A Mistake on the Contract

by Yuti

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Authors note: The images for this story can be found on my deviantart page

A Mistake on the Contract

This is a story about how my life changed overnight because of a silly mistake. Just because of a stupid number, I was doomed, and nobody has the ability to get me out of my predicament. But let’s back on when all started. My name is Steve, I’m 22 years-old student living in a small city with my mom. Actually, my parents are divorced, and now, my dad lives in a foreign country in Europe.

Two times per week, Linda, our maid, cames to clean our house. I might say that Linda is a beautiful woman. She’s 35, pretty tall, with a sexy haircut with a kind of red/black hair gradient. I know her since I’m 12, her job as maid was first, a way to finance her studies, and later, a complementary salary. Since I was 19, Linda manifested more and more her interested about me. At first, she began more tactile with me, and she always find a way to show her body in the most come-hither way. Actually, I wasn’t insensitive to her charms, she was really resplendent and sexy in her maid outfit. So one day, when she was cleaning my bedroom, I came to her, we looked each other for a moment and we started kissing for hours and then we had sex. I always was transparent with my mother, and she was an understanding person, so, I told her about me and Linda. She was surprised but not angry at all, she was okay with our relationship as long as Linda continues to do her job correctly.

It was clearly established between Linda and I that our relationship was purely sexual and ephemeral. After a whole month of intense activity, we decided to stop on a mutual agreement. Linda has been one of the best experiences in my life, but I didn’t want to make my life with, especially because of the age difference between us. And she told me it was the same for her, she wanted to find someone of her generation. So, everything was absolutely fine, and life has returned to normal.

One evening, during the dinner, I was chatting with my mom. “You know, I’m happy you mutually agreed to stop our relationship with Linda, but I think she hasn’t been totally sincere with you.” said my mom.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“There are some things that only women can see or feel I guess, but Linda is still in love with you, and she’s sad.” replied my mom.

“No, I think your wrong, I see her every day and she looks perfectly fine!” I said.

“Maybe, but my woman's instinct has never deceived me.” Said my mom.

Two years passed, and Linda continued to come clean our house as usual. One Tuesday, she told us that she has been hired for a very important full-time job, well paid, and so, she will be stopping work as our maid, her last day here was going to be this Saturday. We strongly congratulated her, tears ran down her cheeks as we hugged her, we were so happy for her, she has worked so hard for this.

On Friday, before her last day of work, we discussed with my mom about make her a surprise and offers her a gift.

“Do you have any idea of what we can offer her?” I asked.

“Well... Maybe, but I don’t know if you’re going to like.” replied my mom.

“What, what do you have in mind?” I said.

“Well, you see...I was thinking that you can be the gift!” told my mom.

“Whaaat ?” I said

“I know you don’t believe it, but Linda still have a crush on you! So why don’t give her your body? One last time before she definitely goes away!”

“Well... If you say so, why not... I’m okay with that idea...” I said

“Wonderful! But you know, I was thinking of a little bit of roleplay...” She said

“A roleplay…?” I asked

“Yeah, that can be fun! Why not tie you up to a chair, let her find out that way and do whatever she wants to you!”

“Wowww, are you sure about this? Don’t you think she’s going to be scared and call the cops ?” I said.

“No, don’t worry, I have an idea for this. We’re going to print a fake voluntary slave contract, it will stipulate that you totally submit to her for one day, you lose your human rights, became her property and everything. I will also leave a note to explain everything to her.” She said

“Mom! I see you have a lot of creativity! It’s even look your planning this for a while...” I exclaimed.

“Hehe... maybe, but trust me, that kind of roleplay can be really exciting for women!” She told me.

“Alright, let’s do this! I’ll do my best to make this day unforgivable for her!” I said.

“Wonderful! I’m going to edit the fake contract and set up everything for tomorrow!” exclaimed my mom.

The next day, we were in the kitchen with my mom, setting up everything to be ready for Linda. “Here the contract honey, I really work hard on it haha, I specified that it ends at 8PM tonight.” I take the contract and quickly read it, it was really well made. Mom already has fulfilled everything, dates, my information, Linda's information... It just waited for our signatures. “Amazing! You’re great mom!” I exclaimed

“Now just sign at the end, and let’s start about tying you up, Linda will  be here soon” Said my mom.

