Metal Frame

by RbbrNSteelslave

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Storycodes: M/m; mpov; bond; slave; steel; frame; cbt; outdoors; cuffs; permanent; pain; cons; XXX

It wasn’t a normal meeting, it was one of strict finality. This was one that I chose to do willingly without regard to anything or anyone. I had looked long and hard all over and finally found the one person who had a similar idea to me. One of a slave encased in steel in a perm service position. It took a lot of discussion and measurements to get things ready to go. But I think that in the end, I will be totally happy.

Master was a master out in Nevada that I had seen online but was quiet and allowed the normal leather queens to do their thing but to overall ignore them. Master was looking for a slave that Master could add to his household that was very extreme. This was no small feat since most slaves are not wanting to cut off ties to the outside world. Many do not fit into the profile. Master had very specific requirements. One, the slave had to be disowned, no family what so ever; two, most if not all his friends were either into S&M or were supportive of him doing it; and three, one that was willing to be put into one position for the rest of his life, never to move again, only to be used for torture and sex.

I had run across him a few times, it took a while for Master and I to really get into the right discussions. I had been disowned a few years ago after my step-father found out that I was gay from my sister. I had not talked to them in over 3 years and did not really miss them at all. Luckily I had surrounded myself with friends that loved S&M or were very supportive even to the point of questioning and looking for hints and tricks (I had been known to teach a friend how to get out of poorly tied knots, which Master had used on more than one occasion) but also teaching reality and safety as foremost.

We finally got all the details worked out. I would be put into a position for life. I was looking forward to it. All I had to do was to clean out my room that I rented, quit my job and fly out to Nevada for my ultimate owner.

It only took me a few weeks to get it all in order. Finally the day came that I was going to fly out and live a new life. I had already planned to leave my truck parked in the lot and the only way they would know it was me was by looking it up. There would be no missing person’s report and so the truck would most likely be impounded and eventually sold. I got on my flight and headed west. Master picked me up in Reno and we headed out to his truck. We got into the cab and headed out of town. Once we were out of town and on a back road heading to his place Master pulled over and told me to get out. I was told to strip. 

As I removed my clothes, Master got a steel frame that was in the back of his truck all ready. My cock was already erect as I watched him get it ready. Master pulled out two wrist and two ankle steel restraints. Master started putting them on me. They bolted together and Master tightened them down with a socket wrench. There was one additional hole in each of them. Master then had me lay down in the bed of the truck and Master bolted me into the frame. 

“Get used to it, you're going to be in one position for a very long time” Master said with a grin. Master was well built as I looked over his body since my arms could no longer move anywhere. Master quickly put my ankles into place as well. The sun was beating down on my body as my cock pointed up towards my face. Master then pulled out a 4” ball steel stretcher and put it on my balls and attached it to a cable from a small winch at the bottom of the frame. Master then began to crank it until I felt like my balls were going to be ripped off. Master then put the tailgate up and hopped into the cab and off we drove. 

Being in the frame the way I was, I could feel every bump in the road. The sun was beating down on me and I was sweating profusely. My balls were aching from the strain on them by the 4” stretcher. I had no idea how long we had been going, but I noticed the sun was slowly moving through the sky. Where it was once directly overhead when I was bolted in, it was now quite a bit lower in the sky. Finally we started to slow down, I could feel the sweat move along my back and legs as the brakes were applied. Master finally pulled up somewhere and stopped. I looked up as best as I could and I could see a large barn and house but nothing more than that from where I was. 

Master walked around the truck to the back and called out “bring that engine hoist here”. Soon another slave showed up with a very heavy steel collar that was welded on with a heavy chain attached to it pushing the engine hoist over. Master quickly attached the hoist to the frame I was in and soon I was swinging in the air upside down. Master and his slave quickly pushed me into the barn that I could see. It was more of a modern shop than a barn. As they pushed the hoist into the shop, I noticed that it wasn’t a shop but rather a huge dungeon.

“Welcome to your final home slave. Don’t bother speaking because it is now forbidden and very soon you won’t be able to anyway. The frame you are in is just how I transport my slaves to the ranch. This will not be your final position rather it will be that” as Master pointed to the right. I looked over there and a solid steel bench that looked evil was there. There was a T section that came up with two large bumps in them, which I had no idea what they were for. There were four points to attach my arms and legs to and a shorter one for what I figured my balls would be attached to. There was another bar coming up about 3 feet in front of it that looked like where my head would be attached. It definitely looked evil but also some huge improvements over what we had discussed and worked out various details.

