My Daughter & I, Side by Side

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2007 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ffm; bond; cage; ponygirl; reluct; X

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Part 6: My Daughter & I, Side by Side

Emma has just started to struggle, and she is putting plenty of energy into her actions. But you have left it too late my love, way too late. You went proudly to your fate, and now you are going to pay the price. And unless I can think of something very soon, I am going to be following you. But you can be sure I won’t go as quietly as you have. Well, actually I might. The sheer kinkiness of where you have let them take you does rather appeal to me, and what a pair we would make. Mother and daughter, side by side.

It all started last night at my boyfriends place. A rather nice country place with all the usual fittings of an old farm. Including some livery out the back to bring him in some money for when times were hard. And working in this livery were Steph and Leia. Two rather splendid lesbians with dark hair and a strapping build that could melt any mans heart when they walked past in their riding boots and tight jodhpurs. Which might go some way to explaining the popularity of those stables with doting fathers and their daughters.

Both Emma and I drank deeply last night, and when we awoke this morning things were rather different for us than they usually were. You see, I woke up in a cage. A big puppy cage with a nice thick mat on the floor, but a cage nonetheless. As I hauled myself into the limited crouch that the low wire ceiling permitted I realised that I was quite naked. And my boyfriends involvement became quite obvious.

I looked left and right, and spotted a matching cage against the other wall. The long red hair and pale skin told me who it’s occupant was. My daughter Emma. A proud young woman who had joined my boyfriend and I’s kinky games and led us into more fun than we could ever have imagined. And I suppose it was only a matter of time before my boyfriend decided he wanted both of us under his control. At least for a while. And where better place to keep his new slaves but in the stables. There was straw on the floor over the flags, and the room wore the smell of livestock.

“Emma” I called “Wake up dear”

I watched entranced as I saw Emma going through what I had probably gone through a few minutes before. A slow attempt to stretch her sleep away finding her arms and legs pressed against unfamiliar surfaces, and the movement of fingers as they probed the wires of the cage. Then her bleary eyes coming above the level of the thick mat as they tried to make sense of what her senses were telling her. I saw her magnificent breasts swing into view as she tried to rise, flinching as she felt her back pressing against the wire mesh top of the cage.

Complete wakefulness flashed across her eyes as she saw me across the room, then she freaked. She grabbed the wire bars in both hands and rattled them with all her might, a delightful flush covering her bare flesh.

“I think he’s got us” I said to her as she slumped back in her cage, “We’re going to be his caged slaves for a while. We can’t reach the latches from inside the cages, and he was sensible enough to put us far enough away from each other to stop us letting each other out.”

“I’ll make him pay for this” she said “Next time I get him in chains he is going to be sorry. I’m going to beat him until he howls !”

The door swung open, and we both turned to face it, fully expecting my boyfriend. But it was not him, it was Steph and Leia. Or rather, it was the Steph and Leia of all those fathers fantasies. Dull riding boots had been replaced by gleaming patent versions with teetering heels, pale jods that could have been applied with a spray gun, and wicked cropped tops exposed tight stomachs born of hard physical exercise.

Light makeup gave their faces an appeal seldom seen outside of the nightclub, and they were both carrying bundles of leather. Very ominous bundles of leather that were no doubt intended for us.

“I see our guests are awake” said Steph “Do you think they slept well ?”

Leia just smiled. Steph was the talker of that relationship, although Leia always attracted more attention. She had legs that went all the way, and there was something about her smile and little laugh that could turn a man’s knees to jelly. And, I had to admit, quite a few women’s as well.

They dumped down their armfuls of leather, Leia on the saddle stand, Steph on top if Emma’s cage, and I watched Emma flinch back from the bars as the straps and buckles rattled down over the metalwork, rattling with an evil finality.

Steph stretched and scooped up a pair of leather cuffs from within the pile and raised a questioning eyebrow to us both.

“Who wants to go first ?” she asked, rattling the cuffs enticingly. “Don’t all rush” she said to the silence that greeted her “We have all day after all”

Still silence reigned.

“I will” Emma’s voice was tiny, nearly inaudible in the room, but as I looked at her I could see something in her eyes. Whether it was a desperate desire for the caress of all that leather, a wild urge to submit, or even desire for Steph I couldn’t tell, but there was something there that burned very bright and would not be denied.

Steph reached out and opened the little wire door to her cage, then stood back as Emma crawled awkwardly out, her head submissively bowed, her long red hair trailing on the flags.

