Mistress and the Hotel Room

by Bondage Maid

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© Copyright 2009 - Bondage Maid - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; fem; F/m; bdsm; anal; nipple; strap-on; urophagia; cons; XX

I am currently kneeling on the floor leaning forward with my nose and forehead also touching the floor. I am waiting for Mistress to enter my room as I have given myself over to her tonight. I have dressed myself in feminine clothing as it amuses Mistress to see me like this, but there is more that she has instructed me to do.

I have a Velcro cable tidy wrapped around my testicles and penis with the hard plastic side against my skin and as I get erect the strap pushes all the plastic prickles tighter into my skin. Over this I am wearing some satin knickers which are currently bulging with my erect penis. On my legs I have patterned stockings and between my ankles wrapped securely around each one and padlocked is a chain and on my feet are peep toe platform shoes. My wrists are locked together behind my back with my pink PVC cuffs and these are padlocked so that I cannot remove them. I have a black pencil skirt and a satin blouse under my blouse is a pair of clover clamps clamped securely over my nipples with a chain linking them together. On my head is a latex zip hood, this hood has open eyes, nose and mouth, but there is also two front panels which when zipped enclose my face preventing me from seeing anything but allowing me to breathe through the zip. My mouth is gagged with satin knickers; I was instructed to wear these for a day and then place the crotch piece against my tongue so that Mistress can laugh as I taste the sweat from my own penis and testicles.

Resting against the sole of my shoes is an envelope addressed to Mistress, enclosed is my apology for asking Mistress to leave the comfort of her home and come to this hotel room to visit me. The door is also unlocked so that Mistress can walk in when she is ready, this also means that I have to hope that no one else decides to try my door as they would be able to walk straight in. On the desk is a bucket of ice and a chilled bottle of wine, a wine glass and a pint glass, next to these are my remaining padlocks and the related keys to all the padlocks.

Before putting myself in this position I had a text from Mistress telling me to get ready and I had informed her of the room I was in. It felt like I had been in this position for about half an hour but probably only 5-10 minutes. I then heard the door open and close, with my hood on hearing was not perfectly clear, but I thought I could hear the gentle footsteps as someone approached and prayed it was Mistress and no one else.

It sounded like the person walked a complete circle around me and then I thought I could hear the envelope being opened. After a short while I was beginning to wonder if it was Mistress who had entered because whoever it was they were not making any noise or even speaking to me. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain from my right buttock; I jumped and went ‘MMmmpphh’.

‘You call this an apology I will show you how to apologise’ came the words from Mistress. ‘Now I don’t want to hear another sound from you unless I ask you a direct question is that understood?’

With my nose still on the floor I nodded.

With that I could feel the tip of something running left and right across my skirted behind, it progressed up, caressing my hands, which I did not move and then further up my back until it reached my neck.

‘Sit up’ I was ordered. I did so. Whatever the item was it ran around my rubber enclosed face, down my neck and then across my shoulders. From there it moved to the middle of my chest, I could now feel it moving to my left and the clamp that was protruding forward pushing out like pointy breasts under my blouse.

‘Mmmmpphh.’ suddenly the clamp was flicked sharply and was swinging left and right, I was startled by the pain.

‘Aargh, does that ache my little slut. Well I told you I DO NOT want to hear a sound from you unless I say so.’ With that I could feel the right clamp being hit and then the left.

‘Mmmphh’ I realised that the only way I was going to get out of this was to not moan but the pain was agony. After a while the pain became a constant level and at that point I was able to keep quiet. It felt like ages but I am sure it only went on for a few minutes.

After this Mistress then proceeded down my front to my crotch, where my penis was trying to bulge through the tight pencil skirt. When this received a few firm taps I managed keep quiet.

I could feel hands around my face and the front zip was undone.

‘I have undone your face so you can show me your obedience and devotion to me, but you will only keep your eyes looking forward, you will not try and look at me at any time unless I say you can or I look at you directly. Do you understand?’

I nodded and as the flaps were pulled aside looking Mistress’s skirt I could see just in front of my face was a long phallus. Mistress was waving this around and tapping my nose with it and I knew what would be coming soon. She started caressing my latex covered face with the tip of this phallus and occasionally prodded into my gagged mouth pushing the pants further into my mouth.

‘I am going to remove your gag and you will show me respect by loving my strap-on. If you don’t prove to me how much you love my strap-on you will get punished. Lick it, kiss it, suck it, and prove to me your devotion.’

Mistress’s fingers moved across my face and I could feel my pants being removed from my mouth. My mouth was dry as all my saliva had been absorbed by the pants just removed. I leaned forward and started kissing the tip of the strap-on so giving me a few moments to re-salivate the inside of my mouth. I kissed all around the tip and then along the shaft, I was now able to start licking, along the shaft and the tip, slowly starting to take the head into my mouth, re-licking and then sucking more. I started to take the head deeper into my mouth until I could feel it hitting the back of my throat. This was as much as I could take as my gag reflex started. I had not reached the end of the shaft of the strap-on.

