Mistress Ellen’s Academy 5

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2007 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; F/f; pillory; cbt; enema; cons; X

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Chapter 5 – Betsy’s Tour of the Academy, part 1

I stepped out of Mistress Ellen’s office and followed her gently swaying form a few steps down the hall to a door with a small brass sign proclaiming, in the omni­present Gothic, "Ten". She pushed the door open (it had no knob, just a polished brass push-plate) and we stepped into a large, bare room with two windows framed by light gray curtains.

"This room is pretty much typical of the rooms - stark and simple. You bring in the supplies, selected for each session, to 'bring it to life'", she explained as she opened the door to the room's shallow closet. "This is a handy staging area for the equipment, and it keeps the room from getting cluttered. You don’t want to display everything all at once- some element of surprise helps to keep your submissive’s interest." She closed the closet door and pointed to a flat metal plate on the wall at eye level, one of a dozen at differing heights and locations. "This is my own invention- a quick-release anchor to which you can fasten eyebolts, cables, any number of things. It's anchored to the studs- very solid. It will take just about anything you or your slave could do to it."

Mistress Ellen stepped to the window. "If you want a darker, more ominous atmosphere, just pull down the black­out shades." She lowered one shade, and the room immediately darkened. “This kind of shade was part of being a patriot in WWII- everybody had to be ready to make their house disappear into the darkness just in case the Japanese invaded. My mother kept hers around and I grew up with them.”  Mistress Ellen momentarily lowered the other curtain and the room disappeared into inky blackness. As she rolled the shades back up, the room returned to ‘brightly lit’, and she gestured toward the world outside. "Out there is our 'back yard', with other session locations. I'll show you around when we're finished in here."

She stepped back to the door and slipped a heavy wooden bar into a heavy bracket across the door, locking the door with a solid 'THUD!'. "None of the doors have handles- just bars like this to ensure privacy. It's also psychologically intimidating to a submissive; it looks and sounds appropriate to a dungeon."

"The carpet, on top of feeling good under your feet or on a slave's bare butt, is for soundproofing. I want a slave, who after all is a paying customer, to feel like he or she is the only slave at the Academy - unless they want otherwise, of course. We can arrange either live or recorded sound effects if that's what they want."

With that, we stepped out of the room, letting the door close behind us with another solid 'THUD"! We stepped into Room Nine, similarly Spartan. Mistress Ellen turned on the lights. "This is one of only two rooms without windows. Well, not everybody can be lucky. But if they want dark, this is REAL dark!" To demonstrate, she turned out the lights and let the door swing closed; the resulting darkness was as complete as anything you could find in the lower reaches of Carlsbad Caverns. She turned the lights back on and drew my attention to the ceiling.

Room Nine had one thing that Room Ten didn't- a white-and-chrome Sears Craftsman rope hoist mounted in the center of the ceiling. Mistress Ellen stepped to the closet for a remote control. "One of our electrical engineer slaves developed this for us in exchange for a few sessions... and for trying it out on him, of course."

Mistress Ellen pressed a key on the remote and the hoist hummed quietly, slowly reeling out a half-inch rope with a slip hook at its end. "The hoist will lift five hundred pounds without straining... I don't think we want clients any heavier than that!" Chuckling at the thought of a six-hundred-pound slave, or a two-hundred-pound slave with four hundred pounds of weights on his balls, she sent the rope back up into the hoist.

Next down the hall was Room Eight, very basic, and we just glanced in. Across the hall was Room Seven; as we stepped in, Mistress Ellen told me, in a reminiscing tome, "This used to be my bedroom when I lived here, before I devoted the whole house to the Academy." The room was a romantically Victorian classic with lace curtains and flowers. "And this was my bed- it's seen its share of heavy use!" She smiled. Near the wall between the windows was a king-sized four-poster waterbed with a mirrored canopy, gauze curtains, fluffy pillows, and a dark quilt embroidered with a huge red rose.

"Very pretty, Mistress Ellen."

"Yes, with many happy memories. After I moved and bought its twin for my house, I made a few modifications." She showed me several discretely-located quick-mount anchors and a few more prominent anchors and eyes. "Besides being great for romantic interludes, it's also a great thing to bind someone to... or to be bound to. I've been on the bottom a few times, too, and enjoyed the hell out of it - but like you said on your resume, it’s not ‘my position of choice”", she confided with a smile in her tone.

Mistress Ellen led me out of the bedroom and down the hall to the back of the house. At the end of the hall, she showed me a small bathroom and then moved to Room Eleven, another bare room.

"These last two rooms are Mistress Carolyn's. She's occupied downstairs, so we'll just glance in. They're her pride and joy and I'm sure she'll want to show them to you herself." The first room had rack after rack of sexy lingerie and dominatrix costumes, while the second had enough bondage hardware to fuel my wet dreams for weeks.

