Meeting Jenny

by Toran

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© Copyright 2002 - Toran - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; bondage, bdsm, cons, XX

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 Meeting Jenny
 by Toran

Part Four – Pleasure Before Business

Gentle nudging, followed by soft moaning in my ear was how I woke to my last day in Merry London town.  The dream I’d just left had my black haired and bit-gagged Jenny chained to a stone pillar in the middle of a pyramid’s tomb, naked except for the jeweled nipple clamps swinging from each breast and the thin spiked collar around her neck.  Black asps were everywhere and she frantically tried to kick them away from her toes and feet but the chains on her ankles were too short.  I sat a distance back, wondering just how long I could hold out with her helpless the way she was before I would have to get to it and fuck her brains out.

“Right now,” I whispered and opened my eyes to see Jenny’s two brown eyes pleading with me.  Since I was the only one under the covers (I am a rotten bastard, really) I could see with a quick glance that her leather straps were now deeply imbedded in her skin – they’d dried and contracted just as I had wanted and were now hugging her in a terribly tight embrace.  I reached out and patted a purpling breast, drawing a mewling sound from behind her gag.  That got my dick going.

I rolled over and checked the clock.  8:26.  I didn’t really have to get to the site until around ten when I would oversee the final shipments of spare parts back to our plant in the states.   I grinned and looked back at my girl.  I had plenty of time to do her right.

I slipped out of bed and coaxed my dick into peeing mode – no easy feat with a tightly trussed girl waiting for you back in bed.  A quick tooth-brushing and I was back in bed next to her.  I ran a hand along the curve of her thigh admiring the tightness of the straps.  I couldn’t even get a finger between the leather and her skin.  I would love the look of her body when the web of leather finally came off – she would be a work of art, sporting the intricate ties I’d made with angry red lines.

She moaned at my touch and that got my dick back to readiness.  I rolled her onto her back, relishing her grunts of discomfort.  The knots would be impossible to get off so I grabbed my pocket knife and carefully cut the leather around each knot on the bindings around her legs, from ankle to thigh.  She moaned gratefully as she was finally allowed to stretch and move her legs and those angry red marks were driving me wild.

She could tell what was on my mind because as I moved over her to finally bury my dick deeply into her hot and waiting pussy, her legs snaked up and over my shoulders, exposing herself completely for my first thrust.  She was flushed, glowing actually, and the angry red showing around the leather straps that still bound her tightly contrasted with the purpling of her boobs and the red of her cheeks.  I couldn’t hold on any longer.  Without hesitation, I rammed my dick home.

God, she felt good!  Her pussy was lubricated nicely and as I lay over her, feeling her tight cool bound boobs against my chest, the little nips nothing more than cold nubs, her eyes closed in gentle defeat, her warmth enveloping my rock hard dick – as I lay there doing nothing, feeling her beneath me, her breathing, her muscles contracting around my dick…I was in heaven.

I lay there for the longest time, dick buried inside her as deep as it would go, eyes closed, at one with the world.  Then slowly, I began to pull out, feeling that wonderful friction of her gripping me, trying to keep me in.  Out until the tip of my dick almost left the warmth, then with little more than a pause, I rammed it back in, straining to go deeper.  Dimly I heard her moans and with one hand I fumbled for the buckle of the gag, finally releasing her lips.  She was saying incoherent words over and over as I plunged deeply into her then slowly worked my way out.  I leaned in and found her lips with mine and smothered her flesh, kissing and nipping and inhaling her moans.  Faster I went, building up into a machine pace, until I was pounding her tender flesh with my torso and burying my tongue deep in her throat.

But I couldn’t hold out forever.  I knew it was coming and I tried to hold back, just a little longer.  Jenny sensed it too because she wrapped her legs around my torso tightly, tender pads of her feet digging deep into my back.  Time stopped.  For one golden moment I looked down at her, our eyes locked, my bound and sexy Jenny, so helpless beneath me and so right.  Then the locomotive slammed into me and I closed my eyes.  I must have moaned myself because she strained upward and found my lips.  Now it was her turn to greedily suck in my whimpers.  I tried to continue the pace, tried to make the explosion rocking my body last forever – and for a time it felt like it did.  But it wasn’t long before I found myself laying beside her, clutching her roped flesh desperately, my semi-limp dick still inside her.

