My New Neighbour 2

by MrSmooth

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© Copyright 2014 - MrSmooth - Used by permission

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Part 2

She was correct about the chastity device. Because it was there I was constantly reminded of her and more than once was tempted to remove it to relieve myself but I knew the consequences and believed her statements to me would be adhered to. Saturday evening finally arrived and although I do normally look after myself I made a special effort for her. I arrived at hers at eight wearing my best dark blue suit and rang the bell.

“Come in” she shouted through the slightly open door, “and put the latch on”. I did this and I could see her wearing something in red and disappearing into the cloak room through the frosted glass of the inner door. She poked her head around the loo door, “Go into the sitting room I won't be long, my you look handsome Scott”.

She could and did give good compliments which made me feel as if she did care as I was to find out. I thanked her for it and sat in the room as directed. A couple of minutes later she appeared as before walking in confidently dressed this time in a heart stopping figure hugging glossy crimson latex dress with black latex trim and a bow at the waist. The fit of it on her magnificent body left little to the imagination and she presented herself as usual with great confidence turning around for full impact.

The dress was low cut with a halter neck, her breasts straining at the rubber clearly showed her nipples, even her belly button was clearly visible. It fitted her slim waist and bottom like a second skin and then flared out to allow movement. The front, above the knee was shorter than the back at mid calf length. If she was wearing anything underneath it, it was not noticeable. A pair of matching red skyscraper spiked heels complimented the ensemble. Her make up was perfect with her lipstick accentuating her full lips and her thick black hair cascading onto her shoulders, she was heart stopping and it skipped at this gorgeous fetish dressed creature that stood in front of me and I wanted her right there and then.

“You look absolutely stunning Anna”, I said standing up as I normally do when women enter a room.

She was as tall as me standing around six feet in her towering heels and she gave me a smile that said thank you for the compliment. “I hope they can handle this at The Ambassador”, I remarked referring to her attire as she allowed me a quick hello hug. “They will have to” she replied with a shrug, “they have no choice: now I am ready to go but I have to release you now from your chastity”, she said smiling but seriously and holding up the key, “so drop your trousers for me”.

I decided to tease her, “I have a confession, I was so frustrated thinking about you I had to take it off and relive myself I was so horny”.

Her mood and face changed and she looked disappointed and angry. “Let me see”, she said and she opened my trousers and pulled down my shorts. She inspected the device and decided that it was not unlocked and had not been removed.

She looked at me puzzled. “It’s just my little joke” I said, “I was testing your reaction”

She thought for a few seconds before replying, “Now I’m to test your reaction” and she began to caress and play with my aching balls. My cock already slightly hard in the imprisonment became even harder and filled the cage it was trapped in. “Oh god please don’t do that” I gasped but she just smiled and continued to excite me until I couldn’t stand the pressure any more.

She stopped the torment, “Now you can keep that on whilst we are out this evening” she said, “I'll show you that I have a sense of humour too, and next time you will wear one with spikes fitted inside to make it more interesting, now put your clothing straight.”

“I cant go out like this!” I said, “I can scarcely walk let alone sit down to eat”.

She smiled a little cruelly. “Well in that case I shall just have to torment and punish you later when we get back and I will start your training proper too tonight as I am to be your Mistress you will remember to address me as such whilst here. This you have not done so far this evening, have you?”

I now remembered my agreement and apologised calling her Mistress. “Oh don’t apologise”, she replied, “its too late for that and once you have made a mistake then you will have to be punished, that is my rule as your Mistress from now on, I shall do some delicious and erotic painful torments to your mind and body when we get back, I look forward to it and I do hope you were not planning on returning home tonight as you are required to stay here with me, give me pleasure and be my sex slave”.

My mind went into overdrive at the thought of this as she now unlocked the cage from my cock and with some effort and relief she eased it off. She stroked it “better” as she put it for a few seconds which was incredible. I asked about my punishment. “Don’t you worry about that you will find out soon enough now lets go for our meal” she replied, “and put that cock of mine away now until later when I have plans for it”.

She insisted we go there in her BMW and slipped flat shoes on she kept in the car to drive and I managed to get rid of most of my erection before we arrived. She wore a long very expensive looking leather coat over her dress and we both headed for our table there at the hotel where a very efficient well dressed waiter around my own age showed us to it. I used to come here with my ex, Laura, and knew the place well. It had always been popular at weekends and was quite full. Most people here were couples who came regularly for the company and dancing as much as for the food.

