly. "How about my nurses buckle me into it and let me give it a try, and then if they want they could go off and explore while I try to get out."

"Your never going to be able to get out of that thing without help" Tracy observed after looking it over with a rather odd expression on her pretty face.

"Want to bet" I challenged, knowing full well she was probably right and I was about to loose still another bet with my pretty friends. I had no idea what I wanted to loose however, nor what I wanted to win either, as I was quite happy with our present situation.

The girls had a quick and private conversation, and while I knew either one could be quite devious on their own, together there was a kind of synergy between them when they collaborated that just had to be seen.

"If you can get out of the chair your own", Tracy offered, "I'll be impressed..."

There was no "if not" offered as I had expected, and the deviation from our normal form of bartering left me feeling let down. Had I not just offered up a perfect opportunity for Tracy to receive some reward of her own?

"First clean the chair, then we will buckle you in" Tracy commanded.

She used their scissors to cut away my improvised straight jacket (that had become embarrassingly sweaty) and handed me some pieces of my cut up shirt from the backpack that I was certain a moment before were left in the garage. She also handed me a spray bottle of cleaner no doubt lifted from one of their kitchens just like the plastic wrap, and I wondered about the totality of their forethought. I also hoped she didn't realize that my nipples instant response to their freedom was anything but the chill they felt once free of the plastic wrap.

I cleaned the grime from the surfaces of the shiny stainless steel and leather as the girls explored the pool area, grateful at least that the bird population had somehow missed hitting it. While I was cleaning I wondered again why the girls would think to bring such things with them, unless they were intending for me to use them on something. It didn't seem to me that either one had visited the place previously, (other than the places we had briefly visited together), both from their enthusiastic exploration of the many rooms with their shared flashlight, and any unexplained footprints.

This again was another mystery, but I put that aside for the moment as I was anxious to try out the chair. It looked stout enough that I could pull at the restraints with all my might and not injure myself or break free, something I had always dreamed about, but near impossible to arrange discretely on ones own.

I sat in the chair while waiting for my friends to finish their self guided tour of the pool's locker room, closed my eyes, and tried to imagine the hospital full of people and activity as it once was. The place was old, but the doctors and nurses of the day probably thought themselves as cutting edge as the doctors of today, and that caused me to laugh inwardly as I waited.

The girls returned, and both nurse Dana and nurse Tracy buckled me into the chair like frame together as my eyes were closed savoring the moment. First my ankles were secured to the frames holding the stainless steel foot pads, (that looked exactly like the ones found on a wheelchair), next my legs were buckled to the same frame pieces independently just under my knees. Then a single wide strap went over my thighs, and still another across my hips. Another went under my arms and over my chest and buckled behind the chairs frame, and the last two went around each wrist securing them to the arms of the chair. Each cuff and strap was riveted in place on the frame itself, inadvertently preventing previous trespassers from taking them home with them as a souvenir.

The girls stepped back and looked at their work, and I expected them to leave me to continue their exploration as I attempted to escape at ground level, however unlikely that appeared. Instead Dana pulled the chain hoist part of the chair's overhead mechanism, and I was noisily hoisted high into the air in the silent building, just as a patient would have been before being pulled along the tracks to the pool. The chain that lifted the chair was well out of my reach, and would remain so even if I managed to slip out of the many straps that held me into it.

The girls had tipped the odds even greater into their favor by hoisting me as they did, and instead of the chair like frame being stable in it's resting place, it rocked and twisted with my slightest movement once hanging freely on it's chain, confirming the true purpose of the restraints. She didn't stop pulling on the ancient chain fall until it was up nearly as far as it could go, and that was quite high as the track ran along the high roof. When I thought it couldn't get any worse, (or better depending on ones point of view), Dana walked the chain toward the empty pool, and the rollers made a horrible noise as they moved the chair toward the empty pool on their tracks as they likely hadn't done in years.

I heard all manner of dirt rain down as she tugged me along, and the chair vibrated with the motion that felt anything but good as I expected it to rip loose and fall to the concrete floor at any moment. The stuff that fell out of the track didn't land in my hair as I expected, but was deflected away by an inverted cone shaped guard attached to the chain I was suspended from. That at least explained why I remained clean, and possibly why the birds had avoided the chair as well.