I rolled her onto me.  Her arms strapped together behind her back gave her no balance, but I helped her straddle my torso, her legs laying astride my chest, and slowly, she began to grind into me.  I was getting hard again and this time I lay back and closed my eyes as it was Jenny who was doing the driving.  This one took longer to build and I wonder where she got the energy – she’d literally been tied up going on an entire day now, with only her legs now tasting freedom.  The thought of what I wanted to do to her meshed with the realization of what I could do her in the time left and, just as I was sweetly being led to my second coming, I knew what I was going to do.  I soared over the cliff and slammed down the other side, a wonderful plan planted in my head.  This time, I relaxed for the briefest of moments then rolled her off me. 

She was smiling, a cocky smile, a knowing smile.  Oh dear, girl if you only DID know…I slid off the bed and she cleared her throat.  “Am I still a product?  Or are you going to let me loose so I can eat breakfast?”  I glanced back at her and threatened her with the ballgag.  She gave it a narrow-eyed glare and pursed her lips together.  I didn’t have much time for what I had planned.

I took a quick shower and walked out of the bathroom to a wonderful site.  Jenny was standing next to the large window overlooking Hyde Park, the sun slanting through and silhouetting her bound female form.  Her head was tilted just so and she had the most serene look on her face and I could have sworn that she was thoroughly enjoying her captivity.  I knew the straps were so tight that she must have been feeling thousands of throbbing nerve endings screaming at the indignity of it all.  Yet, she looked as if she were somehow complete now – a total fucking just behind her, a day and a night of extreme fantasy, and now a captive sunrise.  I wondered what her thoughts were at that moment, and every time I’ve pestered her since, she’s just smiled and said, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

She sensed me standing and looking at her and bowed her head sheepishly.  I caught her cheeks flushing as I came up behind her.  “Now, Jenny, we’ve been close friends for a long time.  I have to say you are one of the best, sexiest, kinkiest women I know.  Look at me - you trust me, don’t you?”

Her smile dimmed and I could tell she was instantly nervous.  She thought for a moment and I was relieved – thought was good.  She wasn’t subbie zoned or still riding the high from our romp in the sack.  She was clear headed.  When she answered with a simple nod of the head, I knew it was a real answer.

I kissed her, a gentle long kiss.  Then I pulled away.  “Good.  I’m not going to release you just yet.  I have to go to work-“


I put a finger to her lips, quieting her.  “I’ll see to it no one disturbs your…torment.”  Her eyes perked up at that and I wondered just what it took to find a woman this into bondage.  I led her over to the bed and lay her back down.  She wrinkled her nose at the ballgag but grudgingly opened her mouth to accept it.

Then I went to work on her.  I had seen something like I was going to try on her in a magazine and had wanted to do it to her so badly since I had arrived, but she hadn’t come until last night and we ran out of time.  Slowly, I transformed her from a leather webbed girl to…something else.  I’m a mean bastard, and this was one of my best.

Methodically, I cut the oh-so-tight leather straps from her body, loving the cruel red marks left in their wake and replaced it with…thread.  Lots of thread.  By the time I got to her neck, she had almost twenty spools of black thread tightly criss-crossing her entire body.  There were thick bands at her ankles, knees, wrists and elbows, the latter two again bound together behind her back.  But everywhere else, the thin, delicate thread cut and bit into her skin.  I had flattened her breasts.  There were two complete spools tightly wound around her boobs and the effect was stunning – she was totally flat except for the two long nipples poking out from the thread.

These, I worked into their most erect form and then wound strand upon strand around the base of the delicate flesh until the entire nipple was tied and sticking straight out.  I could tell she didn’t like it and after the tightness of the leather straps, she’d found that things actually could get worse.  I had an idea that the thread would be cutting into her flesh before long.  At least, with the right amount of help in the form of movement.

I went to my bag of toys and got the two nipple clamps.  She shook her head from side to side, eyes big and watching the approaching clamps with fear.  She had a pretty good idea that with her nipples tied out the way they were, this was going to hurt like hell.

I clamped the first one on and she nearly went through the ceiling.  Tears formed in her eyes when the second went on.  But I wasn’t through yet.  I picked her up and walked her to the big mirrored closets.  She bucked a little at being carried, the cruel clamps pinned against my shoulder as I walked her over.  I slid the closet door back and deposited her just underneath the hanger rod.  She wasn’t sure what I had planned but I could tell she didn’t want it.

