My Day as a Dog

by Techster

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Storycodes: F/m; naked; collar; shock; chast; wrap; petplay; outdoors; discovered; bdsm; whipped; hum; transported; displayed; munch; oral; denial; climax; true; cons/reluct; X

It is no secret that my wife, Techie, and I enjoy experimenting and playing adult games. Some of the things we do are not original but are inspired by something we have read in Gromet’s Plaza. In this case we read and enjoyed the bondage piece “My Life as a Dog” by Richard and I said, “May I be your pet for a day?“

Techie gave me one of her “sneaky” smiles that should have been a warning; but I was determined to try it. Our med kit had some heavy-duty cling wrap tape I got that out. Then I went to my workshop and cut off two pieces of two three and a half inches of two-inch diameter soft rubber hose. In preparation for what was about to come I stripped down so the only thing I was wearing was my CB6000 male chastity device. We still had the locking collar, chromed chain leash left over from a Halloween costume party as well as the anti-bark shock collar we had gotten when we were caring for my son’s dog.

“Well are you ready to become my pet for a day?” Techie asked when she looked at the collar.

“Yes, and well prepared too!” I exclaimed as I held the two pieces of rubber hose in my fists.

“Why the hose?” she asked.

“To cushion my hands and keep my fists from cramping.” I explained as I held my hands soon to become paws out.

She took the cling wrap off the table wrapped my fists in the tape. I now had two large fore paws. Next she locked a metal collar round my neck and laid the cold steel leash that was attached to it down my back. Then she gave me that “evil “ grin of hers and buckled the anti-bark shock collar.

“Any last words for the day?” she asked. “Because I’m switching on the shock collar and setting it for high!”

I replied, “How about a low or medium setting? OW!” Too late the collar was on and switched onto high setting.


Obediently I sat and waited as Techie went into my workshop and returned with a pair of kneepads. Using the cling wrap she pulled my ankles up and using the cling wrap wrapped them and my calves to my upper thighs. Now standing was impossible, next she put the kneepads on my knees and cling wrapped them in place.

“Heel!” she commanded as she took the leash and led me around the room. Techie turned and smiled, ”Well, my pet you look pretty good, but there are still some touches needed: For one thing, you need a tail. Rather than a short pup tail I think you need a long graceful curved fluffy tail like a German Shepherd Dog. I saw some fluffy rope-like material that had a wire core at the fabric store I can attach it to a butt plug with a couple of short wood screws and you will have a nice long fluffy upward curved tail. The second you need some sort of tracking device. I’ll fix that right now I will use one of the one and a half inch cuff-type rings from that old CB3000. I’ll cuff your balls and with a zip or cable tie from your tool kit attach that small cow bell that you locked to my clit triangle piercing.”

She led me to the stairs and using a small double-ended clip clipped the leash on the collar that was around my neck to the stair rail. I had no choice but wait as she fitted the cuff type CB3000 ring around my balls and attached the bell to it. “Now I am going to get the material for your tail. I think you need to be out in the back yard so you can pee.”

Needless to say I could not resist as I was led out into the back yard. She left me naked and bound in my “doggie” outfit and put out a bowl of cool water for me to drink. “Now don’t you wander off!” she teased as she wrapped the leash around one post of our clothes drying rack, locked it in place with the double-ended clip and left via the gate and drove off.

As she drove off I noticed that the gate was not closed and was left half open. Our back yard was not very large and outside of some low flowerbeds there was no cover for me to hide behind. But with my collar attached to the tree I was left fully exposed to the view of anyone who was passing by and happened to look through the gate. I just stood there praying that none of the neighbors happened by. I went as far out as the leash would allow and took a long pee, then went over to the water bowl and practiced drinking from it.

Drinking from a bowl is not as easy as a dog can make it look but I finally got it right by sipping rather than trying to lap up the water with my tongue. Then my worst fears were recognized as Suzanne my next-door neighbor, who made a living as an underground dominant, walked through the gate and went straight to the back door of our home knocked on the door and called loudly, “Hey, wake up! Can I borrow that Neuton electric lawn mower, my gas mower won’t start.” She repeated several times and finally said loudly, ”I know one of you must be home. I’m going to get the lawnmower out of the storage shed. I’ll bring it back this afternoon.”

She turned around to go to the storage shed and gasped when she saw me. ”Hi, so you two are still playing games eh? Is it ok if I use your electric lawnmower? Is the battery charged?”

I nodded “yes” and pointed with my “paw” to the shed. She laughed and asked, ”Why aren’t you talking? Oh, I see is that a no-bark collar you have on your neck?” I nodded, “yes”. She walked around behind me, reset the clip on my leash so my neck was up against the tree and told me, “This could be fun. You know how I like to make big men scream! If you make a sound you get shocked, right?” I nodded, “yes.”

