Miscalculated Entrapment 2

by Maxxster

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© Copyright 2011 - Maxxster - Used by permission

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Part 2

Things went on without any concerns or issues for the next 4 days, I serviced Janice everyday as I had the first day she put the belt on me, I slept cuffed every night and woke up in her arms every morning. Things truly felt that they were getting back to normal and that is what made her leaving so terribly hard, I was going to truly miss her while she was away. Even though it was to visit family, she would still be gone and it was going to have its challenges at times I am sure.

The day of departure came and Janice was both excited and somewhat sad to be leaving. I woke up in the usual manner lying next to her in the bed handcuffed, this time with the hinged handcuffs and also I had a set of hinged handcuffs on my ankles which I had slept in all night. I could tell that Janice knew today was different than others for she held me a little tighter and little closer. I was also forced down between her legs much quicker and her orgasm came much faster. Janice also didn’t want me to stop with just one; she kept me there until she had at least 3 this time.

After the morning routine was completed in bed, Janice got up and went to make coffee, this time I was left lying in bed except she had attached a collar to my neck and then to the lower portion of the bed frame, which meant I could not get up and walk around, not that I would have been able to with the hinged cuffs on my ankles, just to make sure I didn’t think about it.

While the coffee was being made Janice came back to the bedroom and had me slide down the bed a bit, she then laid next to me and started playing with my nipples, first with her fingers while casually talking and then much more vigorously with her tongue. This drove me completely insane and my reactions showed how much I was enjoying this attention she was giving me. Next Janice sat up climbed on top of me with her waist right on top of the belt. I could see her grinding herself down and moving her hips slowly over the top of the belt tube. The tube is very smooth and I couldn’t feel anything but I could sure see she was enjoying herself.

This went on for a couple of minutes until Janice leaned forward and again started licking my nipples, she then lowered her full upper body on me and again those breast felt wonderful. We kissed each other and then Janice stopped and moved up until she was completely covering my head and I again began the process of giving her pleasure. Janice came again in a thunderous shaking screaming orgasm and then moved back down and just laid on me catching her breath and breathing hard.

We could smell the coffee which had been ready for quite some time by the time everything ended and Janice got up and left the room to get it. I was still handcuffed and attached to the bed and when Janice came back she placed my coffee on the night stand next to me with a straw so I could drink it at my leisure. We had coffee and talked and then Janice informed me that she needed to have a shower and that I would be joining her today.

The hinged handcuffs acting as ankle cuffs were removed and the collar was replaced with a stainless steel one which could get wet and not be compromised. I stood in the shower handcuffed with 6 inch ankle cuffs and the collar was attached to the special eye lit in the wall and just watched Janice wash and clean. Janice then took the time to complete the same process with me and when it was time to get out Janice left the water running and exited the shower and dried herself off and then I was taken out and dried off myself. I was then moved and the collar was attached to the bathroom vanity where I was then asked to kneel which was next to her and I had to look up at the women I so very truly love.

Janice spent some time blow drying her hair and it was during this time that Janice had me slide in behind her and get up on my knees and start licking her from behind. I new how much she liked this and with her legs spread so far apart it was apparent that I was hitting the money. Janice continued blowing her hair until it was dried and then I was told that is enough she has to get ready with out any further distraction. Then Janice went and put on her white silk G string under wear and very nice matching bra that made her body absolutely outstanding and then applied her make up. I sat there watching her and it was always surprising to me the lengths women went to do this.

It was a very casual and laid back process, not that I could do anything anyways, I was still handcuffed and the collar was attached to the lower portion of the bathroom counter. I couldn’t leave anyways, and not that I would have even wanted to. This was nice, I have to admit that although the last few days cuffed as much as I had been had its challenges, it was still way better than not being cuffed at all.

We had previous discussions about whether or not I was going to drive her to the airport, or if she was going to just go alone and leave her car in the short term parking. We concluded that because it was only a 4 night 5 day trip it would be easier. So with that Janice asked me if I was ready to help her load her luggage. I laughed and asked how and she said “ I am taking those off you very soon, but want to keep you cuffed as long as I can before I go… You now how much I enjoy having you cuffed”.

The time came for Janice to take the Handcuffs off of me and before she did I received a very nice embrace and intimate kiss. I turned around and Janice took the handcuffs and ankle cuffs off me and stood there holding them. I turned back around to her and wrapped my arms around her and held her close. I new that I would have to let go and get dressed because time was getting short and there were things that needed to get done so she could go.

I got dressed while Janice was running around asking for this and that and where this was and it was quite hectic for a few minutes getting the final things located and prepared. I loaded her suitcase in her car, made sure she had her wallet and sun glasses, plane ticket etc and everything was ready. We stood looking at each other and then grabbed each others hands and then kissed. We gave that final hug and she entered her car, started it and then left.

I re- entered the house after waving goodbye and thought that this was sad but yet a wonderful opportunity for her, we have never been apart in the 10 years we have been together and this was the first time that Janice was going anywhere alone, so it was new for the both of us, I was truly proud and happy for her.

My day was pretty uneventful, doing the usual chores around the house and yard trying to keep myself busy. I had the occasional text message which gave me play by play updates of her journey. I found it cool to read one of her texts and her amazement at being at 42,350 feet and flying 575 miles an hour. Her flight was 1 hour and 35 minutes and new that by now she had already landed and that too was confirmed by a text message. She had met up with Shannon and on there way to Shannon’s new home.

I made dinner and watched TV for a while and decided it was time for bed, brushed my teeth and made my way to our bedroom. When I went to pull the covers back there was a note just beneath the edge of my pillow and so I picked it up and started to read it. The note informed me that when I had decided to go to bed, which I was currently about to do, that I was to send Janice a Text message informing her of this and to go into the study and log into the computer and she would talk to me there. I thought how cool it was to be able to see each other and talk.

I made my way to the kitchen and got my phone and sent a text to Janice telling her goodnight. I then went to the computer and logged on, up came the screen with Janice on it for she must have been at the computer already. I concluded that our camera was properly pointed at me for I heard Janice say you look tired honey. I laughed and said I was. Janice then instructed me to open the drawer of the desk where I was sitting and when I did I saw the Handcuffs and ankle cuffs sitting there.

Janice instructed me to take them out of the drawer which I did and she asked me if I was still willing to do what she wanted. I replied “I was” and then she asked me if I wanted to sleep handcuffed for her, “I didn’t know what to say so I said that I had not even thought about it”. Janice then stated that she wanted me to and I was to put the ankle cuffs on right then and there without getting up. I looked at her through the screen and paused before I heard her say “just hurry up”. I put the first ankle cuff around my ankle and locked it I then did the same thing with the other, my ankles were now locked in cuffs.

Janice asked me to spin the ratchet of the Handcuffs in front of me so she could see them and hear them which I did. Janice then asked me to stand up and turn around. I followed her direction and she told me to move a little to the left and right and so on and so forth until she said stop. I was instructed to place my hands behind my back and lock the handcuffs on my wrists so that she could see me doing this. I placed the first handcuff and ratcheted it down and then placed the other side of the handcuff in my other wrist until they were both locked on me. Janice instructed me to lift my hands and then said do them tighter, which I did and new full well that they were now definitely not coming off.

