Mei Ling and Me 2

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; public; toys; cons; X

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There is something so incredibly sensuous about the sound of leather on leather.  I don’t mean the crisp thwacking of a leather strap on leather covered buttocks although that does have its points.  No, it’s the soft sibilant hissing sound made, like now, when my hand in its tight kid leather glove slides around her neck and shoulder to rest on the taut red leather covering her left breast and cup it in a gentle embrace.

I felt a shiver run through Mei Ling’s form as I cuddled her to me and slowly activated the mechanism of the double width recliner chair until the back moved from vertical to a more comfortable angle.

The preparations had taken quite some time but now, the evening was young, the lights were low and I was ready to take my love on a roller coaster ride to remember.

It was several weeks since our return from the clinic and we had spent them well.  We explored each other’s likes and dislikes, wants and needs and most importantly, limits.

Obviously I was the Domme that was without question but gradually I made it clear to the gentle and compliant Mei Ling that our relationship had to be a two way street. It could not be all take from me and give by her, there had to be satisfaction and, yes, comfort, on both sides.

As I pulled the helpless leather bound form closer to me I thought back to the first time I asked for her complete trust. 

I took her out to a movie!

At the end of the evening while I could not remember the name of the film Mei Ling, the little minx, said she loved it but she would have liked some of the popcorn!

That, of course, would have been impossible given the gag in her mouth!

Oh yes! Gagged, out in public and at the movies.

She just expected a quiet evening at home being my helpless little plaything while we watched a movie on TV; I said nothing to make her think otherwise.  I had started with a very soft leather straight jacket that covered her torso from neck to waist.  Her nipples poked through ½” holes with their gold rings and studs glinting against the black leather.  Folding her arms comfortably under her breasts I buckled the straps at the end of each sleeve in the small of her back.

The butt plug was not that long and very flexible while the dildo was bigger but designed to titillate not aggravate.   Next came a soft absorbent pad and a pair of latex panties before I tightened the crotch strap of the straight jacket between her legs.

The boots were knee high with very sensible 3” block heels because, much as I loved her in sky-high stilettos, they would attract too much attention.   I guided Mei Ling’s legs into a snug, knee length leather skirt, pulled it up, closed the zip and tightly fastened the waist belt.

Telling her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue I carefully adjusted the clam shaped rubber gag behind the tongue studs.  It was spring loaded but with just enough tension to allow her to easily close her mouth and keep her teeth together.

She had a puzzled look in her eyes as I led her over to the vanity and sat her down so I could touch up her makeup.  The dark cherry lipstick with a touch of gloss fitted so well with the deep colour of her Asian eyes and the shine in her raven black hair.  Several studs in each ear with large, dark droplet earrings in the bottom piercings completed her look.

I detected fear in her eyes as I came back from the wardrobe with her SBR rain cape and my own long leather coat.

“I said we were going to watch a movie kitten, I didn’t say where.”

Now the fear became real and I took her in my arms to whisper in her ear.

“It’s raining so the cape will be a perfectly natural thing for you to be wearing and will cover the fact that you do not have the use of your arms.  All you need to do is keep your lovely mouth closed and nobody, except us, will know about the gag.  Now, do you want to go to the movies or not?”

I pushed back on her shoulders until I could look in her eyes.  She studied my face for several long moments and, I believe, she realized what it would mean to me if she went along with my game.  She nodded slowly and I kissed her gently on the forehead then picked up the cape to drape it over her shoulders.

It was just below knee length and had a hidden heavy duty zipper from a little above the hem to her right shoulder.  I closed that and then buttoned the cape every six inches from her neck down.

The hood came up and was held in place with two matching buttons on a neck flap.

Buttoning and belting my own leather trench coat I pulled a soft leather floppy brimmed hat over my hair and tucked the wrists of the kid leather driving gloves into my sleeves.  Grabbing my handbag and car keys I led Mei Ling through to the garage, settled her in the car and tightened her seat belt.

Once at the theatre and out of the rain I unobtrusively loosened the neck buttons and folded the hood back off her head.  I found us seats with Mei Ling sandwiched against a wall, threw my coat over the chair next to her and then went back to the foyer for a box of hot buttered popcorn.

