Misfortune's Bracelet

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2020 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; slave; mind-control; sex; oral; anal; toys; food; rom; cons; X

Part 1 - Introduction

On our drive home from a nice evening out my wife said, "I want to lose control... really, really lose control" This - coming from the mouth of my wife of ten years - was more than a bit of a surprise to me, but it was Christmas time and I wanted to give her everything she could ever want in the world.

Basically, my wife and I had a great relationship. Yeah, yeah, you've heard all this before, but this relationship was perfect from the start. Real good old-fashioned ‘love at first sight’. Life was perfect. No arguing, well nothing that could count as a good argument at least. The sex was great, fantastic to be accurate. But you don't want to hear about that, so I'll get on with my story.

For our tenth Christmas I wanted to give her something special, so I asked her what she would want for Christmas. That's when she said, "I want to lose control, not just like drink beer ‘till I'm easy, but actually lose control." I had no idea what she meant by that, but I figured I would understand soon enough. As she continued on about her wish in more detail, I realized that she wanted to be out of control of her actions, with me in charge.

I went on the internet in search of some sort of legal drug that would act like a date rape drug or something of the sort. Being that it is consensual sex, I would have no problem giving her something like that, but unfortunately everything I could find was illegal or in some way dangerous. (Not too good explaining to the paramedics that your wife had a heart attack ‘cause you slipped her a drug for Christmas so you could doink her any way you wanted.)

Well anyways, I kind of gave up on the idea of drugs, and just started looking for some sort of hypnosis. Most of these turned up too be too hard to do, bogus, or just plain placid. Real life hypnosis did not fit the bill. I gave up on finding a way of actually giving her her wish and focused on ways to at least explore her idea.

As a last ditch effort, I decided to look up roleplaying. I typed in a search engine "RP slave for the night” … Searching through the results for about twenty minutes or so, there were a plethora of pages devoted to roleplaying, but I didn't find anything that piqued my interest. That is, until I noticed one of those annoying banner ads with a ‘slave bracelet’ on it. I clicked on the site and started reading about the bracelet. For only $15 (plus huge shipping charges from Europe) I could get this single bracelet; silver with a key locked hasp and a small metal ring on it for attaching a ‘slave leash’. This is by far NOT what I had hoped for when I started looking for a way to make her lose control, but I figured this might help her get into character in a cheap and easy way.

A week later, I got the package, opened it, and started reading the ‘instructions’. As with anything cheap, it was very poorly translated to English from some other unknown - to me - language. I also noticed that there was a heck of a lot of writing on the page for just being a silver looking bracelet with a lock on it, so I started reading. How hard should this be to use?

Tahnk your for buy our bracelet of
slave. Hope we that you have enjoy
this amasing magikal artifakt. Use
this bracelet by attach too slave
arm, if you lock, will made slaved of
wearer. Undone bracelet will let
free slave. Bracelet on leg to work.

Well this seemed about what I expected, bracelet locks, bracelet unlocks, no problem. I would bring it to her tonight - a couple days early for Christmas I know, but I'm impatient.

Later, after we'd watched a movie (I figured "The Story of O" would be best), I showed her the bracelet. I explained that it would help her visualize her role as a slave. She looked at it puzzled but smiling a dirty grin, the movie had obviously put her in the mood. I placed it on her wrist. She looked deep into my eyes. It was that look that just about any man knows is the "I'm going to have you look". I figured I’d take is slow with her, since we had never really roleplayed before.

"Slave, I want you to take off your clothes and stand before me."

She got up, and slowly, seductively slipped her baby-blue baby-doll nighty over her head. She lifted one knee slightly and draped it over her upper leg, let it go, and let it slide down her leg. When it got to the knee she kicked her leg out a bit and sent the nighty flying over my head. I think she had meant to hit me with it. Next came her bra which she managed to land on my left shoulder, then her panties landed on the back of the couch just over my right shoulder.

Good, I thought. That looked natural. She didn’t seem to be nervous about being ordered around or anything, so I continued.

"Slave, I want you to sit on the couch, holding your knees to your chest, legs spread."

She moved back to the couch, waited for me to move out of her way, and sat as I’d asked.

"Slave, I wish that you not speak unless spoken to."