I strip off my clothes, except my boxer, then I sat on a chair that mom disposed in the middle of the kitchen. Then mom tied me up pretty good, I’d struggle a little, I was truly incapable to escape. “Nice and tight!” said mom.

“Great job! And now? I’ll just wait for her?” I asked

“Not yet, it misses the final element!” exclaimed my mom.

“The final elemphhhhh????!!!” I mumbled

As I was talking, mom cleave-gagged me with a red scarf. “Now you look perfect! Linda is going to love it!”


“Oh, I forgot to tell you about the gag? Sorry! Now I’m going to leave the contract on the table, and I’ll be on my way!”


When mom finished checking everything, she grabbed a post-it, wrote a note on it and stuck it on me, she kissed me on the cheek and said : “I’m going now, have fun!” said my mom while she leaves the house.

Few minutes later I heard the main door opening and said : “Hi! It’s me, sorry, I’m a little bit late” said Linda. After few seconds of silence, she called : “Miss Lane? Steve? Is anybody home?” she called. As nobody answered, I heard her dress up in her maid outfit and moving to the kitchen. That where the discovered me, all bound and gagged. She exclaimed : “Steve!!! What happened? Is there a burglar? Where is your mother?!!”

The only answer I could give her was a “Mphhhh” She came closer to take off my gag but stopped when she noticed the post-it. She took it and read it, it was written “Look on the table, have fun! <3” Then, Linda saw the contract on the table, she grabbed it and started reading it. While she was reading, I could see the amazed expression on her face. I didn’t understand why it was taking so long, it was just a roleplay contract anyway, so I tried to attract her attention. “Mphhh mphhh!”

“Shhhhh!” She told me, by placing her hand on my mouth, still reading the contract. When she finally took her eyes off the paper, she asked me. “Sooooo...You really agree with that?” I nodded yes. “And I only have to sign, and you’re become my property? Nothing to pay?” I didn’t understand what she meant by “Nothing to pay” but I assume she was already in the roleplay, so I nodded yes again. “Absolutely wonderful!” She took a pen on the table and signs the contract, I was now her slave until 8PM!

Linda immediately sat on me, in a reverse position, and gives me a passionate kiss through the gag. Then, she kissed me on the neck and leaves lipstick marks on all my body. I believed we were moving to the serious part when she suddenly stands up and said : “Before we go further, I’ll have to do my job, I always correctly did my job and today, even if it’s the last one, is not an exception!”


“Shut up slave! Slaves don’t talk without permission!” She suddenly tickled me as a punishment, I guess. “Mphhh mphhhhhhh!!!!”

“Fine, now, back to my work! Anyway, we got plenty of time to have sex, or torture you!” This mistress side of Linda was new and kinda pleasant I might say, it was so good to be totally helpless, at the mercy of a sexy maid. I watch Linda doing her job from my chair. From time to time, she came to tease me, kissed me, tickled me, check on my bonds, re-tight them… Sometimes, I was moaning through the gag, while she worked near to me, at some point she told me : “It seems that this gag is not really effective, I think add some stuff in your mouth must fix this.” Then, she took off her panties in front of me, lowered my gag in put it deep in my mouth before put back the gag in place. “Taste good ?”

“Mphhhhhhh!!!!!” “Wayyyy better!” She kissed me again and backed to her work. I was a little bit worried, because it was soon 8PM and Linda still not attempt anything. There were only 5 minutes left, Linda was in the kitchen, holding her handgag. She put the contract inside and told me : “I’m going to change, prepare the car and I’ll come back pick you up” and left. Prepare the car? Picking me up? What did she mean? I assume she was still playing her role, but it seemed a little bit weird.

I heard the front door opening, my mom was back home. From here, I couldn’t hear well, but Linda and mom were talking. Suddenly, the tone of the discussion changed, and I deduced they had a fight. I wonder why nobody came to untie me, it was almost 9PM. I heard a new voice, a woman, talking with my mom and Linda. Few moments later, my mom showed up in the kitchen, with a terrible expression on her face. “Steve...I...I’m so sorry...Why...why am I so stupid?!!”


