Mistress of the House

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm+; M/f; D/s; bond; armbinder; gag; insert; toys; nipple; cuffs; bfold; tease; feather; sex; climax; cons; X

“Welcome, Steven.  Thank you for coming over on such short notice.”

“My pleasure, Carol.  What can I do for you today?”

“Come in, come in.”  Smiling, Carol stepped back, allowing Steve to enter.  He’d been a bit surprised to see her answering the door herself.  Whatever it was she wanted, he mused, it must be important.

“This is your first time here, is it not?”  Steve nodded slowly.  “In that case, why don’t we begin with a tour?”

A tour?  Steve found himself wondering what he’d gotten himself into.  In the short time he’d known her, Carol had never behaved in such a friendly manner toward him.  Cautiously, he followed his hostess deeper into the house.

In the living room, a naked young woman moved slowly across the floor, her arms strapped tightly behind her in a single sleeve.  In front of her, a sweeper hummed busily, its handle positioned between her thighs.  A clever harness around her waist held straps which kept the handle in place.  Noticing Steve’s glance, Carol smiled.

“That,” she told him, “is a very special sweeper.  You see, it has a vibrator mounted on the end of the handle.  Every time she moves forward, it drives the vibrator deeper into her.  Of course, it’s not set high enough to make her cum.  That’s for later, assuming she does a good enough job.”  At Carol’s words, the girl slowed, soft moans leaking from the gag covering her mouth.  Smiling, Carol led the way out of the room.

The next room was a den.  Here, another naked woman worked.  Straps encircled her large breasts, ending in tubes placed directly over her nipples.  From each tube, a feather duster extended out in front of her.  As Steven watched, the woman bend over the desk, twisting her body at the waist to send the dusters across the surface.  With each twist, a soft grunt emerged from behind her gag.  This woman, also had her arms in a single sleeve.

“Clips,” Carol informed him, “on the ends of the handles, attached to her nipples.  Every time she swings like that, they give her a sharp tug.  Something, I might add, that she enjoys greatly.  The tubes help keep the dusters from sagging, thus creating too much tug.  I’m afraid that, by the time she finishes dusting, she’ll be in a sad state indeed.”  Carol grinned.  “Last time she dusted, I was tempted to have a girl with a mop following her, she got so wet.”

In the kitchen, yet another naked woman bent over a stove, her arms in the ever present arm binder.  From the gag over her mouth protruded a spatula.  Using the motion of her head, the woman stirred something that bubbled in a large pot.

“No special stimulation here,” Carol said.  “After all, she’s only stirring some soup for supper.”

As the tour continued, Steve had to wonder.  Carol had mentioned short notice, but she’d evidently had plenty of time to set up an impressive display.  Nearly every room they entered was occupied by a naked, bound slave, each with some attachment to their bonds that allowed them to do their respective jobs.

In one long hall, he watched as a naked young man pulled a small cart, the handle of which was strapped to the base of his cock.  The flash of metal as he moved revealed the presence of a cock ring, explaining his continued hardness.  Behind the cart, a woman bent to pick up small piles of laundry and dump them into the cart.  A light chain led from the back of the cart to between her thighs.  As Steve watched, the chain drew tight as the cart continued to move.  The woman leaped upright with a muffled yelp, rushing to catch up and toss her latest load aboard.

“The chain,” he heard Carol say, “is clipped to her clit.  And he is instructed to not stop for anything.  So she dare not take too long.”

Finally, Carol ushered him into a luxuriously appointed bedroom.  For once, there were no slaves present.

“Did you enjoy the tour?”

Steve nodded.  “It was………interesting.  Now, why did you ask me here?”

If his bluntness bothered her, Carol gave no sign.  “There is something I require of you,” she said, “something I couldn’t say over the phone.”  As she spoke, Carol opened a large wooden chest, revealing a neatly packed array of rope and leather.  Seeing this, Steve shook his head.

“Carol,” he said slowly, “you’re a very beautiful woman.”  In fact, he thought she looked stunning, as she stood before him, wearing a single strap gown.  “But I can not and will not allow you to use that stuff on me.”

Carol smiled.  “Oh, but you misunderstand,” she said, her hand rising to the strap of her gown.  “It’s not for you.”  Her gown dropped to the floor, leaving her naked before his stunned eyes.  “It’s for me.”