“Knees” said Steph softly, a faint smile in her voice. Without a word Emma raised herself to her knees and put her wrists together behind her back. Steph swiftly applied the leather cuffs, and I watched as Emma quietly tested their strength by tugging at them gently. Then harder as her breath quickened and she started to realise what she was letting herself in for. Leather cuffs may feel easier dear Emma, but properly used they are as inescapable as cold hard steel.

Two pairs of hands pulled Emma to her feet, fingers stroking and caressing as they went about their evil work. A silent dance punctuated only by the occasional soft gasp from Emma as a buckles with tightened, or a caressing hand touched when and where she least expected it. And then came the moment when she finally felt lost it and started to struggle, but by then she was way too far gone to be able to free herself. Way way too far gone.

She was wrapped in a leather harness of myriad straps and buckles that I envied beyond belief, the dark brown leather contrasting sharply with her redhead pale flesh. There was a wide belt about her waist fanning out thinner straps than led up and down in every direction. There were straps pulled tight between her legs, slung over her shoulders to form a crude by undeniably effective bra. Straps circled above and beneath her breasts, and swift movements had clipped her cuffs to the back of that harness, pulling her wrists up to just beyond the point where they remained comfortable, pulling her shoulders back with the delightful side-effect of thrusting her wonderful breasts up and out. All this she had taken with hardly a murmur, in fact she had positively purred when Steph had run delicate fingers across her proudly offered breasts in a most unladylike way. So, what had led to her sudden rebellion ?.

Leia turned from the fast diminishing pile of leatherwork holding a bundle of leather straps that could only have been a head harness. Something Emma has buckled about my currently absent boyfriends head on any number of occasions. But this one was subtly different. As the leather straps fell away from the centrepiece Emma freaked. In place of the rubber pony bit or ballgag Emma had been expecting was something far more worrying. This harness sported a proper metal pony bit designed to control the person it was fitted to from behind. And Emma didn’t like the look of it one bit.

Leia just smiled and came slowly towards her allowing the swinging  leather straps to rattle softly, the metal bit always forwards and ready for fitting, no matter how much Emma disliked the idea.

She reached out to Emma’s tightly closed lips and pressed gently, but Emma was having none of it. And Leia might have lost had it not been for Steph. At a vital moment of pressure her fingers danced between Emma’s thighs and slipped into a tender spot that could only make Emma sigh, and that sigh was her downfall. The articulated steel bit slipped between her lips and rattled along her teeth as straps were swiftly fastened and Emma looked down at me with something between sheer lust and absolute terror in her eyes.

I’d never seen anything quite like it, a true human bridle complete with blinkers and hitching clips for reins. And where I was used to seeing teeth and lips working soundlessly around a fat rubber bar I could just see the ends of a genuine steel pony vanishing into the edges of her mouth. A bit that kept it’s wearer just as silent, but that had the dreadful side-effect of rendering them completely under the control of the person holding their reins. And I reckoned I knew what was coming next.

Steph rolled the second pile of leather out on top of my cage where the metal ends of the buckles rattled against the metal wires. Then she turned back to Emma where Leia was raising one of her ankles as if it were the fetlock of a horse. Emma teetered for a moment, the regained her balance on one leg as Steph slipped a short boot onto her foot. Leia allowed Emma to put her foot back down, and a second boot was in place before Emma could properly realise what was happening. But with both boots in place it was all very plain to see.

The boots clearly had hidden high heels, but they were carefully fashioned to make them look like a horses hoof while making Emma teeter on them like a catwalk model. The muscles of her legs strained as she kept making tiny movements to keep upright, and to my amazement I could hear the harsh sound of metal on stone as her feet moved. Seeing the look on my face Steph lifted one of Emma’s feet towards me and I saw a shiny metal horseshoe on the base of the boot. A heavy shoe no doubt added to complete the illusion of girl transformed into pony, for that was what Emma had now become, and there was no doubt that I was going to be next.

Hitching Emma to a hook on the wall that kept her chin tilted annoyingly upwards, Steph turned to my cage. She silently opened the door and took a pace back, waiting for me to emerge to my fate. Emma was watching me too, out of the corner of her eye, breathing heavily, waiting to see what I would do. What could I do ? Stay in my cage all day while they took Emma away ? So I silently emerged, shivering as I felt the cold stone under my knees, stood proudly upright, and turned my back to Steph. Without a word I put my hands together behind my back and stood as straight as I could as I felt the leather cuffs take away my arms and awaited my transformation.