“The contract...well...I believed it was just a fake...but...It is totally legal…!” said my mom


“I know...But as soon You and Linda signed, you’ve lost all your human rights and legally became her property…!”

“Mphhhh mphhhhh!”

“I’ll take off your gag” Mom lowered the gag and extracted Linda’s panties, with disgust.

“How such a thing can be possible ??? And whatever if it’s legal or not, you specified that the contract end tonight at 8PM, it’s over now!” I said I saw tears rising in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry...so so sorry….I made a mistake with the date...I don’t know why...but I put the wrong year, same day, same month, same hour...but of the next year!” Exclaimed my mom.

“Whattt? What does than means???” I desperately asked.

“That means...you’re voluntary agreed to become Linda’s slave and property for one year….”

“That can’t be, no, that impossible...Mom, untie me please” I said.

“I’m so sorry, I can’t, I’m not allowed to, only your...mistress...can do that...”

“It’s a joke right? Hahaha, you’ve caught me, well played, no I just want to be untied” I said.

Suddenly, a woman entered in the kitchen. She was tall, brunette, black skirt, white shirt, weared glasses. “It’s not a joke at all, since this afternoon you lost most of your rights and almost been reduced to an object. You signed to become a voluntary slave, so, you are now the property of Miss Linda Grace in all the ways described in this contract.” Said the mysterious woman, she was holding the contract.

“Who are you and how could you tell this is legal?” I asked

“I’m miss Taylor, a lawyer, miss Lane and miss Grace called me to verify the legality of this contract, and I attest that everything is legal.” She replied

“No...that can’t be!” I exclaimed

“By the way, why this slave is not gagged? You”re not allowed to take off a restraint from the miss Grace property.” Miss Taylor said.

“I’m so sorry Steve….” said mom. She gently put Linda’s panties back in my mouth and put back the gag in place. “Mphhhhhhhhh!!!!”

Linda eventually came in the kitchen, dressed up and ready to go. “Is everything alright, can I get my slave?” asked Linda.

“Stop calling him slave! It’s a human, my son!” said my mom.

“Technically not, he legally agreed to be no longer a human for a year. Miss Grace, I just want to notify the specificities of this contract to you and miss Lane, then you can go.” said miss Taylor

“Alright” said Linda, while she gently embraces me

“By signing this contract, you’re acquired a total possession on the ex-mister Steve Lane, you can call him as you can, or just give him no name.”

“No, if think Steve is good haha” said Linda.

“As you wish, so, he is now considered as an object, there is only three differences, you can’t kill him, you can’t mortally hurt him and you have to keep him alive by feeding him. But if you want to, for example, sold him, tortured him, have sex with him, use him as a table or anything else, you can.”

“Sounds great to me” said Linda

“You can’t do anything illegal with him, if you order him to do something like that, you’ll be arrested and he will be confiscated, like a kind of weapon for example.”

“Understandable” said Linda

“The slave is, of course, not allowed to escape, if I try, you can call the police..”

“It’s good to have the law on her side!” said Linda


“Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon” said Linda while kissing my on the neck.

“And, at last, a funny thing that miss Lane put on this contract : “The slave’s mother, miss Lane, will provide all the material to restrain, punish or torture the slave.”

“It was only for the roleplay! And for one day! I never thought this contract could be legal!!!” said mom.

“But now, you’re legally bind to this contract, if miss Grace needs something for her slave, she can ask you to buy it.” said miss Taylor


“Oh no...What have I done...” said my mom.

“Alright ladies, I hope everything is clear, I’ll be on my office to photocopy this document and all parties will receive a copy of the contract.” said miss Taylor.

“Steve...I’m unforgivable...But there is nothing we can do against the law...Be strong...One year and you’ll be free.” then she started to cry, and left, I guess she didn’t want to see her son been taken away.

“Well Steve, if think it’s time to go now? You want to say goodbye to your home?” said Linda

“Mphhhhhhhhhhhh mphhhh” I moaned

“Shh shhh, be less brutal when you’re answering me” ordered Linda.