Teeth clenched over the gag and lips pursed she frowned at me as I settled in beside her.

I still can’t tell you what the film was about I was so lost in my own space thinking of other scenarios we could play out with Mei Ling in bondage and in public; it was wonderfully exciting.

Something did finally bring me out of my reflections.  It was subtle movement that I caught out of the corner of my eye.  With the sound from the movie I couldn’t hear anything but, without moving my head, I surreptitiously glanced sideways at my bound and gagged companion.

Her right shoulder would come forward a little bit then go back against the seat; then her left would do the same.  I was puzzled and it took a while but then I realized she was very slowly moving her chest back and forth under the cape.  Of course!  She was rubbing her nipples against the slick cool lining of the rubber cape.

My little pet was placidly watching the movie and trying to get off. 

I leaned over and put my lips against her ear. 

“If you cum I will be very angry and you will sleep alone tonight on the floor beside my bed in a very uncomfortable hogtie.”

The movements stopped.

When the movie was over I let her follow me out to the lobby and then quickly pulled up her hood and fastening the neck flap.  Holding the door I let her proceed me out into the rain and over to the car.

When she was seated and strapped in with the seat belt I climbed in the driver’s side and opened the glove compartment.  Taking out two straps I peeled back her hood and buckled one of them over her lips and behind her head.  Then, after pulling the hood back in place, fastened the second strap around her neck with a large D ring just under her chin.  A piece of cord under her rubber covered knees, through the ring and, with my hand pushing down on the back of her neck the sleek rubber hooded head moved down towards her knees.

“Just wait ‘till I get you home.”

And when I had got her home I had a marvelous time keeping her so near the edge and frustrated that she finally screamed at me through the large ball gag.  With that outburst I changed my tickling, teasing fingers for a vibrating wand that made her explode within moments.

It had been a great evening and this one might just match it.

Mei Ling had confided early in our relationship that being bound and helpless was an intense feeling because she loved and trusted me enough to find complete relaxation and freedom in submission.

At first I had a hard time understanding this sub mindset.  While not a professional Domme I had been through several experiences with submissives, none of them particularly satisfying.  There had been the pain slut whose only aim was to get me to be harsh enough to allow her to get off.  Then the one who tried to top me from the bottom.  The biggest pleasure I got there was sticking gags in her mouth to stop the flow of annoying suggestions.

Perhaps the worst was the high-powered female tycoon who, I finally figured, was just using our dates and bondage, almost like a business appointment.  It was her excuse for giving up all responsibility or the need to make constant decisions for a few hours.

None of those situations fitted Mei Ling and me but gradually I had put the pieces together.

All her life she had been confined without any say in the matter, first under the thumb of her Chinese father and then her brother.  The emotional bindings they had put on her were harsh, unfeeling and without any semblance of love; they were the restrictions of a culture that, for the most part, treated women like chattels.

When, after meeting me, those ties were loosened she reveled in her freedom.  She discovered that our bondage games ALLOWED her to enjoy submitting not because she had to but because she wanted to.  Our love of leather just added to the mutual pleasure.

When she was bound in leather and straps,  done by me with love and not based on threats or fear, she could completely relax and let herself soar to amazing heights.

Tonight was special.  It was the anniversary of the company dinner where we had met.  Mei Ling put on the same high collared satin dress that had captivated me that night; she told me it was called a cheongsam.  We had gone out to dinner with no bondage; just leather coats just to protect us from the weather and for warmth.  It was a lovely meal and hardly a word was spoken until, as she finished a bowl of strawberries and cream, she had asked me to do her a favour.

“You are so good with your knowledge of bondage and I want you to make me completely helpless tonight.  I mean gently but firmly.  Then I want to feel you holding me and I will relive the wonders of this last year we have spent together.”

My mind went into overdrive thinking about all the gear we had accumulated and what I would use to grant her favour.  I looked in her eyes to make sure she was not just doing this for me but for both of us.  I liked what I read in those lovely dark eyes.