She broke a branch off a small hickory tree, stripped the leaves and small branches off it and warned me, ”Let’s see how strong you are. I will make this a contest I get 20 chances to make you scream. If you lose, not only do you get the shock, but you also get 10 more switches.”

I gasped and tried to stand still as the switch crossed my back and butt. I counted each blow when I got to 18 she stopped, ”Wow! You are one sturdy guy! The last 2 blows will be on your balls. To make sure you a are properly displayed and don’t move I’m going to the clothesline, tie the excess clothesline to the CB cuff around your balls and tie that line to the other post.”

I felt her reach down and grabbed my balls, pulled them hard so they were fully exposed, tie off the line and laid 2 strong lashes on that hit both balls. The pain was tremendous but I did not scream or cry out, but tears filled my eyes. Suzanne slapped me on the butt and said, “You are one strong man! Tell your wife I borrowed your lawnmower and gave you some color to your back, butt and balls.”

I watched as she opened the storage building pulled out the Neuton electric lawnmower and rolled it out of the gate. “Bye for now. I’ll leave the gate open so you can see and be seen. I may even call some of my friends to come over and see Techie’s new pet.”

It seemed like hours until Techie’s car returned and blocked the view through the gate. She paused, looked at the open gate, pointed to the tree and the fact that my collar was more tightly chained to it than when she had left and asked, ”Has someone been in here?” I nodded, “yes” and with my “paw” pointed toward Suzanne’s house. “Ah, yes, Suzanne! That explains the stripes across your back and butt and the line tied to the cuff around your balls.”

Techie loosened the leash removed the line that was tied to my balls and I was able to walk around and circle. I used the opportunity to take a drink of water and take a pee. She said, “You stay here while I fix your tail”, then laughed as she walked into the house.

It seemed like a long time when she came out with the finished tail it was very well done a large furry tail that was attached to a butt plug. “Now you will have a very respectable tail. “ She said as she held it up for me to see. “I heated the wire in the center of the tail and pushed it through the plug from top to bottom, then I used your heat shrink electrical insulation to make sure the exposed wire wouldn’t hurt you and downward end would keep your tail from drooping or rotating in your butt. Now stand still while I install it!”

She coated the plug with sex lube and pushed it into my hole. “There now, how does that feel?” I nodded my head, “yes” and whispered “OK”. It was then I discovered that the shock of the anti bark collar was not triggered by a quiet whisper. I could feel the butt plug and then the tip of my tail brushing my back as I moved. I nodded my head up and down for “yes”. Techie stood back and admired her pet. She took a picture with her smart phone and showed me what I looked like as a dog. I thought as far as pet play critters went I looked good. I nodded my head, “yes”.

At that moment Suzanne came to return the lawnmower and remarked, “Hey, Techie, your pet looks great. May I borrow him for a BDSM munch talk about pet and pony play as well as Halloween costumes?”

Techie said, “Yes, you may but treat him well, give him a good lunch and have him back home by 9 PM.”

This was NOT part of my plan and I shook my head “NO!!”, but that was ignored. Techie bent down, gave me a kiss and said, “Have a nice time, I’m sure Suzanne can help educate and discipline you to be a good dog!”

Once again I shook my head, “NO”.

Techie smiled pulled something out a Pet Store plastic bag, passed it to Suzanne and said, ”Here I bought this small dog training aid it’s a shock collar. With that around his balls it should cure that stubborn streak of his. The control has low, medium and high settings use what you need to get the job done. ”

Techie bent down, removed the cuff and the bell and buckled the shock collar tightly around my scrotum. Then Techie said in a loud command voice, “Testing time! Techster I want you to say goodbye by licking my clit until I have an orgasm!” She lifted the long skirt, sat down on the house steps and I slid my head under her skirt and began licking and sucking on her clit. After a few minutes I could feel her sex get wet as she started to shake and moan. Techie giggled, moaned and said, “That will do for now. You go along, be a good obedient dog and be nice to Suzanne”. Suzanne gave a tug on my leash and once again I shook my head, NO!”

Techie said, “Suzanne a medium jolt with the training collar around his balls should bring him in line! It may take some training but I am sure you can train him for me.”

Suzanne held the control down where I could see and pressed the medium button. My balls felt the shock it really stung and inside my chastity tube I could feel and erection starting. I had no choice but to trot alongside Suzanne as she led me down the street to her home. Suzanne did not take me into her home but rather led me up a small wheelchair ramp into her van. Once inside the van she led me over to one side where my neck was locked in stocks.