Janice told me turn around and sit down which I did and before I could ask how I was going to get these off, Janice informed me that she had put the key in the timed wall safe in the playroom. The safe would open exactly at 10:30 am at which time I would open the safe and take the key attached to the inside wall of the safe on a 6 foot steel tether line which I could not remove and then I was to undo the handcuffs and ankle cuffs and replace the key when I was finished and then close the safe.

The information provided to me by Janice was clear and concise, she went on to say that although she wasn’t there our routine should be kept up and it would be with the steps she had taken prior to leaving. Janice also said that there was only 1 key in that safe and all others were out of the house and she held up a small key ring I recognized and another which held the Chastity Belt Key. Janice then said the cable attached to the single key is high strength and she will know if I try and cut it or remove it which she informed me would be virtually impossible without creating allot of damage to the safe. I would stay cuffed as I have always been under her control even though she is not here.

I sat in the chair looking at the screen not believing the turn of events which I had now been thrust into, there was no way of getting out of it, or out of these handcuffs either now, I had no choice but to continue to complete the requirements Janice had set out for me to do. I then heard Shannon and then saw her face on the computer screen right next to Janice’s. I new all to well that she was probably enjoying this and she said Hi Michael, I see you are still doing well. I said hi and did that small talk stuff for a minute when Janice told me to say goodnight to Shannon.

Janice then said, OK Shannon I will tell him, wait, Shannon, why don’t you just show him yourself. Janice informed me that Shannon had just made a new purchase and was trying on something which she had wanted to buy for some time and was going to tell me about it later, but could see that Shannon was quite proud and happy of what she was wearing.

Janice shifted her chair in front of the computer to her left slightly and Shannon came onto the screen. I can only guess that she had moved sideways in front of the camera and told me that she was so excited to be wearing her new toys. I wasn’t sure of what she was meaning and then she raised her body up and I could clearly see the Stainless Steel cups covering her Breasts. There was a band which went around her upper torso and there was a lock in between her breasts locking everything together.

Shannon continued to stand up and I could then see the Stainless Steel Chastity belt wrapped around her waist and between her legs. It was awesome to see, Shannon with the exact same body as Janice was fully locked into a Chastity Belt and locking Bra with chains running up from the waist band the bra, it looked incredible I have to admit which I am sure my reaction reflected.

Janice asked me if I liked her new toys and I said absolutely, can you get those for yourself Janice is all I asked and Janice laughed and said perhaps I will eventually try it on, and with that Janice pushed herself back in front of the camera and told me to say goodnight to Shannon.

Janice then changed the subject and thanked me for doing what she asked me to do by putting the Handcuffs and ankle cuffs on and that I could take them off at the time the safe opens in the morning. I should be able to do everything I would normally do, for she knows how capable I am even handcuffed.

With that Janice told me she loved me and missed me already and would talk with me tomorrow and I should try and have a good sleep. I reciprocated the same thoughts and shared with her as well and with that we signed off and I was off to bed.

That first night was odd sleeping alone in the King Sized bed which always had two people in it before tonight. I struggled with the handcuffs throughout the night and always new they were there. The ankle cuffs were no better and I had learnt that when I start getting as hard as I sometimes do in the belt and wake up because of it, that I have to turn over on my back so that I don’t grind the tip of my dick into the end of the belt tube which is always worse. Tonight was no different I had woke up as hard as I could be and immediately turned onto my back, even if I thrust my hips upwards, I can feel the end inside the belt tube but it is not uncomfortable or painful. It could best be described as a very firm snug hold which envelopes my entire penis and holds it all equally and consistently, quite comforting actually.

I had slept relatively well other than the occasional nightly concerns from getting hard, but that too is relatively normal as well, so over-all it was pretty good. I rolled around handcuffed under the sheets, tugging and pulling and enjoying the process until I was fully awake. When I became completely awake and bored rolling around I got up and made my way to the kitchen and made coffee. I looked at the clock and it read 8:45 am. I had lots of time until 10:30 so I walked off into the bathroom and started to run a bath.

A bath for the most part is the essential factor in wearing the belt for long term periods; it is the process of cleaning and the water which keeps everything sanitary and proper. And beside I just love soaking in the tub or the hot tub for hours at a time. I really enjoyed this morning as it was playing out, coffee and a bath, that is nice all the while still handcuffed and under the in-direct control of Janice.

Time passed along very nicely and after a leisurely soak I got out and dried myself off, yes I can do that with my hands cuffed behind my back, it takes a little longer, but I can reach every part of my body with a towel until I am dry. I walked around the house and went to the kitchen and saw the clock say 10:20, I even had 10 minutes to make it downstairs and wait for the wall safe to open.

I casually strolled down into the basement playroom and looked at the wall safe on the wall; it showed nothing on the face of it other than the red digital code which showed “Locked”. At what must have been exactly 10:30 a green light starting flashing and I could hear something had happened to the unit, so I walked over and pulled the outer handle and the safe showed “Open”. Sure enough I could see the key and the length of cable inside the safe and reached with my hands behind me until I could pull out the cable which fell and stopped about an inch from the floor. I raised the cable up with my hands until I felt the key and placed it into the handcuff key hole and turned it which immediately opened the first cuff. I proceeded with the same approach until the cuffs were completely off along with the ankle cuffs. I paused for a minute after having placed the key and cable back in the safe and thought about putting the handcuffs in there so I wouldn’t have to wear them tonight, but thought against it and just closed the outer door. The safe then went back to the red code indicating “Locked”.

I then walked back upstairs and placed the restraints into the desk drawer for the remainder of the day which I was hoping would be like the day before which was quite uneventful and quite.

I received a Text from Janice in the afternoon asking me how everything was going. It was obvious to me that she thought I was going to be successful at letting myself out and that I had no access to any keys, because we all remember what happened last time I got a hold of the keys (What a day). I wrote back and we spoke back and forth through texting for 15 min or so and that was nice.

It was nice to be so engaging in our escapades even though Janice was not here. The belt was truly doing what it was supposed to and even though I had a couple of times tested the restrictiveness of the belt it was completely unforgiving. It can be said that Chastity Belts of this design are specifically designed to keep you from any type of freedom and this belt continued to let me know who was in charge, it was clearly not me and that caused me to become even more aroused.

The constant awareness of the belt being locked on and no direct stimulation is very frustrating at times. It can be comparable to a small electric hum which never ends, it is always there at a low setting, it can increase, but it never lowers to a full stop. It is not annoying, just consistent and ever so subtle and yet unavoidable.

Dinner that day was nice, steak on the BBQ, salad, the usual fixings, a glass of wine all the while it is snowing outside, not all that bad actually. The evening went without a hitch and when it was time for bed, I sent a text and then went to the computer and chatted with Janice and placed the restraints on as I had done the night before, this continued for the next two nights and the days went well with no issues or concerns.

