May I borrow your husband's cock?

by Techie

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© Copyright 2018 - Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bondage; CBT; design; metalwork; beta-test; chastity-device; gagged; hood; naked; handcuffed; displayed; tease; denial; true; cons; X

This past week I got the strangest request I have ever heard.

Lynn our neighbor and exotic metal artist who specializes in designing bondage gear for any dom or dungeon that can pay her price came over to our home and asked me, “I just got an idea for the simplest, fiendish, yet secure male chastity device ever designed. I need to finish designing it and I want to borrow your husband’s cock. First as a fixture to help me design it; then as a beta tester to check my lock’s comfort, and be certain that it is escape proof.”

I replied, “It’s his cock. You know he is locked in a CB6000 male chastity device and I have the only key but you’ll have to ask him. If he agrees I’ll unlock him so you can do your design work and beta test.”

When Techster got home from work I startled him by asking, “Lynn is working on a new chastity device and would like to measure your cock for design and prototype beta test. What do you think?”

He responded with a quiet laugh, “If it’s OK with you I’ll help. It’s half your decision; after all you have the key to my CB-6000.”

Having agreed to help Lynn with her project we walked over to her home.

She greeted us at the door with, “Ah, Techster, did Techie explain about my latest project?”

He smiled and said, “If it’s OK with Techie it’s OK with me. Just what do you want to do?”

“I plan to make a mold of your cock, which according to Techie is about typical or average size. Then I plan to cast several replicas of your cock to use in designing what I believe the meanest inescapable male chastity device that doesn’t use a piercing.”

Techster laughed quietly and said, “Well first you’ll have to help Techie unlock our CB-6000 .”

Lynn answered, “Oh, she’s already agreed pending your OK. “ she pointed a heavy wooden chair and ordered, “Please put your slacks and underwear there and lie on your back on the sofa.”

Lynn paused and showed a piece of two inch plastic plumbing pipe about ten inches long explaining, “ This will be the container for the mold. Your cock will be in this with a small piece of lubed plastic tubing as a catheter. The cath will be pulled out when the solution hardens so air can get in order to remove your cock. Just before I pour the solution into it I will grease your cock and the area around it with mold release grease so the casting gel doesn’t stick to it.”

As his slacks and underwear hit the ground Techster stepped out of them, placed them on the chair and lay on the sofa., he looked over at me and asked, “Hey, lover will you please do the honors?”

I unlocked and removed the CB-6000 from Techster’s cock and Lynn brought the “Clone a willy” kit and a small bucket of ice.

Techster shivered as Lynn rubbed ice cubes up and down his cock. “Why?” He asked.

Lynn explained, as she covered his cock with mold release solution. “It is important that your cock be soft no erection. Remember this is a male chastity device we are going to make! It has to lock securely on a soft cock.”

Then she slid his cock in a plastic tube, inserted the catheter in his pee hole and filled the tube with a plastic resin, “Now sit very still for about fifteen minutes. When the resin hardens we will extract your cock. The purpose of the catheter is to allow air in and prevent a vacuum so I can remove your cock from the mold.”

It seemed like an hour when Lynn gently pulled cath out and removed his cock from the mold.

Thanks to the release solution none of the plastic stuck to Techster’s cock and Lynn was able pull it out with no problem.

I promptly locked Techster’s cock back in the CB-6000.

He sat, pulled his under wear and slacks on and slid on his shoes.

Lynn thanked him and said as we left, “Please come back tomorrow for a beta test fitting of the new lock.”

Techster got a worried look on his face and told me , “As severe as some of her designs are I am concerned about the beta test will this be simply a chastity device or an instrument of torture?”

I agreed, “Relax, she won’t hurt a friend.”

The following evening we went over to Lynn’s home and were greeted by Lynn’s enthusiastic, “Wow! Thanks Techster and Techie! This will work great!” and she showed the replica of Techster’s cock with a modified padlock securely locked around it in the groove between the head and the shaft.

“Ready to be my first beta test subject?” she asked.

Techster laughed, looked at the lock and agreed, ”Why not? It won’t hurt will it? ”

Lynn unlocked the lock from the model and said, “I hope not! But then that will be your call.”

The padlock looked like any other except there were three small what appeared to be ball bearings welded to the inside on the bail, three rings welded to the outside or loop of the lock and two streaks of weld about one quarter of an inch tall with a gap between them.

Lynn held the lock up and explained each item, “The three little balls on the inside of the loop are guarantee that this chastity device when locked is inescapable. The one ring on the body of the lock is to be an attachment point for a leash or whatever. The weldments on the top of the body of the lock serve to make certain that the wearer’s ureter is not obstructed so they can pee. Now about the three rings on the bail or loop of the lock I put them there so that in order the wearer of this lock must drop their slacks and underwear to pee. Are you ready to be my first beta tester?”

