The Meeting

by nonoeb

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Storycodes: Solo-M; fantasy; airport; public; M/m; D/s; submit; collar; hum; leash; controlled; outdoors; bond; rope; gag; shoe; transport; display; cons/reluct; X

The captain just announced that the final descent had started...

“Am I really doing this?” This was the thought running across My mind. Flying across the country only to be in submission for a weekend. So many thoughts were running through my mind. Can I do this? Do I want this? What if he is crazy?

My mind went back to the last few months of conversations and chat. I gave him all he needed to humiliate me and gave him instructions on how to do it. And now I was flying out to see him... to be put in my place, and submit in a way I have never done before. I had given many of my most closely guarded secrets... and this meant that I would likely be submitting in ways that I had only thought and dreamt of... which presented its own problems.. when I thought these things, it usually ended with getting myself off... but now someone else will know these same thoughts... and be able to use them against me... and for me not knowing how it will feel when it happens.. and knowing that I asked for it.

I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to back out. It’s seemed so easy talking about it online... how I wanted to be forced into submission for a weekend. Collared, made to suffer some humiliation publicly... and then spend the weekend in bondage and submission. I had explained that I hadn’t been to a play party before, but had been interested. “Jim” has said he was willing to provide me with the kink and humiliation to answer what I was looking for, and giving me even more than I asked for. He seemed so down to earth, and didn’t seem to be phased by any of my interests and turn on's.

As we landed, my mind began to think about what I asked for again... While I know I told him I was okay with some public humiliation, I was hoping he would give me a pass, and allow us some time to get to know each other first. I regretted asking him to collar me right in the airport. While I identify as straight, I am not sure what made me think that giving myself up for a weekend to a guy would end well for me... little did I know, it would turn out to be one of the greatest weekends of my life.

I got off the plane and headed for baggage... I was nervous as fuck. My mind kept jumping between excitement, and bailing out. As I checked my phone, I saw the texts from Jim. “I’m at baggage claim waiting for you... hope you’re ready”. Was I ready? What was i getting myself into. I told him I would be wearing a solid red shirt with khaki shorts with Nike shoes...

As I got to baggage claim, I looked for my bags. Jim didn’t tell em anything about what he would be wearing. He wanted it to be a surprise. As I waited for my suitcase, I wasn't sure if I wanted it to come quickly or not.

“Hi Mark”

I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard the words. I spun around to see him standing there... “hi” I stammered back.... “Jim?” I questioned. He nodded and smiled at me. I wasn’t sure what to say. I just stared at him, and then shifted back to looking at the luggage conveyer.

“How was your flight?” he asked.

I responded quickly “it was fine”

“Are you ready?” was his next question.

I didn’t response initially. I wasn’t sure what to say. I knew that once I agreed that I would be collared. Right there in the airport. I knew it was coming... I had asked for it. But now that it was happening, I wasn’t so sure anymore.

“Changed your mind?” He asked... sensing my hesitancy.

“No, just waiting for my bag” was the only thing I could come back with.

“Good... I was hoping you hadn’t changed your mind” was his response.

He told me to turn around. As I did, he whispered into my ear “get on your fucking knees”. I was caught off guard. He put his hands on my shoulders and helped push me onto my knees. The next thing I felt was him reaching in front of me and placing the collar around my next. I could feel him working on the buckle, and heard the click of the padlock as he locked it around my neck.

He moved in front of me and pulled me to my feet by the ring on the collar. I was extremely embarrassed. I could feel everyone looking at me. A fact that was not lost on Jim...

“Everyone in here just watched me collar you on your knees.”

I didn’t know how to respond. I was humiliated. All I could do was look at my feet... but Jim fixed that with his next response.

“Head up. You will look everyone in the eye, and are not permitted to avoid eye contact I want you to watch their eyes as they look at your collar”

I looked at him for sympathy, but none was found.

“Yes sir is the only response I need” he said

“Yes sir”

It has been 5 minutes since I met him, and I was already humiliated. I knew it would only get worse.

After what seemed like an eternity, I saw my suitcase on the belt. I quickly grabbed it, and looked for his direction on the way to leave. What happened next I did not expect. He pulled a leash out from his pocket. He probably saw the look of terror on my face. His only reassurance was to tell me that I asked for this, and he was only giving me what I wanted... while he wasn’t wrong, I didn’t want to admit it.

A moment later, he attaches the leash to my collar and lead me out of the airport. All eyes were on me.

I felt somewhat better once we were outside. There were less people. Every time I tried to look down, Jim pulled on the collar and told me to keep my head up.

We finally made it to his car after taking the “long way” through the parkade to ensure everyone’s possible saw me collared and leashes. We got to his car - a red focus. I wasn’t sure what’s I was expecting, but that wasn’t it. He grabbed my suitcase and placed it in the trunk, and then lead me to the passenger door.... but instead of letting me in, I was told to turn around and place my hands behind my back.

“What?” Was my meek response

“Put your hands behind your back” he repeated. He wasn’t joking. He produced rope from the back seat. I knew what was coming. I was already collared and knew that’s there was t really an option to avoid it... and I was hoping to be tied up.

I placed my hands behind my back... he crossed my wrists and before I knew it my hands were expertly bound. There was no hope of getting them free. I was just thankful that there was no one that saw this happening.

He opened the door for me, and helped me into the passenger seat and then placed the seatbelt on me.

“Remember what you told me about being gagged?” He questioned

My mind immediately shot to our texts... for my love of being sock gagged...

I looked at him with a black stare.

“Well, you don’t need to answer... but you will be gagged until we get to your hotel”.

And with that, he reached for my shoes, and untied the shoelaces and took off my shoes, and then he peeled off each sock. He told me to open my mouth, and knowing I would be gagged, I complied.. he pressed both socks into my mouth... I could immediately taste the sweat. He used a piece of rope and tied them into my mouth ensuring I wouldn’t be spitting then pot.

I was a little worried about being seen like this, but my thought was cut off when he grabbed my shoe...

“I know you said you like to be forced to sniff your own shoes, so I am also going to tie your shoe to your face while we drive to your hotel. Everyone will be able to see you smelling your shoe... just so you know”

And then he immediately placed my shoe over my mouth and nose. I could smell then sweat. I couldn’t believe he was doing this.... in public... yes I had asked for it, but I just thought it would happen in private.

Another rope was used to tie the shoe to my face. All I could do was smell my shoe or taste the sock gag.

I was turned on. As much as I hate to admit it. I was about to be driven through town while I was collared, sock gagged and being forced to sniff my shoe... and everyone could see the shoe tied to my face. I was embarrassed... humiliated, but extremely turned on.

“Just wait until we get to the he hotel... you are fucked” Jim said as he got into the drivers seat.

I just moaned into the sock gag, and shoe.

Continues in part two

To be continued.
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