It was the evening before Janice was to return and I sat at the computer chatting with her with the Handcuffs and ankle Cuffs on. It was a long time since Janice seemed to be here and our conversation was very pleasant. I was informed that Janice had a special treat for me when she got home. I attempted to illicit more information from her, but that was useless, she gave me no indication at all of what it could possible be. I couldn’t help but think of her taking me out of my belt as soon as she got home, but only she would know until then.

I was informed that her flight was scheduled to be arriving around 8:35 PM tomorrow night so she should be home around 9:45- 10:00 and we could catch up on my responsibilities then. This was very enjoyable to hear, for I always liked the assertive side of Janice, so with that she informed me she would text throughout the day and we would see each other as soon as her plane arrived.

With that I went to bed and was as excited as a school boy and it took some time to calm down enough to try and get some sleep. I woke up several times throughout the night due to belt informing me that it was still on. I woke up the next morning and had my coffee and a bath and kept smiling at the thought of Janice coming home. I considered going out and buying some flowers for her and maybe some of her favorite chocolates. That would be nice and she would probable enjoy the added surprise I could give her, so totally unexpected of me, she would think it was nice.

I meandered my way through the house at 10:20 and started to make my way to the basement and our personalized play room. I got there in enough time to sit and wait for the light to change and the safe to open like Pavlov’s test subject. I was conditioned to anticipate a desired result from a specific action, except today the action I was waiting for never occurred.

The red screen remained to say “Locked”, it never changed, there was no flashing of the green light and the indication that the safe would open. There was nothing at all. I continued to sit and watch the safe, then I got up and walked around looking at it thinking I could will it to open, which of course it never did. The safe remained locked and the Handcuffs remained locked on me and there was clearly no way out of them.

I started tugging and pulling on the handcuffs which were useless to say the least. There was the most overwhelming realization that I was stuck and would not be getting free unless the safe opened or someone removed the handcuffs from my wrists. That feeling of dread overcame me and I just sat down and started going over the actions of what actually did not occur.

I reviewed all possible variables and concluded that this could very well be the surprise that Janice had mentioned. Is keeping me cuffed a surprise, I didn’t think so, this was normal for her, and I spent many a day or two or three in a row cuffed and under her control, hmmm, what a surprise this is then and with that I turned and started making my way back upstairs.

I got the kitchen and observed the clock now indicating that it was 11:05. I spent 35 minutes waiting for the safe door to open and that was kind of comical to me. I am usually not so slow. My cell phone was sitting on the counter and blinking indicating I had a message. I went to the phone and saw the written message from Janice who wrote “Surprise”, go to the computer, we can talk there.

I smiled at myself having figured out what Janice was up to and although it took me 35 minutes it didn’t matter, I should have expected this. Janice got me again, no surprise there.

I made my way to the office and sat down in front of the computer and moved the mouse and Janice immediately came up on the screen. She was laughing and asked me if I enjoyed that, I told her exactly what I thought of her tricking me and how long it took me to figure it out. I was told that she already new, she and Shannon had been watching me as they have done everyday I went to the wall safe.

Janice shared that the Camera system which could be watched in the bedroom was also accessible by her on Shannon’s computer and that she had observed me throughout her time away. I couldn’t believe this; I was being watched and didn’t even know it. Janice said that after the key incident she upgraded the entire camera system in the house and everything was also being digitally recorded so she could play it back as many times as she choose when she got home.

Oh well, I didn’t really mind actually, it is not like I had done anything wrong and now knowing Janice was always making sure I was OK was kind of comforting in its own different sort of way. The problem I had was that her sister Shannon could also see me struggling and walking around in the Handcuffs. We do have history and everything had worked out well when she had moved, but that past still gave her the upper hand.

Janice told me to open the drawer on the right hand side of the desk, the opposite side from where I had originally got the ankle cuffs and handcuffs the first night and I did. Sitting there was a pair of Hiatt Hinged Handcuffs with a long pin next to it. I was informed that I was going to be putting those on as well and I would be restricted allot more with my hand movements until Janice came home that night.

I stood up and turned around and placed the first side of Handcuff on my wrist and then the second one making sure the keyholes were facing upwards and not where I could reach them. It would really make a difference because with the other Handcuffs locked above the lower ones, that would ensure that there would be no possible way for me to get a key into the lower handcuffs because the keyholes were actually covered by the second pair.

I ratcheted down the handcuffs to where they were relatively comfortable and then double locked them as instructed and then turned and sat back down. Looking at the screen I saw Janice smiling back at me, I must have had that defeated look again, because Janice said “Cheer up, it could be worse” and you can stay cuffed a lot longer than you will be, so just enjoy your day and I will be home in less than 12 hours.

I couldn’t actually argue with that for it was so true, it is completely amazing how long I can remain handcuffed without any physical ailments. It is truly a gift which both Janice and I are grateful for and to spend another ½ day like this would only make her return all that more exciting. This was horrible, I could feel myself getting hard inside the tube of the belt at the thought of being Handcuffed and as truly stuck as I now was.

Janice and I had the usual small talk after that and said our goodbyes until she sends a text later on and her arrival home that night.

I sat there for a few minutes collecting my thoughts and the only thing that came to mind was how cool this turned out to be. It had not been to difficult over the time she was gone and tonight would be awesome with her return, so with that I got up and walked around trying to keep myself busy looking constantly at the clock throughout the day, counting the time down every time I saw it.

I received the usual play by play text messages of her leaving Shannon’s house and the arrival at the airport and everything appeared to be going without a hitch and then there was nothing for quite some time then that most unforgettable Text arrived.

Janice informed me that there was going to be a delay leaving something about the plane and the new flight departure time was pushed up 4 hours. That now put the time Janice would arrive home around 2am. Go figure, that sucked, everything was going to good to be true, something had to screw up and that would of course be the flight. The one thing one should know not to count on, there are always delays and problems.

I was clearly in no position to argue and the Handcuffs were not coming off until Janice got home anyway, so all I could do was just try and have a positive attitude and accept the delay. I did actually reply to the text to let her know I received it and if she had any concerns for me, she would at least know I new of the delay. My text was quite understandable actually, all I wrote was “K” and that was enough.

I walked around and paced while taking my limited steps in the ankle cuffs knowing that there was nothing I could do. I again spent some time tugging and pulling the handcuffs thinking that because Janice was delayed I should also get a break from the limited condition I was in, but as usual I got no relief of the circumstances I was in.

At around 10pm I received another Text from Janice, this one was not good as well it read, “Another delay, no flight tonight, tomorrow earliest, so sorry Babe! U will be OK” and that was all it said. Crap!!!!!!!! This was not good, not only did I miss and want to see Janice so bad, I wanted out of these Handcuffs now, the Hinged cuffs are extremely restrictive and although I know I can continue wearing them as I was, I didn’t want to. I wanted out and that was all there was to it.

Handcuffs applied properly are unforgiving, no respite what so ever, none and I new this. I was so upset, so disappointed, so let down after being pumped up so high through the events of the last 12 hours. I thought that there was no way I was going to make it until tomorrow, but I new I had no choice and I had to just endure this clear and definitive set back.