‘Come on, show me how much you want this cock in you, suck it to the hilt.’

I then felt a pair of hands on the back of my head and then as I went down the shaft Mistress moved her hips forward and I could feel the head of the strap-on hit the back of my throat and try to keep going. I wanted to gag but couldn’t. Mistress pulled my head harder and my nose then pressed against the harness mistress was wearing for her strap-on. I had to gag and then my head was allowed to move back and the shaft expelled from my throat and mouth. Before I had a chance to close my mouth and prepare my head was pulled back and again I had the whole shaft inserted in my mouth. Mistress kept this going for a few minutes.

‘Now I can see that you are enjoying yourself, it’s not that hard to take the full length is it.’ I couldn’t respond as my mouth was still full. ‘Right, let’s see you do without my help.’ Mistress then removed her hands from my head and I back off of the phallus. I knew what I had to do but did not know if I could do it. I leaned forward and took the head straight in, as it reached the back of my throat I had the gag reflex and tried to get my lips to the hilt of the strap-on, but could not.

‘Come on, get on with it, I don’t have all night for you. I can always put on my longer cock if that’s what you really want.’ I tried to shake my head, I then tried again to get the whole strap-on in my mouth. After a few more attempts Mistress backed away, she shoved the pants gag back in my mouth and zipped the front of my mask shut.

‘Get up.’ Mistress sternly said to me. I stood up and she then made me lean forward from the waist so if I could see I would be looking at the floor. I then heard a faint whoosh and the felt the crack of pain as I was struck across my backside. I received a dozen strokes for failing my Mistress.

‘Well seeing as you don’t fully appreciate the oral pleasures of my cock perhaps you will be happier taking it like a slut from behind.’  Mistress then undid a few of the buttons on my blouse and pulled the nipple clamp chain. I felt weights being added and my nipples being pulled under the strain as the clamps tightened their grip. I was then turned sideways and my head pushed down onto the desktop. My skirt was unzipped and lowered to my feet, quickly followed my underwear.

Mistress reached round to my cock and squeezed it firmly, ‘So you are enjoying this then?’ and then proceeded to squeeze my testicles and I resisted the urge to squeal as she then play slapped them a few times. I could then feel something being rubbed around my anus and prayed that it was some lubrication gel. ‘Well I hope you left plenty of saliva on this cock to help it in.’ I then felt the head touch me, I tried to relax myself as much as possible, and then I felt the thrust as Mistress pushed herself into me. She entered me and then moved herself backwards and forwards, I could feel her as she reached the hilt of the strap-on, her hips hitting my buttocks. She began to move faster and harder, her hands moved and placed themselves on my back. The more she thrust I kept moving forward and soon my head moved across the desk and hit the wall. She then started thrusting harder and I could feel my head being pushed harder against the wall.

Mistress moved her hands and started to caress my throbbing penis, ‘Enjoying this more are you?’ I wanted to come but she removed her hands and then removed her strap-on from with-in me. I stayed where I was left and then I could hear Mistress moving behind me. I was turned sideways again, my hood face was unzipped and my pants gag was removed.

‘Now let’s see if you like to suck and be fucked.’ Then the phallus that was strapped to Mistress was pushed into my mouth, but not all the way down my throat. The front of my hood was zipped shut ensuring that I could not force the phallus out of my mouth.

I was turned back again and my head put back again against the desk and wall.

‘Let’s see how you get on with my BIG cock’, and with that I felt an object against my anus. Initially stunned I was a bit resistant, but then Mistress applied something around my anus and I realised that relaxing would be the best thing I could do. Mistress then pushed herself into me and I could feel this was bigger than the object in my mouth that had previously been in my anus. Mistress pushed hard and again my head was jammed tight against the wall and desk as the full length of her new strap on entered me, further and further.

‘Don’t worry little slut, I am being gentle with you, but with this one I should be able to fuck your throat from your arsehole. So get ready.’ It was too late for me there was nothing I could do.  Mistress kept this going for a while and then moved me to the bed. I was made to kneel on the mattress and the lean forward head down hard on the bed as well, ensuring the phallus in my mouth was not going anywhere. Mistress started using my anus again with more vigour. Mistress thrust harder and harder and I could feel more and more of this strap-on going in. Mistress kept going and I could hear her enjoying herself with each thrust. I felt her hold something on the tip of my cock and then with the other hand caress me rub my harder and harder until eventually I came.

After a short while Mistress stopped thrust in me and withdrew. She moved me and made me fall over onto the bed. I felt tired and not sure if I fell asleep. I could hear mistress moving around the room and bathroom but I had no idea what she was doing. I awoke with Mistress grabbing me by my penis,

‘Come on move down here, I have not finished with you yet little miss slut!’ and I had to move down to the foot of the bed. I was left lying on the bed with my legs over the end. Mistress then started pulling something over my penis and slowly dragging down my shaft. There was no difficulty as I was not erect at this time, soon mistress reached my testicles and I felt these being covered as well. I then realised what Mistress has done. I have a latex penis sheath and attached to this is various small electrodes which were connected to a battery pack. When activated these send electric shocks through whatever they were touching at random intervals. Mistress started massaging my now latex covered balls, ‘Everything nice and cosy in there?’ I nodded nervously.