“Miss Grace, hum...can I ask you something?” aksed miss Taylor.

“Anything!” replied Linda.

“Well,, I always have this fantasy of kidnapping a sexy young boy, like your Steve, so, can I help you restrain him and put it in your car? A legal way to do this will never show up again!”

“Of course my dear!” Then, the two women untied me from the chair, add more ropes to restrain all parts of my body. Miss Taylor took a scarf from her bag and put it over my eyes, she was clearly enjoying this. “Good night sweetie!” said miss Taylor “Mphhhhhh!!!” She kissed me on the cheek and then, I’ve been lifted by the two women, carried outside and put in the Linda’s car trunk. Few seconds later, the engine turned on and I was driven off to Linda’s home. And she was totally allowed to do that because of this stupid contract.

And that how my year of slavery started. When we get home, she immediately secured me to her bed, and we had sex several times. I’m not gonna lie, this part was good and I enjoyed, Linda always been pretty skilled for that part, but of course, I was still worried about my slave condition. When she finally falls asleep, she was hugging me, as if I was a Teddy bear, I could see the happiness expression on her face.

Then, the days after, a routine has settled, I was leashed and taken into every room where Linda went, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom. She tied me in differents positions, hogtie, chairtie, poletie, on the bed… Linda never used me to work for her,  my only purpose was to satisfy her sexual desires. And also, her kinky fantasies, she really enjoyed doing roleplay, tickle torture, and all kind of BDSM stuffs. And I was gagged most time, she only ungagged me to feed me or kiss me. And I was absolutely always tied up, even to go to the toilet or take a shower, she was always with me, it was so humiliating.

Approximately each week, she ordered new kinds of toys or restraints to my mom, as required in the contract. Thinking about my mom was really painful, I imagined her seeing all this stuff and buying them, knowing these will be used on her son. After some times, because Linda had a pretty comfortable salary, she was able to hire her own maid to clean her home. With Miss Taylor, the lawyer, she explained my situation to her and she agreed (for a rise of $200) to watch me when Linda went to work. I really preferred this situation, because before, when Linda went to work, she was drugging me with chloroform and put me in a cupboard until she’s get back. The new maid was Karen, a young ebony woman with an afro haircut. Linda gave her all power to restrain me in any position that she wants and punishes me if I didn’t behave. Karen really enjoys her job, and I was forced to watch her clean every room. During her pauses or when she finished earlier, she always likes to tickle torture me a little, spank me or tease me.

After three months of this slave life, I was exhausted. One day, Linda was at work, and Karen was hanging the laundry outside. I was sitting, tied up, on a table, next to her. Suddenly, the phone rang inside the house, and Karen ran to answer. That was my chance : My feets and my legs weren’t tied pretty well, and I was able to untie them. Fortunately, this day, Linda allowed me to wear a pant and a shirt, because it was a little bit cold outside. I started to run out of the property, still tied up on my upper body and gagged. I had a plan in mind : Miss Taylor gave me a copy of the contract, and I was able to read it. And it was only legal in the USA. So, I was planning to take an air plane and join my dad in Europe where I would be free. But first, I needed to be untied.

The few times I was taken in the garden, I noticed I was in a neighborhood that I knew. Actually, my mom was living only at approximately twenty minutes (on foot)! This was the only person I could trust, if I could reach my old house, she would be able to untie me and takes me to the airport. It was really a dangerous plan, I was afraid that someone seen me, so I walked through small alleys, hiding me the best I can. Unfortunately, there were too many people outsides, and some of them noticed my predicament, when that was happening, I ran away as far as possible. I knew I could ask somebody to untie me, but some of the neighbor knew about my slave condition and I didn't wanted to be recognized and taken back to Linda’s house.

After 2 hours, I finally saw my true home across the street, few steps and I would see my mother again! But suddenly, I heard the police siren. A police car stopped on my side and a policewoman came to me. She was blonde, with long hair, approximately 30 years-old. “Sir, are you okay? What happened? Why are you all tied up?” asked the policewoman “Mphhhhhhhh” I mumbled She tried to take off my ballgag, but it was secure with padlock, and the ropes on my body were too tight to be easily untied. “That quite a predicament! Don't worry, I’ll take you to the police station, we have all kinds of tools to set you free.” I tried to protest and walk towards my house, but she grabbed me and led me into the car. “No, no, this way...” she said “Mphhhh….” She put me on the passenger seat and drove me to the police station.