Threading a few loops of thread through each nipple clamp, I pulled until she was balancing on her toes, whining hard through her gag.  When I was sure she was as perched on her tip-toes as was reasonable, I tied the ends of the thread off to the overhead rod.  Now, she had the choice of resting her feet by standing full on them but getting her nips pulled horribly.  Or she could stand on tip-toe until I released her.  But I wasn’t done.

I flicked the clamps one last time, then closed the closet door.  She would stand in darkness, thread cutting into every inch of her flesh, feet on fire and straining to keep her nipples from being pulled off.  But I wouldn’t be gone long.  At least I hoped for Jenny’s sake I wasn’t…

Part Five – The Sad Goodbye

She was tired.  I could tell by the way her eyes rolled up at me, squinting from the sudden light, as I rolled the big mirrored closet door open.  Her legs were visibly vibrating from the strain of staying on her tip-toes, but I could see from the tear streaks across her cheeks that she wasn’t completely successful at keeping her bound nipples from feeling the wrath of the clamps. 

She lashed out at me with her eyes, cold fire shooting as best they could from behind her sweat plastered bangs.  She screamed from behind the gag as I cut the thread loops through the clamps, releasing the tension on her poor nips.  Girl, taking those clamps off are going to be even worse.  That thought made me grin and my grin made her start up the unladylike noises again as she sank wearily to her feet.  I’m sure that unimpeded by the rubber ball in her mouth, Jenny’s vocabulary right now would be British Blue.

But I was in a gentle mood so I carefully lifted her off her feet and carried her to the bed.  I figured the gag should stay in at least until the clamps were off.  But one thing that may make them easier is if I could get her little motor purring again.  Softly, taking my time, I began to caress her thread trussed skin, running my fingers up and down her thighs across her stomach – this girl kept in shape and her stomach was firm as a cord.  She had a magnificent body altogether – soft and gentle curves where it mattered and beneath that, limber muscle.  After a few moments of my attentions, I snuck a hand down between her shaved pussy lips and lightly coaxed her clit to its erection, my fingers every now and then straying inside to get a little friction going.

Her eyes were closed and I knew it was the best time for those clamps to come off.  I dreaded the pain for her in a small part of my brain – but that same pain that would course through her body as tender nerve-filled flesh was suddenly free to pulse with blood again – that pain fired off the circuits in my dick and suddenly I was as aroused as she was.  Delicately, I put pressure on one clamp’s pinchers.  Her eyes flew open and she immediately started whining through the gag.  Then our eyes met and I popped the clamp off.

Her back arched and I was surprised that there wasn’t a sound coming from her at all.  Her heels dug into the bed and she rolled to one side.  I had to steady her to keep from rolling all the way over and crushing the remaining clamped nip and the now mangled flesh of the other.  Before she could catch her breath and fall back to the bed, I found the other and popped that one off too.  Then she made a noise – a loud, shrill scream from behind the ballgag.  Her body slammed to the bed and twisted every which way.  And me being the sadistic bastard that I was, found both crushed nips and rolled the aggravated flesh between my fingers.  She went through the roof, bucking and screaming, her eyes tearing up.  I was in heaven.

Finally, her struggles slowed and I let her nips go.  I was going to have to do something about my hard-on really quick.  I avoided looking down at her as I undressed, and then when I did stand before the bed, she was shooting daggers at me.  Rummaging through the piles of toys that I’d used to tie and torment Jenny and that I had just tossed about as they were used, I collected the various lengths of rope.  Her eyes narrowed and I got an even dirtier look.

I smiled.  “Ok, I know you’re tired and sore and probably the only thing you want is a little breakfast and a warm bath and maybe a stroll in the park to get your body uncramped.”  She nodded grudgingly and I tossed the ropes down on the bed beside her.  “Not gonna happen, Jenny.”

She grunted and I distinctly heard the word ‘fucker’ mixed in with some unintelligible gibberish – listening to a gagged woman chew you out could be so much fun!  I lay down next to her and leaned in close to her ear.  What I whispered to her, in soft gentle tones, quieted the blue streak she was weaving from behind the gag.  By the time I was finished telling her my plan, she was nodding happily.  What a girl.  I knew she’d come around to my way of thinking.