“It will be my pleasure kitten, why don’t we go home and see what happens?”

I had chosen the red leather.  Chinese red; it just seemed fitting to the occasion and almost like a thumb to the nose for her family and their ill treatment of this lovely, sensitive girl.

And so here we were.  Mei Ling was, at this stage, past the point of being helpless.  The single boot that encased her legs almost to the crotch was laced tightly but I had fitted foam pads between her anklebones and the sides of her kneecaps before I made the long edges of the boot meet.

Her upper torso was already encased in a matching red leather throat to hip corset and before working her legs into the boot I had carefully plugged both of her lower orifices.  The butt plug and vibrating dildo were fairly large but also very flexible.  I wanted her to feel the fullness without being uncomfortable with it.  A pair of tight red latex panties held everything in place and completed the flow of colour from her neck to toes.

Mei Ling’s kid-gloved hands were clenched into small fists and laced in matching tight mitts.  I then folded her arms behind her back and fitted each fist in the hollow of the opposite elbow strapping them firmly in position.  Her bent arms fitted inside the leather pouch that I pulled up to her armpits then ran straps from it over each shoulder, crossed them between her breasts and ran the ends to small buckles in the pouch at the point of each elbow.

That pulled her arms even more firmly against the back of her torso and removed the even slightest possible movement.

Now I just had to complete the picture by working on her lovely head.

It was a simple sponge but, when cut in half and rinsed in cold water, it made a very effective, but almost gentle, gag when packed in her mouth.  A strip of rubber went over her teeth under her lips and was tucked back inside her cheeks.  A couple of strips of surgical tape across her mouth and I turned my attention to her ears.

They were rubber earplugs, no fancy speakers or other gadgets just plain and simple, but very effective, sound blockers.  After tucking her hair inside a tight rubber cap I picked up the matching red leather helmet with just eyeholes and openings under her nostrils and carefully laced it down the back of her head.

Over the lower laces of the helmet and the top of the body corset I strapped a neck brace.  It kept her head with the chin slightly tilted upwards but also had a hard throat protector to make sure her breathing was not impeded.  I made the gag strap just tight enough so she would constantly feel its presence.

After settling the helpless form on one side of the chair I left her to get changed.

Mei Ling’s eyes went wide and literally smiled at me when I returned to pose in front of her.  The tight black leather dress and knee boots with 5” heels were the same thing I had worn the morning after we met.  With my hair brushed until it gleamed and makeup a little more intense than usual, I knew I looked good.

Standing in front of Mei Ling I pulled on the skintight black kid leather gloves to complete my outfit then reached to the tray on the side table that held one glass and a chilled bottle of white wine.  The other item on the tray was the blindfold that would complete her isolation.

Gently I smiled down and leaned forward to kiss the tip of her leather covered nose then, as she closed her eyes, I settled a wad of soft cotton over each eyelid and snapped the red leather blindfold in place.

Sliding on the chair beside her I slid my gloved hand, making that lovely sound, across her shoulders and around to cup the taut leather covering her left breast then activated the recliner mechanism until we were at a comfortable angle.  I felt her shiver.

Pulling her against me I made myself relax and stay still.

I had used all my skill to make sure her request was fulfilled.  She was blind, deaf, dumb and unable to move.  But I had not put any strain on her muscles with the bondage I used to confine her so helplessly.  I had deliberately not made use of any of her lovely piercings; those were for when we were in different moods.

Gradually I could feel the tension leave her body; even through the taut leather that was evident.  Her breathing through the nostril holes in the leather helmet became slower and deeper.

I sipped a glass of the wine until, after about twenty minutes, I felt a series of small tremors flow through the leather encased form resting against me.  That meant she was deeply into her sub-space and I turned the vibrator control to a minimal setting.

This would intensify her mental state without being intrusive or harsh.  I would know when she peaked and very slowly increase the sensation level to help her.

Tonight was her night.

But it was also mine because it proved to me that the last twelve months had not been a dream.  It was real, it was the emotional melding of two souls who satisfied each other’s needs and wants, it was heaven and it would be, I quietly prayed, forever just –

Mei Ling and Me!