Mr. Williams Writes a Thank You Note

by Anonymous in NYC

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Storycodes: F+/m; bond; gag; cuffs; hum; enslave; reluct; X

The well-organized thirty-five year old Mr. Williams placed the unstamped, sealed envelope addressed to The Center on the front hall table, hoping to find the courage to mail it when he returned.

 “Don’t have too much fun.” His wife teased as she kissed him on the cheek as he opened the front door and left for his complimentary session at The Center.

Mrs. Williams had decided to take the day off from her assistant vice-president position at her ad agency in order to pay a surprise visit to see first-hand why her husband had made such a fuss about a free, one-time offer, so common in her field of advertising.

Later that afternoon, as promised, she arrived at The Center just as her husband’s four hour session was wrapping up.

“Perfect timing,” Nanny announced as she started to uncuff the left wrist anchoring Mr. Williams to the thick wooden slat on the adult sized crib while casually complimenting on her accoutrement. 

“That’s a nice black patent leather tote you’re carrying.” 

“My husband’s favorite.” 

“Which reminds me,” Mrs. Williams said while removing the unstamped envelope from the tote and handing it to Nanny, “thought I’d save on the postage.”

“How thrifty of you,” Nanny kidded as she reached for the envelope, forcing her to abandon the unfastening of the shiny pink patent leather cuff around Mr. Williams’ wrist.

While Nanny read the thank you note aloud, our wannabee tugged frantically against his restraints while his naked body squirmed anxiously against the pink rubber mattress cover.

Dear Nanny,

I would like to thank you for the great afternoon that I had at your establishment.

My only regret is that I was too much of a coward to opt for a longer visit. Perhaps when we meet again you will take it upon yourself to initiate a lengthier stay regardless of what I may pretend otherwise?

 I’m sure you’re aware that some of us need to be taken firmly by the hand in such matters.

Warmest regards,

Mr. Williams

“What a lovely thank you note,” Nanny remarked.

“And so informative, too,” his wife added.

Mr. Williams looked to one side and then the other in a futile effort to object through the pacifier, as his wife tried to console him.

“It’s okay, honey. I’ve known from our first date that you needed someone like Nanny to ‘take you firmly by the hand’ as you so elegantly wrote in your note.” 

Mr. Williams continued shaking his head, unfeigned, from side to side in protest.

“Is this the part where you pretend otherwise?” Mrs. Williams teased mercilessly.

“How substantial of a visit would you recommend for my husband/wannabee?”

“We could start with a week,” Nanny suggested.

“Why not a year?” Mrs. Williams countered half-jokingly.

“A divorce would be cheaper,” Nanny responded.

“I suppose a year would be too much,” Mrs. Williams conceded, while adding, “OK. Let’s start with a week and see how things go from there.” 

Mr. Williams’ attempt to mumble his displeasure was further thwarted by Nanny clamping her hand firmly over the adult rubber pacifier strapped tightly into his mouth.

“It would greatly enhance your husband’s time at The Center if I knew of any fantasy that he would want to experience first-hand, during his week-long stay with us?” 

“He does have one specific one but I doubt that it would help.”

“Tell me anyway.”

“There’s this particular CEO at my firm whose preferred business attire is a black leather trench coat, cinched tightly at the waist, high-lighting her zaftig frame.”

“So, he likes that kind of package?” Nanny asked as she winked at the helpless wannabee now under her control.

“More than I would have expected. I’ve caught him stealing glances whenever he thought I wasn’t looking. She is fifty years old with a thirty-five year old husband, the same age as mine. They’ve been married ten years.”

“Sounds like your typical cougar,” Nanny commented.

“My dear husband would be surprised to know that his fantasy woman has quite a mean streak underneath that zaftig body.”

“Some men are drawn to that, like a moth to a flame.”

“So true, but he’s clueless about the danger of this particular flame.”

“Go on,” Nanny urged, as the description of Mrs. Williams’ vice-president began to match that of another client at The Center.

 “It’s rumored that she keeps her young husband on a tight leash, using a metal chastity cage, 24/7, to make sure that he toes the mark.” Mrs. Williams elaborated further. “I haven’t, but some in the office have heard him crying like a baby over the speakerphone on Fridays. She seems to relish exposing his predicament to whomever shows an interest.”

“Perhaps, your husband would like a dose of that same medicine?” Nanny suggested, as Mr. Williams attempted to protest through the increasing pressure being applied against his pacifier.

“Most certainly. But I can’t imagine that it would be an easy dose to administer.”

“Easier than you might think,” Nanny replied as she started to unveil her secret.

“I’ll wager a guess that the phone calls come on four consecutive Fridays and then nothing for a month or so?”

“How did you know?” Mrs. Williams asked in astonishment.

“We have a client who leaves her husband at The Centre every few months. The wife has no contact with him during his month-long stay, other than his Friday phone calls to her office.”

“The more he begs to come home, the longer she allows the calls to continue over the speakerphone, as female voices murmur in the background.”

Both Mr. and Mrs. Williams froze in their respective places, as the undeniable similarities became apparent.

“Do you mean to tell me that the vice-president at my firm utilizes your facility?” Mrs. Williams exclaimed in disbelief as her husband tugged pointlessly against the four cuffs in a concerted effort to get out of the crib.

“That appears to be the case,” Nanny replied before asking, “how do you wish to proceed?”

“Nanny, I’ll leave that decision to you. I think it best that I keep a low profile until you have time to sort out this sticky wicket.”

After his wife departed, Mr. Williams laid motionlessly atop the rubber mattress pad with mixed emotions of elation and fear, as Nanny placed the inevitable call.

“The Center has a new client,” Nanny announced over the speaker phone.

“I’m so happy that business is going well.”

“It seems that he has quite a fascination with some CEO at his wife’s firm.”

“That’s nice,” came the somewhat disinterested response.

“She’s a vice-president...”

“Go on,” came the suddenly interested comeback.

“It seems that he can’t keep his eyes off said vice-president, whenever she’s wearing her black leather trench coat, cinched tightly at the waist, high-lighting her zaftig frame.” 


“Apparemment,” Nanny responded in French.

“What’s my admirer’s name?”

“Mr. Williams,” Nanny replied.

“There’s no one on my staff with that last name.”

“Perhaps his wife is using her maiden name?”

“Any idea what that might be?”

“No, but perhaps Mr. Williams would like to help us?” As Nanny looked down into the crib seeking his assistance.

Mr. Williams defiantly turned his head into the wooden slats on the side of the crib, sensing an opening for rebellion.

“It seems that he doesn’t care to help us.” Nanny declared.

“I’ll be right there,” the cougar shouted over the speaker. “Men who naïvely think they can fight back are just my type.”


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