“May I take madams coat?” he asked as we reached our table on the perimeter of the dance floor. “Madam it is”, she muttered quietly to me looking over her eyes and chuckled.

The place was well lit and she slipped off her leather coat. I saw him suck in his breath at the sight that stood before him. I swear his hands were shaking as he seated her and now facing me, he quickly gave me one of those “you lucky bastard looks” and I returned it back with a look that said, “yes aren’t I”.

Meanwhile now the whole room had suddenly taken on a hush and as I gave a quick glance around practically every man in there was drooling in our direction with their mouths open, and the women, a lot of them middle aged were looking disgusted at Anna and then back to their husbands for staring. I saw one women give her husband a kick on the shins for his indiscretion. I mentioned this to her when the waiter had presented us with our menus and left and she shrugged it off saying, “It's men such as these that have made me wealthy”.

We ordered and the room by now had returned to some sort of reality, but we still had furtive looks from the customers and even the kitchen staff took it in turns to sneak a view. She loved the attention and I guess it made her feel good and the waiter couldn’t do enough for her. “He is after a large tip”, I remarked when he left, and she replied, “I think he already has one judging by the bulge in his pants!”

We both burst out laughing now at her clever retort. I was to find out that she was very intelligent and quick too with a wicked wit which dispels the myth about Germans not having a sense of humour.

I had an excellent steak meal and she had fish, “something light”, she said “I can’t abuse your body on a heavy meal”.

“I appreciate the thought” I returned her comment.

“Oh you will” she replied with a wicked look in her eye, “have no doubt about it, and I do hope you don’t disappoint me or I will have to punish you even further”

“Lets hope I do then”, I answered.

I was excited and curious to find out what was in store for me but she changed the subject adding that it was a surprise and we then chatted generally and shared a bottle of wine, German of course.

Later after eating the dancing started to the resident quartet, a few couples had a go at the quick step and then later they played something modern so she took my hand and dragged was me onto the floor to dance as individuals. Her body moved to the beat and the tortured latex stretched and followed her movements as she swayed to the beat. Every person in the room watched her with lust or disgust depending on which side of the fence their feelings were towards her and she gave them a show which for value would have cost a fortune at a lap dance club.

We danced for a while longer and eventually the music turned to a slow beat and she moved in close and we danced as one now. I held her rubber clad body close for the first time and the smell of the warm latex coupled with her perfume and her delicious natural aroma was erotic and overpowering to my nostrils.

Her doleful dark eyes looked mischievously into mine and she started to move her hips seductively against me. “Please don’t do that”, I begged, “I’m as horny as a rabbit and you’re giving me an erection”.

She ignored this of course and carried on with her movements, smiled and upped the torment now by talking seductively in my ear, she said, “the problem with wearing rubber next to your skin is, when you move like this in a warm environment it makes you perspire” she said, “and then eventually everywhere inside it gets very moist. Do you know that some of my sweat has run down between my breasts, I can feel it has found it way down over my warm belly and even into my groin. I even believe some has found its way into my see-through latex thong which is so tight and tiny it only just contains my already very wet and juicy pussy thinking about what you will have to endure from me later. It has made me quite horny too and I shall make you to lick it all off my wet places when we get back, oh I have such a session planned for you once I have you safely secured that is”.

By now she could clearly feel my now throbbing hard-on pressed against her. I just groaned and was dreading the music stopping so I manoeuvred us as near to our table as I could just before it did.

The few feet that lay between me and our table I negotiated as close as I could behind her as we returned to it. We sat and she laughed at my predicament. I called her a bitch in a friendly way for getting me excited and she just smiled back, but she stored my comment for future use, slipped off her shoe and started to rub my crutch with her bare foot under the table.

The table cloth hung low over it and she now said, “Undo your flies I want to feel a throbbing cock on my foot”.

“I can’t do that here” I said, “besides I’m far too excited”.

“I’m your Mistress as well as your date” she replied firmly, “Now do as you’re told to, otherwise I shall discipline you even further later!” I was both fearful and excited at her words: what had she in store for me, maybe something I couldn’t handle.

Since meeting her I had been onto the internet out of curiosity and checked out mistresses and what they do to their clients. I had read about some Mistresses whipping their clients fiercely and giving no quarter. I refused her order though and pulled back to stop her rubbing my crotch. She just nodded as if to say we will see, returned her foot to her shoe and made an excuse to visit the powder room.