She just sat there. I moved up to the couch, kneeling, and looked her over. Standing she's 5' 8", nice large hips with a medium waist that looked just right. She has a small European nose, sexy long legs, nice smooth skin, breasts that seem to be winning the argument against gravity, and ring pierced nipples. Plus, as any good slave should be, everything was shaved completely; arms, legs, underarms, mons venus, anus, you name it. The only hair she had left on her body was her blond silky scalp hair and her eyebrows. I looked at her sitting there, in ready position, waiting for me to use her as I pleased. I could tell by the flush in her skin and her wetness that she was ready for me now, but I wanted to enjoy this for quite a while. I was also impressed how well she was roleplaying.

I got up, turned off the lights, and saw how she seemed to shine in the light of the Christmas tree. Walking over, I got back on my knees and moved in for a long passionate kiss, then moved my attention too kissing any skin I could find accessible in this position. I played with her breasts, sucked on each nipple, and did everything I could to make her gasp and moan.

Slowly I moved, kissing. I licked up and down her legs, stopping to suck on her big toes. Now I moved in for the kill, I went straight for the clitoris. She came at my first touch and kept coming. During the aftermath of the orgasm I looked up. She looked as though she were about to faint.

I got up, went to the kitchen and grabbed a cherry flavored rocket ice pop from the freezer. Coming back to the couch I told her to close her eyes. I spent the next 3 minutes cooling her down, rubbing the icy all over her. I made sure to lick up every inch of skin the ice pop touched, catching all the red drips before they got to the couch. I contemplated fucking her with it, but I always did like the feeling of her natural lubrication and didn't want to ruin it. I did want to see if I could break her roleplaying “poker face” even the slightest, so I did the unexpected. I pulled her ass towards me on the couch and shoved a kitchen towel under her butt then I stuck the popsicle up to her anus. She didn't move, just bit her lip. I pushed it in some, and she just sat there, now squinting her eyes, biting her lip, and making a whimpering sound that just seemed to be begging for more. I pressed the icy into her; all the way in until the base of the icy popped into her and all that was left to see was the popsicle stick and the melting nectar flowing from her anus. I tried pulling out the popsicle, but the stick pulled out without the icy part.

Her whimpering was increasing, and I could tell that she wanted more, whatever I would do to her seemed to be right, like I could do nothing wrong. Normally she would never have let me put an ice pop in her anus. She didn't necessarily dislike anal sex, but we just never really had a need for it. I began licking slowly up and down her slit, trying my best to get all of the cherry flavor cleaned up and get her outer lips warmed up again. I looked up to see an urgency in her eyes, but she still didn't move or speak. I took this as a request and went down on her clit, sucking it into my mouth and nipping at the hood with my teeth. All this stimulation put her into another orgasm, this one shorter than the last, but more muscle clenching. I fingered her slowly, and moved up to kiss her now swollen lips, feeling her breathing hard on my face through her nose. She greedily licked up every last bit of cherry flavor off of my lips then dove her tongue into my mouth to look for more.

I got up and sat next to her on the couch I guess I had expected her to lean on me like she normally would, but she just sat there, breathing slowing to normal. Good slave.

"Slave, I want you to cuddle with me, like a pet would."

She put her legs together and laid her head on my lap, making sounds like a softly purring cat. After her breathing had calmed down, I spoke. "What would you like to do now?"

"Control me!" she said with a new passion I had never seen in her before.

I started petting her body which lay across the couch and my lap like a giant house cat. I tried to think of what to do next. As I ran my hand across her ass I noticed a wetness which I followed down to a puddle gathering under her. I realized that this was the popsicle still melting insider her. This would be a pain to clean up! Thank god for stain-resistant cloth!

"Slave, sit up and I will be right back"

I went to the kitchen, grabbed a handful of paper towels and a regular cotton towel or two. I came back in the room to find her sitting in her puddle of cherry nectar. I placed a towel on the floor in front of her feet.

"Slave, I wish you to stand up and kneel on the ground next to the couch on this towel"

She did as she was told. She had a lustful look on her face like she was about to get whatever she most desired at that moment.

"Slave, I wish you to lick up your mess on the couch"

To my amazement she did it, she licked and sucked and drank up all the nectar she could get her mouth on. This nectar that had so recently melted out of her.

"Slave, go clean yourself up for me, use this towel to stop you from leaking on the rug, get rid of the rest of that icy in you, and do not clean inside your pussy, I want it to still be nice and naturally wet when you come back."

