Ministry of Bondage

by Tankpoet

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© Copyright 2014 - Tankpoet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; D/s; remote; mc; naked; hood; bdsm; hum; display; messy; mast; denial; sack; torment; spank; reluct/cons; X

Nobody was really sure how it had happened, but, a former professional dominatrix had been elected as the Prime Minister. Foul play was suspected but, never proven. There was an initial outcry and protests were held all over the country, but, it soon became clear that she was actually doing a decent job and so the protests ran out of steam and those who had voiced their discontent turned their attentions to more pressing matters.

Behind the scenes, it was a different story. The new Prime Minister established a secret research and development department known as the Ministry of Bondage (MOB). It’s mission was two-fold. It was to seek out devices to enslave the submissive side of the population and create such devices where one was not already in existence. It was also to create awareness of the fetish lifestyle with an aim to making it become mainstream.

Of course, not many people actually knew about this. Oh sure, they noticed that ads and TV shows were gradually featuring more fetish content, but, the world had been becoming more sexual for years, so nobody really paid it any attention.

And so life went on, until the day that the MOB created the ultimate remote control…

The ultimate remote control was a project started in the first weeks of the MOB’s existence. It was a project to see if some form of mind control could be exercised over individuals to make them sexually submissive.

It was regarded as a flight of fancy by most, including Stephanie Lux, the Prime Minister herself. But, being a favourite fetish of hers, she figured she may as well explore the possibility. Now it was two years in and very little had been heard of the project for some time.

The project had gradually been bumped down the line as its prospects of success had become more and more remote (pardon the pun) until it had eventually landed in the hands of a twenty two year old woman straight out of university named Paula McBain. Paula was the epitome of the girl next door, pretty without looking like a fashion model, average size but just curvy enough to attract attention, brown hair and a cute nose.

She had looked at the previous research when it had been dumped on her desk and immediately realised the problem. Where everybody had been focussing on how to make the target receive the transmissions from the remote, nobody had spent time on the signal being sent. Therefore, if she could only work out the correct frequency, it would be very simple to use the remote control sending the signal to override the target’s brainwaves and force them to obey.

It only took two months of trial and error for two working frequencies to be established and Paula had discovered something very interesting in that time. There was a working frequency for the deeply submissive and there was also one that had regular success on those who switched when they were in the right mood.

Paula also realised something about herself during the testing process, she was submissive. Before working for the MOB, she had never really explored her sexuality, working on this project had caused her to have all sorts of tingly dreams about submitting to powerful women wielding the ultimate remote control.

It scared her too though, the thought that she would not have the ability to do anything to stop this powerful woman having her way with her.

Stephanie was a forty year old woman, still in great shape with curves in all the right places and long, dark, wavy hair that contrasted beautifully with her ivory skin and almost feline green eyes. She heard the news about the ultimate remote control project and knew she had to drop everything and go to see the official test for herself.


The day of the official test arrived and Paula was very nervous as you would expect.

It wasn’t just the potential rewards for a successful test – promotion, financial bonuses, the Prime Minister’s attention – it was also the thought of what could happen if she was found out as submissive during the test.

The test needed to be thorough, so there were to be ten subjects – identifiable only by a number drawn on their bodies with a marker pen. Each was to wear a hood so that they could not later be identified by the testers or the witnesses and the only person who would really know who everyone was would be Paula.

There were five men and five women – aged between twenty and thirty five. Two men and two women were to be openly submissive, two of each were to be switches and the other man and woman were to be curious about submission. Prime Minister Stephanie Lux was to wield the remote control herself.

Paula got herself ready for work just like any other day. She showered, got dressed and ate breakfast before getting into her car for the half-hour commute.

Once she got to the MOB, she was informed of a problem, the curious woman had changed her mind, without her the test would not be complete and it might be months before another date could be arranged.

Was there anyone in the department who knew someone who might be interested? Paula couldn’t think, she needed someone and she needed them fast, but, who?

Paula would never know what made her do it, why she thought of the solution of substituting herself in, but it seemed perfect at the time. Was she not curious about submission? Wouldn’t her face be hidden by the hood? No one would ever need to know it was her. After all she was meant to be in a separate room monitoring the recording devices to ensure that every moment of the testing was available for later analysis. The equipment was all automatic, she could do this and get away with it.

Paula disrobed in the women’s toilets next to the testing room just like the other female subjects had done before her. She was to be the last one up. Her pussy was already sopping wet from having watched the previous tests.

Mistress Stephanie (as she had insisted upon being called by all her subjects) was powerful and sexy. She had made her previous subjects obey a wide range of orders each over a half hour to an hour period per test. They had had to submit to whips and canes, to spankings, to worshipping her feet and arse, to behaving like puppies, to wetting themselves and licking it up, to being used as furniture and to pose in various positions.