“Now be a good dog and don’t go anywhere. I have to get dressed it may take a few minutes.”

In less than 5 minutes her shiny boots came into my view. She put a toe in front of me and said; “See the dust in that toe? “ I nodded, “Yes”. “Be a good dog and lick the dust off.”

Obediently I cleaned the toe of her boot. “Well, it is time to put you on display. Relax and enjoy the ride.”

Suzanne chattered during the ride. “The rules are quite simple. You are MY pet. For this afternoon you belong to me. You will be on display, so relax the situation is out of your control. No one else may touch you.” This helped me relax; like she said I was under her control and protection.

When we arrived at the meeting place my neck was released from the stocks and I followed her into the hall. As we entered the hall there were several positive comments, “Hey, Suzanne, great looking pup!” It was at this point I decided to be a proud, dog that was confident and happy and loved his owner. When Suzanne sat I lay down by her feet and licked her ankle. I heard Suzanne chuckle and remark to someone, “Yes, this is Techster. He is my pet for today. We will do a presentation on Pet Play.”

Things were quiet, Suzanne asked me to sit and shake, which I did on command. As a reward she gave me a hot dog, which I showed my appreciation by wagging my tail and licking her hand. Most of the people asked about my paws and did I enjoy serving as her pet. Then a question that I had not anticipated came from a man who has an unruly pet dog struggling and pulling on the leash. He pointed to the human pet dog, a shapely young female with her hair in two braids on either side of her head so it looked like she had long Basset Hound ears and asked, “Do you use him for breeding. I have this bitch and she’s in heat. Will you let him breed her?”

Suzanne easily handled the situation by first telling me to “sit up” (on my hind legs with paws up in the air). “Take a look he is neutered.”

The man replied, “I’ve never seen one of those. Is it permanent?”

Suzanne answered, “In a way it is only his kennel master has the key.”

The man was determined to have some horny girl pet on boy pet action. “OK if I let her play with him, you know tease him?”

Suzanne said quietly, “OK Techster, will you be a good boy and let this bitch play with you?” I nodded my head, “Yes” and wagged my tail.

The man with the female pet shook her leash. “OK Pixie, this nice boy pet wants to play with you”.

I had not counted on aggressive horny female play and did my best to stay calm as she licked my balls, licked down my back, butt, legs and face. Then the girl-dog rolled over with all of her paws in the air. She wiggled and whimpered and spread her legs apart exposing her sex. I must admit she had very attractive clit with a large gauge triangle piercing that had an ornate silver bell on it. She had no pubic hair and judging by the way fact that her clit was very large she must have been sexually excited. I looked up at Suzanne and Pixie, the female’s owner, as if asking, “What do you want me to do?”

Pixie’s owner replied, “She wants an orgasm, you have to use your tongue and ring her bell.”

I looked up at Suzanne as if to say, “Do I have to?” Suzanne looked down at me and answered by pulling the remote control for the shocking collar that was around my balls out of her purse and making a threatening move towards the high button. Needless to say I got the hint; I went over and started licking the bell and shaking it with my teeth. I could smell the sweet fragrance as her sex got moist then I was squirted as she discharged. I pulled back and shook my head. Pixie rolled over, licked my face, and wagged her tail. Kissed me and started pulling on her leash to go.

Fortunately it was time for our part of the show. I was led up a ramp to a table in the centre of a stage. I was bathed in lights as Suzanne introduced me. She pointed out my fore paws, my wrapped legs with the kneepads, my locking metal collar, the anti bark collar, my chastity device, the shock collar around my balls and lastly my tail. At the end of our part of the show Suzanne asked the audience, of about 200 people and 50 pets and ponies, “Any questions?”

One hand shot up, “Is your pet independent of a slave pet?” Suzanne answered, “ A short answer, neither. He was volunteered by his wife and keyholder to help me for this presentation. The pet idea was his and he was under control by his wife, lover, keyholder, best friend and mistress. He was loaned to me for the purpose of this presentation.”

Another question, “Can the pet answer this question? What are his thoughts about being a pet? Whose idea was his being a pet and in bondage. Is he happy with his condition?” Suzanne looked down at me and said,” Will you answer these questions?” I nodded my head, “Yes.”

Suzanne answered, “He has said he will answer your questions, but first let me switch off his anti-bark collar so he can talk.”

She bent down placed the microphone on the floor in front of me and switched the collar off, “You are clear to talk now.” I turned toward the person who had asked the question and began, “ I will answer your questions one at a time. First: My thoughts on my being a pet are if you trust your handler or master it can be an enlightening experience; you get to experience people and relationship from an entirely new perspective. Second segment of your question: My being a pet I read the story, “My life as a dog.” By Richard it was posted in the bondage stories on Gromets Plaza. I wanted to see just how being a dog pet for a day felt”.