I heard the rustle of the straps, and some distant part of me could hear the rasp of the leather through the buckles and hasps. I felt the wide leather belt tightening about my waist, and my breasts thrusting out as my cuffs were clipped  off to the straps about my shoulders. I could feel my nipples standing proud at the sheer perversity of the situation, and in a moment Leia was standing directly in front of me, her big brown eyes holding my blue ones as if in a grip of stone. She reached out her hand, palm towards me, glancing down before bringing her palm oh so softly into contact with my nipple. Then she moved it up, down and sideways by tiny amounts, the soft friction of her flesh on mine bringing tiny, half animal sounds from my throat as waves of pleasure flowed over me. A lesbian woman always knows just how to touch another woman, and right now Leia was demonstrating that oh so well. And I barely noticed the metal bit slipping between my lips until the metallic taste forced it’s way into my brain, and by then it was too late. Just like Emma, only the boots remained to be fitted until I was a human pony of the kinkiest kind.

Both suitably prepared we were led outside by our reins, our every step greeted by the clatter of OUR steel horseshoes on the flags of the yard, and as we found ourselves outside we blinked in the light, and were met with a sight we had not expected.

Steph was leading us by our reins, and we soon spotted a small horse buggy in the middle of the stable yard that had been cunningly scaled down to allow it to be pulled by a more upright pair of ponies. But instead of my boyfriend in the seat, he was standing the other side of it, every bit as swathed in leather straps as we were. His manhood springing upright as he saw us enter the yard, and his reins being held by a third girl I didn’t recognise.

It came out much later that this was not what he had planned. They (There were others, as we would one day find out) had used trickery and connivance to get him into a leather pony harness every bit as inescapable as ours, making all three of us their playthings rather than us his.

“Now then” said Steph “What are we missing ?.” I was fast learning to dread that tone of voice “Why of course, what sort of ponies don’t have tails”

Leia drifted back into our line of sight, two long auburn pony tails hanging across her palm, the heavy ends hanging down out of our sight. Steph smiled her thanks and lifted one of the tails so we could see the weighted end. It was a tapered shape around a hard plastic bulge that glistened in the sunlight. Glistened with lubricant.

Steph walked behind me, and her breath was soft against my ear as she softly said, “Brace, lover” as I felt something slip between the globes of my arse and touch the very lips of my anus before a swift pressure forced it inside. My anus stretched around the tapered shape, then closed swiftly as the plastic bulge passed inside and left me feeling stuffed. I shook my arse in a hopeless attempt to dislodge the intruder and was rewarded with laughter as I succeeded only in swishing my tail in a suitably horsy fashion.

I heard a yelp as Emma was roughly fitted with her tail and watched her go through the same frantic shaking movements as I had done only moments before, and I had to admit that the tail was the finishing touch to the outfit. It looked so natural standing proud from our bare buttocks and brushing against the backs of our calves  it was just not true. It was then I head the commotion.

It was taking three of them to hold my boyfriend still as they tried to fit him with his tail. He didn’t like the thought of that one bit, and it was only when the new girl got a grip on his manhood and tugged upwards that he raised on his tiptoes and they got a clear shot at his virgin arsehole. Steph lunged and was rewarded by a half human howl from my boyfriend as she connected and forced the tail into his unwilling body.

Then he fought just as we had, lashing out against his reins and swishing his new tail back and forth in a most realistic way before settling to stillness, his face flushed and his breathing laboured. This was being further out of his control than he had ever been before and I’m not sure he was really enjoying it as much as he thought he would. The prospect was more exciting than the reality for him.

All that happened a couple of hours ago, and since then we have been harnessed to that buggy and given a serious run around the yard. Our arses have all felt the lash of the buggy whip as we have been dressaged around the ring, both in singles, pairs and groups. Emma and I were hitched to the buggy together and found ourselves pulling it together while my boyfriend was dragged behind. We have been made to thrash our new tails about, and now we are back in the stables. Still harnessed and booted. They have all gone outside and seem to be discussing us in some depth. But what we all want to know is one thing. Just how long are they going to be keeping us here ?.

Because there are now three cages in the corner, and all sorts of very worrying looking leather tack lying about the place. And to tell you the truth, even I’m starting to wonder. After all, it’s not like we can say anything to them, we can’t reach a single buckle to set ourselves free, and the split door is bolted on the outside. I did go and take a look over the top of the door, peering out through the anti-weave gate like any other pony in the yard. There was one in the stall on either side of me, and they looked at me as I looked around. All just as helpless as I was. And god was I horny, and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.




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