Mr. Williams Goes On Sabbatical

by Anonymous in NYC

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© Copyright 2020 - Anonymous in NYC - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; crib; pacifier; chastity; cons; reluct; X

Recently married Mr. Williams is thankful that his wife has accepted his semi-annual breaks from reality that started when he was single. Being somewhat vague on the particulars, she was determined to learn more about his silly little fantasy and decided to pay an unannounced visit to see first-hand.

Later that afternoon she arrived at The Center and spoke briefly with a staff member before heading down the corridor to see for herself the big deal. There in all his glory was her wannabee, cuffed to the wooden slats of the adult sized crib with the mandatory pacifier in place.

 “So this is your four hour afternoon adventure that you have been so shy about sharing with me?” Mr. Williams turned his head in a feeble attempt to hide his face as he sobbed into the pacifier. “Honey, it’s okay. I understand. Really, I do.” As she patted the top of his head. 

“It’s something you need to do every so often for a few short hours. However, I am somewhat disappointed that you didn’t ask for my input concerning your adventures,” she chided, as he hung on her every word.

“Had you asked me, I would have said keep the twice a year theme but would have made your stays at the Center coincide in length when you and your students are on vacation from classes at the University.

“Something you might like?” she teased. “I thought so.”

A few weeks later Mr. William approached The Center, ecstatic that his wife had chosen the four day Thanksgiving Day recess for his next adventure, but at the same time frightened that he wouldn’t be able to tolerate the rigorous agenda for his first extended stay.

“Carpe Diem!” he said to himself, and walked up the steps.

Spring Break likewise brought trepidation but he managed to stay the entire nine days. Not that he had any choice in the matter once he entered the Center and the doors locked behind him.

 Sensing a pattern emerging he timidly announced, “Honey, I can’t spend my entire summer vacation at The Center.”

“You can’t or you won’t?”

“Both,” he answered, like a spoiled brat.

“I’m sorry. I was just trying to be helpful. Of course, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do.” She acted as if she wasn’t interested. 

Later that same week Mr. William - attempting to go back to his old unmarried days - dropped by The Center, hoping for one of his usual four hour afternoon quickies. But no longer single, he was stunned to learn that his wife’s authorization was now required for all visits.

Mr. Williams submissively announced as he returned home and announced in desperation, “Honey, perhaps I could give the three month summer vacation a try.”

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want you to feel that I was forcing you to do anything against your will.”

This latest stay was made more arduous by her suggestion that perhaps a small Bon4 black transparent silicone chastity cage would spice things up a bit.

“What a schmuck,” Mr. Williams berated himself for having spent almost his entire vacation in a state of sexual deprivation waiting for the Fall Term to begin.

As Labor Day approached, Mrs. Williams ran into his room at the Center waving an opened envelope. Coming to an abrupt stop next to his crib she announced euphorically. “Honey, the University is giving you a sabbatical!”

Mr. Williams laid motionless atop the rubber mattress knowing that he had never applied for any sabbatical from the University, nor did he want one. 

“Isn’t Daddy sweet? I told him you wanted to spend a little time away from academia, and as University President he arranged a year-long sabbatical as a wedding present.

“Starting today.”


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