Another Text came in and it said “Flight 9:30 am tomorrow, try and get some sleep, goodnight, I love you”

I new this was going to be the last text for the night and being informed that Janice was now going to be home before noon tomorrow calmed me down a bit. It gave me the ever so needed goal to work towards and so with that I made my way to the bedroom and watched some TV and then the news. I shut the TV off and attempted to get some sleep.

I rolled around half the night I am sure, checking the clock, hoping the time would move faster by me looking at it so often, making Janice’s return come that much more quicker. It didn’t work, and I was not feeling aroused in the slightest, that little electric humming in the tube had actually stopped for the first time in almost 10 days, it was a reprieve, but not the way or the one I wanted.

I did eventually fall asleep, and awoke to finding myself grinding myself into the Mattress moaning and tugging on the Handcuffs face down. I was still alive and OK or so I thought and then through the fog of sleep told myself to get it together, this was no big deal, I have been cuffed longer. I forced myself to calm down and fell back to sleep.

I awoke around 9:30 quite a bit later than I usual do and after reviewing the events of the previous day I decided to go make coffee and try to maintain the schedule that had worked so well for the previous 6 days. My shoulders needed to be rolled a few more times than previous days, but that was quite understandable considering the restrictive position I was now placed into and more importantly the duration of time that I have been cuffed.

I made my way to the kitchen and had to admit that making coffee with hinged cuffs on is way harder than regular chain and swivel cuffs. Yet, I was able to make the extra effort and complete a fine brewed pot of coffee, which I enjoyed a couple of cups of. The phone which was on the counter beeped and I new there was a new incoming message, it was from Janice, it read “Another Delay, no crew, new flight 2:30”, this would now put Janice home around 5pm.

This is nuts I thought to myself, this has almost been a full 24 hour delay, how unacceptable, 3 flights cancelled and nothing to do but wait. I was very tired of this and new that if I stayed focused I would not get myself hurt from all the struggling.

I once again did that whole pacing and walking thing trying to figure out if there was any way I could get myself free. I even walked back down into the basement playroom to check the safe which still showed Locked. I kept going from one room to another. I eventually stopped and settled down. I was clearly starting to feel the restrictive position which I have been in for over 24 hours now.

I sat down in the kitchen waiting for any sign things were OK and there was a beep and another text message arrived, this one said, “Just boarded, taking off in 15 min, c u soon, love you!” I was so truly relieved and happy. It only took a second for my dick to twitch and I realized that I was clearly aroused now at the thought that Janice would be home in just over 2 and half hours.

I thought of getting myself cleaned up, or even if I could clean the house for her, but I never made a mess and in the position I am in, that there would be no need to try and impress her, my position was pleasing enough for sure. It is hard to explain again how slow time goes when you are waiting for a specific outcome. I could hardly contain myself and was actually relieved that I was cuffed as I was.

I just had to do something and during this time I had the thought of placing a lock through the back of the belt and the Handcuffs, that would clearly reduce any further attempts I had at thinking I could use my hands. Knowing for sure that the plane was taking off and I could restrict myself even more and maybe that would make Janice smile at my self imposed restriction.

I now had a plan and something to focus on, it was a goal I just had to achieve, it was about one of the only things which I could actually control and even if was more restrictive it would be something which I new would be appreciated. So with that I took off for the playroom downstairs to find a lock which could be used to lock the Handcuffs to the back of the belt.

I entered the playroom and walked over to the locks on the shelf, we had several different types and lengths of locks, and I would have to choose the one which best fit through the belt and the Handcuffs. I picked one with a 3 inch Shackle on it and attempted to thread it through the back of the belt, this was no easy task. It took me quite sometime and with the hinged cuffs as they are behind your back it had to be done in a very specific manner. When I got the shackle just in the right setting I realized that I could not push down on the body of the lock because my hands couldn’t reach it, so not taking myself out of this position I found that if I pushed the lock upwards with the edge of the table and held the bottom shackle I could close it and that is exactly what I did and it worked just as I though it would.

The realization that my hands were now completely locked to the back of the belt was extremely arousing. I pulled the cuffs and bent my legs trying to get as much leverage to pull my hands away, which of course I couldn’t. I also attempted to feel the lock which I could not and even if I had a key, I would not be able to put it into the lock because not only could I not feel it, I could not see what I would need to do, so under my own hand I further restricted my position and would have to wait.

I kept myself busy for the next hour or so and made my way throughout the house again and back to the Kitchen where the light on the phone was flashing meaning there was a message. I went and opened the phone and the text message said “Just Landed cu soon” This meant I now had about an hour or less and the wait was horribly slow.

Time just went on at it’s own pace and it was about 40 minutes later I heard the garage door opening and walked as briskly as I could to the inner garage door in the house. I watched as Janice drove in and the outer door started closing. She looked radiantly beautiful behind the wheel and I couldn’t wait to talk to her.

Janice got out of the car and walked up to me and threw her arms around my neck and squeezed me tightly. I was in absolute bliss to have her home now; it felt as though she had been away so long.

Janice ran her hands up and down my arms rubbing lightly at first and then more firmly when she got to my shoulders. She nudged me forward and the garage door closed behind her and she continued to rub her hands all over my body. Janice grabbed the front of the Chastity belt and lifted it, causing me to lift as well onto my toes; she then said it did its job. I felt her hands go around my waist and she pulled on the lock. She smiled and told me to turn around which I did and she again pulled on the lock holding my hands to the back of the belt and said “Well done and I was concerned you would be sore, I can see that your not, I am glad”.

I said that it was pretty tough last night, the delays were brutal, and I felt like I had just wanted to cry when she said she wasn’t going to be home. We walked into the kitchen and continued to talk, walking behind her reminded me of the early days when I would just stare at her ass, and I could have done that all day if I didn’t have so many other things about her I also just stared at.

I asked her if she was tired from the trip and she replied that she was remarkably not, she got put up in a hotel last night and had slept almost as good as she usually does here at home. I asked about her time with Shannon and she replied that it was excellent. It was so nice to see her and that Shannon was so sneaky and happy to have had the time to visit. Not knowing what that meant, I took it as sisterly humor and knowing Shannon, one cannot put anything past her, kinda like Janice. I did mention that her Chastity Belt and bra collection looked absolutely stunning and Janice replied that she too had to agree. Janice went on to say that unless she saw it in person she would never have an interest in being locked in a belt herself, but after seeing the way Shannon was, she could appreciate the benefits of the belt and well who knows, maybe she might like us to explore that sometime.

Wow, was I hearing what I thought I was hearing, this was actually very exciting, Janice locking herself in a Chastity Belt and Bra, wow, I wondered for a second if that meant that I could possible have the right to take advantage of her. Hmm, whatever and the conversation went to the things that they got to do while just hanging out and being sisters.

Janice asked me to follow her to the garage and she took out her suitcase and I then followed her through the house to the bedroom where she opened it and then stopped. Janice asked me if I could handle being cuffed for a little while longer and I replied “yes” anything for her. Janice smiled and went over to the wall unit and pulled out the blindfold and collar. She put the blindfold on me first and then the collar and led me over to the corner of the bed and locked the leash to the end of the bed. I was told to kneel and wait until she came back.

