My Slave Life - Discipline and Punishment

by Kristin Kailey

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Storycodes: M/f; slave; training; punish; spanking; clamps; hum; cons; X

As a submissive, I simply adore rules and structure. It’s always been my feeling that just as a well trained dog is a happy dog so too is a well trained slave a happy slave. The reason of course is because when you are aware of your Master’s expectations, you can follow the rules and guidelines set forth and know that you’re going to be pleasing for your owner. My love of mandated requirements tends to come out in my stories as well as you may have noticed. 

 I’ve gone through periods in which I’ve had quite a few rules I had to follow though I suspect that the specifics of my various protocols would make for a separate story, so I won’t go into a lot of detail on that element right now. Instead I want to talk about what happens when I’m a bad little bitch and I break my rules. For you see, it’s all well and good to have rules but if there are no consequences in place, the rules have no meaning. Further, I would suggest that it doesn’t matter if the rule was broken accidentally or on purpose nor should a laundry list of justifications excuse such behavioral lapses. As a slave, there’s nothing more disappointing than to have a list of rules that aren’t enforced. It turns into a hollow exercise that becomes empty and unsatisfying. This brings us to discipline and punishment.

There are times when I become forgetful or I’m just being cheeky and I find myself in need of correction. Fortunately my current boyfriend and Master is well versed in finding creative ways of ensuring that I remember my place and behave like a proper slave should. There are two main types of punitive measures that he likes to employ. What I would call corporal and non-corporal, the latter of which tends to get pretty creative and frankly can be a lot worse.

Now I should make it clear right now that I am not a pain slut. This is important because you can’t use corporal punishment on a pain slut as a corrective measure. They love it way too much. As a matter of fact, I really don’t like pain at all, I guess you could say I’m more of a humiliation and degradation kind of girl which means calling me worthless cock-sleeve will probably only result in me getting wet. 

First I’ll address the corporal methods because they’re pretty standard. I don’t generally get punished this way very often. As a matter of fact, the only time I get whipped, flogged or cropped is on rare occasions when my Master is doing a demonstration for a fetish friendly group and as his slave I’m forced to be on the receiving end of it. Wait, you mean a slave can say no to her Master? If only I’d known sooner! I’ll also point out here that caning is pretty much a limit because of the damage that can be done if the skin breaks. I have been caned before and it hurts like a…

Anyway among the primary physical methods of punishment that I tend to receive are spankings which I have a love hate relationship with. I love being bent over his lap, my ass in the air and the feeling of not quite knowing when or exactly where the next hard slap is going to hit. It’s that anticipation that drives me crazier than anything. In addition, there's a certain tenderness to it as well if administered correctly. I expect to receive lots of rubbing, fingers dancing between my thighs, grazing against my sensitive pink flesh, circling my puckered little anus along with the burning stings of hard smacks against my firm rear. 

A nice slap to my ass can also be used during training to emphasize points and is usually welcome. I really like it when he’s making me repeat degrading things and if I don’t say it loudly enough or correctly, I get a hard smack on my butt.

I’m left with throbbing pain for a short bit but I take my punishment like a girl and move on with my life. On the other hand, when my Master decides to discipline me by applying clamps to my nipples or labium that can be an excruciating experience that seems to go on forever. It’s the gift that just keeps giving because I’m fairly sure that it hurts more when you take the clamps off than when they were first put in place. So I end up in this weird space of desperately wanting them off but knowing that the pain I’ll endure in doing so will be a rough ride.

All of those are pretty obvious punishments, the kind of thing that bondage porn videos were made for. But what about more creative non corporal methods of correction, you ask? This is indeed truly where my Master excels. 

Coins on a Wall

For this punishment I have to hold a stack of coins against a wall using only my nose. How many coins are used and for how long depends on how severe my infraction was. On average I tend to see five coins for five minutes the most often. This is a lot harder than it sounds. I have to press my nose with force against the stack of coins and if one slips, the timer resets and an additional coin is added to my pile. I have to remain really still and hope for the best. I’ve gotten to a point in which I can usually get through the punishment the first time but I’ve had some unfortunate experiences in which my nose was particularly oily, sweaty or itchy and I kept dropping coins. Needless to say, it was very frustrating.

The” coins on a wall” punishment is usually used for minor infractions like not greeting my Master properly or forgetting to do something simple.