I slipped the gag off and immediately kissed her, softly, fully.  She was such a wonderful kisser and I had only so much time left to drink from her lips.  When I pulled back, my dick was raring to go and she was softly rubbing her hips into me.  She started to speak and I put a finger to her lips.

“I’m not going to untie you, dear.  I know you well enough to know that after I’ve been so mean, you would deal with me even worse.”  I kissed her again.  As I pulled away and looked into her lovely brown eyes, she smiled.

“You’re right on that one.  But you can’t keep me tied up forever.  I will see you again, dear Toran.  And it will be you that has to learn to be just a product to be dealt with.”  Her eyes were positively glinting.  Some women are kittens, some are tigers.  Jenny was a hellcat.  She allowed herself to be tied, but you could never really tame her.  And when she got free – you would pay.  Good thing there would be a continent between us when she finally took her first unbound step away from this bed!

I got to work on her ‘threaded’ body and in no time she was properly tied with rope again, this time in a spread-eagled position with her wrists tied to the bed frame and ankles tied to the foot board.  I left enough slack in the wrist ropes so that she could sit up while I went to work gently tying her breasts.  The angry cut marks from the tread covered her body and I saw with satisfaction that some, especially around her ankles and elbows, had even drawn a little bit of blood.  The poor girl had definitely been put through the paces.  And now it was time to give her a little treat.

When her boobs were tied snuggly and sexily, I lay her back and tightened the ropes on her wrists so that now she had limited movement.  I slid up beside her and gave her another long, deep kiss and I felt her hips roll towards me.  I rolled atop her and could have fucked her then, but she deserved a bit more for all her torments.  I slid down her body until my face was at the mouth of her other lips, the sweet musky smell of her arousal and soft smooth skin of her shaved crotch beckoned me.

Slowly, I ran my tongue around her pussy lips, first one side then the other, carefully staying clear of her little nub.  In ever shrinking circles, I worked the tender folds, every now and then darting the tip of my tongue just inside to taste her wonderful juices.  She was moaning and grinding her hips, trying to mash her pussy into my tongue, but I wasn’t ready for her to come just yet.  With a few tentative, teasing licks across her clit hood, I worked my tongue around and around the sensitive fold until the little button was rising out.  This I circled with my tongue and finally nibbled, drawing loud gasps from Jenny.  She stiffened and, just when I thought she was on the brink, I thrust my tongue as deep inside her as I could, running the top across her clit as I slid it out.

She screamed, her back arching as much as the rope would allow, her thighs grinding into both sides of my head.  Then it was my lips, frantically kissing her pussy lips, my teeth nibbling her clit and she shuddered a second time, barely getting enough breath.

My dick was almost bursting just from giving her head and I counted three straight orgasms while I licked and nipped and kissed her thoroughly.  Now it was my turn.  I slid up her body, my mouth finding hers and as she greedily tasted her juices in my mouth, I slid into her.  It was slow, almost gentle, not the violent pounding of last night.  I took my time, savoring the feel of her, holding back until the last possible moment, then collapsing on her, my head nestled between her bound breasts.

She was a wonderful lover and I would have a hard time finding anyone as fulfilling as my Jenny.  But time was short and I had a plane to catch.  I left her like that per the plan, tied to the four corners of the bed, dreamily looking out the window, while I hopped in the shower.  Packing was more difficult, sorting through all the bondage equipment and generally straightening the room so it didn’t look like the ramshackle chamber of horrors it had turned into.  The whole time she talked to me.  Comfortably.  At first, as we were still both high on the love, she told me in detail what she would do to me when we met again.  I won’t go into detail what those plans were, because at that point, I planned never to be caught off guard.  Truth was, when she did exact her revenge I made a horrible product.  But that’s her story to tell.

Then we talked about more important things.  Vanilla things.  Her job, my job.  Kind of eerie having such a normal conversation when the person you’re talking to is bound naked to the bed.  But that was normal for our kind, I guess.  This was as much a part of our life as running out for a coffee, or taking in a movie – this was what we did for enjoyment.   For us, this was natural.  I will savor that time for as long as I live, in the moments after some of the best sex I’d ever had and before Sue’s arrival.  Whenever I get the chance to see Jenny, we make time for this.  We always get to this place. 

