Meddling With Mandy 3

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2005 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; kidnap; leather; toys; reluct/cons; X

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Meddling With Mandy 3 Messing with Monika by Anne Gray

Chapter 3 – Messing with Monika
(Originally posted as a sequel to Meddling with Mandy)

The hood of her raincoat was certainly protecting her from the rain but it was also making it very easy for me to remain unseen. As the staccato click of her high heels came closer to my position I could see her head was bent against the driving rain and her kid gloved fingers were holding the red plastic tightly against her neck.

In this weather we were the only two around and she didn’t know that it was time for us to meet again.  As she passed between the open side door of the van and the building alcove where I was waiting the plastic coat was keeping the rain off but it was no match for the taser as I touched her shoulder.

I caught her before she had a chance to hit the pavement.  With a lift and a twist I used her own weight to have her upper torso land on the floor of the van and then with another push got her legs inside. After a quick check to make sure she hadn’t dropped anything I joined her inside and slid the door closed.

As soon as it latched several things happened, the inside light came on, Mandy started the engine and pulled away and I straddled Monika’s back.  Curtains covered the back windows and a larger one ran from side to side just behind the driver seat keeping the light from showing.

There was a groan from the body under me but she was still weak as I grabbed her wrists and twisted them into the small of her back then reached for one of the hanks of ¼” cord.  With several quick twists of the cord her arms were soon securely held with the wrists crossed then I reach up and pulled the hood of the raincoat back, grabbed a handful of red hair and yanked her head back.  The ball gag needed pressure to get it between her teeth but once popped in place the strap around the back of her neck was redundant – I buckled it tightly anyway.

As she recovered from the taser shock I was wrapping several turns of cord around her ankles.  The knee boots were leather but must have been treated with something because the rain had not damaged them and they gleamed even in the fairly dim light. The raincoat came almost to her ankles and I used more cord over the semi translucent red plastic to lash her knees together then did the same with her elbows.

The whole operation had only taken a couple of minutes, although it certainly seemed like more and I sat back on my heels to take a deep breath and watch as Monika came back to reality.  I pushed back the hood of the two-piece clear vinyl rain suit I was wearing over my kid leather cat suit and studied my newest acquisition.

She was known as the “Black Widow” in Mandy’s office.  Everyone thought that Monika was doing any dirty work the boss told her to do and she did it with great glee until the staff had learned to dread her approach.  Over the past few months Mandy had been her favorite target and I had decided to do something about it.  Once again research had paid off but this time I had the advantage of an “inside snitch” – Mandy.

I now knew that, in fact, Monika was on a two-year transfer from the company head office in Germany and was supposed to be an efficiency expert while, in reality; she was the owner’s daughter who loved throwing her weight around.  Now it was my turn.

I added a blindfold before I pulled the hood back over her head and rolled the corded plastic form against the wall of the van.  The wide webbing straps meant to secure any load locked her against it.  Turning off the light I slid the curtain back and stepped through to the passenger seat beside Mandy.  She was driving very carefully in the dreadful weather but did send a worried look at me as I settled in the seat and did up my safety belt.

She looked delicious buttoned and belted in the shiny black rubber maxi coat topped with a matching sou’wester; I told her to concentrate on the road, everything else was just fine.  The van was an automatic so the rubber ballet boots Mandy was wearing gave her no problems on the pedals; her tightly gloved hands could still hold the wheel and half an hour later we pulled in my garage.

She had learned to walk in the boots too so was able to help me by taking Monika’s ankles while I took the shoulders and we carried our new guest to the playroom and dumped it unceremoniously on the floor.

Now I had to return the van to the rental agency but first I had Mandy hold out her hands and make fists while I laced on some black rubber mitts.  Then I tightened the wrist straps on the sleeves of the coat and hooked the clasps on reinforced belt loops on each side of her waist.  She looked at me with that big-eyed stare as if to say, “I was helping”.

“Open up Sweetheart” I said as I pushed a black rubber ball in her mouth and covered the lower half of her face with shiny black tape that matched the coat.  “Just stand around and watch your friend, I’ll be back in an hour.”

