My Mind Being Opened

by Tom Smith

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© Copyright 2013 - Tom Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; lingerie; strip; bond; cuffs; gag; spreadeagle; tease; ts; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

I was sat alone at a table in a smart, cultured bar in the city, sipping from a bottle of cold lager, condensation running down the neck of the bottle. I was tired, mentally, from a long and tense meeting that had just finished. The meeting was heated and fractious, especially as the future of the company and jobs were at stake. Being a business negotiator in a high pressured environment is not all it is made out to be - long hours, many days away from home and extremely stressful. I kept sipping from the long neck of the bottle, hoping that the cold, golden alcoholic liquid would have the desired effect of draining the stress and tension away from me, lost and alone in my own thoughts.

An exotic voice stirred me from my thoughts,"May I join you?"

I turned to look at the owner of the voice. Stood next to me was a deeply tanned beauty, with long shiny black hair, thick luscious red lips complementing her dark skin. Long slender legs encased in tight calf length boots with a killer heel. Large breasts showing a perfect cleavage, all wrapped up in a red dress. The type of woman who belonged in a bar like this. I stood slightly and offered up the chair next to me. The exotic beauty sat down next to me and crossed her legs, her dress rising higher up her thighs.

"My name is Angelina", she said, holding her hand out. I took the delicate hand in mine and lightly shook it.

"I'm James, pleasure to meet you", I replied.

Angelina's accent sounded as if it had a Spanish American lilt to it. I guessed with her dark looks and accent that she was probably South American.

"I saw you from over the bar, you looked tired and appeared that you could do with the company".

Suddenly just after a few minutes in the company of Angelina and her hypnotic accent, I could feel the tension slipping away. I explained to Angelina, briefly, the reason for my tiredness.

"So you are a very important and powerful man then James", purred Angelina.

"I'm more of a fly-in trouble shooter and problem solver. Not very powerful and certainly not popular in some big companies. And what brings a beauty like you to the city, a long way from home I guess?" I asked of Angelina.

"Ah, a powerful man asking too many questions. I enjoy secrets and surprises", she whispered huskily, drawing a manicured finger down my tie.

This dark maiden had totally captured my attention.

"I like secrets and surprises, they are good for the soul and empower the mind and body. They create and stir undiscovered and long forgotten emotions and desires. They can sexually open the mind. You look to me like you like your mind opened. Is that not true James", smiled Angelina, whilst rubbing her fingers up and down my thigh.

"I, I, suppose I do or would..." I stammered.

"What, like secrets and surprises or your mind sexually opened", Angelina enquired playfully.

Although I'm brought in to situations for my upfront and questioning demeanour, I appeared to be outplayed by this dark haired raven.

"Err... both I guess", I replied.

"Good. That was what I was hoping you would say James. Would you like to come with me?".

I smiled and nodded. I was getting the feeling that my evening was going to get a whole lot more interesting. The stress and tension had been replaced by a sense of inquisitive wonderment. Both Angelina and I stood at the same time. Even though she was wearing boots with heels, I still towered over her. She took my arm in hers as we made our way to the exit. Once outside the bar, Angelina hailed down a taxi. I opened the door for her to get in.

"That is one thing I like, tall, powerful, strong men", she whispered in my ear as she got into the taxi.

I got into the taxi next to her. Angelina directed the taxi driver to an expensive part of town. During the short journey, Angelina said very little, but rubbed her boot slowly up and down my calf and just smiled.

When we arrived at our destination, I paid the driver and we both got out. Angelina took my hand and guided me towards a luxurious 5 story apartment block. Once inside we took the lift to the top floor and Angelina's apartment. Angelina opened the door to the apartment. Inside the apartment was large floor to ceiling windows. The living room was a large expanse of space, tastefully furnished. Angelina disappeared to the kitchen and returned with two glasses of wine. She took a sip from her glass, her full lips leaving a tell-tale lipstick imprint on the rim of the glass.

I moved closer to Angelina and gently kissed those red coated luscious lips. Angelina closed her eyes and responded to the kiss. After a few seconds Angelina opened her eyes and broke away from the kiss.

"Follow me James".

I followed Angelina through the living room and into a large bedroom. The bedroom, like the living room, also had large floor to ceiling windows. There was also a king sized bed in the room, which had two large candelabras with a number of tall and medium sized candles, which Angelina lit. Strangely Angelina made no attempt to close the curtains. I asked her if she wanted me to close the curtains.

"No, I like them open. I like people trying to look up and see what is going on in my bedroom. They never succeed".

Angelina came up to me and removed my jacket. I took off my shoes. Angelina slowly undid my tie and let it drop to the floor. She gently unbuttoned my shirt and placed her hands inside my shirt, running her fingers through my chest hair. Angelina kissed me again. She purred in my ear again:

"Take your trousers off".

I unfastened my belt and my button. My trousers slid slowly down my legs to my feet. I stepped out of my fallen trousers. Angelina removed my shirt, leaving me standing there in my small tight black briefs. Angelina stroked her fingers across the front of my tight briefs, which was now swelling.

"Mmmm nice, I like", she smiled. "Now for your mind to be opened sexually with secrets and surprises. Go and lie on the bed".