Several minutes passed while I cleaned up the mess as best I could, while I waited. She came back in the room. I laid her down on the floor and made love to her. She moaned and bucked and cried out loud, but never said a comprehensible word. Never before had I seen her show such pleasure! Never before had her pussy clenched onto me like it would never let me leave. Then just like that, she passed out. In the past, I had given her such powerful orgasms that she had cried tears of release and joy, but never had I made her pass out. Achievement unlocked!

I carried her to the bedroom, laid her down in bed, kissed her goodnight, and went back to get the key to her new bracelet. Unlocking her, I placed the bracelet in her underwear drawer, for her to find in the morning. I put the key in my underwear drawer, took a shower and went to bed.

Part 2 - As instructed

My husband. What can I say about my husband: He's always been there for me. He's the kind of guy that would protect me from anything if I asked, and give me anything I could ever wish for, but still lets me fend for myself whenever I choose. This is the way our marriage had gone, ten wonderful years of amazing new experience, one after another.

But last night, that had been a mind blower. You have no idea what it felt like. Orgasm after orgasm, not being able to move or talk. I so badly wanted to show him that I could play the part of a good slave and follow his instructions, but it almost seemed like I didn’t even have a choice. The roleplaying was just so easy, so natural, so submissive.

As soon as he had placed that trinket of a bracelet on me, I felt flushed, and horny. I wanted him so bad. Not that this was abnormal, I desire my husband almost every second of every day, and he satisfies my needs often enough. It's just the way he placed the bracelet on me, not even asking me if it was okay with me. That was such a turn on. When he barked his first command at me, I was ready to comply with just about anything he asked me to do. I trusted him implicitly not to push my limits too far, and I knew he would stop if I asked him to, which I had no desire at all to do at that moment.

He told me to undress, and I did, but to my surprise it was not my normal hasty departure of my clothing. I teased him by letting my clothes slowly ‘slink’ off my body, teased him by trying to get my unmentionables to land all over him, and it felt wonderful to please him! And GOD when he asked me to sit like that on the couch, in such a vulnerable position, my heart skipped a beat or two. I was so ready for him to fuck my brains out or do whatever his heart desired. He told me not to talk, that was easy, I wanted to be controlled and my talking would just distract from what HE wanted.

He stared at me, looking up and down my body, I could feel his eyes on my skin, my breast, my shaved pussy, almost like whatever inch he looked at warmed up a degree or two, and then cooled down as his eyes wandered somewhere else. It felt dirty to have him look at me like this, spread on our couch. No, I thought, I must stay in character, his couch, master’s couch, no, Master’s couch. He turned off the lights, reminding me of the Christmas tree... Perfect, I thought, the season of giving, I'm giving myself to my Master. I could see my skin glowing bathed in the million lights of the tree and I felt loved, and HOT for my husband. He knelt before me and kissed me.

Electric SHOCK ran through my body, but I didn't move. His kiss on my lips sent pleasure surges through my whole body, the pleasure spun and spun and spun around my body in cascading spirals of pleasure, only seeming to stop right at my nipples and pussy. I was so caught up in the feelings and tastes and sensations that I didn't even realize that these feelings were amplified as if he was kissing every inch of my body all at once. I gasped and moaned at the pleasure trying to grab at it with my thoughts. I was breathing heavy, got light headed, and felt dizzy. There was not enough room in my bamboozled dazzled mind for me to realize that everything was ten times more intense than usual, or even that something was different.

Then he was gone, I was there, alone, my skin feeling a chill from small beads of sweat, but my body feeling the heat of desire inside. I still wanted more, but there was nothing, just me sitting on a couch alone.

I heard a noise from behind me, in the kitchen, and the next thing I heard was "Slave, close your eyes." Everything went dark, but at least I knew I was no longer alone. Then IT came like a bolt of lightning. Something COLD on my lips, I parted my lips and could taste cherry. Cold and cherry. My mind was numb, but somewhere deep in me I knew it was a freezer pop. With my eyes closed I pictured it, like a penis made of flavored ice, I wanted it inside me, I wanted... My thoughts were interrupted by another sensation slamming my senses, COLD, cold on my nipple, then on the other one. Everywhere the cold went HEAT followed. The heat of his mouth on my skin, his diligent tongue and lips leaving no traces of cherry behind. The barbells piercing my nipples cooled by the ice pop was thrilling, it chilled my nipples right down to the core of my very being. I wanted any dick in me, even this ice cold one, I wanted to be filled. All I could think about was penetration.