When we arrived, the night was beginning to fall, most of the others agent were home or starting their night patrols. We met another policewoman at whom she explained the situation. They led me into a room where I’ve been carefully seated on a comfortable chair while they were bringing some tools to set me free. With some lockpicking skills, they successfully remove the padlocks securing my ballgag and the ropes were cutted off. For the first time for few months, I was totally free, without any ropes, cuffs, collar or restraining tools on me. Her colleague left us so I was alone with the policewoman who “saved me”. She brought me a coffee and said : “Don’t worry, everything is over now, you’re safe here.”

“Thank you...” I said

“I didn’t introduce myself, I’m the agent Neon, what’s your name ?”

“I’m Steve Lane...”

“Nice to meet you mister Lane, so, are you gonna tell me what happened to you ?” she asked

“I’m so sorry, but, I don’t really want to” I replied

“Sir, you were running bound and gagged in the street, I have to know in order to arrest the person who did this to you.” She said.

I was doomed, I had to find something quickly, because Kendra and Linda were certainly looking for me everywhere, I was running out of time. “Would you take me to the airport if I tell you everything? I want to get away as far as possible from my captor...” I said.

“Your captor?” she asked.

“Yes, you see, it’s a little bit embarrassing but I’m into BDSM, I have a mistress, but she started to think it was more than a game and that I was really her slave. So she kept me bound and gagged at her home for few months, and I finally was able to escape today.” I explained.

“Wooowww, really…? That’s hard to believe” she said, a little suspicious.

“Look into the back pocket in my pants, there is a fake enslavement contract that she made for our roleplay.” I said I gave her the contract, and she started reading it. I thought it was obvious to believe it was a fake “”roleplay” contract considering the circumstances.

“Indeed...I’m so sorry for you...it must have been really hard...” she said, with compassion.

“Yes, it was a nightmare, fortunately you saved me. Now, I just want to get home, so, can we go to the airport as I requested before?”

“Yes, of course, and don’t worry, I’ll arrest this Linda Grace an...” She stopped her sentence, her eyes focused on something on the contract.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No, no, not at all, I just have to fulfill some administrative papers about what happened, I’ll be right back and I’ll take you to the airport.” She said. Miss Neon stood up and left the room, close the door, I would have sworn that I heard the sound of a lock. Few minutes later she came back. She gently came close to me and suddenly, she grabbed my hands and handcuffed me.

“What do that means??? Am I under arrest?!!” I asked, panicked.

“Not really under arrest, I’ll explain you.” She said while she was securing me to the chair. When I was calmed and she was seating in front of me, she said : “Well, mister Lane, I noticed the name and the contact information of a lawyer on what you pretended to be a ‘fake’ contract” Crap! I totally forgot about that, miss Taylor certainly added this on the copy that she gave us. “But I didn’t believe that ‘Voluntary Slavery’ would be something legal, so I call some lawyer and this miss Taylor too, and they all confirmed that this contract was totally legal.” she explained.

“And so, what is going to happen to me, what are you going to do?” I asked.

“Well, I’m a little bit shocked that something like this is allowed, but I’m a policewoman and I have to enforce the law.” she said.

“And so what? I’m going to go in jail??” I asked

“No, this is something reserved for humans. Right now, you’re considered like a lost object, And I have to return you to your owner.” she explained.

“No, I don’t want to go back!” I said

“Trust me, I’m so sorry about your situation, but this is the law. Also, according to the law and the contract, there is also something else...” she said

“What?” I asked

She stood up and grabbed ropes and handcuffs from a cupboard. “You must be returned completely bound and gagged to your owner, I have to put this back on you.” she said. “Noooompphhhh” She put back the ballgag in my mouth and secured the padlocks, then, I was quickly totally restrained and helpless. “Fine. Another thing... It’s a little bit late now, you’ll be returned to your owner only tomorrow, according to the law, I can’t put you in a cell, you have to be stored in our storage room, then, tomorrow you’ll be picked up and delivered to miss Grace.” “Mphhhhhh!!!!”

