Maxine's Misfortunes

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2008 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; M/f; bond; costume; pet; oral; anal; nc/reluct; X

“Can one of you give me a hand please, I seem to be having some trouble with the lacing”

Fateful words that would lead to my ultimate downfall. My name is Maxine, or Max to my friends, and I work in the local college. Well, I call it a craft college, but I think the term is something like Vocational Skills Centre. You know the sort of place, hard academic subjects are replaced by more practical subjects for those who prefer them. So alongside the more usual classrooms we have a woodwork shop, a craft shop, dressmaking rooms and even a distant leatherworking shop that sees very little use these days. Or so I thought.

It was that time of the year. The grand show was looming large on the horizon and plans were well in hand for all the acts, turns and displays that made it up. And as someone with an active interest in the costumes I often found myself passing through the dressmaking rooms and marvelling at the sheer ingenuity of the students in their work. Which is what bought me here today.

The room was empty (A rarity itself at this time of the year) and I found myself wandering aimlessly between the workbenches, idly picking up pieces of costumes and projects, examining them and letting them fall back onto their respective piles. Until I came to a square worktable that I knew was being used by some of the senior girls.

I picked up what looked like a cropped top fashioned from a pale, soft fabric. I turned it over and over in my hands as I tried to work out the finer points of it’s design. It had a high neckline, lacing at it’s back, and the sleeves appeared far too short and closed at the ends. Clearly a design fault I thought, as were the shape of the sleeves. They were massively wide at the open end, yet they tapered to a point at the closed end.

I glanced about to check no-one was watching me, then popped my head through the neck and allowed the garment to fall as it may. The useless sleeves draped themselves across my pert little breasts and I could feel the rest of the garment arranging itself across my shoulders as it should. The high collar came up under my chin, but it was so soft I hardly noticed it.

I lifted one of the sleeves and offered it up to my arm. The closed end came level with my elbow, but I still couldn’t see the point of them. As I allowed the material to drape across the arm I had a fleeting idea. It looked as if my arm would fit if I folded it at the elbow, whatever use that would be. Bemused by my thoughts and quite oblivious to the passage of time I bent back my elbow and pressed it onto the strangely shaped sleeve and was amazed to feel it slip smoothly inside. The silky soft sleeve fitted perfectly to my flesh.

“Are you having fun with our costumes ?” said voice by my ear making me physically jump. I quickly turned to see three of the senior girls standing there smiling at me. “Here, let me help you with the other one,” one of them said before I could open my mouth, and before I could react my other arm had been popped into the other sleeve.

As I wagged my arms about I could feel the lacing tight across my shoulder blades, and abruptly realised that the sleeves were more cunningly fashioned than I had thought. A careful taper at the shoulder end prevented me from extracting my arms while the laces were tied, which was when I uttered those immortal words.

“Can one of you give me a hand please, I seem to be having some trouble with the lacing”

“Of course” one of them said, and as I turned I felt eager fingers loosening the laces, then as my arms were allowed to droop I felt them being pulled long and firmly, tighter than they had been before, hoisting my arms up until my elbows flapped about level with my neck.

The three of them stood back and laughed uproariously as I went ape trying to get out of that simple yet devastatingly effective device. It’s not a nice feeling when you suddenly find out you haven’t got any arms, I can tell you. My long dark hair flew back and forth as I fought like a thing possessed, but to no avail. Finally, sweat soaked and breathing hard I accepted that I was caught.

“OK” I hissed “You’ve got me. What now ?”

“I think” one of them said “We should introduce Max to the rest of the costume, don’t you ?”

There was a general murmur of agreement, and one of them held up what looked lake a larger version of the garment I was already wearing. I was bemused until three pairs of hands grabbed at the waistband of the trousers, and then I understood only too well what they had in mind. I screamed out loud as they hauled away my trousers, panties and shoes before depositing me on my back on the workbench. With no arms and no purchase I could do little more than watch as they gleefully folded back my calves against my thighs and slipped them into tapered sleeves just like those that had made my arms their prisoner. Material snapped against my flesh, laces were pulled tight, and before I knew it I was thrashing about on my back as helpless as a babe. All my limbs taken from me.

“Now for the final touch” one of them said, pulling a far larger costume of brown fur from an adjoining workbench. A costume with four worryingly short legs.

By now other girls had joined them, and a dozen willing hands rolled me over and took up the costume. As I felt the fur being drawn about my captive legs I pleaded with them, I cried out, I cajoled them, all to no avail. I was crying with frustration as I felt the soft fur costume being rolled up my tightly toned midriff while other hands ripped away the remains of my clothes and fed my tits into cups ready stitched in that outfit.

“No no no no” was all I could repeat, time after time as my arms were slipped into the costume and laces along my back were pulled tight making the costume fit tight to me like a second furry skin.

I could feel something resting against my neck, and I hung my head in terrible submission as a hood complete with pert little ears was pulled up over my head and my human features disappeared behind a set of animal features. Only my eyes and mouth remained in display.