I knew from the last few months we had spent together that being restrained in any manner was the same as foreplay to Mandy and she would be as hot as a poker when I got back.  Monika wasn’t going anywhere.

The clerk at the rental agency tried hard not to let me see how she was studying my outfit as I signed the papers to return the van. My rain suit had elastic cuffs at the ankles that kept the legs tightly against the heeled rubber boots I was wearing and similar elastic at the wrists fitted the sleeves against my gloves.  With the hood up I was as close to waterproof as you could be and, as I walked to my own car, I wondered if she would be worth a little “research” in the future.

Back home I peeled of the two pieces of clear vinyl and ignored Mandy as I changed my boots for a pair of leather high-heeled knee boots that matched my cat suit.  Now in full Domme mode I studied the other two in the room and decided that Mandy should be the first to receive my attention.

She “mewled” at me as I clipped her wrists together behind her back and then made her stand in front of my chair as I sat and unbuckled the belt of the shiny black rubber coat and un-did the buttons from the waist down.  That gave me access to the zip on the skintight leather pants and I opened it and pulled them down almost to her knees.  She wobbled on the ballet boots as I worked but managed to keep her balance until I got up and bent her over the arms of my chair, flipped the skirt of the coat up over her back and worked in a lubricated butt plug.

The moaning became louder as I pulled her upright again and reached around to slide in a 7” dildo, lubrication was un-needed, and yanked the leather pants up again.  I fastened the buttons and belt of her coat and then pulled her over to what I called the “half chair”.  She had been simmering since we got home but now I was going to let her stew while I attended to Monika.

The “chair” was shaped like one but was only 12” wide.  Made of heavy sheet metal it was bolted to the floor and had one front leg that came to knee height then curved into a seat shape before turning up again to form the back. Spaced at one inch intervals along the full length of each edge were small metal loops that acted as anchoring points.  I found that with regular chairs you could not get rope or straps nearly as tight because they were wider that the person sitting in them, this one solved that problem.

It took nearly fifteen minutes but by then Mandy was a shiny black rubber covered form corded immovably in the metal chair where she would continue to stew because there was nothing she could do to relieve the building frustration in her loins.  I slid my hand over the smooth cap of her sou’wester, kissed her taped mouth and turned to Monika.

The blindfolded, gagged and bound form covered in red plastic was doing some wriggling and getting nowhere fast.  She stiffened when I rolled her on her back and sat on her stomach; then started grunting and whining around the ball gag.  That got even more muffled as I took off the gag strap around her head and stuck several wide strips of tape across her mouth to contain the drool that is always the end result of having a rubber ball stuffed in your mouth.

I folded back the hood of her coat then flipped her over to her back and moved to kneel at the top of her head.  Her hair was red but not the natural Irish red of Mandy; I had a feeling that when I got a chance to look at the lower bush I would find that some chemical help had been used.  Removing the blindfold I gathered the tresses that were down to her shoulder blades and pulled it to the crown of her head.  I knotted a long piece of rawhide as close to her scalp as possible and then plaited the hair and rawhide into one long braid.

Sliding a steel ring halfway down the braid I twisted its end through several times and tied it off with the ends of the rawhide.  Rolling Monika across the floor until she was under the ceiling pulley I clipped the hook at the end of the pulley rope through the steel ring and took up the slack.  When her upper body was clear of the floor I lifted her to her feet and quickly yanked on the rope to hold her upright by her hair before I tied it off to a wall bracket.

She didn’t stand a chance and in minutes was standing naked (proving me right about her hair colour) with her hands cuffed behind her and ankles tied together.  I unhooked her hair from the pulley and dragged her over to stand facing the top plate of the holding frame.

With a bit of pressure I pushed her head in the lightly padded opening until the oval framed her face around the hairline and just in front of her ears.  A wide strap across the back of her head held it in place.  Two more straps buckled tightly, one under her arms and across her shoulder blades and the other at waist height, forced her breasts to poke through two more openings as they crushed her upper torso against the padded metal plate.

I pulled the steel ring on the hair braid through an anchor hook on the plate above her head to further lock it in place.  With her completely helpless and held against the frame it was an easy matter to secure her elbows to either side and work on her hands and arms one at a time.