When she returned this middle aged woman who had been glaring at us came over and out of the blue she called Anna a “cheap tart”. Anna gave her a stare to freeze water and as cool as a cucumber replied, “Oh I’m not cheap, this dress that I’m wearing cost more than your whole outfit and my diamond ring would pay your bills for years. I can assure you that I’m not cheap at all and the next time your poor husband who has been lusting for me all night has to relieve his frustrations I wonder whether he will be thinking of you or me.”

The woman was furious but Anna gave her such another look that she scurried back and then I saw her chastising her poor husband and she left him to pay the bill. When his wife was out of sight he furtively came over and apologised. “Not to worry” she said and shook his hand. He smiled and nodded to both of us before leaving.

“He looked like a poor downtrodden sod”, I remarked.

“Its women like her that have caused men like him to give me a good lifestyle”, she replied and I intend to give him a good time when he comes to see me shortly.

“How do you know that?” I puzzled. “I just gave him my card and I shall see he has the time of his life when he comes to see me, his secret will be safe but that will be my personal revenge on her for behaving as she did”.

“Is that true?” I asked, “your dress was that expensive, I didn’t realise”.

“I have the very best I can afford” she replied, “a quality car, a nice house in the best part of town, and now it looks like a really nice sexy man and sex-slave in my life to torment, what more can I expect”. I was truly flattered and this made me very happy and more relaxed as what was to happen later.

A little later I suggested that we leave and said, “Well I am ready to go now my erection has subsided, are you ready to go?” I asked her.

She nodded and added, “Yes Scott and I do hope there will not be any arguments from you when we get back, a promise is a promise and I did say that I will start your training, and I intend to take you through it, so I expect no refusals from you, you will have to trust me totally, I do not wish to be disappointed, so do you agree?”

My stomach turned over at the thought of letting her do as she wished to my body but I was also incredibly curious and excited by it so I agreed. I called the waiter over to pay the bill and gave him a good tip. She stood and he helped her with her chair, his hands shaking again he helped her on with her leather coat and she also gave him a very large tip.

In the reception on the way out I said, “That was my job, I already gave him a tip”.

Her eyes flashed slightly annoyed at me, “I gave him my card too” she said, “I can expand my business through him, that’s how my business works and now he will see to it that more work comes my way”.

She drove us to her place at around eleven pm and we stepped inside. “You had better use the toilet and get yourself a quick drink if you want one before we get started” she said, “I’m going upstairs to get ready for our session so use the second door on the left up there to take off your clothes and then wait for me completely naked outside my bedroom door wearing this blindfold.”

She handed me a blindfold and her rubbered body disappeared upstairs. She turned around at the top and ordered me, “be ready for me in five minutes” she said with her wicked smile before she disappeared inside.

I did use the toilet and then upstairs to strip: I already had an erection thinking about her as I waited blindfolded and shaking with adrenalin outside her door.

After a minute or so I heard her clip-clop to the door and open it. She fastened something around my neck, a collar. “Come with me” she said sternly and led me inside by it. She now directed me to kneel on a bench of sorts which felt as if it was padded with leather. I kneeled on it as she directed and soon felt my hands, knees and ankles being secured tightly so that I was in an open leg position, kneeling horizontally.

Finally a broad strap was pulled and buckled tightly across my waist preventing me moving at all now. I heard her footsteps move away and then all went quiet for a minute so I said, “what’s happening?” in an anxious voice. My blindfold was whipped off and she then stood in front of me a few feet away, legs apart dressed in a true dominatrix outfit.

A tight waisted black latex corset adorned her trim waist. Long, long self supporting shiny black rubber stockings, almost crotch level clung to her shapely legs. Black patent high heels on her feet and shoulder length matching latex gloves on her arms. On her head a patent military cap from under which she peered at me. Her breasts were fully exposed as was her crutch area and she was bending a thin cane between her hands in a threatening manner.

She allowed me to take in this very erotic and scary sight for a few seconds and reminded me, “You called me a bitch earlier tonight, so a bitch is what I really will be now for you!” With that she swished the cane through the air with a wicked sound.

“You’re not going to use that on me are you?” I was almost too frightened to ask.

“You bet your life I am” she replied, “your training starts here right now”.

I was terrified now and tried to chicken out. “Please don’t Anna” I said, “I don’t want this!”