Paper on a Wall

This may sound like coins on a wall but it’s not. Instead of coins I use a piece of paper, usually with a reminder of what I am written on it, like “I am a worthless cunt” in nice big letters. My job is to keep the paper pressed to the wall using only my tongue. The biggest challenge isn’t keeping the paper on the wall because after a couple of minutes it gets so wet with my saliva that it practically sticks on its own. The issue is keeping my tongue out for an extended period of time. Not only does it get dry and sore but I have to fight the instinct to pull my tongue in my mouth to wet it or lick my lips. If the paper drops or my tongue leaves the paper or the wall for even a split second, I have to start over again and my timer is doubled from what it was before. 

Normally I’m given this punishment if I have speech rules that I’m not following properly. I think the longest I ever held my tongue to the wall was an hour and I promise you that I learned a very valuable lesson that day about speaking in accordance with my Master’s rules.

Writing Lines

This is a classic from the old days when kids who were being punished had to write something on the board a hundred times. There’s a good website that will do this and we’ve used it, but my Master prefers for me to do my writing manually whenever possible, no doubt due to the joy of the writing cramps that form in my hand after a while. I get a piece of paper and I write what I’m told however many times I’m told to. If it’s a simple sentence I may have to write it a couple hundred times, like “the slave will always address her owner as Master.” Other times it might be a paragraph that gets repeated out a few dozen times. Each rendition has to be exactly correct too. Good handwriting, proper punctuation and capitalization. This punishment has the added benefit of instilling an unruly slave like me with a mantra that kind of conditions me. Not in the fantasy mind control stories kind of way but more in a manner in which the sayings get into my head and I think about them.

Plate Lifting Challenge

You may have seen this one in certain bondage porn videos. I kneel on the floor and I’m given two plates to hold above my head. My arms must stay at ninety degree angles and I can never lower or drop the plates. The amount of weight on each plate depends on the severity of the infraction. This sounds simple and for the first few minutes it is, but after a while my muscles begin to burn, my arms shake and I’m struggling and pushing myself to keep going. If nothing else it’s also a great workout.

Staying Put

I get this one all the time. It’s kind of like making a kid face a wall in a time out. Whether I’m standing facing the wall or kneeling in place, the idea is that I can’t move. If I’m lucky I get to kneel on a rug, if I’ve been particularly naughty, he might spread a little uncooked rice out on the wooden floor and tell me to kneel on it. Ouch!

Body Writing

Just as whipping a pain slut is an exercise in futility, so too is degrading a humiliation slut. Nevertheless, for some odd reason my lovely boyfriend and Master still seems to think that writing degrading things on my body to remind me not to break certain rules is somehow going to be a punishment. If anything, knowing that this might be the form of discipline that is chosen for me is going to make me go out of my way to break rules. 

This isn’t exactly a secret either, he knows how wet I get when I have body writing on me and yet he still seems to be operating under the misconception that me walking around with “I’m a silly cunt who will always kneel at my Master’s feet” written under my boobs is somehow going to make me want to change my behavior. The problem of course is the unpredictability of it all. Since I don’t know that this is the punishment I’ll end up with and I don’t want to take a chance on getting stuck with one of the others, I have to make an effort to behave myself.

In Conclusion

There’s a few other points I want to bring up. First, no animals were harmed in the execution of these penalties. As I said before, safe, sane and consensual rules the day. If in the course of any punishment my health or well being might be compromised, it’s stopped immediately. Life isn’t one of my bdsm fantasy stories; there are real consequences for ignoring health and safety needs and all of this including the discipline is meant to be enjoyable for all parties.

Second, I’m a praise whore. I love praise. It might be one of the reasons I post up my stories and art and why I love hearing from you guys when you really enjoy something I’ve created. So if my work has an impact on you, let me know, you’ll be doing us both a favor.

I love hearing that I’m a good girl and I get incredibly aroused knowing that my Master is proud of me. That’s really what drives me. My desire to be praised far outweighs any fear of punishment I may have. The only fear I have frankly is that I might disappoint him. 

Next, this isn’t meant to be a complete list of the myriad number of ways an unruly slave can be punished. I have encountered a lot of other fun forms of correction and discipline including orgasm control, walking around with cum on me and being forced to listen to the insidious song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua a hundred times in a row. 

One final note; I don’t exist with a huge list of stipulations at all times. This is something we do when we’re actively engaged in BDSM play or at least we’re in play-adjacent territory. In our daily lives we’re actually pretty normal…well except for the anal plug that’s currently stretching my rectum and the degrading writing on the bottoms of my feet at the moment, but otherwise…perfectly normal!

The End.


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