I felt Master’s HOT mouth chasing the COLD ice pop all over my body, slowly down my stomach, onto my legs, and I followed its progress too my toes, picturing it in my mind's eye. I followed the popsicle back up and felt it dance around my clit. Wonderful I thought! So close to penetration! I wanted it in me so bad! Then a sudden change of direction, I followed it down, imagining myself in the darkness with this shaft entering me. It moved past. Master suddenly and jolting pulled my ass forward exposing my sex to him even in an even more pronounced way. Then I felt the COLD on my pucker. I whimpered, deep inside I wanted him to stop, but a stronger part of me wanting him to continue! He pressed it in some. I knew that I should protest but my body, possessed by pleasure, pressed itself against the invasion as best it could... I was welcoming this into me?! He was fucking me with it until it started to numb my ass and lessen the pleasure. Next thing I knew it was all the way in.

"Slave, open your eyes" and I could see again. I could see no evidence of the popsicle from my vantage. All I could see was my husband licking away at my sweet juices and obviously enjoying the new added flavor. My Master was happy, so I was happy. It did not take long for my next orgasm.

Master had me lay on him like a cat, and I purred as best I could. All this time though my ass hurt. The Ice was numbing my insides and it was mildly painful, not horrible, but just painful enough to be bothersome. Why was I not complaining about the aching? Sooner or later the ache started to amplify into a kind of raw pleasure, so I didn’t care much about it anymore. All I cared about was keeping Master happy.

The very next thought I had was "CONTROL ME!" as I spoke those words to answer his unexpected question.

He told me to sit up, so I did. And he was gone again. At this point I noticed the puddle of cherry juices under my ass. I should have gotten up, but I didn't want to upset my husband, Master. I wanted to make sure he believed I was a good slave girl. He came back in, placed a towel on the floor, and had me kneel on it.

“YAY!” I thought, genuinely excited, it looked like I was going to get too suck him off. I thought to myself “Master will be so pleased with me, and I'll get to taste him! Have him in me!” A huge grin crossed my face.

I was shocked to hear him tell me to lick up the mess off the couch that had just come out of my ass! I was even more shocked when my body started doing it! It tasted good. What was I doing? My own voice answered me in my head: Pleasing Master! Why wasn’t I telling him I did not like this? Because, you DO like this, and Master said not to talk! Why was I being like this? Because you are Master’s slave! Slaves do what they are told, and they enjoy pleasing Master!

Suddenly I was enjoying cleaning up this cherry, pussy-juice, ass-juice mixture! What was I coming too? My brain was reeling! I noticed that I was soon doing lots of cleaning, Master had me clean the couch, and then Master had me clean myself! I wanted to please Master so I did my best!

When I came back in the living room, Master had the gas fireplace lit, other than the fire the Christmas tree was the only light source and it was rather romantic, but more importantly he was naked, and I could see Master’s cock. I wanted this in me so bad. When he laid me down on the floor and entered me the world slid out from under my awareness, all I was aware of was that I was a sheath, a cunt, a slave. I could not feel my body; it all seemed to just melt away. All I could feel was my pussy and his cock! My orgasms where so intense! When he finally came inside me I had an orgasm like no other, like watching a thousand intense romantic sunsets at once! My body came back in focus and the earth settled under my body again. Then, the world went black.

Part 3 - Confusion and Discovery

Next morning, I woke up and realized first thing that my husband (Master, that inner voice said) was gone for work. I was groggy as usual when I woke. No sense of time, no sense of self. I went about my business in the bathroom and took a nice long shower, my whole body ached from all the pleasure of last evening. I went to my shorts drawer and pulled out my pajamas I would wear today, and then pulled a nice huge tee-shirt out of another drawer. I opened another drawer and saw something unexpected, something shiny, and it hit me! I remembered the entire night! I remembered doing things I wouldn’t usually have liked and enjoying it immensely, I remembered the bracelet, which now sat in front of me in my underwear drawer. I picked it up and noticed that there was no key with it.

That is when I realized that somehow the bracelet had done something to me... Magic? Magic didn’t exist? Cursed? Curses were not real! I started thinking back... I tried to think of doing things that were not in my normal nature... I called him Master, even in my own mind? I let him put a popsicle in my ass? Well maybe I would have let him do that normally, on a special occasion like that. But I licked it up!? OMG the bracelet had made me a real slave.

I realized, snapping out of it, that I was sitting on my bed, holding the bracelet, staring at the bracelet... trying to explain the entire thing in my head, trying to make it make sense! Trying to rationalize!