I went to the king sized bed and laid down on the cool, white satin sheets. Angelina eased herself out of her red dress and stood there in a white strapless bra, white satin G-string and the black calf length boots that she was still wearing. The white underwear complimented her dark skin. She then went over to a drawer and removed a number of items from it. She then walked back towards the bed. As she got closer, I could see that she was holding several sets of handcuffs. Angelina got onto the bed and straddled my crotch area. I started to stroke her slim body, but she took hold of my left arm.

"Now here is my first secret and surprise. I like my men restrained, helpless to my sexual openness". And with that, she closed the cuff on my left wrist and fastened it to the frame of the bedstead. She then repeated the action on my right wrist and secured that to the bedstead. I was certainly surprised. She then fastened my ankles individually with some rope to the bottom of the bed. I was now secured to the bed.

Angelina got off the bed and turned her back to me. She put her hands behind her back and undid the clasp of her white bra. She threw the bra onto chair, and turned around, her hands covering her breasts. She walked back to the bed and looked at my groin, the briefs struggling to contain my excitement.

"I see you like. Maybe you like this even more", and with that, took her hands away from her chest, to reveal a beautiful pair of rounded breasts with pert nipples.

"You do like that", said Angelina. She then climbed onto the bed and slowly pulled my briefs down, releasing my hard and throbbing cock. She then moved down to the bottom of the bed and with her stiletto heel, started playing with my balls and moving the heel up and down my stiffened shaft. I moaned in pleasure at the painful sensation. After a few minutes of stiletto play, Angelina moved up my body, and took my cock in her mouth, and slowly licked and sucked the throbbing head and body. I could hear small moans coming from Angelina as she sucked.

My moans became more intense. I so wanted Angelina to remove her panties and ride me. My moans became more louder. Angelina stopped sucking and climbed off the bed. She walked over to the drawer and removed an object from it, but as she had her back to me, I couldn't see what. She turned around, the object hidden behind her back. She then walked back to the bed and placed her head next to mine. Her fulsome lips then connected with mine and she gave me a long, deep sensuous kiss, her tongue playing with mine.

Angelina broke off the kiss. I was breathing heavily, wanting more. Angelina was so intoxicating.

"Open your mouth", she ordered, in an erotic manner. I opened my mouth, as she had me under her spell. She brought the object from behind her back and quickly put it in my mouth. I felt a rubber ball filling my mouth. Angelina took the two ends attached to the ball and secured then tightly at the back of my head. I tried to speak to could make no sound. I really was at Angelina's mercy and whims.

"Secret and surprise number two. I like my men gagged silent, I like to listen to their moans of pleasure and their cries from behind the ball gag firmly in their mouth". She looked down and stroked my cock. "I see that you like being like this too".

This was the first time that I had been bound and gagged, and it was a pleasure I was enjoying. Angelina turned her back to me again and walked a few paces away from the bed. She stopped and started rolling her white panties down her small, pert ass and tight, silken thighs, until they reached the floor and she stepped out of them.

"And now for secret and surprise number three, and your mind to be fully sexually open", she whispered. Angelina turned around. As well as having beautiful round, pert breasts, she had a small cock, which at this point was about 4" erect. My eyes opened wide in shock and surprise. I tried to escape from the bed but I was tightly secured. I couldn't call out because of the ball gag. That was why Angelina has gagged me.

"I can see you are surprised. I am what you what call transexual. I was born female with breasts but I was also born with a small cock, which as you can see does get hard. I can see that you are still ready for action", said Angelina, sexily.

I looked down at my own cock and noticed that it was still hard and throbbing. Angelina walked slowly back to the bed. I looked at her slim body, her beautiful round breasts, her long black hair falling onto her shoulders, her red luscious lips. And her small but erect cock, fully shaved. Angelina climbed onto the bed and sat astride me. The light from the candles shimmering against her beautiful body.

"Now what can I do with you? How would you like your mind opened?" said Angelina, her accent sounding more erotic. "Please tell me... sorry I can't hear you". Angelina knew too well that I couldn't reply with the ball gag stopping any speech coming from me.

"So you don't mind how I open your mind". With that, Angelina placed her fulsome lips over my cock and slowly sucked the throbbing shaft. I again started making small moans of pleasure. Angelina worked my cock until it was wet and then stopped. She then moved herself into position over my cock, and slowly lowered her tight, pert ass onto my cock.

I could feel my cock entering Angelina's ass. Angelina gave a loud moan of pleasure as she slowly moved up and down my cock, her breathing becoming more heavy and deeper. I could feel her riding me faster, her breathing more intense and faster, my gagged moans coming quicker the faster Angelina went up and down me.

Angelina suddenly stopped and dismounted my cock. Then without a word, Angelina, entered my ass and started fucking me. At the same time, she took my cock and continued playing with it. I have never been fucked and played with at the same time. Angelina's rhythm got faster inside of me. I could feel an orgasm building up inside my throbbing cock, as Angelina's hand worked my cock faster, until I erupted with pleasure, my back arching, warm juice flowing onto my stomach and a loud gagged moan trying to emit from my mouth.

Angelina gave a loud cry of pleasure as she climaxed inside of me, her breathing rapid, enjoying her orgasm. Angelina then withdrew from me and laid on my chest.

"See that was a surprise. I can see that your mind is opened", she whispered, her breathing laboured. I nodded in agreement. Angelina removed the ball gag from my mouth and gave me long, deep, kiss, which I responded to. Angelina then started kissing and biting my chest.

"My God, that was, that was... amazing. Absolutely intoxicating", I panted. Angelina looked up and smiled.

"There is more of your mind to be opened..."

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