“Anna, Anna” she repeated, “It’s Mistress in here how many more times, now shut up and prepare yourself to take your punishment: you made a promise, so you have no choice but to see this through”. She swished it again “Oh god” I muttered. I now began to see her in her serious mode and didn’t wish to be there with her.

I could clearly see her purposely reflected in her mirror wardrobe doors as she stood behind me. “Now” she said “I have totted up your mistakes and you have twenty four demerits to work off. Each demerit is a stroke of the cane; it could be other punishments which I can apply but for this time I will just use my cane. As this is your first time I will give you six of the best just to start with to get you used to accepting your pain, then if you please me enough later I may cancel some of the other eighteen stokes that are outstanding, now steel yourself my lucky slave.”

She rested the cane across my rear to get her aim and a second later gave me a quick slash with it. The pain was like a red hot poker being layed on my skin and I sucked in my breath through clenched teeth. “One” she said smiling sadistically and waited a full thirty seconds before bringing another down on me. This one made me cry out.

She inspected her work and rubbed her soft hand on the affected area. “One more and I’m half way”, Number three landed: I stiffened with agony and cried out again taking in deep breaths. I knew she would complete the caning whatever I said now.

She gave me a minute to compose myself and brought the cane down again. “Four, not long to go now”, she said and this time she inspected my cock to see my reaction to the pain. “Hmmm pity” she remarked as it had begun to droop, “but I will enjoy teaching you to accept and relish my punishment”.

Each stroke of the cane gave me a different level of pain and she checked her instrument for signs of wear before landing the fifth. Tears had welled in my eyes by now. “Just one more to go”, she said leaning in close as if to encourage me.

Number six was the hardest to bear as she really let me have this one. I screamed and bucked against my bonds at the level of pain from this one and the agony decreased only after a few minutes or two. “It’s all over for now”, she said in a caring manner, “I have some special cream for the affected area”. She donned a pair of surgical gloves and opened a jar to apply the contents gently and it did indeed work.

After a minute or so the pain subsided somewhat. She explained that it contained a mild anaesthetic and she used it regularly on her clients.

She discarded the gloves now and began to tease me by gently playing with my now deflated cock. It soon sprang back into life. “This will cure the pain too” she whispered in my ear. And it did. “Now I am very horny after that”, she said and releasing a foot brake she wheeled the whipping bench with me on it to the side of the bed. She sat; legs apart in front of me now and by using leather reins attached to the bench she pulled me towards her until my head was in her divine lap.

Coupled with the latex sheet she was sitting on I could smell her delicious aroma now and could also see that she was wet with excitement from what she had just done to me. “Make me happy now and get rid of some of these frustrations” she said in a hoarse voice. She lay back lifting her rubber clad legs onto my shoulders as she pulled me into the centre of her body with the straps. I quickly and gladly went to work on her and my tongue jabbed at her sensitive places; I could taste her salty sweat from earlier.

She squealed with delight and her powerful legs crossed behind my neck pulling me in tightly as she climaxed. “Fuck, oh fuck that’s fantastic”, she cried, “keep doing that, oh my god keep doing that oooooooooooooh” She cursed in her native language too which she would often do in the throes of ecstasy as I was to find out.

She kept me there for an age as I made her cum time and again. I could scarcely breathe but what a good way to suffocate I thought. By now I had a massive erection again and had forgotten about the beating and all I wished to do was please her.

Eventually she relaxed and lay back releasing me. She just lay there for a while to get her breath back. She sat up and pushed me back a little to return to normality. “Oooooh that was good” she said, “I needed that after hearing your squeals of pain and fear it made me very horny indeed and now its your turn for some pleasure too”.

The room had a wood floor and she now proceeded to tow me bodily still strapped down with the reins into a side room through double doors leading off the main bedroom. This was a large area at the rear of the house which must have been knocked through and specially fitted out for her.

The window was boarded inside with tasteful folding doors blocking out natural light and the whole room was made to appear as a dungeon of sorts with various steel and wood frames, benches and a very heavy open seated chair affair of sorts with very broad fixing straps. Hooks, rings, chains and straps hung from the walls and ceiling and there were weird leather and rubber bags hanging along one wall. The place was very intimidating indeed. I looked at her in disbelief as she welcomed me to her play room. “I've had this especially fitted out for someone such as you you!” she stated.