A mirror was held up for me, and a strange furry creature with big brown eyes full of tears stared back at me. I glanced in the background of the mirror and shuddered as I saw one of the girls brandishing a mass of leather straps that could only have one destination. As she came closer to me I could see her unfurling what could only be bridle. I’d spent enough time with horses and ponies in my youth to recognise the basic design, and as she reached towards my head I threw my head about desperately in what I knew would be a futile attempt to prevent it’s flapping straps from gaining control of me. I closed my mouth tight and fought for all I was worth as firm hands took hold of my head and I felt the gentle caress of the leather straps brushing against me. A ball was pressed against my tightly closed lips ,and for a moment I thought I might be victorious. Then I discovered an evil refinement in the costume I had not noticed before. Amongst the tawny fur were cunning cut-outs that allowed unrestricted access to certain tender areas I would have preferred covered.

Three fingers were plunged into me from behind, and I yet out a yowl of surprise. My lips parted wide, and the ball was between my teeth. Buckles rasped and rattled about my head and when I looked back into the mirror a furry sculpture of a beasts mouth was held tight to my chin and only my eyes remained of my human appearance.

Many hands stroked their new ‘pet’ as they called me, caressing me gently as if I really was an animal. I was rolled onto my back, my useless limbs thrashing in the air as they rubbed my belly like a giant cat. Firm hands parted my knees as I lay there and a tongue darted into my womanhood, twitching over my clit until my body betrayed me and I felt my passions start to grow and despite myself the sheer perversity of my situation started to turn me on. That first orgasm was a terrible thing. I felt as if I was betraying myself, yet deep down I enjoyed it so much I actually started to purr when they started to stroke me again. They knew they had pressed me across an important threshold and the rest would be easier.

They set me on the floor and watched as I tried to walk about on my knees and elbows. Padding in the costume kept my joints protected as I fell this way and that, forcing myself to ignore their laugher until I could mange a shambling gait across the floor. I felt I was getting good at the walking when a blindfold was dropped across my eyes and I felt myself being bundled into what felt like some kind of box, and the swaying movements soon told me that I was being carried. I could hear the sounds of the school as I was carried along, and as there were no cries about me I was forced to conclude that I was not visible as they carried me along.

In time I felt the jolt as the box was put down and a door creaked open. Something prodded my buttock and I moved gingerly forwards as it bid me. I could feel padding under my new limbs, and I could smell fresh straw in the air. Abruptly, the blindfold was whipped away and I looked about to see myself in a room lit only by high windows. There were thick gym mats on the floor and straw was piled around as if to make up bedding. Things did not look good for me.

“Maxine, we’d like you to meet Bruno” said one on the girls, “here boy, come and meet Maxine. We’ve bought her here for you to play with!”

The straw in the corner shifted and ‘Bruno’ emerged. The fur costume was far darker, near black in fact, and it covered a far more muscular frame than mine. A very male frame from which drooped an already impressive erection.

I backed quickly away, but the cover of my box had already been removed. I nearly fell over as I tripped over my still unfamiliar limbs. Bruno was faster, steadier on his unnaturally shortened limbs as he darted behind me before I had a hope of recovering my balance. As he vanished from my view his cock was bouncing hard and erect displaying frightening proportions where it emerged from his costume.

I was just starting to move forwards as his forelegs landed on my back, pressing me down onto the floor and squashing the movement out of me. They slipped back until they had a tight, doglike grip on my hips while his haunches pressed hard against my rear. I felt a couple of wild thrusts as I desperately tried to pull away on my unsteady limbs before that magnificent manhood found It’s mark and sunk full length into my rear entrance.
I cried out, I tried to scream, I fought, then my body betrayed me again and closed moistly about that mighty erection before thrusting hard back against him until we were copulating wildly like two dogs on heat.

As we lay there in the mists of afterglow I heard one of the girls talking from by the door. “Don’t worry Maxine, you’ll get so used to walking in that outfit you’ll soon forget what it’s like to walk upright. Bruno did. Then you forget what it is to talk, and soon you will be quite happy down here with him.”

I did my best to roll to my feet as I heard them closing the door, but it was firmly closed and locked before I had even gained my strange new feet and I knew I was trapped. And as I stood there panting softly I heard fresh movement. A low hatch had opened in the wall and a fresh head quickly appeared in the half-light. Another half-human, half-animal trotted into the room, followed by another. Both stood and watched me silently for a moment, and I watched with a mixture of horror and horrified excitement as they both slowly grew massive erections and moved towards me. In the half-light of the room they had come from was another figure in paler fur like myself, only she was in an even worse position than me. She was locked in a metal rack that kept her head down and her vulnerable rear up. Her head was slumped, but I could smell the sex from where I stood, and as I looked on she hauled up her head and our eyes met across the room. There were tears in her wide eyes as the door grated closed between us and I was left to my fate.

After the blur of raw sex I guess I must have passed out, or maybe just drifted off to sleep in the haze of afterglow. Whatever, when I drifted back to consciousness I back in the real world. I was naked but covered by a soft blanket. My own clothes we at my side, as was a note and an envelope. Reaching out, I lifted the note and read a few simple words.

“You are ours now bitch. When we call, you make sure you come running. Otherwise the pictures in this envelope will find their way out into the press”. There was no signature. Without speaking I opened the envelope and found a sheaf of pictures of me in my doggie state. Being fucked by the other ‘doggies’ in the dark basement room. Well, I guess I was trapped. From here on in, I guess I was going to be spending some time down on my knees. And as I thought back to the ordeal, I really couldn’t say I wasn’t looking forward to it.