“You?”  Steve could barely believe what he was hearing.

“Out there,” Carol said, nodding toward the door, “I get to be Mistress to all my adoring slaves.  I take great pleasure in dominating them, controlling them, and, on occasion, rewarding them.  In here, where no slaves are allowed without my express instruction, I can enjoy something else.  Something very few know about, and something I am asking you to help me with.”

Slowly, she moved toward him.  Gone were the imperious strides of the Mistress he had first met at a BDSM party some months ago.  Now, every move was pure seduction as she glided lithely toward him, dropping to her knees at his feet and looking up at him with wide, soft eyes.

“Please,” she nearly moaned, “use me.  Bind me tightly, then take me in any way, and as many times, as it pleases you.”

At first, Steve could only stare at the stern Mistress, now a desperately needy slave at his feet.  She whispered another soft “Please?” before lowering her eyes, as if afraid to see rejection in his face.

“Show me what you have to offer.”  Carol quickly rose to her feet, hands cupping her breasts as she pushed them forward in offering.  “Wrong chest,” Steve said, smiling, his eyes flicking in the direction where his current interest lay.  Carol blushed hotly, then turned and began withdrawing items from the chest on the floor.  As Steve examined each item, he set those he considered using to one side, seeing Carol’s eyes widen at a couple of his choices.  She made no sound, rising to stand facing him once his selections were complete.

“Turn.”  Silently, she presented her back to him, hands going behind her.  She moaned softly as the single sleeve slid up her arms.  Steve adjusted the straps, then moved in front of her to place and fasten the straps going above and below her breasts.  As he did, he noticed that, already, her nipples had hardened.

Sleeve in place, he went back and adjusted all the straps, hearing a soft, grunting moan as he pulled each one just a bit tighter.  Standing in front of her once more, he admired the way her breasts were pushed up and forward.  He stroked a nipple, his touch answered by another moan.

Nodding, he took her arm, guiding her to the bed and helping her onto the soft surface on her knees.  He positioned her so she knelt near the foot of the bed, looking out at the room over the brass rail.  Steve grabbed the rest of the items he intended to use, then joined her.

Drawing her knees apart, he secured cuffs attached to a spreader bar, holding her legs parted almost, but not quite, to the point of discomfort.  Her feet he left unbound.  With her knees held wide, there was little her feet could do.

Next, he held a gag to her lips, which parted to allow insertion.  He secured the straps, then pumped the inflation bulb until her cheeks began to bulge slightly.  One more pump, which produced a soft grunt, and he closed off the air and removed the bulb.

“One more thing to go,” he told her, holding up the last item.  Carol’s eyes widened, much as they had when he’d selected this piece, but she made no sound, made no effort to draw way.

Smiling, Steve stroked her left nipple into greater hardness, then attached the clover clamp.  He fed the chain through the railing, drawing her down until her face hovered just above the top rail.  This allowed just enough slack to attach the second clamp to her right nipple.

Finished, Steve leaned back, watching as Carol tugged experimentally at the clamps.  Every tug, he knew, would only cause the clamps to tighten for as long as she pulled against them.  He smiled as she quickly subsided, lowering herself to let some slack form in the chain, easing the grip of the clamps as much as she could.

At a sudden thought, Steve made another trip to the chest.  He slipped a blindfold over Carol’s head, then positioned himself behind her.  Already, he could see the soft gleam of moisture forming between her thighs.

The next item Steve picked up was a single long feather he’d discovered in the chest.  He reached forward, lightly stroking the tip of the feather up the length of her inner thighs.  Carol jumped, then squealed softly at the resulting tug on her nipples.

Slowly, Steve stroked the feather up and down both of the bound woman’s thighs, watching with a smile as she writhed and twisted.  She was, he noticed, being very careful not to raise her upper body, sparing her nipples any more painful tugs.  That changed when he dragged the tip of the feather the length of her pussy lips.  Carol’s whole body spasmed, bringing another squeal from the resulting sharp tug at her nipples.  When Steve withdrew the feather, its tip was drenched with her juices.  Steve put the feather down and took up the next item.

