Mistress Ellen’s Academy 3.2

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2007 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; pillory; anal; toys; cons; X

Chapter 3 – Bob and Betsy’s First Bondage Encounter- part 2

After an hour or so's worth of showering, refreshment, levity, and general recovery, Bob suggested that we return to the garage for our second session: "Ready to surrender your body and will to me, my friend Betsy?"

I didn't hesitate: "Your turn on top, my friend Bob!"

He got up and disappeared upstairs to pull on a black vinyl catsuit that clung to him like skin from his feet to his neck, covering everything but clinging to his outlines so well that it didn't really hide anything. In particular, Bob noticed that I noticed that I could clearly see the outlines of his thick cock. I flicked my tongue across my lips as I spotted the slit in the fat head of his cock.

"All right, slave of mine- off your pretty little butt and on your feet!"

"Yes, my Master." I followed him back into the dungeon, summoning a slave-like feeling of dread and foreboding.

As ordered (and implicitly agreed, but part of the game was that we had agreed not to agree), I stood in the middle of the dungeon and stripped out of my 'dominatrix gear'- the black leather mini­dress and thigh-high boots with three-inch heels- while he stood back and watched my body appear. After I set the dress aside, I unhooked and pulled off my black garter belt and slowly slid off my patterned black stockings.

Happily continuing my low-key music­less strip-tease for him, I unhooked the blue pushup bra and slipped it off; his smile deepened when my breasts swung free of their sheer prison. All of this had been invisible to him except for the occasional flashes which I had wanted him to get and were inevitable under such abbreviated clothing.

Master Bob smiled with happy satisfaction as my body appeared before him, naked for the first time: "Very nice body, my slave... a bit of a shame to cover it, but cover it we will."

"Yes, Master, and thank you!"

"You're welcome, slave. Now cover yourself in this", Master Bob said, and handed me a 'discipline suit'. This kinky little garment resembled a sexy one-piece bathing suit except, as I was to find out over the next few minutes, for several strategically-placed zippers and two well-placed surprises.

I smiled (trying to be reluctantly submissive instead of lustfully eager) as I lowered the suit to slip my legs into it; as I did so, I saw two black rubber dildoes sprouting from its crotch and giggled lightly! I slipped my feet into its legs, pulled the suit up my legs to my butt, spread my legs a bit, and maneuvered the twin rubber plugs carefully and slowly into position. No sense being in too much of a hurry- building pleasure takes time.

I slipped the butt plug into my already-wet pussy and took four or five leisurely strokes, making sure it was slippery enough for my not-wet butt. (Mother Nature and/or evolution have provided the pussy with lubrication to ensure the procreation of the species, but the asshole has a different function and doesn’t need lubrication for reproduction.)

I pulled the relatively-narrow plug out of me and- under Master Bob's intent eye- positioned the heads of the two dildoes against my two holes. I had just started them sliding into my belly, savoring the unique sensation of initial dual penetration, before Master Bob 'helped' by stepping behind me, wrapping one large arm around my waist, and using a large hand to 'drive home' the two intruding plugs.

With a growl, I reached back to grab his arms- not to push him away, but to pull him against me. As his hand met my crotch, I squirmed, partly to fit the suit to my butt and partly just because his hand against me felt good.

He released me and stepped back. I pulled the top of the discipline suit up past my waist and up over my shoulders; its top was basically just two long straps widened to form two minicups under my breasts, which let most of their shape bulge out. Master Bob came up behind me to lock leather cuffs on my wrists and then a wide neck collar on my neck.

He locked the short chain between the wrist cuffs to my collar, taking away most of my freedom; of course, this pushed my breasts forward, which I’m sure he anticipated. He moved up close behind me, but (rather than just grabbing my boobs whole-handed like I expected) he gently pinched my nipples through the suit.

I relaxed, loving the feeling of his fingers on me, but soon discovered that built into the cups were two diabolical little rubber devices; when he stopped pinching, my nipples were seized firmly in the soft teeth molded into the cups. Every time I moved my nipples were tugged and tweaked, and Master Bob saw was that was very often indeed!

Master Bob took advantage of my pinioned arms (which wouldn't have opposed him anyway- we both knew that, but this was all part of our game) to slip his hands into what little there was of my discipline suit and under my breasts. He fondled them gently and firmly and then turned me to hold me to him. His hands cupped my asscheeks and I felt the twin dildoes working inside me as I wriggled against him. I also felt the rubber grippers wisting my nipples and my eagerness escaped me in a throaty moan.

And he let go of me! "Frustrated, my little slave? That's the way it's supposed to be- it's your turn!"

"Yes, Master. I want you terribly."

Master Bob silently placed his hands on my waist, turned me, and marched me over to the pillory. He pulled the gate horizontal and locked it there with a wooden pin. Then he removed my wrist cuffs and locked me standing into the pillory before he removed my collar.

While I stood there, aching, mostly naked and helpless, he walked away and hunted for instruments to use on my body. I waited anxiously and hungrily. After a couple of unhurried minutes, Master Bob returned with a handful of leather straps and chains. "That looks like FUN, Master!"