Paula felt butterflies in her stomach as she wrote the number 10 on her left breast and pulled on and tightened her hood.

She knocked and entered.

Instantly, she felt a compulsion to go to the centre of the room and kneel. Unable to stop herself, she strode to the spot and knelt with her hands resting on her knees – palms up and her head high and facing forwards.

‘So, you’re the confused little subbie who’s agreed to let me play with her.’ It was a statement, Mistress Stephanie was gauging her reaction and Paula knew it.

She also knew from watching the earlier tests that there was only one answer that would not result in painful punishment, ‘Yes Mistress Stephanie.’

Mistress Stephanie stepped into view and smiled, an amused twinkle clearly visible in her eyes. ‘Good girl, I’m glad to see you remembered your manners,’

The remote was pointed at her and Paula once again felt that uncontrollable compulsion to obey. She moved forwards on all fours and kissed the tip of each of Mistress Stephanie’s boots then returned to her kneeling position.

Mistress Stephanie spoke again. ‘I wonder where we got you from, you pretty little thing. I know that the original subject whose place you took chickened out at the last minute. Oh, well, time for that later.’ With that, she levelled the remote at Paula again and pushed another button.

Paula found herself turning around and crawling over to a corner of the room shrouded in darkness. As she got close, a light suddenly came on and illuminated a child’s wading pool full of mud.

Paula wanted to resist, she hated being dirty, but, the compulsion was too strong and she felt herself crawling into the pool and rolling around so that she thoroughly coated herself in the gooey contents. Even as she did it, Paula felt her mind screaming at her to stop, that this was disgusting.

Mistress Stephanie stepped in front of her as she knelt back up and started grabbing great big handfuls of mud and began to rub it into her chest.

Another compulsion came over her as the remote was pointed in her direction once more.

Paula grabbed one more handful and plunged her fingers into her sopping cunt as Mistress Stephanie commanded her to look at her.

And so, blushing beneath her hood, Paula masturbated with mud as she looked up at the Prime Minister. Just as she got close though, the remote came out once more and she had to stop.

A frustrated whimper escaped her lips.

Mistress Stephanie spoke once again, ‘the mud you’ve just been enjoying so much was created especially for today, would you like to know how?’

Paula knew something bad was coming, but, her pussy juiced in spite of herself.

‘It was created by dominant men and women pissing on the dirt, dirt like you.’

Paula gasped as the remote was levelled at her again and she was forced to resume her masturbation. Her fingers once again began to do their work on her as she was forced to rub handful after handful of piss-soaked mud into her aroused body.

Once again she was forced to stop.

‘Please Mistress Stephanie’, Paula begged, ‘let me cum.’

‘I think you’ve had far too much freedom so far slave, so no.’ Mistress Stephanie’s reply was not what she wanted to hear.

A tear of frustration escaped down her cheek as she saw the remote again and felt herself get up and face away from Mistress Stephanie with her arms crossed behind her back, her hands gripping her opposing elbow.

A rope was doubled up and slipped around her forearms and tightened. More ropes were then quickly passed above and below her breasts and tightened over the top of her arms. Paula was going nowhere and she knew it.

Without warning, a cold hose was turned on her and the mud was sliced off her body by a powerful jet of freezing water.

An attendant stepped forward with a rough looking brush on a long stick and scrubbed to help the process.

It didn’t take long at all for her to be clean once again.

She felt the need to walk forward again and a hessian bag was held open for her to step into.

She knelt down inside the bag and a fine powder was sprinkled on top of her and the bag was drawn up to her neck and secured closed.

‘The substance you have just been dusted with is an itching powder, before long you will feel a slight sensation of discomfort, then you will feel the need to scratch grow and grow within you. The hessian bag will scratch your body as you thrash trying to relieve the irritation and that will seem like it helps, but, it will actually make things far, far worse.’ The laugh the accompanied this statement from Mistress Stephanie was a little bit scary to the helpless Paula who was already gritting her teeth against the annoying itching and forcing herself to remain still.

With that, the remote was pointed at her one more time and she had to begin thrashing.

With each motion, Paula felt the intensity of the itching grow.

She began to beg, ‘please Mistress Stephanie, please make it stop.’

Tears were forming in her eyes as it felt like every inch of her body was being crawled upon by tiny little bugs.

‘Please, please, please, make it stop Mistress Stephanie.’ The tone of Paula’s begging becoming increasingly needy with every passing second.

Mistress Stephanie spoke again. ‘I’ll make a deal with you little one, if you will allow me to spank you over my knee then I will let you out of the rest of your torment.’