”Now to address the last element of your question: I am not unhappy with my condition after all it was my idea, the fists with the piece of hose inside as a cushion were my design, the leg bondage with my calf strapped to my thigh does have some minor cramping. The only things that at not comfortable are the anti-bark collar and the training shock collar around my balls. But to be fair the ball collar could not be put on my neck because of the wide metal locking collar so that was the logical place to put it. I hope this satisfies your query.”

One more question, “I am the owner of the bitch pet you would not breed with are you upset about being locked in a chastity device.”

I looked up at Suzanne, she said, “Answer him.” Once again I turned to face the person who had made the inquiry. “To begin by mutual consent I have been locked in chastity by my wife, keyholder, lover and best friend for 15 years. The chastity device, a CB6000, is secure and comfortable and keeps me out of trouble and as an added bonus it helps keep my “T” level up. I cannot masturbate and as that beautiful little bitch in heat discovered I when I am locked in it I cannot have sex. The wonderful lady who has been my wife for over 40 years and keyholder for 15 plus years controls my sex.”

Suzanne then said, “Techster can’t answer any more questions because I am switching on his anti-bark collar.” With that she reached down, picked up the microphone and switched the anti-bark collar. My time on display was over Suzanne moved me over to a place on the stage where I could watch the other pets and ponies and locked my neck in stocks so I was still on display. “Techster is still on display, you may look at him, but not touch. “ She slid a plastic pan filed with cat litter under me and said as she walked off to look at other displays, “ You may pee now.” Needless to say, I took the opportunity and urinated into the pan.

About an hour or so passed before Suzanne returned released my neck from the stocks, took my leash and led me back to her van. I walked up the ramp. Suzanne said, “Go to the stocks. I’ll lock you down. By the way just so you know these stocks are not just about bondage they are cushioned as are the stocks that lock your feet in place. The main purpose of the stocks is safety, for without a seat belt you could be injured if the van is in an accident. I’m also switching off the anti-bark collar so we can talk.”

She paused for a minute then advised me, “I don’t know if you realize it but you were the hit of the event. You came on like a fun BDSM player who was truly part of the scene everyone loved your frank and open answers. There is a good chance you will be invited back as a paid performer. What do you think?”

“Sounds like fun. One question could Techie come with us as my handler?”

Suzanne thought for a second and answered, “Most likely yes. Does she have some slinky dom style clothing?”

I smiled and answered, “A closet full, after all we’ve been playing together since we were married.”

We pulled into the driveway . The van stopped and I was released and walked out of the van. Suzanne led me home after the day at the munch I was not afraid to be walked home past several neighbors. One neighbor stopped mowing his lawn, walked to the sidewalk and said to Suzanne, ”How about it Suze! Are you practicing for Halloween?”

She smiled and said, ”Getting this man pup used to being in public in costume. What do you think of his costume?”

The man stopped walking and took a close look, “A little bare, but the fore paws, legs and collar are great. When can I try it? My wife would get a kick out of me being a pet for a day.”

“One day next week. I have a few improvements to make on it. Twice usual fee.” Suzanne advised him.

She whispered to me, “FYI the usual fee is one hundred and fifty dollars. Help me make pads that make paw prints for the fore paws and the legs and zipper sacks for the hands and legs I’ll give you fifty percent. Is that Ok with you?” I nodded my head, “yes” as we walked down my driveway and into the backyard. Suzanne reached for the doorbell but Techie opened it before she could. “I’ve been waiting for you. When I saw the van come down the road I set out your dinner plates.” My heart sank when I saw the placemat and plates on the floor.

Techie laughed, “Had enough being a dog?” I nodded, “Yes.”

“Come on Suze, help me rescue this human from a canine eternity.” As she passed her a pair of bandage scissors. The two women made short work of the wrap that encased my hands and legs. Techie massaged the cramps out of my legs as I stood for the first time in 12 hours. I looked at the heap of cling wrap on the floor and told them, “If I were rating fetishes and fantasies this would be barely plausible. Lets eat, I’m starved.”

I started to put on a shirt and Techie said, ”No clothes tonight, both Suze and I want to enjoy watching, handling and teasing a human who is still locked up in a chastity cage. I know you like that 20 year old horny feeling!” Then she looked over at Suzanne and said, “I love to watch his cock try to get hard when he’s locked up. He becomes the frustration poster-child and he can’t do a thing about it! The fun is when I let him out of the cage he makes love like a 20 year old. This should be a good night.! ”

We enjoyed dinner of course I was distracted by soft hands all over me, but who is complaining!!

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