“Now what?” I dared ask.

“I will release you now” she replied wickedly, “I will then strap you to my St Andrews cross so that you are facing me and then my lucky slave I will impale myself on your throbbing cock and fuck you until I extract all that pent up slime from those aching balls of yours: I do hope you will not disappoint me!”

My backside was still glowing but not too painful for that and she released me. I couldn’t wait now for her to strap me to the cross. Leaning backwards at an angle, my legs apart, my arms out sideways, I was fastened at my ankles and wrists and a heavy broad belt at my waist secured me well.

She treated my cock with the delay spray to help me control my self and then she climbed onto the framework just inches away from me. She stood on two adjustable platforms set on either side of me which raised her off the ground high enough to be able to do this and using two handles hanging down either side of my head she pulled herself up and then lowered herself onto me.

My cock entered her sweet, sweet warm wet pussy, oh what glorious heaven, and she buried herself to the hilt on it. She reached up again and with one hand she released a large wide curtain of heavy semi-transparent latex that enveloped us as far as the floor and rested against Anna’s back. This formed an almost airtight curtain seal around our bodies. “This will keep us warm and you’re going to have a special rubber fuck from me now in this rubber cocoon” she said.

She now began to move on me slowly up and down milking me. Her face inches from mine, her firm body and solid breasts rubbing on my chest she peered into my eyes in the opaque darkness of our sweaty rubber tomb. This was the most intimate sex we had so far and it took all of my control not to cum as she worked her divine magic on me. Her eyes rolled back and she now squealed with ecstasy as she orgasmed. “Don’t you dare cum yet!” she warned me a few moments later in a throaty voice, “you don’t have permission and I need more, much more of this.” With this she continued to fuck my brains out. I lasted a just few more minutes.

Here was I having the most fantastic unbelievable erotic sex with this gorgeous rubber clad creature who now nestled her face into my neck moaning with pleasure. The aroma from our sweating bodies inside our latex curtain was incredibly heavy now too and the air was getting hot, clammy and thin as we used up most of the oxygen in here.

I began to lose it now and I begged her for permission to cum. She shook her head and refused but it was too late and impossible to control any longer: it started, coming, coming from heaven no less. “Oh my god Mistress its cumming, I’m cumming, sweet Jeeeeeesus I’m cumming”, I squirted my red hot seed, jetting it inside her sweet warm body and she sucked every drop of it into her as I gave a final moan of pleasure. She chastised me seductively as this was happening but she too exploded on my cock. I just had the orgasm of my life with this crazy beautiful sexy kinky lady.

She still clung onto the handles for support, our hearts beating fast and she looked into my eyes me with a very satisfied smile, I could make out beads of sweat on her forehead. She shook her head and smiling said, “you naughty slave, you have cum without permission, you will have to be punished for that!”

I felt so good with her and replied, “I don’t care Mistress you do whatever you wish with me; you can have me, my body and soul. From now on, I hand myself over to you” I did exactly that.


Anna was to invite and take me into her crazy dark world of sadomasochism, rubber bondage and total control and to teach me of things that I never knew existed. She has a very perverted and inventive kinky mind and is constantly pushing my boundaries with new ideas that she tests out on me.

She has taught me that physical pain is only one facet of domination that a true mistress needs to administer on her submissive as there are many, many other subtle delicious ways to treat a slave for that is what I am now. I am not a natural masochist and this suits her just fine because she knows then that I am genuinely fearful of her capabilities in which she tests me on a regular basis.

I am now her sex slave, she is my full time mistress and am completely devoted to this beautiful and sadistic rubber dominatrix where masturbation without permission is as I have found to my cost when caught once relieving my aching cock in the shower where she then punished me severely like a naughty schoolboy with her favourite Scottish tawse, leaving me unable to use offending hands for hours on end.

She mostly always makes up for it later though after real punishments for misdemeanours as she loves me and is a caring mistress all the same and treats my wounds with the best of care before paying my cock, or should I say her cock special attention.

However she also made it quite clear that I was expected to be completely faithful to her and only her with her cock unless otherwise directed, whatever that means, otherwise she would castrate me. I believe that she would do that too but I have no intention of wanting anyone else, why would I? There is no one else on this planet that could replace her. I am the luckiest man in the world and she has me totally hooked on her body, soul and mind in her dark rubber domination world.