‘You know what I have placed over you excuse for a cock, don’t you?’ I nodded. ‘Good then you won’t cause me any problems now will you, because of course I don’t really want to switch this on.’ I shook my head in agreement. I then felt mistress rub something cool around my anus, and then I felt the tip of something being pushed against it. ‘Now let this in, if you don’t want me to switch on the penis shocker.’ I relaxed and felt an object slowly proceed further into my anus. MY sphincter muscle got stretched wider and when I thought I could not take any more I could feel the hilt reach my skin. ‘There that’s better, you can have fun with this latter.’ I guessed Mistress had inserted an anal vibrator, but what fun later I would be having with it I was not sure.

Mistress got me to stand up and then pulled my knickers up and then my skirt and re-fastened it. Mistress then started to lead me towards the bathroom. I still had the nipple clamps on with the heavy weight padlocks attached, and I wished so much that Mistress would remove them.

‘Are you thirsty?’ to which I nodded. ‘I thought you might be after all that pleasure inside a latex hood. We entered the bathroom and I was made to kneel down. My face mask was unzipped ‘Remember look straight ahead only.’ As I looked ahead I saw that I was kneeling in front of the toilet and sitting on the closed lid, was the pint glass containing an amount of yellow fluid, Mistresses champagne. The phallus was removed from my mouth, ‘A glass of my special champagne then for the little slut.’ The glass was raised to my mouth, I acted hesitant and Mistress then reached around to one of my nipple clamps, ‘You not going to cause me problems are you, especially as I have allowed you this special privilege’ and I had to drink. It was still slightly warm and its salty flavour worked its way over my tongue and down my throat.

Mistress then produced a plate and my knickers gag in front of my face, she then wiped all the cum onto the gag and brought it towards my mouth, again I acted hesitantly. I saw Mistresses hand move to my nipple clamps and realised what was going to happen. I leaned forward and took the knickers completely in my mouth, with the cum side against my tongue.

‘ Now I need to leave soon but of course I don’t want you to feel that you are being left short. So to help you with the size of your titties, and practice wearing those lovely shoes, I am going to leave your wrists restrained as they are. The key is in a drawer in the main bedroom somewhere. Now I have taken your spare tights and set an ice timer.’ At that point I could feel the chain on my nipple clamps being moved.’ So your nipple clamps are padlocked to the tights and while there is ice in the tights you have to stay here. Now kneel down.’ I did so and as I got down I felt the nipple clamp chain being pulled upwards and when I was on my knees the clamps were pulling tightly and my nipples ached intently.

‘Okay just so you know, you can kneel down if you wish to take the strain off of your feet, but now you know how your nipples will feel, although this is a better of making your titties bigger. Now stand up.’ Mistress gestured for me to stand which I did happily.

‘Now I have put some ice in the tights and I am not sure if it will melt in 1 hour or 5 hours, of course the longer the better.’ This is not what I was thinking and in my head I was praying that Mistress had only put an hours worth of ice in the tights. ‘ When you have released yourself you will still have to clean up as I don’t do that for sluts, of course you could just wait for housekeeping and then they could release you and clean up for you.’ And with that Mistress laughed.

Mistress then reached down my skirt and suddenly I felt the vibrator in my anus start, ‘Of course I am not going to let you stay here having no pleasure at all.’ I then heard Mistress then move about the room some more and I presume she was preparing to leave me. ‘One last thing, I told you I did not like your letter of apology so here’s something to think about while you are waiting.’ Mistress once again placed her hand down my skirt and I felt her fiddle with the penis sheath.

‘Mmmpphh’ I tried to call out for her not to activate it, I felt a click.

‘Goodbye, it has been a pleasurable evening being with a slut who has not even seen my face, I hope you enjoyed it.’ The bathroom door closed and then the bedroom door opened and closed. She was right I had not been allowed to look at her face so I still did not know who she really was.

‘Mmmmppphhhh’ the first shock happened, the next one would come anywhere from between 10 and 60 seconds. I thought of how to get out of this and realised I couldn’t. My wrists were locked together, I could not reach down and try to step through as if I bent down my nipples were pulled and my ankles were chained together so I would have to sit on the floor and that was not going to happen.

‘Mmmmppphhhh’ another shock, I prayed that Mistress had only put a small amount of ice in the tights. ‘Mmmmppphhhh.’ With my nipples aching from the weights on the chain, my feet strapped into tight platform shoes, my tongue covered in my own cum and my balls and penis being shocked I was going to receive Mistresses full treatment and there was nothing I could do about it. ‘Mmmmppphhhh.’

Bondage Maid.