Model Trap

by ZM

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© Copyright 2016 - ZM - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; model; lingerie; shoot; camera; straightjacket; rope; bond; gag; hood; curiosity; entrap; captives; cons/reluct; X

Simone and Kate met at the university where they study. They like each other from the beginning. Therefore, they are drawn together in a flat since second semesters to save money for living, because students are customary always short of money. Some try themselves as waitress in one of the many bars around the university. Unfortunately, this part time job isn´t the right one for the girls, because they dropped the tray at the first trial work and the drinks are poured over a guest. This is why the two girls always browse the newspapers for quick and easy jobs.

A advertisement "Exotic models wanted! Beginners Welcome" for a day job attracts the attention of Kathy.

"Hey Simone, what do you think if we both be modeling? Payment seems to be very good!"

"I do not know! I am thick!"

"You've got a great body! You don´t have a problem! "

Simone is 25 years old, has long black hair, a beautiful face with a small button nose and is 5.6 feed large. She is well built, 145 lbs with beautiful C cup breasts and curving hips. Kathy is 24 years, about the same height and weighs 135 lbs. She has a well-toned body, because she is running every second day. Her ass and her breasts are slightly smaller than Simone. Kathy has shoulder-length blonde hair with a little more striking face.

"Don´t be stupid. You have a beautiful body!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am. I'll call them now and ask if they´re interested. The advertisement is already a week old. We are anyway just short on cash again!"

"OK we do that, but only if we both get there!"

"We do, otherwise it would be only half the fun!"

After a quick phone call they both have an appointment for a photo shoot next Friday at 6 pm. Although you have to go through half the city, but $ 500 cash per girl and shooting is good money for only wearing clothes. On Fridays they anyway have lecture till 1pm. The man on the phone said that they can wear normal clothes, because they get the clothes they have to wear at the shoot. The only things they have to bring are their own shoes. The higher, the better.

After careful consideration Simone chooses red 5.2 inch high patent leather pumps with ankle straps, Kathy selects 5.5 inch high black sandals with ankle straps.

After an interminable week, a journey time by bus from about 1 hour and a short walk, the two arrive at the given address. The building is a high rised with many companies and name addresses. After a quick search they find the correct bell and are invited in. Arrived at 8 floor, Simone and Kathy are greeted by Michael their photographers.

"Hello Lady's! Nice to see you! I am Michael your photographer, you look great! "

"Thank you!" they both reply almost simultaneously!

After the three have visited briefly the studio Michael gives them a glass of sparkling wine to become calm, because you can see them the jitters before their first Shoot. After all, both have never been on camera before.

"I think that will calm you down a bit!"

"Thank you, this is exactly what I need now!" says Simone.

All three colliding with the glasses, then Michael shows the girl what he has planned the girls to wear. On the wardrobe depends mainly erotic lingerie. Corset, garters, panties, push-up bra, and more.

"I hope you have other shoes with you. These sneakers are not the best to choose! "

"We have in our bags!" they both dig in their bags and show their high heels.


Simone and Kathy search their first outfits and both disappear in a dressing room.

As they left the room the girls look stunning!

Michael asks the two in front of a shelf and starts taking first pictures. After the initial nervousness has settled somewhat, the girls get more self-confidence with the camera, and even try to play with it.

With their third outfits they are now back in front of the camera. Simone wears her own red high heels, matching red push-up bra with appropriate matching g-string panties and red silk stockings held by suspenders. She feels good and sexy in this outfit. Just as good and slightly excited is Kathy. The nudity and sexy packaged skin feels good. She wears a purple under breast corset that again reduces her already small waist even more. Her breasts and her nipples are clearly visible and pressed up by the lacing. Kathy as well wore g-string panties in black. Toping her outfit off are black silk stockings with back seams and her own high heels.

At the sight of the two young sexy lady´s Michael don´t find the right words at first.

"You look absolute fabulous and sexy!"

"Thanks, but we have already heard that today." replied Simone.

"Please stand side by side and start playing with the camera just as you have previously done. Try to play with each other!" smiles Michael.

Michael made diligent images in which the two throw themselves in pose. After a few pictures and different poses Michael pauses.

"I'd like you to try something. A little addition. These jackets are left from the last shoot."

Michael holds two straitjackets in front of him and shows them to the girls. They both look at each other a little uncertain.

"This is a bit strange now."

"Yes, I admit it is a bit strange, but it's not that bad. I wouldn´t completely strap the jackets up all the way. It will definitely look sexy to you. It is only cosmetic."

