Mr. Williams and the Collaborators

by Anonymous in NYC

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© Copyright 2019 - Anonymous in NYC - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; pacifier; gag; cuffs; cot; inf; harness; bond; chastity; nanny; challenge; F/m; surprise; stuck; cons; X

He had submitted many stories to Gromet’s Plaza under Anonymous in NYC.

After he finished his latest one titled “Mr. Williams Impersonates Harry Houdini” he felt a little disingenuous in that he had not actually experienced one iota of the turmoil that he had heaped upon his protagonists, and most certainly not one of his surprise endings.

Hoping to actually experience first-hand that which he had so easily dealt out, he began his own self-imposed ninety day stay at Nanny’s Adult Baby Care Facility. The very same one that he used so many times as a setting for his stories.

He would have to put on hold any attempt at an Alfred Hitchcock surprise ending for a later time. So he thought.

After dinner and in conspicuous view like previous nights, he found himself cuffed to the wooden slats of the over-sized baby crib. Also, exactly like his protagonists was the obligatory rubber pacifier strapped firmly into his mouth, while a snap-on 7 gauge milky white plastic baby pants covered the black transparent silicone chastity cage from Bon4.

Once his writing prowess had become known around the Facility there was no shortage of collaborators for possible future adventures around his self-styled, “Mr. Williams” character.

Night after night after he was safely tucked in for the evening, several nannies having completed their daytime shifts would gather around his crib and throw out an endless stream of scenarios while he twisted and turned unable to participate because of the rubber pacifier strapped tightly into his mouth.

Unfortunately, tonight’s final think tank would have to be cut short, as the witching hour signaled the end of his three month voluntary stay.

“Having a party without me?” Mrs. Williams teased as the five female staff members rose to greet her.

“No, Ma’am. We were just finishing the last of our collaborations with your husband before his brief time with us came to an end.” One staff member responded.

“Apparently, the author didn’t have much of an input?” As she patted the pink rubber pacifier strapped tightly into her husband’s mouth.

Turning her attention away from her spouse she casually asked, “What’s up?”

“We have suggested so many new story lines that Mr. Williams will have enough material for dozens of new adventures after he leaves us.” Staff eagerly offered.

“I’m sure my husband would thank you profusely if he weren’t so preoccupied at the moment?” Mrs. Williams said jokingly.

Mr. Williams attempted to interrupt through the pacifier but not as a reaction to his wife’s purported joke but to the unnerving conversation that was unfolding between his wife and the collaborators.

“Putting new story lines aside for the moment, did my husband get a chance to experience first-hand any of his scenarios that he so generously imposed on his lead characters?” Mrs. Williams asked.

“Everything but a surprise ending. We seem to have a massive writers’ block on how to introduce one, never mind how to actually execute it.”

Turning to her husband Mrs. Williams teased, “Honey, please relax, I may not be able to write like Alfred Hitchcock but I can most certainly delivery that surprise ending so coveted by you and your fervent readers.”

While stating matter of fact, “Although I do have my doubts that having me extend your stay is as much of a shocker as you might lead us to believe.”


Reluctantly or not, Mr. Williams still resides in full regalia at the Facility for the financial benefit of all around him.

Once quite anonymous at Gromet’s Plaza, he has become a cause celebre as numerous short stories have flown off the shelves at Barnes and Nobles under the new authorship, “The Collaborators at Nanny’s Adult Baby Care Facility.”

As the result of sky rocketing book sales, Mrs. Williams can easily afford the annual cost of her husband’s upkeep at the Facility as well as pay herself and his collaborators a tidy monthly stipend.

My financial reward for the above story?

In lieu of remuneration, I chose my own crib right down the hall from Mr. Williams, for a few short days.

So I thought.

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