The knock on the door came as expected.  The room was clean, things were as I wanted it.  Jenny immediately ‘fell asleep’, still laying tied to the bed.  I answered the door and was greeted by Jenny’s friend and foil, Sue.  Jenny had sent me a picture a while back, so I knew what Sue looked like.  She was a pretty blond, blue eyes, glowing smile, and very nice body.  She had that wonderful English accent, although just a little more clipped than Jenny’s.  She stood in the doorway and peered around me, smile nervously trying to stay lit.

She was the one who had initially kept Jenny captive in their cellar play room and then bound her into the crate and delivered her to me almost too late for the two of us to get enjoy each other.  She had almost destroyed my trip and had certainly frustrated Jenny, who spent enough time crammed into a box.  She was nervous because she knew that if Jenny had the chance, Sue would be dealt with immediately.

I stepped aside and Sue could see Jenny sprawled on the bed, bound fast and ‘fast asleep’.  The smile came back and she took a few steps into the room.  I tapped her on the shoulder and put a finger to my lips when she turned towards me.  We walked into the room and I pointed at the waiting box – I’d offered to help Sue load Jenny back in for their trip back home.  I moved to whisper in Sue’s ear, telling her that we’d had a long night and that I was giving Jenny a chance to recover.  Sue smiled and nodded when I whispered that we could talk a little better in the bathroom.  She followed me in.  As Jenny has so aptly coined that wonderful phrase, Sue was allowing herself to be stripped and made helpless even though she didn’t know it.  The bathroom was her doom and, still smiling, she walked right in.

She didn’t notice the small key laying on the side of the tub until I cut the idle chatter and pointed it out to her.  She peered at it closer, never noticing me slip behind her.  She even started to comment on it, but I was quick and had the element of surprise.  I scooped her elbows behind her back, almost hugging her from behind, then threaded her wrists into the set of handcuffs I had waiting.

She shrieked and I had to clamp her mouth with one hand, the other reaching across her chest – nice boobs she had, pity I wouldn’t get the chance to play with them – and steadied her.  “It’s a key to the handcuffs I just put on you, Sue,” I hissed in her ear.  I turned her around until she was looking up at me, blue eyes now a mix of terror and anger.  “This is as close as you’re going to get to them.”

I reached in the vanity and pulled out the old trusty ballgag.  You know, I don’t think the thing dried out at all over those two days.  When she was firmly gagged I led her back into the bedroom.  Jenny was beaming from the bed.

“Hey, you bugger!  Thanks for stuffing me in a crate for two bloody days!”  My girl was suddenly livid with fury.  I made the mental note that I had chosen well to leave her tied.

I walked Sue to the bed and forced her down so she sat at Jenny’s feet.  I’m sure that were it not for the ropes, Sue would have gotten a little more than her ass kicked.  Looping a coil of rope to one of Sue’s ankles, I tied it off to the far side of the bed, next to Jenny’s head, giving her no more than 3-5 feet of movement.  Then I motioned to Jenny by tapping my watch.  “Ladies, my plane leaves in just over an hour.  We have to make this short.”  I walked around and sat next to Sue who angrily shifted away from me.  Jenny tried so hard to get one kick in while Sue was close, but still lacked a few more inches of freedom to connect.

“Hey!  Jenny!  Sue!  Listen up!  Sue, you can’t free yourself because the key is way out of your reach.  As well as the door.  But.  You can untie Jenny.  Then Jenny can get the handcuff keys.”

Sue’s head snapped around and suddenly her eyes were more terror than anger.  Ah yes, what a devious plan.  Deliver captor into the hands of the captive.  “You’ve become just a product-“

“To be dealt with,” Jenny finished.  Then laughed.  “Oh don’t worry Deary, you’ll be dealt with as fairly as I was.”

I had to leave.  I leaned over and kissed Sue, because I could, then got up and went to Jenny.  My Jenny.  She looked up at me and I saw sadness and tenderness, but beneath that, just a tint of the coldness that I would see sometime in the future.  I leaned down to kiss her one last time, my hand gently massaging her breast.  Our eyes locked and I said, “Take care, girl.  And don’t be a stranger.”

She laughed and said, “Oh, you’ll get yours, Sir Toran.”  She winked up at me –the last image I remember with absolute clarity.  “In spades.”

She was taunting Sue as I slipped the door behind me.  The room was booked for another night and I honestly wondered how long it would take Sue to resign herself to Jenny’s wrath.  Neither could go anywhere until Jenny was free.  I was betting Sue would be getting a ride in the crate.