"But we are completely helpless then."

"No, you´re not helpless. There are only the clangs at the back closed, your arms are indeed still free."

"What do you mean?" asked Simone.

"It's a little weird, but I have to say I'm curious how such a straitjacket would feel and he won´t tie them all the way up" says Kathy.

"Like I said, I don´t buckle the arms up, so it´s only half that bad."

Simone and Kathy submit one last look and nod at each other.

"Okay we'll do it. But without strapping our arms and you let us out again!"

"Yes I do, I only buckle the straps at the back. I promise!"

Michael gets up to them with the jackets in his hands and Kathy stretched out her arms. One jacket falls to the ground and Michael keeps the other jacket high to guide Kathy into it. Kathy let her arms slide into the jacket and turns her back to Michael so that he can close all the buckles. First, the top buckle is closed without the collar is too tight around the neck that Kathy can easily breathe. Simone stands behind Michael and observed his movements still a bit skeptical as he further buckles the other four straps at the back of Kathy until the last is firmly constricted at the waist.

The jacket now clings like a second skin around her body. Michael engages between the feet of Kathy and leads the strap through her crotch to buckle at the back. At the first light tug Kathy jumps slightly, because she has not been expecting that. Two more tugs on the belt and this fits snugly between the buttocks of Kathy.


"How does it feel?" asks Simone

"This feels strange. Not so terrible, it feels kind of good."

"Not that terrible?"

"No, I can move around, expect for using my hands."

"Now it's your turn!" remarks Kathy.

"Ok, my turn!"

Encouraged by the invitation of her friend Simone bends to lift the second straight jacket from the ground and guides her arms into the jacket. Michael is now turning to Simone and buckle one by one down the 5 buckles at the back. Kathy gets close to Simone and travels with her hands over the body of her friend. It feels good for both of the girls. Strange but somehow good! The fumble is stopped by the jumping from Simone, as her belt is tightened between the legs.


"Did you just get the same strange feeling as I got?"

"Wow, that was unexpected!"

"But we really do have hot asses!"

"Yes you do, and this belt shows them even more! It's almost like a push-up for the ass." adds Michael.

"I think I like that!" says Kathy.

"Ok you two, everything ok so far? Then I would say we shoot pictures again! "

"All right! Let's get started!"

The two girls fumble over the body with each other all and then there is the first kiss. Both are red, but it feels just right, as it goes on. After more photos by Michael, he suggest if it is ok for both of them if they stuck their arms through the loop on their bellies, to complete the look as if the jacket would be completely strapped up. Without major contradiction Simone and Kathy put their hands through the loops. But after only one picture Michael remarks

"This is not ok. You can kinda see that these straps are open. Let´s see, I want to tug them away in the back."

"You don´t want to buckle up the straps of our arms!" Simone reacts immediately horrified.

"No no, as long as I only pull the strap through this first bracket, the loop will not be stuck and you can always free your arms!"

"Ok, I just wanted to make sure."

They both turn their backs to Michael and he guides the straps together which are attached to the sleeves of the jacket. As mentions before, the belt is only guided through the first loop where it can be loosen by the girls themselves. Michael is for the time being satisfied, returns to his camera and starts to take to photos again.

After a while, "Can I persuade you to take one another step?"

"What more do you want to do?" asks Kathy.

"Can I tie your feet? The models at the last shooting were not as good as you two. Your pictures are much better. I would like to repeat the shoot with you two. If you do that I would give you a bonus of course. "

"How much bonus?" questions Simone.

"$ 400 for each of you two."

"That means $ 900 for each of us for this shooting. How will you tie our feet?"

"I would tie them with ropes above and below your knees and at your ankles."

"It has to look damn good if we do that now!"

"Believe me, it will!"

"It has to."

Again Simone and Kathy look at each other. They both nod, only because of the bonus this should be worth it. At least the next two month they don´t need to worry about the money and who knows if they say yes, they might get another offer for a shoot. Both hatch her arms out of the loop while Michael gets the ropes for their feet. That reassures and confirms both of them that Michael kept his word and they are able to free their arms. Matching the high heels and nylons of the girls Michael fetches ropes in the same colors. Simone Red, Kathy black ones.

"Whose gonna be the first?"

Kathy steps forward.

"What do I have to do?"

"Just put your legs together."

Michael takes a length of rope, making a double loop and wrapped it four times above the knees of Kathy’s legs. Now he pushes the rope through the legs of the girl and back underneath the wrappings. This is repeated until the rope is almost gone. The ends he tied up with a stable node to make the tie complete. This is now repeated below the knees and at the ankles.