Techster smiled and let his slacks and underwear hit the floor. ”Let’s go !”

Lynn put a little Neosporin on the inside of the lock, pulled on the tip of Techster’s cock, slid the loop over the groove between the tip and shaft of his cock, then pushed up on the body of the lock and with a loud click Techster was locked into heavy metal chastity.

Techster shook his cock, pulled on the ring on the body of the lock and remarked, “It is secure as can be and not uncomfortable but not too comfortable. In short I know its there and is not going anywhere!”

He stepped out of his shoes, slacks and underwear and walked around.

Lynn said, “Are you OK with a submissive beta test?”

Techster smiled and agreed, “Go ahead I’m impressed. Secure as can be and with it locked on I can’t enjoy a hard on, masturbate or have sex. I’m your locked up eunuch!”

Lynn ordered, “Then get rid of the shirt too! I want the pix of our test to be naked! I’ll have you wear a hood so your identity is hidden.”

With that she produced a pair of heavy pair of handcuffs, cuffed Techster’s wrists behind his back and snapped a long chromed leash on the lock and led him around the room.

Needless to say he followed like a submissive puppy!

Techster started to protest so Lynn took a second to stuff a large ball gag in his mouth and pull a bondage hood with eyeholes over his head. “There now we can have a quiet beta test and subject display of my newest creation.”

We all took turns leading Techster around.

Lynn then walked him over to the bondage pole she had in her first floor dungeon and with a double-ended snap hook secured Techster to an eyebolt on the pole.

She then set up a small table with a Mac Book computer and a small camera on it, explaining, “Now we are ready for the on-line show and sale.”

Raising the camera on a tripod she signed onto the “Power Dom” website and announced, “Hi there, this is Lynn of ‘ Creative Metal Bondage Arts, LLC’ with my latest creation I call it the ‘Cock Lock’ because it is the ultimate inescapable non-piercing male chastity device.”

With that she took a small blue-tooth camera and zoomed in on Techster finally focusing on his locked cock. “Let me introduce my beta tester who has been locked for a little over two hours. First let me remove his gag so we can get his opinion on the cock lock.”

She pointed to me and I lifted the hood and removed the gag from Techster’s mouth then lowered the hood so his identity was hidden.

Lynn reached down and unhooked the cock lock, clipped on the leash and led him around in front of the camera.

She asked Techster, “Please give us your honest opinion of the “cock lock” .

Techster responded, “Please stand still while I pull on the leash.”

He backed, and with a snap pulled Lynn off her feet,” Now did you see that? I gave it a pull weight with my full two hundred pounds. Not only did it not move it stretched my cock but not a hint of escape possibility. It was uncomfortable but it did not hurt. As you’ve said I been locked for over two hours and led around like a puppy. From a man’s perspective it is intimidating being led around like that naked with my hands cuffed behind me feeling totally helpless knowing that my sex is under my keyholder’s control, the cock lock for a little over two hours; I’ll let you know more after I’ve been locked for a week!”

Lynn got a surprised look on her face and asked, “Would you stay locked for a week?”

Techster answered, ”But first you’ll have to show my keyholder how to remove, clean under it and reinstall it with my hands cuffed behind me.”

Lynn reached into her “toy chest” pulled out a full face mask and motioned to me to come over, “Put on this mask to preserve your identity and follow me through a cleaning procedure.”

With Lynn directing as she held the camera close to Techster’s cock I unlocked, removed the cock lock wiped antibiotic lube around in the groove between the head and shaft of Techster’s cock. With my right hand I pulled on the tip of his cock slip the loop of the lock into it and with my other hand closed the lock.

“Good job hon, no pinching.” Techster exclaimed, “I think we can live with this!”

Lynn smiled and handed me the key to the cock lock and the handcuffs which were on a gold chain, ”You are in control, enjoy the power!”

Since it was dark I put the chain around my neck, picked up Techster’s clothes, the CB6000 and his shoes and led him to the door of Lynn’s home, “As you said, ”Enjoy the power, since its dark and we live nearby I’ll take my new boy toy home. He needs to stress test the cock lock with a good sexy tease!”

I led Techster over to our home where I stripped, cuffed his wrists and began a sexy tease.



I do hope you can separate the pix of Techster in the cock lock how long he says in it will be determined on just how horny he can make me after all it is a great feeling for a long married wife (5 years) have her husband literally begging for her



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