I have since rented out my property and have now moved in with her some time ago now. I busy myself maintaining her house and keeping it clean and tidy. I am also sometimes forced to my total humiliation to dress up for her in a frilly rubber French maids outfit to do this work while she is around as she knows I am embarrassed to my roots and hate this and if the work is not to her satisfaction, well I can look out!

Always in chastity too when she is not around, I am kept constantly aroused and have now moved into the erotic area with my writing skills and have plenty of experience to record. Even now I still fear but love her at the same time, she keeps me in check and I have to test out first any new equipment she has bought and also undergo a “special” session around once a month in her working dungeon to satisfy her needs. But afterwards words cannot describe what pleasures I then receive if I do please her there. If I do not then I can look out.

She is a good at business and she charges very high London rates as she is the best there is and now has a regular stable of clients visit her where she chooses and needs to only work a few days each week leaving her to devote quality time to do other things she is interested in.

She loves art, travelling, her garden, and of course me too where she is insatiable in the bedroom especially after a days work at her dungeon. I am often kept secured and tied up for hours on end, encased in rubber too where she abuses my mind and body, driving me almost to insanity with lust and then it is she, not I who decides when and if it is time for my orgasm.

She has been investing in property lately to rent out and she also hires out her place of work in town now on non-working days to another Mistress, Lady Sin, who taught her something about the Domme scene in the earlier days and whom I have yet to meet.

They occasionally work together for their wealthiest of clients who are always the kinkiest she assures me, and they give them double domme sessions at very high rates.

I have not been allowed an orgasm for days and this situation is nearly always a prelude to a session at her dungeon.

Due to clients demand and because of her earlier training she has recently been adding a new specialist medical suite to her dungeon property and today I have been summoned there under strong protest from me to be her first patient to test it out and have I to experience a “Bizarre Rubber Klinik” session as she calls it.

I have a morbid fear of things medical which she is delightfully aware of and so far she has only skirted on this area of domination until she had the correct facilities in place to carry it out properly. She tells me that she cannot wait now to have me there as a patient to experiment on and so although incredibly excited by the thought I have also been dreading this lately.

I was a few minutes late arriving there due to heavy traffic and as she will not tolerate lateness she has now promised that my torment will now be extended for at least two hours. I protested strongly but she only laughed cruelly and now I am feeling very anxious to say the least as she promises to exploit my fears to the full and thus hopefully in the long term help to cure me from some of it. As she stated “you must face your fears to be able to overcome them”

She has also promised me a surprise and a special treat if I cooperate and please her and I have just been given a humiliating enema for the first time to prevent any “accidents” which may occur during the procedures, such will be the intensity of the session.

At this very time she has me very tightly strapped down onto the main centre piece of the Klinik, an hydraulic gynae chair. My legs forced apart in stirrups and very vulnerable I am wearing a tight black latex catsuit to keep me warm and this has strategic zip openings at the crutch and nipples area. Completely immobile now I have also been forced to wear a full rubber hood and separate gas mask fitted with a long breathing tube which terminates into a bottle containing her fresh Champagne. I am completely covered in latex and rubber from head to toes and as I breathe, my life giving air filters through her freshly made golden waste with a bizarre bubbling sound and so her delicious aroma permeates my lungs.

She has left me alone for quite some time to ponder my fate as she prepares for me and as struggle to look around in the low light I find the whole room very intimidating indeed, it has been designed to be. She has given me reason to believe that this would surpass any previous session I’ve ever had psychologically and physically and I finally hear her returning; my stomach churns over with anticipation.

A strong light in here is switched on and now from outside the stark white metal entry door is opened slowly and bathed in the bright light a rubber creature enters silently with just the sound of its footsteps on the tiled floor and a gentle rustling swishing sound of its uniform as it moves.

The creature is clad completely from head to toe dressed as a very sinister rubber nurse. A long red rubber medical apron covers her tight black short rubber dress and transparent latex stockings disappear up under it. Every inch of her is covered in rubber and even her eyes are obscured by dark lenses set into her tight fitting full hood.

Then totally to my surprise, behind her another rubber clad nurse follows and enters, and this one is dressed in a very tight fitting green latex nurse outfit a tiny white medical apron; on her head a matching nurse hood and all over medical rubber hood. The two of them now surround me. “Oh my god” my heart is pounding with fear and anticipation. Neither speaks at all but they both just survey me for a minute which is most disconcerting. I attempt to make contact but they each put a finger to their mouths to indicate that I am not allowed to speak.