Miss Neon led me to the storage room of the police station. It was quite a big room with differents kinds of objects, mainly furnitures. We stopped in front of a human-sized crate, and she said : “I have to lock you up in there, tomorrow you’ll be transported to your owner’s home.” “Mphhhh hmmmmmm...”

She stared at me with a compassion look. “You know...I don’t agree with that, this whole slavery thing...this is crazy...and immoral... But this is the law, and everyone have to respect it!” “Mphhhhh….”

“I’m truly sorry about what happens to you... And I would like to give you something that will reminds you you’re still human...” “Mphhhhhh?”

“You know, you’re kinda cute, and I understand why your mistress wanted to own you so much... And I really would like to have fun with you, and because you’re considered as an object, I can, this wouldn’t be a rape!” “Mphhhhh!!!!”

“But, to show you that I’m considering you as a person, I’m going to let you a choice, you’re totally free to accept or decline my offer without any consequence and I will respect your choice.”

For the first time since his enslavement, Steve was allowed to make a choice. This policewoman wasn’t seeing him as a slave, but as a person, and it was giving hope to Steve. Steve took some time to consider miss Neon. She was pretty sexy, and her uniform made her even more hot. So, Steve nodded to accept. “Wonderful, I must tell you, since I caught you on the street, I was hoping you’ll be interested in me.” Then, she looked for a sofa bed in the storage room and opened it. She loosed the ropes a little, in order to take off my clothes. Eventually, she tightly tied me up to the bed in a spreadeagle position. While she was sat on my chest, she gently took off her uniform and then leaned over me. She started kissing me on the neck and then, it became one of my most memorable nights.

When we finished, she packed me in the crate, I was totally relaxed. “I’m going to close the crate now, I’m very happy to have met you.” “Mphhhhh…!”

“By the way, you shouldn’t tell your mistress about what happened between us, she would be mad against me, and you’ll be punished, and I don’t want her to hurt you because of me.” I nodded. “Alright Steve, be patient, in few months the contract will be over, and if you still interested about me...I’ll be waiting for you.”. She then closed the crate and put a padlock on it, I was locked again, and my slave life was about to start again. But I was happy, miss Neon offered me hope in the darkness of my slave life. .

The next morning, I felt my crate being lifted and loaded in a vehicle, then the engine started and I knew that I’ll be delivered to Linda in few minutes. When we arrived, Karen opened the carte and led me inside. Linda was very very angry against me, and sad at the same time. While I was punished, she continually asked : “Why did you do that? Are you not comfortable in here? Why would you escape? You are mine, you must stay with me forever!” But I remained silent.

Then, I was highly restrained in her bedroom with chains, I wasn’t able to move at all, and I was only allowed to be moved to use the bathroom. And Linda hired another maid to constantly watch me with Karen in turn. She also ordered a shock collar and a special gag. This gag was connected to a tank of chloroform gas and, it was automatically putting me to sleep at pre-programmed hours or when I was too noisy or when I struggled too much. That was hell, all my hopes to escape in Europe vanished, I only could wait until the contract end. Linda noticed that my mind was focused somewhere else, I wasn’t reacting to her fantasies, the punishments, the torture, I wasn’t enjoying sex with her anymore. She tried everything, be kind, nasty, soft... But I was insensitive. And more the time passed, more I was close to being free again, and Linda was more and more worried about that.

The last week before the end of the contract, she had a conversation with me. “Steve, as you know, your slavery contract ends in few days.” she said.

“Oh, really?” I said with a sarcastic tone.

“Yes, so, I brought this...” she said. She was holding some papers. “What is that?” I asked. “It’s a wedding contract, it basically says the same things that your slave contract, but it’s forever and we’re getting married, and you won't be allowed to divorce...” she explained.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Not at all, I saw this with miss Taylor, and she told me you are allowed to sign this, even if you’re a slave, it would be officialized when your first contract will end.” She said.