Janice was right next to me now and was doing something in her suitcase when she stopped and came over and leaned down and licked my nipple, this sent me into an absolute frenzy. It felt so good and then it stopped as fast as it had started.

Janice returned to her suitcase and I heard her moving around the room opening drawers and then closing them. I assumed that she was putting her clothes away and getting organized after her trip. I would have just enjoyed the opportunity to please her. Janice then said that she was going to take a quick shower and that I should just wait patiently because she wouldn’t be very long and I would get my surprise. I heard the water of the shower turn on and the door open and close. I was actually very aroused at this point, my 11 days of waiting were coming to the end and I would get my surprise and boy did I deserve this. I sat there fidgeting around trying to get comfortable anticipating Janice getting out of the shower and her taking this belt off me.

It didn’t take long and I heard the water shut off and the door open. Janice asked if I was doing alright and I replied “Great Thanks” A few minutes later she came out of the bathroom and walked over to the bed. I heard her going into suitcase and she asked me we had something which could open a cardboard package she was given as a present by Shannon. I told her to check my side of bed in the drawer and that there might be an envelope opener. Janice went to the drawer and said there was and retrieved the opener. I could hear her cutting at something which sounded like cardboard and then the sound of paper rattling, the type that is used for stuffing packages so things don’t move around.

I asked Janice, what are you doing and what is it that Shannon gave you for a present? Janice told me to just hang on a couple of more minutes and I would see for myself. I heard lots of shuffling around and the slight jingle of chains which I thought had to be good because Janice sure liked her handcuffs and steel toys.

Janice was obviously concentrating because she wasn’t say a whole lot, I heard her take a breath and hold it for what would be a few seconds and thought that was weird, oh well I will find out soon enough. Janice continued doing whatever it was and I actually had no idea of what it was that she was doing. Even the sounds of metal and chains was not familiar to me and seemed liked a foreign sound; I had no correlation to associate with it and just continued to listen intently. I had thought a couple of times that I had heard the sound of a lock clicking shut, but wasn’t absolutely sure, so I just dismissed this idea.

Janice then said “Ready” are you ready to see your surprise, and I immediately said yes. I was briefly confused when she said “see your prize”, I must have been confused because I thought being taken out of the belt was my prize, but she had said surprise, What was I thinking, I just caught myself thinking of something different than what was actually spoken. oh well, let’s just see what she wants to show me, this is going to be good I am sure, for Janice isn’t really big on surprises.

Janice came up to me and knelt in front of me and said that she would never in a million years have ever thought of doing what she has just done to herself. I was now truly interested and had to know exactly what she was talking about. Janice then went on to say that Shannon and her are allot alike in many things and that I knew there bodies were absolute mirrors of each other in size and shape and I agreed.

Janice then went on to say that Shannon couldn’t stop going on about how good it felt to be locked down in her Chastity Belt and bra and decided to order an exact duplicate of the set that I saw her wearing a few days before on the computer. Janice then went on to inform me that Shannon didn’t push the issue with her and it wasn’t until she left that Shannon handed her an unopened box and said that this was her gift to try out when she felt like she wanted to. I was shocked. No doubt about it. If Shannon was so convincing to Janice about wearing a chastity Belt and Chastity Bra that was impressive, but to have purchased and identical set up like I saw was even more exciting. I then had the realization that Janice must be wearing the Chastity belt and Bra locked onto her, so I asked.

Janice, are you locked into the same setup as Shannon from the other night? Janice took a few seconds to reply and said yes, but with one exception, she had thigh bands on that were locked to the belt so she couldn’t open her legs wide. This was awesome; I had to see what she looked like and asked Janice to take off the blindfold so I could see her.

Janice informed me not to get to excited because it was not staying on, she just thought it would be nice to show me what she had received as a present and she had no intentions of wearing it for very long. Curiosity got the better of her because she is so horny and happy to be home. Janice also said she just had to look at the unopened box to realize that Shannon had actually given her what she said was in the box. It was new and un-opened and meant it needed to be inspected and it was only then that she definitively decided to try it on and it wasn’t something she planned, it just happened to work out this way.

Janice then started to say that there was one more thing that she needed to tell me and this might not be what I wanted to hear, but there was nothing I could do about it, nor could she. This clearly sounded ominous and was the opposite of what I had just heard. Janice went on to say that she had known about Shannon purchasing her Chastity set up and put it on the same day that Janice put our belt on me. Janice asked if I had thought that there was something different about that day and if I was wondering why she was so excited and impatient in placing me into the belt.

Janice then went on to inform me that Shannon had requested to know what it was like to be belted and unable to please herself and had asked her to help her find out what it was going to be like so she had agreed. The deal was that Shannon was going to put on the Chastity Belt and Chastity Bra and then mail her (Janice) the key and Janice would do the exact same but only in reverse. Janice then said that she had in fact sent Shannon the Key to my Chastity Belt and they would exchange keys when she left to come home. The concern now is that when Janice was ready to leave, Shannon asked if she could have another week in the belt without Janice giving her the key and she did in fact agree to this and they would mail each other the keys at that point and absolutely not under any circumstances until then.

What that meant essentially is that I now have another week in the belt and Janice cannot take it off me. It also meant that Janice had the key to the belt that was locked onto Shannon and it would not be coming off her without sending the keys back to each other. I just sank in my position and so completely resigned myself to absolute defeat. I was again being the subject of another one of these games between two sisters I had no chance of winning anything on this one. I started to protest about how unfair this was and that it had already been 11 days in the belt and another week would be just short of three weeks.

Janice informed me that I should consider myself lucky, I can wear the belt for much longer times than this and it was way worse for Shannon, she was begging the whole time she was there for the key, but that was not the deal, the key would only be given back and exchanged when she was ready to leave and not a second before. Janice said that she felt it interesting that Shannon had changed her mind when she gave her the present to which she has now just tried on and that she would have been concerned except it was an unopened box.

I then immediately asked Janice where the key to her belt was and she replied “On the bed, why”? I asked her if she had actually tried the lock to make sure it worked before putting herself into the Chastity Belt, Chastity Bra and thigh Bands and Janice replied “no, all the locks were opened and unlocked in an unopened box, so why would”……… and in the middle of her sentence she stopped. I could hear the sigh in her breath and then she said she wouldn’t have done that would she?

I then asked Janice to just stop for a minute and remove my blindfold before she does anything else. And with that Janice removed the blindfold. There kneeling in front of me was the most amazing sight I have ever seen in my life. Janice had actually locked herself into the Chastity items and they appeared to fit her perfectly.

I asked Janice to stand up so I could see everything better, which she did. Janice now stood before me wearing a beautifully manufactured Chastity Belt and thigh bands and Bra, all attached together with Chains from the thigh band to the waist belt and from the waist belt to the middle if the Chastity Bra. It was an awesome sight, and I could see by the expression on the face of Janice that as much as she was enjoying me see her in these items she could not get out of the back of her mind that she may very well be locked into them and stuck.