Maybe he drugged my drink? I thought. Maybe I'm just that kinky underneath? Didn’t I ask him to control me after all? It's just what I asked of him, no more, no less. But I quickly dismissed it... it was one thing to try anything once, but another to enjoy doing something you would normally find distasteful!

I quickly realized that the bracelet had to have done something. But how could a little piece of silver shaped into a bracelet do that!? And more importantly how could I get more!?

I got up and went straight to his computer desk, rummaged through the trash, and quickly found what I was looking for. I found an instruction sheet with a photocopied picture of the bracelet on it.

I read the English side, it was mostly incomprehensible, but to my surprise on the other side of the paper was beautifully written instructions in Swedish. I know Swedish, my grandma had painstakingly taught me as a kid, and that woman DID believe in curses and magic. I began reading this, and realized that the translations were way different, and they had obviously done the translation to English leaving out the important stuff. In English it was poorly written instructions, in Swedish it came with instructions and a back story.

Basically, to cut it short, it said that the silver was made from the mountain in a small village in Sweden where legends abounded about sex cults, enhanced fertility, and huge spontaneous summer heat teen orgies, but nothing had been proven. The instructions also said that a voluntary sex slave had crafted the bracelet, and that anyone who wears it would become a real sex slave until it was taken off.

WOW, I thought, Could this really be true? I thought to myself that if this was true, how wonderful it would be to surprise my husband and be his slave when he came home, with a note to thank him for last night.

Part 4 - Self Instruction.

I set about my work. I was going to surprise my husband. First, I sat down and wrote a note to myself. It was an instruction sheet.

  1. Do anything to stay horny all day but do not get yourself off 
  2. Masturbate in any way possible any time today without breaking rule #1
  3. Do not contact anyone outside of the house
  4. Act normally if anyone contacts you
  5. Clean the house top to bottom for your Husband, Master
  6. By 4:00 PM start cooking him dinner
  7. By 5:00 PM be dressed only in your slave bracelet
  8. @ 5:00 PM go to front door with 2 butt plugs
  9. @ 5:01 PM Tie ankles together
  10. @ 5:02 PM Tie Knees together
  11. @ 5:03 PM Tie Feet to Upper thigh
  12. @ 5:04 PM Tie rope to banister and the other end to the ring on the bracelet
  13. @ 5:05 PM Insert one but plug in ass and one in pussy
  14. @ 5:06 PM Tie Wrists together
  15. @ 5:07 PM Tie Wrists rope to the rope around Knees
  16. @ 5:08 PM Await your Husband, Master

Next, I wrote a note to my husband explaining why I was tied up. Telling him that I cleaned the house, made him dinner, and was ready for him to do anything he wished to me. I neglected to tell him about the control the bracelet had over me, figuring I would try it on him one day, and what a surprise it would be for him to learn it secret for himself. Lastly, I put a nice thank you in the note, telling him that last night was amazing. Lastly, I asked him to take the bracelet off me when he wanted to indicate that our ‘roleplaying’ was finished.

Now was the moment of truth... I figured that my note to myself would suit as a temporary Master, and if it didn't I would probably just wander around the house normally for the rest of the day until my Husband got what he wanted from me and released me again. All this if the bracelet worked at all!

Moment of truth... nervous... trying to think of any last minute changes… trying to think of how I might get hurt... I added a #17 and #18 to my note to myself:

  1. In case of any emergency, contact husband at work, explain to him about the bracelet, and let him decide what to do.
  2. Disregard all instructions that would endanger you.

...No last thoughts? ...Okay, I'm ready...

I grabbed the silver bracelet, placed it on my wrist as I hesitated for final thoughts. Without even realizing it until it happened, I squeezed a little harder, and click!

I did not feel any different, maybe it's not working... maybe it only works once?! Maybe a Master has too put it on you... a Master... a Master... Master... the Master is me right now, I'm the Master, and I wrote my instructions down. God, I was suddenly horny as hell. I wanted to finger fuck myself so hard right now, but no, I had to read the instructions, or so I told myself. Next thing I knew I was rubbing myself toward an orgasm on the bedpost, I would have fucked the bedpost if it would have fit! I could almost get a hold on that wonderful orgasm, but not quite. Then I remembered reading the note. Damned Rule #1 "Do anything to stay horny all day but do not get off!" DAMNIT, I thought. I wanted to cum SO BAD! I should have left that stupid rule out.

