My Daughter Again

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2006 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bond; tape; cons; X

Part 2

My boyfriend is starting to buck under me, but he’s going nowhere. You see I’m not as slim as I used to be, and all those delightful curves that he worships so much can keep him quite mercilessly pinned when I use them right. And today I am using exactly right. One knee is firmly planted wither side of his head, and my thighs have his face in a firm yet tantalizingly yielding grip. And he knows that if he wants to avoid a thorough whipping afterwards he will keep his tongue working energetically down below until I get my reward in the shape of a delightfully heavy orgasm. And if I am feeling really mean, I might make him stay there until number two washes over me, by which time he will be hot, sweaty, and ready for a nice long shower. One that I will be only too happy to join him under and soap his back for his troubles. And a few other choice places as well.

Not that it’s just my figure holding him down mind you. There is also the little matter of the lovingly applied bondage tape that has him clamped to the futon. There are loops of it around his wrists, his ankles, his knees and elbows. Oh yes, and then there’s Emma.

My redheaded adult daughter who inadvertently joined our little world of perverse pleasure a few weeks back. And she has taken to it like a duck to water. At first I was wary of sharing my boyfriend with her, his magnificent manhood, his energetic tongue and enterprising mind, but I needn’t have worried. Emma has shown no interest in experiencing the intimacies of his body, being quite content to leave the ultimate satisfaction of his penis to me. She gets those feelings from her own boyfriend, but as a wicked domme she has proved to be an excellent ally in our games.

Right now she is kneeling on his legs, pinning them even better than the straining tape about his limbs. I don’t think he has ever felt so helpless, but he may come to regret his desires. Because, with a big smile on her face, Emma has just taken a grip on his upstanding manhood and started wanking him slowly with long, firm strokes. Something he’s not familiar with when he’s trying to give me pleasure with his tongue. And as she kept on doing it, he started to buck, so I sat back down a little bit to make sure he knows whose in charge here. And as he settled back onto the futon I watched as Emma lent forwards and reached out with the very tip of her tongue and touched the moist top of his manhood. Then my mouth fell open as she swirled that evil little tip about in tiny circles amongst the pre-cum.

He heaved under my arse, and I sat back down hard, clamping my thighs tight against him just like I used to when I rode a horse. As I looked down I saw his arms straining against the shiny black bondage tape as the torment became too much for him. The sheer frustration getting to him like it never had before. For a few moments I thought I was riding a bucking bronco as I watched Emma cup his bollocks in her hands and roll them around gently.

The sounds issuing from under me were only half human as it really began to get to him. And for a fateful moment I felt his tongue flag, and he knows better than to let that happen. So I gave his captive head a firm squeeze, and sure enough the tongue started moving again. Flicking back and forth as it does, bringing a flush to my cheeks as it’s tip dances across the on so sensitive tips of my clit. And from out of nowhere it was suddenly my moment for pleasure. The orgasm rolled across me in an unstoppable tide. For a moment Emma was nowhere to be seen as I let my head roll back and I howled out my delight, my body taking on a delightfully glowing tone from the tips of my toes to the very roots of my hair. When I let myself go, I really know how to let go. It’s the way I like it, and just the way my boyfriend likes it as well. He likes to feel his efforts are appreciated, as he watches the flush spread, and my nipples stand out hard through the material of whatever flimsy item I might be wearing for him.

By the time the best had passed and I could focus my eyes again, Emma was looking at me open-mouthed. Wide open mouthed. Her hand had stopped moving on my boyfriend’s cock, and I really don’t think she knew what to think. It’s as if I wasn’t expected to have an orgasm, as if all the fun and games for his benefit and not mine. Well, she had a thing or two to learn about her dear old mum. One of the first thinks I learned after my divorce was to take everything that was going and make the best of it, because if you didn’t help yourself, no one else was going to hand it to you.

As I dragged myself off him I smiled at his bright red face and deep panting breaths and almost took pity on him. It could be hell for him when I lost control, but after all the things he had done to me, it only seemed fair for him to suffer some sort of inconvenience for my pleasures. His eyes met mine, and he smiled a tired, wan little smile that told me he was having just as much fun as I was.

“Go on Emma” I said breathlessly “Finish him off”.

Emma seemed to see the rock hard penis in her hand for the first time, and my boyfriend’s head twisted up off the futon to look at Emma. Her generous cleavage on open display in a black satin teddy that barely kept all her curves covered, her red hair falling about her face, and her big blue eyes made up to kill. And in front of her his straining manhood held within her grasp.

“Please” His voice was barely above a whisper “Please” again.

“Come on Emma” I chided “If you won’t do it, let’s do it together”

I lent forwards, my tongue reaching out as my warm and welcoming mouth got closer and closer to his manhood. Moving ever so slowly to prolong the suspense, the very tip waggling in the air so he knew what was coming. . And Emma took her cue from me, her sudden confusion evaporating as quickly as it had come, leaning forwards, her tongue extending, her breasts straining evermore against the ribbons that kept them in place behind that thin black fabric.

We arrived at the head of his cock at the same moment, and two energetic tongue tips both began their erotic dance at the same time. And he howled on torment when they moved away. I took his cock in my mouth, while Emma softly chewed her way down the rock hard stem, lips covering sharp little teeth as she moved up and down.

Enjoying the devilment of teasing, we both sat back and watched as his manhood twitched in the air, so near and yet just too far away from that magic moment when his ultimate pleasure became inevitable and he would fire his seed at the ceiling.

Emma glanced at me, then almost timidly tugged at the ribbons that held her black satin teddy together and allowed her magnificent breasts to spill out. God but she should have been on page three with breasts like that. Rounded and perfectly formed. The pale skin flawless and the nipples exactly the right size and shape to be a model.

Shifting her position she lent forwards and fixed my boyfriend with her big, blue eyed stare that penetrated right to his cock. I watched as it twitched some more, and the pre-cum started to flow.

Arms spread either side of his pinned hips she allowed those breasts to envelope his cock in a terrible soft embrace. She swayed them back and forth by swinging her fit young body, those smooth orbs alternately striking his cock, left and right, one after another. Then she brought them together with her hands, squeezing his cock and moving them slowly but deliberately up and down.

He came long and hard, spraying her face and hair with a shower of smooth white cum. And she snarled as it hit her, her face betraying the fact she was actually enjoying the sheer perversity and degradation of the act. The white mixture rolling down her face and dripping from her fringe. The filthy little minx. I could tell I was going to have to watch her in future.