"And that's about it for upstairs. Let's go down - no, downstairs- for the rest of the Academy tour." I followed Mistress Ellen's slender form down the stairs into the lounge. "You saw this when you came in; all the clients come in this way, we mostly use the back door. It's pretty quiet today. Mistress Carolyn has a session going in Room Six and Mistress Susan is 'out back' with  another. There's a bathroom with a shower off the lounge", she pointed out. "This used to be my living room before the renovation."

Stepping out of the lounge and into the session room in the front of the house, we checked out Room One, with only a hoist, and then Room Two. It looked totally empty, but Mistress Ellen showed me some surprises.

"First of all, study the pattern on the carpet. There are eight places, under a figure like this one"- she pointed out a geometric design- "where you'll find a quick-mount anchor. "And in the center, we have this little gem." She bent down, stretching the thin leather delightfully tight over her ass, and pulled up a square of carpet to expose a plywood cover with a recessed handle.

She laid the carpet aside, lifted the cover, and set it aside to reveal yet another door. This one was split down the middle with hinges at the outside edges, two bars to lock the door shut, and centered on the cut were the three holes of a pillory! She slipped back the bar and opened the door to show me a carpet-lined pit about three feet deep with a gym mat at the bottom.

Mistress Ellen stood up, eyeballed me for a moment, and went to the closet to bring back two more mats which she dropped into the pit. "Try it out, Betsy."

"Certainly, Mistress." I kicked off my shoes and hopped carefully down into the pit, my boobs jiggling merrily. Mistress Ellen closed one of the door halves, and I positioned my neck and wrists in the cutouts. Mistress Ellen closed the other half of the lid and slipped home the two locking bars; I was quite securely locked in.

"This pit has the disadvantage of leaving the submissive's body almost totally inaccessible, but sometimes they or you may want that. Sometimes deprivation is a good thing." She sat down on the floor in front of me and slid forward. I could see what was coming - Mistress Ellen's leather-covered pussy, a prominent brass zipper covering its damp delights, was approaching my helpless face. I cheerfully contemplated the task of assaulting her pussy with my lips.

Mistress Ellen, smiling, slid forward until her thighs brushed my ears and her leather-covered pussy was but two inches from my face. "It's great for enforced oral sex or training of those reluctant to put their lips to proper use. But not right now...."

She slid back, stood up, unlocked the gates, and opened the pit. She extended a hand to help me out; I put one foot up on the edge to step out and saw Mistress Ellen's quick glance at my crotch. "Interesting undies, Mistress Betsy!" I realized that my position had displayed my yellow vinyl hip-hugger mini-girdle and blushed a little.

"Yeah... it's not that my butt needs much control, really, but it feels good! It also does a great job of anchoring a pair of ben-wa balls. Not right now, but sometimes." She smiled as I knelt down, leaning down into the pit to retrieve the two mats which had allowed for my stature, secured the pit. and put away the mats.

Closing the door on Room Two, we moved on to Room Three, which contained a large pillory. "This isn't quite the equal of the one I saw in your pictures, but it's served us well. Our own Slave Bruce, a part-timer, built it for us in exchange for a few training sessions."

Room Four was next; as we entered, I caught a medicine odor and saw that we were in a reasonably well appointed nurses' office. In addition to an examination table with stirrups and restraint straps, a strait jacket and an enema bag, and a rather huge procto­scope, it had several glass-doored cabinets containing boxes of gauze, bandages, and an assortment of ACE elastic bandages. "In addition to being a fantasy nurse's office, this is our first-aid center. One of our Mistresses is an LVN, and occasionally we have to care for bruises and the marks left by an over-enthusiastically-wielded-whip. Sometimes a submissive overestimates how much flogging he or she can take when the lust takes over."

Closing up the nurse's office, we crossed to the back of the house and stepped through a small kitchen into a small lounge with a bathroom and shower. "This is just for us- a place to grab a bite and relax after a session."

We left the lounge and stepped down the hall to glance into Room Six - a very bare room. Mistress Ellen said, "The next room, Room Five, is a full-service erotic bathroom. It's in use at the moment, but Mistress Carolyn expects us and the slave has agreed to our joining in. Hey, he’ll get three Mistresses for the price of one- a bargain. Are you game to participate?"

"I'd be honored!" I said with a smile.

Mistress Ellen tapped lightly at the door of Room Five, and after a moment's pause we heard its bar slide back before Mistress Carolyn opened the door to a very large and unusual bathroom. The floor and the lower half of the room were tiled in gleaming white; the upper half of the walls were covered with white vinyl wall­paper. Two very large, clear windows gave the feeling almost of being outdoors. Much of the remaining wall space and even the ceiling was covered with mirrors, and reflections of reflections went on forever. Even the tile floor reflected; I looked down to see the image of my crotch hugged by my yellow girdle. I could even make out my pussy lips, outlined by the thin latex, and I thought back to childhood warnings of little boys looking into my black patent leather shoes to see up under my dress. Oh, heavens, the humiliation, that boys should actually have seen my underpants! Every detail of everything in the room was visible from every angle, a voyeur’s delight.

On the wall below one of the windows was a large porcelain sink of a very contemporary design over a wicker linen chest which I found later was waterproofed. Shower heads were mounted high on each of the walls, with but one set of knobs protruding through a mirror (of course) on the wall above the sink.