“Did you really think that I’m going to sign this?” I said

“Why not? I know, it’s a little bit weird proposal, but I love you, you love me, and that way you can be mine forever!” She said.

“I DON’T LOVE YOU! I HATE YOU! You enslaved me with this stupid contract and took away my dignity and one year of my life. I’m going to be free soon, there is nothing you can do about that. Then, I will never see you again!” I yelled.

The world seemed to fall on Linda, she started to cry. “No no...I know you love me, that can’t be...” she said, with a trembling voice. She put back the gag in my mouth and kissed me. “I swear, you’ll be mine forever.” She turned back and left me, still crying. For the days after, everything was calm in the house, I didn’t saw Linda since our discussion and soon, my slave life would ends.

On the very last hour of my captivity, Linda finally showed up. She took the leash tied to the collar on my neck and said : “Follow me.” I thought she would drive me to my house. We stopped in the main hall, and she said : “Steve, you really hurt me the other day, I can’t let you go like this, but I can’t keep you forever, so, I was forced to find another solution.” “Mphhhhh?”

“Well, the contract allows me to sell you. If I do this, I have to establish a new contract with the buyer, and I can set a new period of time. The old contract will be replaced by the new one.” “Mphhhhhhhh mphhhhh!h!!”

“So, I organized an auction in the town...With a new contract….With a clause that allows me to visit you anytime I want. And the contract will end... In 200 years.” “Mphhhhhhhhhh!!!”

“And you’ve been bought for one million dollars!” “Mphhhhhh!!!!!!!”

“Your buyer will be here in a few minutes.”

That was the end, I was going to be a slave for ever, all my hopes of liberty were destroyed. Few minutes later, Linda opened the door and my new owner was here. And what a surprise! It was miss Neon! But she wasn’t dressed in her police uniform. I was so confused, why did she bought me? Where did she get one million dollars? I thought she was the only person considering me as a human, but she made me her slave. “This is miss Neon, your new mistress! Be nice and obedient to her, she’s from a rich family! ” said Linda.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Slave.” said Miss Neon I didn’t understand what was happening, Miss Neon was acting strangely as if she never saw me before. “Fine, you just need to sign here, and he will be yours... and mine too!” said Linda. Miss Neon took the pen and signed the contract. Now, I was her slave forever, and Linda would be able to play with me anytime she wants too.

When the new contract finally started, Linda said : “Well, he’s your now, you can do anything you want with him!”

“Thanks you miss Grace, but I must confess you something...” said Miss Neon

“What?” asked Linda Miss Neon started to untie the ropes and unlock my restraints, and said : “Well, I’m not really rich, I’m just a policewoman.”

“What are you doing? What’s your point?” asked Linda

“Well, I already met Steve before, and I was shocked about what happened to him. And I wasn’t the only one. With his mother, we created an association in order to help Steve in case something like the auction you’ve setted up would happen.” explained Miss Neon.

“What? That can’t be! If you gave me a fake check, the sale will be canceled!” said Linda.

“Don’t worry, the money is real, with thousands of people, we gathered enough money to win the auction, and as you said, Steve is now mine, and I can do whatever I want with him!” said Miss Neon. “Mphhhh?”

At this point, Miss Neon had finished untying me, she took off the gag and said : “And I want him to be free!” and she tore up the contract.

“Noooooooooo! What have you done????” yelled Linda.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, after one year of slavery, I was finally free. Linda fell on her knees, and started crying : “Why...why…? My Steve...No....He’s mine...” We left her there, and got out the house, it was the first time I was seeing the light of the day for few months. When we arrived at her car I said : “Miss Neon, how can I thank you?” I asked

“Call me Amber”

“Well, Amber you’ve saved my life. And you told me that when I’ll be free, if I was still interested by you, we could continue what we started, there is my answer.” I came closer, and we kissed in front of this house which had been my prison for a year.

Then, my life came back to normal, I was happy to find my mother and my friends again. Later, I’ve got married with Amber, and we moved together, my mother was so happy. About Linda, I never saw her again, I just heard she moved in another state. Now, everytime I have to sign anything, I read it multiple times, carefully.

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