Leaning forward, he slipped the vibrator between her thighs, nestling its length along her lips.  As he did so, he whispered into her ear, “Remember the talk we had the night we met?”  Slowly, Carol nodded..  “Remember the part about how a slave should never cum without permission?”  With a soft moan, she nodded again.  “Well,” Steve informed her, “I expect you to hold to that.”  This time, Carol’s moan had a despairing sound to it, but she nodded once  more.  “Very good,” Steve told her, as he turned the vibrator on and held its length pressed against her.

Carol’s whole body quivered as Steve rubbed the vibrator along her lips, then slowly inserted it, noting as he did how easily it slipped inside her.  Slowly, carefully, he brought her to the peak, then held her there, sometimes even removing the vibrator to let her cool off a bit.

By the time he set the vibrator aside, Carol’s entire body quivered, continuous, pleading moans leaking from her packed mouth.  Watching her ass wave helplessly, he slipped from the bed, drawing a muffled squeal as the shift of the mattress caused an unexpected sharp tug to her nipples.  Moving quickly, he shed his own clothes, then covered his cock with a rubber taken from the chest.  Positioning himself behind her once more, he entered her smoothly, then began pushing into her with long, slow strokes.

By the third stroke, Carol had begun thrusting back to meet him, only to halt sharply as her motion tightened the clamps.  By the tenth stroke, she no longer seemed to care, thrusting back with her hips, each thrust bringing a soft squeal from her gagged mouth.

Slowly, Steve continued to thrust into her, until he felt his own orgasm approaching.  He leaned forward, placing his lips to her ear, and whispered, “Cum for me.”

Carol’s whole body jerked, her upper half trying to rise, halted only by the painfully tight grip of the clamps.  Reaching forward, Steve released both clamps at the same time.

With a muffled scream, Carol jerked upright, nearly knocking Steve away from her with the force of her response.  Her back arched, her breasts thrust out, and Steve could see her shoulders straining over the tops of the sleeve as her orgasm exploded through her.  Her muscles clenched, grasping at him and driving him over the edge.  With a grunt, Steve grasped her hips, driving himself into her as deeply as he could, feeling his cock pulse as he filled the end of the rubber.

With the first pulse, Carol’s body, incredibly, stiffened even further, and Steve knew a second orgasm had claimed her.  He saw a third, and then a fourth, claim her, before his own orgasm spent itself.  He fell against her, spent.  After a moment, he felt her squirm beneath him, heard her muffled grunts.  Slowly, he pushed himself upright and began undoing the straps to her sleeve.

Her arms free, Carol flexed them slowly, groaning softly.  She reached up to lightly touch the front of the gag, then let her hand drop.  She was, he knew waiting for him to remove it.  Instead, he unbuckled the cuffs at her knees, removing the spreader bar.

Next, he turned her to face the opposite way, positioning her carefully.  Stretching himself out on the bed, he placed his hands on her hips and tugged sharply.  Carol gasped into her gag as she fell forward, her gasp becoming a soft cry as she landed atop him, her weight pushing her nipples into his chest.

Slowly, he removed the blindfold, Carol watching him with wide eyes as he released the air from the gag, unbuckling the straps and drawing the deflated bulb from between her lips.  She worked her jaws for a moment, then lowered her head and kissed him deeply.

“That,” she declared, breaking the kiss, “was incredible.  My shoulders ache, and I think my nipples will be sore for a month.   But, oh, God, was it worth it.”  She eyed him speculatively.  “I did notice,” she went on, “that you didn’t use everything you picked from the chest.”

Steve smiled up at her.  “That,” he said, softly stroking her ass, “is because I still intend to use them.”  Carol’s eyes widened.  “You did say,” Steve told her, smiling at her surprised look, “any way I pleased, as many times as I pleased.  Well, I’m not done being pleased yet.”

Carol stared at him in silent shock.  Slowly, the corners of her mouth began to turn upwards.

“Yes, Master,” she whispered, lowering her head to nestle it at his shoulder.  “Thank you Master.  Oh, and Master?”


“Could you please start coming to my parties, Master?  I have one nearly every weekend.”

Steve smiled.  “I look forward to it.”

“I don’t.”  Carol giggled softly.  “It’s what will happen after the party I’m looking forward to.”

Steve laughed, lightly swatting her upturned ass.  As she squirmed against him, he thought, yes, I’m looking forward to that as well.  Smiling, he held the Mistress of the house, his new slave, against him, resting up for the next round.