Dana had to stay under my chair to avoid the junk raining down, and at the edge of the empty pool she gave me a great shove that had me rolling all the way to the deep far end of it. With no water that only meant the floor I could potentially fall to was even farther away, and when the chair came to an abrupt halt it swung back and forth in pendulum motion on it's chain. The girls didn't say a word as I thought I heard them leave, but I didn't beg for mercy either as I easily could have. The chair stopped it's oscillations and I realized I wasn't going to fall down, but I still couldn't find the courage to struggle with the straps holding me safely on the chair as I originally intended, fearful of success and a potential fall.

I was facing away from the exit the girls would have left through, and I experimentally moved my bound body to the extent that I could in an attempt to rotate the chair so I could at least see their return, as I had the feeling that I was still being watched in the dead silent room. I only succeeded in rocking the chair some more, but my right wrist did move somewhat freely in the cuff holding it to the arm of the chair. Was this an accident on the girls part, (although I didn't know which one of them had buckled that wrist in as my eyes were closed), or only intentional torment as I still couldn't escape?

I scrunched my hand up to make it as small as possible, and with some effort I managed to free my right hand, but my other buckles were quite snug, implying this was no accident. I couldn't reach my left wrist cuff no matter how hard I tried with the strap over my breasts holding me upright, and even if I could it would take two sets of fingers to release the clever buckles there. The other buckles were intentionally positioned out of my reach so that they would be easier for any nurses to reach, and nearly impossible for the patients at the same time.

There was something that I could reach however, and despite the potential shame at being caught doing this most personal and naughty thing to myself that good girls just didn't do, I reached my perfectly shaved neither regions and started my own exploration. I decided that if the girls didn't want me to enjoy myself they would have done a better job of securing my wrist, and in any event, the eroticism of my predicament was just too much for me to resist.

Several slow strokes along the length of me and I was already gushing, possibly due to the unfamiliar smooth texture of my neither regions, but much more likely due to my restraint. I teased myself along by avoiding that one spot guaranteed to make me pop for longer than a second, and even that had me struggling to stretch my body out as muscles fought muscles for control. The chair creaked and swung with my exertions, but I didn't care at the moment as I was far too distracted.

...If my friends were watching, (as I sensed that somebody was), I was potentially about to give them one hell of a show. If they had read my diary though, they would have to know how much all of this invaded my very sleep, and where my thoughts and curiosities truly lay. I was already their willing and naked play toy, would it be such a stretch of imagination that I got off on all this? I vowed to myself that I wouldn't keep any secrets from friends who possibly had waited for this moment for as long as I had been dreaming about it, but just to be sure I wouldn't volunteer what I got out of all this just in case I was mistaken. This was at best cautious courage, but the best I could manage with my submissive nature...

I became almost violently aggressive with myself, my fingers doing on their own what they knew I needed, and the surrender of all self control in an instant. I threw my head back and tried with all my might to straighten my bound limbs, and a slight groan escaped my lips that sounded very loud in my ear. The chair's creaking was louder though, as were the chains movement, and I exploded in the best orgasm of my life.

When the tremors finally subsided and I caught my breath I knew I was hooked, and that no orgasm any other way would ever compare to a bound and restrained one. I popped myself off again another three times in purely selfish greed over the next half hour, and then I laid in the chair finally spent, with my head back in a near coma.

I dozed off, but was woken when I felt the chair being dragged backwards, clueless as to how much time had passed. My sore hand was still laying in my lap, and I instantly knew I wanted to put it back into the cuff so they wouldn't know for sure what I had been up to. I would confess if asked, but that was the limit of my courage.

By the time they had me down all looked as it did when they sent me up there earlier in the day, my hand going back into the loose cuff easier that it came out, but Dana refused to release me until I agreed to her terms. It was a simple thing, not that I was in any position to bargain, and my word that I would do the potentially humiliating deed was good enough to earn my freedom. Both girls could have demanded anything, and part of me wanted them to, but not at that particular moment as my appetite for kink was sated.

We left the hospital together, I on shaky naked legs, and they unusually satisfied with the days events. The backpack I carried felt heavier than when I carried it in, but it had been a long day and I gave it no more thought than that. At the car I was presented with an old dress of Tracy's from several years ago that the girls apparently decided not to donate, it was a youthful style and fit me well considering she likely wore it several years prior when not quite so well endowed. I was grateful for it all the same, and I rode home in the back of the car as usual wondering what could possibly top this experience, but suspecting what was to come based on the promise I made to Dana...


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