Mr. Williams' Ill-fated Stroller Ride

by Anonymous in NYC

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© Copyright 2018 - Anonymous NYC - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; buggy; bond; cuffs; gag; pacifier; nappy; chast; crib; inf; public; display; hum; denial; cons/reluct; X

Slightly enlarged, it was none the less your typical black baby buggy, right down to the customary vinyl rain cover, although this cover was deeply tinted to conceal its adult occupant.

Also quite normal at first glance, but under closer scrutiny one could spot the black patent leather straps securing the occupant’s ankles to the stroller’s sides, probably ascertaining similar restraints underneath the darkened canopy.

His wife of ten years set the foot brake, straightened her black leather trench coat, and sat down on the wooden park bench hoping to get a brief respite before continuing with his daily three hour charade.

Suddenly a nanny appeared pushing the exact same stroller with its own deeply tinted rain cover.  She likewise set the parking brake and sat down, but not before straightening her own black leather trench coat, cinched tightly at the waist highlighting her zaftig frame.

“Is yours like mine” The nanny asked as the sun peaked out from under the clouds and started to beat down on the vinyl rain covers.

“I doubt it,” Mrs. Williams answered. “Mine requires special care.”

“How so?” the nanny asked.

“Well, for starters, the rain cover must stay on even when there is no possible chance for rain,” Mrs. Williams answered.

“Shy?” The nanny queried.

“Well, let’s just say he doesn’t want his present circumstances known to the world.”

“Mine neither.  Care to take a peek?” as the nanny suddenly raised the rain cover on her stroller exposing a middle aged wannabee two year old securely restrained with his own leather cuffs, feebly attempting to protest through the large rubber pacifier strapped tightly into his mouth.

Lowering the rain cover the nanny continued, “Mr. Jones pays us $10,000 for a month of make-believe.  What does yours pay?”

“Nothing, Mr. Williams and I are married.”

The nanny apologized, “Sorry, I just assumed with the leather trench coat and your authoritative appearance….”

“He likes me to dress for the role, unfortunately there’s no monetary compensation for his daily three hour buggy ride.”

“Only three hours?  I’ll bet your husband would give his eye teeth to change places with Mr. Jones?”

“Would you dear?” his wife teasingly asked.

Peering back at her through the vinyl rain cover, Mr. Williams strained hopelessly against the cuffs holding his wrists and ankles to the sides of the tram, while his own pacifier effectively muted any chance to voice an intelligible protest.

Nanny spotting the increased agitation coming from under Mr. Williams’ tram decided to up-the-ante, and asked her look-a-like, “Perhaps your husband would be interested in one of our free complimentary day passes to Nanny’s Day Care?”

Hoping to seal the deal and earn her lucrative finder’s fee, nanny did not wait for the foregone answer, “Madam, I can guarantee you that we will keep him occupied for the entire 24 hours and not just his typical three hours folly.”

Now completely beside himself, he pushed his face right up against the tinted plastic rain cover in a final attempt of protest, triggering his wife to provocatively respond, “You know dear, you have told me more than a few times about your desire to expand our three hours daily buggy excursion into something more substantial.”

Finishing him off with the coup de gras, “Something of a longer duration you said, and if I remember correctly you even once used the word permanent.”

A split second later his life completely spun out of control as his leather clad wife suddenly got up off the wooden park bench and announced to nanny, “It’s a deal. I’ll see you tomorrow at Nanny’s Day Care to reclaim him.”

As she walked away Mrs. Williams smiled to herself at not having to complete the rest of today’s three hour fantasy, and was even more ecstatic when it  dawned on her that freedom from this daily chore could in fact actually be made permanent.

As promised she did return the next day, not to retrieve him, but to negotiate a longer stay for his proclivities.

Over the course of the next year, his life mimicked the extended three hour tour on Gilligan’s Island, where reality and fantasy become blurred.

It is one thing to fantasize about being strapped into a crib atop a rubber mattress for a few brief hours, but quite another to have an imposed mandatory bedtime from 7PM until 7AM for days and then months on end.

At first glance, a tightly strapped in pacifier looks appealing but soon loses its glamor when the ability to protest is continually being stifled, as well as preventing any adult conversation.

The fantasy of sexual denial rapidly fades once the chrome covered steel chastity cage has been installed and locked in place upon arrival, preventing the wannabee from experiencing any adult pleasures.

The exotic pleasure of ogling a zaftig woman while she’s attired in an ankle length brown rubber apron is likewise short lived, once the viewer finds himself strapped into a large highchair being force fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while eye to eye with the spoon and aforementioned garment.

Mrs. Williams has visited at least once a month as the first year at Nanny’s Day Care has unfolded.  There is nothing else to report about these meetings other than the fact that he is still here.

Far more interesting is the symbiotic relationship that has developed between Mr. Williams and the nanny from the park bench.  Not that Mr. Williams had any say in the matter when she decided to use him for her daily stroller outings whenever Mr. Jones was not available.

It seems that nanny uses these times in the park as an opportunity to look for new wannabees.  She attracts them with her back leather trench coat tightly hugging her zaftig body, while Mr. Williams acts as her unwilling accomplice, restrained and muted in the stroller, many times being overly theatrical about his confinement.

Various selling points are pointed out as she uses him for demonstration purposes.

Nanny’s usually begins each presentation with how a one day free pass for this wannabee has now passed the six month mark, resulting in a barrage of questions from the largely female audience.

Unsnapping the plastic baby pants and exposing the steel chastity cage is quite a shocker as Mr. Williams struggles vainly to hide from their gawking stares along with even more inquisitive questions.  Many are pleasantly surprised that wanking is not tolerated while staying at Nanny’s Day Care.

Price is mentioned but only in the fact that any stay is negotiable.

Nanny has removed the strapped in pacifier several times when she has detected that those in the audience would appreciate what Mr. Williams might want to  contribute to the conversation.

Usually authoritative females for which begging and pleading is something to be cherished from their restrained males.  Mr. Williams never lets them down.

Long before his tirade has played out about this all being a terrible mistake, Nanny will interrupt, “It seems that someone has become little cranky and needs a time out” at which point she shoves the pacifier back into his mouth, buckles the strap behind his neck and slams down the tinted vinyl rain cover, concluding the performance.

Nanny smiles to herself while wheeling him back to Nanny’s Day Care, knowing full well that in this symbiotic relationship, her role is to continue the status quo, while his is to actually experience it, day by day, week by week, month by month and probably year by year. Regardless of what he may try and protest to the contrary.

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