"Shut up, slut slave!"

"Yes, my Master."

"Shut up." I shut up.

He set down most of the stuff, keeping only a gag featuring a large pump-up dildo. Just before he filled my mouth with it, I opened my mouth to let out, "Oh, no, please, my Master, donnnn blupble..."- mainly to let him plug my mouth. (We both wanted him to see me resist just a little.) He fastened the straps of the gag behind my head and squeezed its pump bulb until my tongue was flattened at the bottom of my mouth and my cheeks bulged with its bulk.

Master Bob reached behind me and released the top of my discipline costume. He pulled it forward until my nipples stretched out and then popped free of the rubber grippers; I groaned around the gag. He ignored that and amused himself for a while with my aching boobs.

Finally Master Bob pulled the pin out of the pillory's gate to free me, tilted it upright, and locked it in its usual position. He took my hands in his, holding them firmly against my back (that felt good), and marched me around to the side of the pillory. "Kneel on the bench, slut."

I got to my knees on the bench; he quickly and smoothly guided my head and wrists to their destination semicircular holes, lowered the heavy, two-inch-thick gate, and slapped its pin home. As I automatically and reflexively struggled, I felt him pull a strap across my knees (I couldn't see behind myself or the pillory) before he parted my thighs and locked my legs to the strap.

"Now you'll get a taste of the 'D' in 'B&D." Master Bob showed me a long, flexible, leather strap and then stepped behind me, out of my sight, and laid the strap across by back.

I felt Master Bob's hands at my waist; he pulled the bottom of my discipline suit down below my butt, enough to expose my quivering and vulnerable asscheeks but not enough to dislodge the two plugs buried deep within me. He picked up the strap. Moments passed before I yelped behind the very-effective gag as the strap painted a stripe of red pain across my tender bottom. I jerked against the pillory, which neither wavered, moved, or squeaked. "One." Another stripe of pain and another cry of pain; this time he struck high on my left inner thigh. This time I jerked harder, and again the pillory held me motionless. "Two."

He slowly agonized me up to a count of thirteen, which is a lot more and a lot longer than it sounds. By the time Master Bob stepped around the pillory to kiss me gently on the cheek, I was crying and my hips were bucking both with pain and with lust. I wanted my Master in me so bad!

Master Bob deflated the gag and gently removed it. "I'm going to discipline you with pleasure from here on, slut slave, and I want to hear your pleasure."

"Thank you, Master- I want your pleasure so badly it hurts."

"Good- it will hurt good for as long as I want it to. You are my slave slut."

"Of course, Master, I am your slave slut."

Master Bob disappeared behind me and I felt him plant a series of tender kisses on my red, sore butt. He pulled the bottom of my discipline suit down to my knees, easing the dildoes out of my crotch, and planted one more kiss on my irritated asshole before he (one at a time) released my knees to pull the garment from me, one knee at a time, and them strapped my knees in place again.

"Of course, there may be a little bit of pain mixed in with all your pleasure."

"Of course, my Master."

I felt his hands on my tits and then the growing sharp pain of nipple clamps. They pulled downward, so I knew the clamps had weights attached. I felt my boobs swaying as I squirmed experimentally. Then I felt my Master against my ass; he was straddling the bench, and I felt the blunt head of his cock stroking my pussy lips. I felt the glorious stretching of my cunt as he pressed in to penetrate my lips and slowly stroked the fires of my passion. "Ohhh... that feels so good..."

And he pulled it out!

"Oh, damn... please put it back in... please keep fucking me..."

He put it back in, all right - he stuck it up my ass! I'd taken it in the ass before, but not for as long time, and I wasn't expecting it.

"Ohhh... that burns, Master!"

"Yeah- it's damn tight, too! But I'm sure I'll make it fit."

He pushed; my shoulders thudded into the pillory. He pushed again and again; I tried to meet his thrusts, but I was locked in place, my arms spread helplessly. When actually I frantically wanted to hump back at him, to participate in sweaty passionate sex, I could only passively accept his fucking.

In six vigorous thrusts his fat fuckstick was buried full-length in my poopchute. I braced myself against the pillory as well as I could and just felt the blissful agony of his prick plowing through my asshole. My nipples burned as the weights swung with my squirming.

"Ohhh. I love it... shove that thing deeper in my ass­hole..." I felt the first twinges of an orgasm as I felt the fat head of his cock swelling in my bowels.

"Aarrgggghhh... I'm going to cum in your asshole... " Master Bob grabbed my hips and buried his cock in me. I felt the hot wet spurts of his cum in my belly as it triggered my own orgasm.

After what seemed like half an hour of orgasm, the thunder in my head and in my belly finally subsided. Master Bob eased his cock slowly out of my butt. "Ohhh.... my ass burns delightfully... thank you, Master."

"You're welcome; I enjoyed it, too."

He released my ankles and knees, then released the pillory gate and lifted it for me. I stood up carefully and removed the clamps from my tits; Bob leaned down and soothed them with his tongue. Then, with our arms around each other, we went upstairs to shower