Isolated in the center of the floor stood a toilet, sleek-styled and tankless, elevated on a five-foot-square dais two feet tall; its seat was a full four feet off the floor, more than waist-high. Around the perimeter of the dais were about twenty shiny chrome eyebolts; to five of these were fastened leather straps which held Slave Earl (naked except for the implements of his humiliation) in place on his 'throne'.

Slave Earl's eyes stared helplessly out from a head-sheathing leather harness which plugged his mouth with one end of a fat double-dong; about six inches of thick rubber erection protruded from his face. Locked around his neck was a stiff, wide leather collar which both held his head far back and anchored a strap which held his crossed and cuffed wrists high on his back. Two wide straps wrapped several times around his ankles and thighs, holding them doubled, his heels pressed into his asscheeks. From two anchors high on the walls ran two light chains; at the ends of those chains were nipple clamps, each of which securely gripped one of his nipples. Straps locked to the eyebolts on the dais ran around his waist and over his thighs, locking him solidly down on the toilet.

And adding to Slave Earl's delightful mortification were a pair of nude-color panty­hose which had been pulled up tight and taped at his waist to hold them snug. More tape at the middle of his thighs held the snug nylon there. A slit in the front of their crotch allowed his stiff cock and his balls to project outward. A two-inch-wide ball-stretcher had his nuts swollen an angry purple. His thick cock was enshrouded and compressed by a sensation-deadening layer of three condoms. Mistress Ellen leaned to me and whispered, "Mistress Carolyn gave him a huge, hot, soapy enema half an hour ago. You can see he couldn't hold it!" Slave Earl had ‘let go’ and the pantyhose were soaked with a truly disgusting mess. Much of the shit had been crushed between his skin and the nylon and was trapped by the tape strapping the nylon to his legs.

Helpless and degraded and sitting on his own mess, Slave Earl was also beside himself with lust: his latex-sheathed cock was thick and stiff. Mistress Carolyn stepped up on the dais and raised one foot to his leg, the heel of her shoe digging painfully into his thigh. While Slave Earl stared up along the smooth, tanned expanse of thigh and feasted his eyes on her crotch, the crotch which held the delights he wanted so much (bare and framed by a lacy garter belt), Mistress Carolyn pulled the top of her gown down to her waist and began to pleasure her nipples as he stared. His gaze flicked back and forth between her breasts and her crotch; he wanted desperately to fondle either but couldn't move.

Mistress Ellen unzipped her leather jumpsuit, pulled it down to her waist, and caught my eye as she slipped her hands into her bra and lifted her heavy boobs over the cups of her bra; they rested there as if on a shelf. Catching on quickly, I joined her, dropping my dress to the floor, my bra following. Mistress Carolyn held one breast in her right hand while she tweaked and twisted its nipple, occasionally bending her head to flick it with her tongue, while with the other hand she tugged rhythmically and sharply at the chains to Slave Earl's nipple clamps. She smiled at the pleasure-pain in his eyes and the growing rigidity of his cock.

Mistress Ellen held out her arms and I stepped to her, lowering my face to her breasts and pulling one thick nipple into my mouth. As she growled throatily, I also heard Slave Earl groaning loudly and lustfully behind his gag, his fingers waggling helplessly at his back. His fat cock bounced up and down, keeping time with Mistress Carolyn's painful assaults on his tits.

Mistress Ellen leaned down, slipped her warm hand across my belly, and firmly cupped my latex-covered pussy. As her middle finger stroked my clit, I growled and bit down on her tit. Mistress Ellen and I held each other tightly, making an exorbitant amount of noise- not all of it feigned, either, I'm a noisy bitch when I get hot!

Slave Earl struggled frantically. Mistress Carolyn swung her foot up on his shoulder, forcing its heel into the tender flesh of his armpit, and bent her knee until her now-open pussy lips filled her slave's field of view. Her passion-scent filled his nose and drove him over the edge. Mistress Carolyn pressed down on Slave Earl's chains; he let out a high-pitched squeal through his gag and came, his heavily-loaded cock bobbing up and down as wad after wad of cum spurted down his burning shaft into the piss-filled condoms. All three of us continued pleasuring each other while Slave Earl's orgasm continued.

Finally, Mistress Carolyn took off her shoes and her long gown, handing them to us as Mistress Ellen led me to the door. I looked back to see Mistress Carolyn, clad only in her stockings and garter belt, turning on the whole-room shower and - completely soaked- starting to release the straps pinning the now-drained Slave Earl to the toilet.

Closing the door, Mistress Ellen explained to me that Mistress Carolyn would only minimally unbind Slave Earl. "She'll probably just unstrap him from the toilet and take the cuffs off his wrists. Maybe, just maybe, she'll help him down to the floor. He'll have to do the rest himself while she watches. That's part of the thrill for Earl."

We hung Mistress Carolyn's gown in the back lounge and left her shoes on the floor below them. "She'll be busy for a while... let's see the grounds now, okay?"