It was apparent that although I had just received some very serious bad news about getting out of my belt, that the sight of her was almost more than I could have taken for I was clearly flushed and unable to get out of the handcuffs holding me.

Janice was clearly not doing well and I asked her if she thought Shannon could have tricked her, and she said “The box was unopened, she would have never thought that”. I then said that maybe we are both making a big mistake and the key will work just fine and she will be able to get herself out of the items that she had locked on herself.

Janice went to pick up the key and I asked her to stop and just put it on the bed and let’s talk for a minute. There stood Janice wearing a complete Chastity outfit which held her most sensitive parts away from herself and me, and I just wanted to talk. I asked her how it felt to be locked in the belt, she replied and said “It was actually exciting and that she is so wet right now and wished that she had never agreed to leave the key to my belt with Shannon, because she would just screw my brains out right now”.

I then asked her if she wanted out of the belt because something hurt or was uncomfortable, and Janice replied “No nothing hurt at all, and it was very comfortable”. I then asked her if she thought she was locked in or if she could get out, and she replied “That she actually didn’t know and understood that if she was locked in, she deserved to be after being so foolish and trusting”.

I asked her if she remembered the first time I locked myself up and couldn’t get out and she again replied “Yes and how could she have forgotten that, it was absolutely wonderful for the two of us, for we are still together after 10 years later”.

I then informed her that I understood what she must have actually been feeling at the moment when she saw that I had no way of getting loose and I could only wish for her the same response as she had with me.

Janice then closed her eyes and pulled on the front of the lower shield which covered her sex and moaned in frustration. Her right hand then tried to touch her own breasts and could not at all. Her hands looked so small over the Stainless Steel globes which held them away from hers or anyone else’s touch or attention; it was wonderful to watch her right now even in the Restricted state I was in and everything I was so hoping for would happen when she got home.

I deliberately broke the transfixed state Janice was in and asked her if I could ask her an honest question and she stopped trying to touch herself and looked at me with the most saddened eyes I have seen her have.

I asked her if she wanted the belt off. And she said “That she only really wanted to just try it on and see if it would fit as well as the one that Shannon wore the entire time she was there”. Janice went on to say that she watched Shannon for 5 Days walking around with nothing on half the time but her belt and bra on, hearing her moan through the night and watch her glowing with a radiance she had never seen Shannon have before. It was exciting to watch her sister be so unable to do anything to get herself off and would even resort to handcuffing herself to stop trying to touch herself. Janice ended up having to let Shannon go almost every morning, but would keep her handcuffed until they both watched me getting the keys out of the safe and letting myself go. Janice thought it was only fair that Shannon be subjected to the same thing as I was because this was her idea in the first place.

I then asked Janice if she would be so terrible upset if she was actually locked into the belt and bra and not able to remove them. I saw what I swore was a slight orgasm because Janice put her hand on the bed post and leaned forward and moaned so soothingly. I asked her if she had just had an orgasm and she replied that was the closest she had ever come to one and yet did not have one, I laughed and asked her how that was for her and she sneered right back at me.

Janice then dropped to her knees right in front of me and waddled forward until the Stainless Steel Globes were touching my chest and leaned forward and grabbed the back of my hair pulling me forward and started to kiss me. I was impressed as I struggled with the almost forgotten handcuffs which were still holding me so restrictively. Janice was on fire and needed to get off. This went on for a few more minutes and then she did that whole pause and moan thing again, I took it she was almost able to get off but it was not quite enough, and she confirmed my suspicions.

I asked her if she was dying to know if she was actually locked into the belt and unable to remove it. Janice actually said “She was so enjoying herself that she wanted to know what it would be like to be locked in and not be able to get it off, but wouldn’t be able to handle it and would go nuts with lust”. I asked her if she would be mad at Shannon for tricking her and Janice replied that “she would actually not be mad at all and could clearly see by Shannon’s reaction just how powerful it is to be under lock and key and so turned on where you can’t do anything”.

Janice then said that I was way more special now that she understood only partially what I must go through when she does this to me. I agreed with her that at times it is mind blowing and frustrating at the same time especially when I have to service her with no release date of the belt in sight, I cannot stand it, but have no choice and sometimes no choice is the best choice, it makes decision making easier.

Janice then said she had never ever been so wet before and this was so scary to think that she may not be unable to take the belt off and she didn’t know what she would do if she couldn’t. With that I suggested that she try the key so that we both could know at the same time if she was going to be sharing the same frustration as I have or if I would be giving her one of the best orgasms she has ever had because of this.

With that last comment Janice said she felt positive and just wanted me to lick her until I couldn’t lick anymore and proceeded to the bed where the key was and picked it up and held it in the air. Janice then went on to say Ok Michael; here is the moment of truth for us both and she placed the key into the lock on the bottom of the front waist band and went to turn it and nothing happened, the Key would not turn and the lock did not open, Janice’s jaw fell open and then she moaned so strongly I could imagine without coming and grabbed the front shield and waist belt and started pulling and tugging all the while saying No, No, No, No, and moaning and grinding herself with her knees together. It was quite a sight and I so truly felt for her at that moment.

Janice had inadvertently locked herself into the Chastity Belt and Bra, and there was absolutely no way she was going to get it off or get herself off more than the almost attainable orgasms which seems to be eluding her so well in the last few minutes. I have to admit that my cock was as hard as it could have been inside the belt and I too couldn’t help pulling on the handcuffs to try and find some relief from what I was watching, it was almost too much to take in, and it was wonderful.

Janice began to cry, and kept pulling on the front of the shield. She again dropped to her knees and put her arms around my neck and sobbed. Janice eventually slowed to the point where she could talk and asked me, “What am I going to do” I cautiously waited and then asked her if she wanted to put on a pair of handcuffs so she would stop trying to touch herself, it may make her feel better and it appears to work well for Shannon, so maybe she should give it a try.

I was surprised when Janice got up and went over to the cupboard in the wall unit and opened the small inner safe and pulled out a key ring and returned to where I was. The lock on the back of my belt was undone and before removing the hinged cuffs she replaced them with High Security Smith and Wesson model 104 cuffs. The Hinged cuffs were removed and set aside.

She then returned to the cupboard and locked the inner safe; effectively removing any ability I may have to remove these High security cuffs on my own, she had locked the key away. I was in awe of the stretching I could now perform and was equally shocked when she handed me a standard Handcuff key and asked me if I could put the handcuffs on her so she would quite trying to touch herself.

I turned Janice around and placed both sets of Handcuffs she had just taken off me on her slender wrists and locked them with the same lock to the back of the Chastity Belt exactly as I had just been. With my collar leash having been undone from the bed I stood up and walked over and retrieved another pair of ankle cuffs and returned and placed them on the ankles of Janice. She stood there defeated and it was exciting to feel her against me.

The phone rang and I went to answer it and said hello. It was Shannon on the other end of the line and asked me to go to the computer so we could talk and I should bring Janice with me. I said goodbye and hung up and told Janice that Shannon wanted to talk to us via the computer.