Fingers forced into fists and stiff leather mitts laced up her forearms led to the next step where I released her right elbow, twisted the arm up her back and fed the strap at the end of the mitt through a bracket just above her right collar bone; the left arm got similar treatment.  From either side I looped a strap with a ratcheted buckle around her elbows and fitted its lever in place.  Three or four pumps of the lever took up the slack and a few more started to pull her arms in the wicked reverse prayer position.

Giving her muscles a chance to adjust I moved around in front of the frame and stripped the tape off her mouth.  Getting my fingers behind the ball it popped out and she worked her jaw as much as the oval allowed then screamed as I twisted a nipple.  That allowed a ring gag to fit in behind her teeth to replace the ball.

There were ½” wide leather bands attached to the frame around the base of each breast and after they were tightened they gave the glands a very satisfying bulge.  The snap of the nipple clips was almost drowned out by the throaty wail that came through the ring gag.

I loosened the hinged pipes projecting from the bottom corners of the plate, swung them out in a wide V and locked them in place.  Untying her ankles I grabbed her right leg pulling up and out until I could strap the ankle to the end of the pipe.  When the left leg followed Monika lost all contact with the floor and was very vulnerable.  Several more straps above and below the knees and around the thighs completed her attachment to the frame and I adjusted the whole thing on its axis until the helpless form was at a 45-degree angle.

I stuck a piece of toweling through the ring gag to stop the drool and, just for fun, attached a couple of weights to the nipple clamps before moving over to Mandy for the next step.

I removed the sou’wester and stroked her hair while I explained what was going to happen.

“In a minute Mandy I’m going to lace you in a nice tight leather discipline helmet that only has openings under the nostrils so you can breathe.  Then I’m going to get you out of that chair and the raincoat and put a large butt plug in your left hand, a equally impressive dildo in your right hand and clip the penis plug that matches Monika’s gag to your belt.”

“You are going to play my version of that childhood game Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  I will take you to the middle of the room and turn you around a few times and then you have to find Monika and insert the objects I’ve given you in their respective openings.  Only when you have done that will I let you get some satisfaction.”

Mandy looked up at me and I swear she grinned at me with her eyes then looked over at her suspended tormentor before she nodded as if to say “let’s get on with it.” 

True to my word I soon had her standing in the middle of the room.  The helmet had completely unnecessary straps pulled tightly around her mouth and across her leather covered eyes only because I liked the way they made her look.  The skintight leather slacks were tucked inside the ballet boots and her arms were covered in shoulder length kid gloves that matched the tight, bolero leather jacket.

I held her for a moment to let her get her balance then turned her around a few times before letting go.  With a pitcher of ice cold cocktails beside me I sat on a sofa against one wall and watched the scene unfold.

Waving her arms, with the two toys in her hands, Mandy took some tentative steps forward and ended up banging in to the wall near the doorway.  Turning around she came straight across the room and ended up stopped by the sofa where I was sitting.  She sat down and took the weight off the ballet boots for a few minutes and then, having got her bearings in the room, stood and tottered right over to the frame.

With a happy grunt she ran her hands over Monika to establish her position then slid the butt plug down between the bound girl’s ass cheeks and pushed it home with one hard thrust.  The dildo followed and then she felt her way around to the front, unclipped the penis plug from her belt and slid it up the plate until she located the opening of the ring gag and twisted it home as well.

Not sure what to do next Mandy just stood there and I walked over to gather her wrists behind her back and cuff them.

“Well, Monika, your on that frame for three days until your new owner comes to collect you and take you aboard his yacht after he gives me a very large payment.  You might be interested to know he has his own castle and it’s on the Rhine so you should feel quite at home but I doubt you’ll be comfortable.  I will feed you through that gag if and when I feel like it.  Every so often we will wheel over a nice little machine with a sealed but flushable container and give you a nice cold cleaning out.  In the meantime let’s see if you can get your forearms to touch.”

And touch they did as I gave the lever several quick pumps before I took Mandy by the arm and led her to the bedroom to get her reward!