Ok now that I'm horny... What’s next... my mind went through the recently read list... don't call anyone... Check... act normally... no one is here to act normal for... so, check.

Clean house... well, needless to say, I spent the next couple hours cleaning... taking breaks to fornicate with just about everything in the house... broom handles... tooth brushes... Maglight flashlight, door handles I could reach, egg beater... I even found out, to my pleasure, that taking nude photos of myself, to text to my husband later, made me horny too. Would I have thought this was pleasurable normally? DAMN this first rule! I would get so much cleaning done faster if I had not written that rule!

3:07 PM Finally a chance to rest. I realized that, with no current instruction, I suddenly had control of myself again. I thought for a moment on my situation. I was sticky and smelly from cleaning. I decided at this point that a new instruction between #05 and #06 should have been for ME to be clean for my husband, so I went to clean myself up.

3:19 PM Naked... showering... wet... masturbating again... that thin tall shampoo bottle fits just right… distracted... mind foggy with pleasure… Doorbell...

Doorbell? While still masturbating I thought for a moment... mind fuzzy... must think clearly... What do doorbells do?

My inner voice from yesterday returned: doorbells tell you there is someone at the door...

What should I do if someone is at the door?

Look who it is...

Walking down stairs my mind reeled... Rule #4: act normally if contacted. How should I act normally? Why was I checking who is at the door?

Because when the doorbell rings you check who is there.

Act normally. What is ‘normal?’ What am I?

You are a slave!

Ok, I will act like a slave since that is currently my normal.

I looked through the peep-hole; it was one of my husband's friends. I opened the door. He just stood there, staring at me. Act normally... Normally I would let a friend of my husband's inside. So, I did.

"I'll just wait while you go get some clothes on, your husband told me to come get something from you. He said that you would know where it was?"

"Don't worry about me being naked, if it pleases you?" I replied sexily. Why did I say that!?

Because to make Master happy, you must keep his friends happy.

Oh My God! Act normally, like a slave. I realized then that I would do anything this man asked! Anything to please him, to please Master! God, I hope he does not figure it out!

"Well you are a nice sight, so I guess I don't mind you naked if you don't mind being naked."

Hearing those words felt good. Oh NO! I was getting horny just by hearing him tell me that he approved of me! Rule #1... Must stay horny! My mouth started talking, and my brain was only a few steps behind, trying to stop from saying what I knew I was about to say!

"What do you like about my body?" I began moving my hands over myself.

"Look" he interrupted, "I'm just here to get the silver bracelet that your husband gave you last night, he said I should borrow it, that it worked wonders for him last night." On saying that, he gave me a smirk and looked me up and down knowingly. This turned me on even more; I was imagining him, imagining me, being fucked hard by my husband. All I could think about was pleasing this man, getting him inside of me! Being a good slave girl!

"Where is the bracelet?" he said.

"I'm wearing it."

"Give it to me," he replied.

"I can't, it's locked on."

"I'll go get the key then, your husband told me where that was."

I was horrified, he was leaving me alone, and he wanted to take away my servitude without even considering the services I could perform for him! Was I not a good slave? I needed to be a better slave.

He came back down the stairs holding what I feared most, the key. As he came closer, my mind tried yet again to stifle what I knew I would say next.

"Master, please don't take off the bracelet yet! Please Master, use me first, I'll do anything you want, just use me!" I pleaded with him.

He was obviously taken aback. Then he looked into my eyes, then at the bracelet, then at the key, then back at the bracelet as he spoke, "Why are you acting like this?"

"Because I'm a slave and I want to please you."

"But why are you acting like this now, why are you not your normal self?"

Normal? Was I not being normal? Was I breaking Rule #4? I realized he only wanted to know why this was my current normal...

"The bracelet makes the wearer a slave." I could not believe I just told him this. What would he do with me now?!

"Why are you wearing the bracelet?"

Like a good slave, I replied immediately, to my shame, "I decided this morning to enslave myself for my husband and surprise him when he got home. He does not know of its true properties, I don’t think. He thinks we were just roleplaying last night."

"Hmm... so, you did this to yourself? You like being a slave? You want to be obedient to a Master?"

As he moved in close to me, I sat there in fear, wondering if he would use me, or if he would unbind me. Part of me wanted to scream, part of me wanted to take him into me no matter what! He took another step towards me, I could feel the warmth of him on my bare skin, and I shut my eyes, giving myself completely to his choice of my fate...


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