It was odd to watch Janice struggle at first to walk being restrained the way she was, for this was the first time since we had been together that I was even remotely close to having any type of control over her. I had been instructed to watch her play with herself while wearing handcuffs and not being able to remove myself from the restraint chair the whole time, listening to her and watching those awesome orgasms she has was hard to say the least. At any rate we both walked slowly from the bedroom down the hall and into the Study where the computer was. I sat down and moved the mouse and up came the same screen that I had used to talk with Janice the previous few days.

Shannon was already there smiling at us. Shannon started out by saying that she was so pleased with herself and anticipated that Janice wouldn’t be able to not try on the new presents she had given her. Shannon said she expected it and everything was right on schedule. Shannon asked Janice if she liked wearing the belt and Bra, and when Janice didn’t say anything Shannon said assertively, Janice,” listen to me carefully, saying nothing, is not going to help you and your situation”. Answer me when I ask you a question. I will ask again, do you like wearing the belt and bra.

Janice spoke this time and said “this is all too much for me, look at me I just agreed to be handcuffed and now I can’t even get out of these, what have you done to me Shannon”. Shannon in a very sympathetic tone told her everything was going to be OK and that she needed a little time to experience what she had found to be so empowering, even if her approach was unorthodox, it was still an opportunity, so just try and have some fun with it.

Shannon then said she paid allot of money for this to happen and all she wanted was to share with her sister something wonderful so “Janice can you just give this a chance”. Janice was astounded with that revelation, and said “give it a chance, I can’t even make it 30 minutes, look what I agreed to do to myself already”…. oh my, Shannon please can we work something out; just ask me, I will do anything.

Shannon started to reply and asked again, did you just say anything Janice? And Janice said “Yes Shannon, well almost anything”. And with that Shannon started laughing a little. It appeared to me that that was an almost perfect ice breaker. Shannon then asked why it would be up to her, and Janice and I looked at each other perplexed and Janice then stated that the Key to the belt didn’t work and she had assumed that Shannon had switched it or something and repackaged the box and gave it to her.

Shannon began laughing hysterically and wouldn’t stop. It was one of those absolute contagious laughter’s that you just couldn’t avoid or get away from. I have never seen her laughing so hard since I have known her. I couldn’t help but laugh as well and then Janice started laughing. Shannon finally settled down and said that she had never even opened the box when the two arrived together. She opened her own box, but never even opened the second one, so the many keys involved in the set up must have got confused somewhere along the line in the box, but she never had any Keys to the set up the she gave Janice.

Janice looked both relieved and slightly embarrassed, Shannon said “That she would not trick her into wearing a belt, that it was a novelty for us to share together and what we use it for and how we use it together is our business”. Shannon then went on to say that this all makes sense now, she was wondering what was up when we both came on the screen the way we did, it was not our normal personas, even if Janice had decided to wear the belt tonight something had clearly been different about us.

Janice then asked me if I could go to the bedroom and retrieve all of the keys to the belt and locks which were in the box. She had a couple of questions she wanted to ask Shannon while I was going to get the keys. With that I got up and Janice sat down and the two sisters started talking. While I was walking I could feel my face, it actually felt good to have laughed so hard over something which appears was nothing more than a misunderstanding. In the bedroom was the box and I could see at least 10 Keys. Mind you there were 2 that were slightly different than the others but appeared to be almost the same. I wondered if these were the keys to the lock on the belt and being that I was not quite sure, I just grabbed them all and headed back to the study.

When I came close to the study I could hear Janice laughing and that was truly a very good sign. I was so relieved that I guess the two of them got to talk and figure things out while I was not there. Janice looked very calm now and had that radiance about her again. I couldn’t imagine that she could have looked any better than what I had seen earlier when she first took the blindfold off me, but now there was something that was clearly unique about her expression and character. I walked up with my hands stilled handcuffed behind me and asked her “Where did she want me to put the keys”. Janice replied “may be on the desk and we could both go through them together”.

Janice then said that Shannon had to go and wished us a good night with our new found toys. I replied that was very nice of Shannon and I am so glad that she didn’t have anything to do with the events of earlier. Janice agreed and then asked me to hang on and got up and left the room. When Janice returned she had a key with her and turned around and asked me if I was able to remove the lock from her Handcuffs to her Chastity belt. I said I would give it a try and turned around with the key Janice had handed me and through no sight and just feel I managed to put the key in the lock and turn it, which opened the lock and I then removed it.

Janice then turned around and while facing me walked up and reached her head forwards as if she wanted me to kiss her. I was more than happy to oblige and leaned into her and we both started kissing each other. This was truly a strange feeling to be handcuffed by the women I love and have missed and to have her in front of me handcuffed and wearing a chastity belt and chastity bra.

After a couple of minutes Janice slowed down the kissing we were sharing and again asked me to hang on and then left the room and came back with another key. Janice looked at me and turned and handed me a standard handcuff key and asked me to remove her hinged cuffs from her wrists.

I was somewhat disappointed, but yet quite happy that I had been given such an opportunity that I have never had before. Janice could tell that I was somewhat disappointed and said to me “ If you do this for me right now, I am sure you will be pleased with how the night ends up”, and with that I was very willing to have her turn and I removed the Hinged Handcuffs from her slender wrists.

Janice then once again gave me a very large hug and thanked me for being such a good sport for her and the huge misunderstanding which just occurred. Janice then removed the ankle cuffs and picked up all the keys along with the two sets of restraints and said “Follow Me”. I started follow her in the direction she was going which was out of our Study. I followed her down the stairs and into our play room. Janice then placed all the keys on the table and asked me to pull up the stool and sit down.

There was nothing more said as I sat down and just looked at Janice who was now looking in the full length mirror on the wall. She held her wrists up and said for me to look at the red marks which encircled both of them. Janice asked me if it looked nice on her and I replied “ it was something that I wasn’t used to, but happy she was not stuck and the marks looked great” Janice then talked about how quickly her wrists marked up and how it appears that mine don’t ever do that, well not to the point of where hers are so clearly red and probable bruised. Janice also said that the whole experience was a good example of how things can go so wrong so quickly and yet she had known better, this was a good wake up call again in regards to keys, which she concluded was always the point of origin for issues of concern.

With that Janice turned on the stereo and started playing one of our favorite CD’s by David Lance, a Pianist, very nice and very comforting. Janice walked over to the table and picked up a single key and looked at me and asked me if I thought that the key she was holding would open the chastity belt. She went on to say that if I was right, she would take my belt off of me as soon as the key came back and if I was wrong, the belt stayed on for another day. I asked her if I could pick the key which I thought would open the belt and Janice then said “No”.

Janice then asked me to give her an answer and I said that I thought that the key would not open her belt. The key was then inserted into the lock and Janice tried to turn it and nothing happened, I won, I get the belt off as soon as it came back, Yes, I am good I thought as Janice just removed it from the lock and placed it into another lock on the chain between her thighs. This time the key worked and Janice removed both the chain and the lock and placed it on the table.