Anna is the nurse in black, I recognise from her body shape. The other one taller and slimmer, her Nurse dress obscenely short and her long, long legs are sheathed to crutch level in self supporting transparent rubber stockings. I guessed that this must be the Lady Sin, Anna’s mistress acquaintance. I cannot quite make it out but bizarrely a thin red rubber tube with a plastic nylon valve at its tip is protruding down a few inches from between her legs which terminates inside of her body. My heart is beating faster.

Nurse Anna now purposefully delivers a chrome medical trolley to my side which clinks with its steel and glass implements layed out there and this no doubt will be used to help carry out their scary experiments on my body. Faster still my heart pounding now Anna remains silent as she deliberately and slowly shows me some of these instruments of torment and the other one laughs and shakes her head as I show my fear and moan with fright and yet extreme excitement as I am forced to watch her.

This is so dark and sinister and what is that red rubber tubing to be used for? Why the hypodermic syringe and all those needles? The array of bizarre stainless steel, glass and chrome implements? The gas bottles? I can barely contain my fear but I cannot move, I cannot resist, I cannot escape and I cannot deny their intentions. I attempt to speak in protest but unknown nurse covers my air intake with her rubbered hands and indicates me not to speak. I comply in fear and she nods and releases me to breathe again.

Nurse Anna now approaches between my forced apart legs and the chair silently changes angle and moves to place me into a more level position leaving me almost horizontal, my legs higher in the air, forced open for her to work on my soon to be exposed body. My head is now at their crutch level, my cock is oozing pre-cum, so hard and throbbing it is fit to burst as she unzips and releases it at last from its rubber tomb to be freed for her torments.

Unknown nurse, her uniform makes a rubbery squeaky sound as she moves and her more than indecently short dress rides up more as she leans across legs apart revealing her naked, shaved and heavily pierced sex just inches from my face and yes I can clearly see the red rubber tube is dangling from inside of her dripping pussy. She knows what I have just witnessed, stares back my way for a second in a tone of superiority then exposes my nipples as Anna delay sprays my bulging cock to prevent me from cumming before my time.

The other nurse now applies a swab of alcohol cleaner to my nipples and in the meantime Anna repeats this by using a similar swab on my cock and balls. They work together as a team each knowing what to do next to me as if scripted. Still neither speaks as the session begins and Lady Sin now removes my face mask and then quickly replaces it with an anaesthetic one which she holds tightly to my face as I struggle to resist her. A faint hissing sound now and soon my head is spinning as the sweet smell of a gas invades my lungs. I soon become semi-conscious, hardly able to struggle but strangely my other senses are heightened by the gas she administers but I am blatantly aware of what is happening.

Nurse Anna now squeezes gel down inside my cock hole with a syringe and then offers a very long and wicked looking curved urethral sound to my cock and gently slides it down inside of me. They both laugh sadistically as I cringe and give a pathetic weak stifled moan of both fear and pleasure; that is all I can muster in my now weakened state; the first of many moans to be emitted from me during the session, and my hope is, can I handle what they have in mind as this will take all of my courage.

This is a whole new level of domination for me and I have no choice. I will have to see through whatever decision is made and take whatever they decide to do to my heavily secured helpless body and mind. Anna will certainly see to it. She always does. She always will.

As to the other one, I have no idea what she is capable of but now she selects the length of rubber tubing from the trolley, attaches one end of it to the tube valve protruding between her legs and the other end to an inlet fitting on my breathing mask. The valve on the protruding tube between her gorgeous thighs is opened and seconds later her warm piss cascades onto my face and I have no choice but to swallow the acrid fluid or drown. They just cackle and laugh as I struggle and choke on it.

The only sound from them will be the sound of them laughing at my distress, fear and pain for the duration of the session.

My torment is now under way and I have two hours of this in front of me. Anna continues tormenting me with her steel sounds until I can no longer take the larger ones. They change tactics and now they both brandish vicious razor sharp needles and soon my tender flesh is pierced for the first time; the first of many.. God have mercy and help me through this!

I did make it through the session to tell this tale --- until the next time in the Bizarre Medical Klinik when torments will be stepped up I have been informed! –--

My reward for not cumming and being a cooperative patient later however was to have to service them both on a giant rubber covered bed but that is entirely another story.

Oh Jesus what a lucky bastard I am!

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