In spite of her aversion to pain, it still sounded better than what she was going through at that moment and so Paula readily agreed.

Once again, the hose and the brush came out and she was scrubbed clean.

Her hands, however, remained firmly fastened behind her back.

A leather collar was placed around her neck and a chain leash attached. A firm tug told her to follow along as she was lead over to the observation area where many familiar faces were watching on intently.

At least nobody knows it’s me because of this hood, Paula thought to herself as she saw her supervisor, Jessica Matthews studying her intently.

She also recognised the head of the HR department, John Thompson sitting next to the empty chair that Mistress Stephanie was leading her towards.

Mistress Stephanie’s voice pulled her out of her observations of the big wigs inhabiting the viewing area. ‘Do you feel that you have been a good little slut today?’

‘Yes Mistress.’ Paula hoped that Mistress Stephanie felt so too, she had become increasingly convinced that she would not be allowed to cum and she was desperate to sneak off and rub out a quick orgasm.

‘I agree, mostly, however your begging has been very naughty, I never gave you permission and for that you will get twelve swats with my paddle instead of the six you were originally down for.’

Mistress Stephanie’s statement that her punishment had doubled caused Paula considerable angst, but, she thought better of arguing, it wasn’t going to erase her punishment and she might even increase it if she begged again.

The remote was used again as Mistress Stephanie sat down and Paula felt herself climb over Mistress Stephanie’s lap, facing towards John Thompson who had a strange look of recognition on his face.

Oh no, he’s picked my voice! Paula’s thoughts were now full of fear of exposure in front of everybody. Thankfully, he said nothing as she settled into position and felt the slap, slap, slap of the paddle against her arse.

It hurt, but, it was bearable and there was a surprising warmth that spread to her pussy as it went on. All too soon it was over and she was standing before Mistress Stephanie thanking her for her punishment.

‘Almost done, slave, then you can go back to get changed again. There is one last thing a want to do.’ A button was pushed. ‘Now, try to masturbate for me again.’

Paula tried, she really did, but, her hands just wouldn’t go near her dripping puss.

Mistress Stephanie laughed at her efforts. ‘You have one last order that will stay in your subconscious for the next two weeks according to this, you will not be able to masturbate.’

With that another button was pushed and a sobbing Paula left the room and got changed then hurried back to the recording room before anyone could notice that she had been gone.


It was about a week later that Paula received an email from Mistress Stephanie telling her that her project was approved for funding and to come see her that afternoon to discuss production.

It had been a frustrating week, full of thoughts of submission and the inability to masturbate to relieve the tension.

Paula arrived at Mistress Stephanie’s office and checked in with her secretary. She was told to go right in and so knocked and entered.

Mistress Stephanie was sitting at her desk with the prototype in her hands, turning it over and just staring at it.

Paula was reluctant to interrupt this moment of private contemplation and so closed the door and stood unobtrusively in front of it, waiting to be noticed.

‘Beautiful device don’t you think?’ The question from Mistress Stephanie was purely rhetorical. ‘Just think of how much power one little remote control has. I have been using it at home, I know I wasn’t supposed to, but, it was just so much fun making my household staff humiliate themselves for my amusement and knowing there wasn’t a thing they could do about it.’

A wry smile crossed her lips. ‘I just wish I could know whether that last command I gave to number 10 was still in effect.’

‘It is Mistress Stephanie.’ Paula startled herself by replying.

‘But, how could you know? Are you still in contact with that beautiful creature?’

‘You think she was beautiful Mistress?’ Paula’s heart stirred at being referred to in this way.

‘Yes, Paula, she was. So wonderfully obedient, she really didn’t try to fight the remote at all, she wanted to submit and this remote gave her the chance. She took that chance. I’ve watched that footage over and over. I would dearly love to meet her again.’ Mistress Stephanie seemed almost sad at the perceived lost opportunity. ‘And you don’t have to call me Mistress, that title is just for my submissives.’

‘You wanted to know where we found someone who was curious about submission. You were right to wonder how we managed it. I took the last place myself. I’ve been thinking about that session all week. Please, use the remote, allow me to cum, I’ll willingly submit to you every day if you just let me release this tension in my body.’

The passion that had been stored up in Paula’s body all week just poured out of her mouth and she was unable to stop herself as she went on to describe the events that lead to her taking the last place and how she’d felt throughout the tests.

How she’d watched the test over and over again and wanted so desperately to touch herself.

How she’d dreamed of Mistress Stephanie every night since.

‘Well slave, I think we can discuss production another time. For now, strip!’ The remote was pointed at Paula once more as she smiled and followed her Mistress’ order.

She was where she knew she belonged.

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