Janice then picked up another Key and held it up and asked me if I thought this Key would open the lock on the Chastity Belt. I told her we just played that game and I won, so why was she asking me, it didn’t matter I won and the belt was coming off as soon as the key was sent back. Janice laughed and told me I don’t make any of the rules, she does, so I should hurry up and answer. I asked her if I could see the key and she just said “No” and placed it into the lock.

She looked at me and I couldn’t believe that I had to actually answer her. This was clearly making her happy because she new no matter what, I had at least another week in the belt and if she is going to do this with every key I could end up getting at least another 8 days in the belt. That would be two weeks from now, this is a horrible game she just came up with, where does she come up with these crazy games, was all I could think. I was interrupted in my thoughts and Janice said that I took to long and every key that does not fit the belt will now be one additional day.

Janice turned the key and nothing happened, she smiled and then said, Ha, I win this round, go again, double or nothing. I looked in shock, no way was she wanting to play that now, come one, this was not a good turn of events for me and I said as quickly as I could no way. Janice then placed the key into the lock on the side of her waist band and turned it, the lock did not open so she tried it on the other side and it immediately opened. I then started to argue that she got the key wrong as well, so it nullified my bet and we were now square again. Janice laughed and said it didn’t work like that; it was only for the Chastity Belt Lock and nothing else.

I was now being added one day and that was not good. Janice then held another key and by now I got the process she was using and just looked at her as she placed the key into the lock and it also did not work. I just got another day, but it did take off the other side of the chains on the waist belt. Janice held up another key and the same thing happened, the Chastity Belt never opened, I just got another day, I was now at three more days. This key thing was not working out.

Janice looked at me and said this was taking to long and then picked up another key without trying to remove anything else and put it into the lock on the Chastity belt. She tried to remove it, and it didn’t work, I got another day, Janice got another key, the same thing, I got another day, I was now up to five additional days. Janice then said the odds were clearly in my favor to win and I was going to play at least one double or nothing so I should quickly figure out which game that was going to be.

Janice picked up another key and held it up and asked me, is this it or isn’t it, doesn’t matter, you take to long to answer and with that she placed the key into the lock and attempted to turn it and nothing happened, I just got five more days.

Janice said this was fun and then placed that Key in the lock holding the Stainless Steel globes which held her breasts locked away. The key turned and off came the globes and chains attached to the centre piece. Janice gave one of those “Ahhhhh” sounds and she placed the globes on the table and started rubbing her breasts with her own hands. They looked awesome and seeing her touch them that was looked pretty darn cool as well. Janice asked if I thought it was cold in the room, but concluded herself before I could answer that it was just the air she was feeling.

There were now 4 keys still on the table, it had to be sooner than later, although I was now given an additional 10 days, I am sure Janice was enjoying that fact and as she picked up another key she just smiled from ear to ear and placed the key into the lock and it too did not open the lock. Janice laughed and asked what the odds of this were. She then tried another key and the same thing happened, and then the next key and the next, all of the keys did not open the lock on the Chastity belt at all.

We both looked at each other with confusion, me being that I just got another 15 days in the belt and on top of the week it was already going to be that made it 3 weeks and with the time I have already been locked away that would make it over 5 weeks with no release. Janice did not have that concerned look this time, she just picked up the keys and looked at them, and then she held them together and laughed and said these were all duplicates of 4 locks with two locks having three keys and not two.

Janice asked me if I had grabbed all the keys and I said just the ones that I saw laying there, why “do you think I missed the keys to the belt”, and with that she smiled and grabbed a lock and told me to stand up. She had me walk over to the wall and had me turn around and took the lock and threaded it through the handcuffs to an eyebolt in the wall and locked it. I was now handcuffed to the wall and wouldn’t be going anywhere, Janice turned and told me she would be right back and left to head out of the room which only meant that she was going to go look to see if I had missed the keys in the bedroom or box.

Janice returned a few minutes later holding a small manila envelope and was pulling tape off of it. She went on to say that it was taped to the inside of the box and was covered still with packing paper; there was no wonder why the rest of the keys didn’t work. I asked that because they were all wrong if that meant my additional 15 day wouldn’t count either. Janice smiled, slipped out the keys from the manila folder and held them up and said, “Well it depends on how hard you want to work to please me tonight. I am sure we both can remember what happened the last time I gave you the chance to show me I will let you know, it really depends on you”.

Janice then inserted the key into the front of the lock on the Chastity belt and turned it. The lock popped open and she sighed with relief. She stood there and completely removed the belt from around her waist and between her legs and walked over and placed it on the table. Janice informed me that in the box was also two plug attachments for the belt as well and maybe one day we could work up to her trying those out to see what they were like, but tonight I was going to earn my real prize of giving her pleasure.

Janice then walked over to me and undid the lock holding the handcuffs to the wall and guided me to her favorite bench where I kneeled down and had the collar attached by a leash six inches away from where she would sit. Janice placed a blindfold over my eyes and told me to hang on a second as she had something to get before we started. I stayed as I was wondering what Janice could possibly be getting and I heard the ratcheting of the handcuff behind me and then moving towards me.

Janice sat on the bench in front of me and said that she actually enjoyed having worn the Chastity Belt and Bra, but the biggest turn on for her was the wearing of the Handcuffs attached to the back of the belt. She had no idea how much it had turned her on and well maybe this was something new or a phase, but she was going to give the Handcuffs a try. With that she leaned forward and informed me that she was now locking the Handcuffs on behind her back and I could clearly hear the ratcheting sound I new all to well. Janice then informed that she would stay handcuffed until I decided I was finished pleasing her, so it was up to me how long she would be wearing the handcuffs.

I was in absolute bliss at that exact moment, I couldn’t believe my ears, and now it was really true, Janice was handcuffed with her hands behind her back for the very first time and had the chance to show her just how much I loved her and wanted to please her. There was no way I could get out of this position and in essence could keep Janice here for a very long time as long as I didn’t stop giving her the attention that I new she was craving at this exact moment.

Things started off slow at first I didn’t want to just jump in and act all to excited about my turn in fortune here. So I deliberately slowed everything down from our normal pace to spend more time on flicking and teasing. For as much as I was in a restrictive position, this was clearly the first time in 10 years that I had any control over a situation like this and I was not going to do anything less than make a perfect outcome for a perfect ending of her trip.

We spent a considerable amount of time downstairs that night, and Janice told me that she had enjoyed the most intense orgasms she had ever had, she wasn’t sure what I was doing differently, but for some reason, it was extreme for her to try and express, so I just let her ramble on about her new experience we got to share.

The night ended by us going back upstairs and to bed, I Just laid on her and felt closer to her than I ever had in the past. There were things about this that had me stop and pause and reflect on what had actually occurred between us. All I know in the end that when I woke lying next to her it was awesome, the part that I reflect on allot now is when she pushed me down under the sheets and had me perform my morning ritual, she raised herself slightly off the Mattress and placed Handcuffs on her wrists behind her back and moaned again like never before.

I too don’t know if this is a phase or not, but what I do know from Janice is that this has been the strongest orgasms she has ever experienced and for now we can keep learning about how much we love each other.

I am truly thankful and look forward to our many experiences we share and grow with on a day to day basis for I am still Handcuffed and will always want to be.