"This is really tight, I cannot run away any longer."

"This is the point of tying!" smiles Michael and turns towards Simone.

"I think now it´s my turn."

Michael takes the red ropes and wrapped it above and below the knees and at the ankles to Simone's legs. Both girls now test their new limited mobility.

"Now we would be really helpless if our arms would be strapped, too."

"Yes, almost"

"Like almost?"

"Well, you could indeed still scream and you see what is happening. Someone is really helpless when all your senses are limited. "

"You can stop us from speaking and seeing?"

"Yes I can do that, I can show you a gag and blindfold."

Again Simone and Kathy look surprised with all the new impressions they got in this shooting. Michael just gets back with a handful of leather straps and stuff they both do not know. Michael picks up a mesh of leather straps and a 2.3 in red ball.

"This is a gag. A head harness ball gag to be exact. The ball is put in your mouth and the straps holding it in there. It is very effective, so you can give only a few sounds. The other thing I have here is a leather hood. It is placed over the head and laced at the back. It is 100 percent opaque and also restricts the hearing."

"Ok, this is gradually too much for me." Simone responded repellent.

Kathy, however, is interested.

"Can I have such a ‘gag’?"

"Of course you can!"

Michael hands Kathy the gag and holds out the second for Simone.

"You don´t have to put it in your mouth." notes Michael

Hesitantly she takes the second one. Both inspect the gag in their still stuck hands in the straitjacket.

"I want to try both!" says Kathy

"I don´t know."

"Come on, what will happen. It will be fun!"

After a brief thinking period of Simone, Kathy says curious.

"Now we have already tried half the package. We can make this last small step also. Michael will pay us well. "

Michael smiles slightly and says

"Your pictures gonna be absolutely gorgeous and the rest we'll talk later!"

"See, there's even a bonus on top of the bonus!"

"Yes we’ll do it!"

"Very nice" says Michael, "I will also lead your arms back through the loops and hide the belt behind your back as before!"

"All right!" replies Kathy immediately.

"Now you can push the gags in your mouths."

Kathy immediately opens her mouth and pushes the ball behind her teeth. Simone pushes a little harder, but the ball also slips past behind her teeth. Michael grabs the belts from Simone and closes them cautiously. One extends around the head and holds the ball in her mouth. The second is a Y-strap belt running over her head to the back. The third runs under the chin to shut it up tightly around the ball. After all buckles are closed Michael pinches at them to close all of them tied. The harness is a bit to tied for Simone feelings. She wants to tell him this, but there are only unintelligible sounds from her mouth. Michael does not interfere and attracts all straps and buckles around her head firmly. Then he turns to Kathy and tightening her belts and buckles of the gag.

Immediately both test their ability to communicate, but there are only unintelligible sounds. Both feel a first lightweight feeling of helplessness. This will be immediately enhanced with Simone as Michael pulls the leather hood over her head and starts to tighten the cords. Simone feels the hood closes even closer around her head. She is now completely blind and can only move her arms. She tries with her arms to loosen the strings, but because the hands are in the sleeves of the jacket, she cannot open the knot at the back of her head. She feels totally helpless now.

Kathy watched the two as Michael laces the hood tight and has a slight queasy feeling as her hood is also pulled over her head. After the cords are tightly knotted she can feel how helpless they are already.

In a more authoritarian voice now Michael demands

"Close your arms again, I will hide the belt at the back."

Both girls fold their arms in front of their bellies in the hope of being freed quickly from the predicament after this last shooting. Michael leads the arms of the girl through the loops in front and the side of the jacket and connects the belt at the back. With two strong pulls at the belts the arms of Simone and Kathy are pulled tightly around her body. Both immediately try to loosen their arms again, but the belt will not give in. A third pull at the belt takes all scope out of the arms and the girls are trapped. Both squirm in their straitjackets and bondage. There is no escape.

Michael leans back and watches his two prisoner’s girls as they squirm. Simone in red high heel pumps, her feet in red suspenders and tied with red ropes, caught in a straitjacket. Her head covered with a black leather mask. Among it in her mouth a gag because of which she just can quietly whimpering.

Kathy's feet are tied with black ropes. She wears her black sandals high heels and black stockings. Also caught in a straitjacket, turned down with a ball gag and the head covered with a leather mask.

What is Michael going to do with the two helpless girls, it is in your imagination...

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