Master then took out a measuring tape and began to measure my body. It was then that I realized that my front was totally sunburned. Master took delight in slapping my stomach as I grimaced in pain. Never realizing that the sunburn was on purpose. Since I had no idea where I was in the state of Nevada and for all I know we drove around in circles for hours. The hoist was lowered and the frame that I was in was set on the ground. Quickly I was let out of the frame. 

“Stand there and don’t move” Master ordered. I stood there flexing my muscles for what looked like to be the last time. Master then walked back over with a box that had curved metal in them. This was thick, 1 inch thick steel. Master took two of the smaller ones and removed the restraint Master had put on earlier on my right arm. The new plates fit over my wrist to my forearm perfectly. There was a hole in one side of it for my thumb to go through. Master then fitted the top on it. I was amazed at the length of it, from my wrist all the way to just below the elbow. There were three holes on each side. Master quickly put bolts into it and began to tighten them down, once they were fully tightened, Master twisted the socket a bit more and I heard a snap. When I heard it, I jumped a little as I was not expecting that.

“Break off bolts, the best thing ever invented. You will never come out of this metal unless it is either cut off, or the bolts are drilled out and that will take hours. I know…I tried it on my slave before doing it here now. I wanted to ensure that once you were in it, there was no getting out of it” Master said smiling.

Master quickly did the other five bolt holes and then moved to the left wrist and then the ankles. For my ankles, Master forced me up onto my tiptoes like a ballerina. The ankle steel restraints forced my feet to remain that way. They were quickly bolted on. It hurt to stay like that. 

“Now slave, move over to your new home.”

I moved as quickly as I could on my tiptoes to it. I was then bent over it. The two large bumps fit perfectly into my abs. My arms and legs were quickly bolted to the frame with more break off bolts. Each of these bolts now that I was really looking at them were at least a ½ inch diameter There was no way these were coming off. I then felt a steel bar lay over my back. I noticed my toes were about 5 inches from the floor, there was no way I would be getting up and walking around soon. The ankle restraints put my feet into the perfect position for a cane to be used on them. I had never been caned but I knew that I would soon learn it well. I looked back as much as I could and I saw a 4” steel bar that was an inch thick being laid over my back and then bolted to the top of the T frame. As it was tightened down, I could feel the bumps dig more into my abs. Then I heard the now familiar snap of the bolts breaking off. 

“As you can tell, I have made a few adjustments. I tested it out on the slave first because I did not want you to be comfortable. Just so you know, it is the slave’s responsibility to ensure you get food and water each day. There will be a few more slaves showing up so it will be spread around.”

The slave then came around with an ominous frame, it looked evil. Master pulled my hair back so that my head was forced back as far as possible. The frame was fitted around my neck.

“Open your mouth.”

I opened it and flat pieces of steel were put around my teeth. The frame kept my head forced back. The steel pieces in my mouth were attached to the frame. Soon a socket wrench was turning some bolts that were forcing my mouth open. It got wider and wider, to the point that I thought my jaw would pop out of its socket. I started to scream a little, not that it sounded like a scream. It sounded more like a gurgle. My mouth stopped getting wider. 

“That is merely the first of several expansions to your jaw, as you get used to it, it will be opened more until there is no more to stretch it open. You are being forced open so that you can take a nice 3” diameter cock or gag. You will be trained to the point that your holes will always be full. Blink if you understand, not that it matters anymore.”

I blinked. Master then smiled and nodded.

“See slave, I knew I would find someone to lock into position forever. Bring me the welding torch and solder.”

Master then quickly touched each bolt with a bit of solder. I could feel the heat some but it wasn’t too bad. I guess now my life was his to do as Master pleased. I felt my balls being stretched out once again and knew it would not be the last stretching ever. I then felt a cold cream go onto my nuts. Suddenly heat burst through on them causing intense pain. I tried to move only to push the bumps more into my abs. Suddenly they burst into pain as electricity burst through forcing them to contract and then relax. I then felt a huge plug go into my ass. It hurt like hell. I knew we had discussed how large of a plug to start with. I now knew Master was serious. 

This was my life now. My abs were burning from the electricity forcing them to cramp up. My balls were burning and suddenly my ass burned with fire as well. I then realized that they had used the same cream as lube for my ass. 

Master turned to walk out and said “Enjoy yourself tonight. For tomorrow the real fun begins and the heavy training starts.”

With that he walked out, closed the doors and turned off the lights. I started to whimper and wonder what I really had gotten myself into. There was no escape, I was there solid. I came to a realization that it was either adapt or be destroyed!


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