Mary's Revelation 2

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2010 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; drug; bond; gag; naked; breastplay; fondling; transport; display; discovery; hum; cons/nc; X

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Part Two

Mary Jenkins roses from her chair with a soft sigh.

“I’ll be in my quarters if I’m needed,” she told her small crew.

In her quarters, Mary settled herself into her comfortable chair. Closing her eyes, she tried to relax, trying also not to think about something that had been on her mind all too much these past two days. It was as if she could still feel his hand clasping her wrists, his other hand covering her mouth. The sheer helplessness of those moments still resonated strongly in her, even now, causing a twinge in parts of her she refused to accept.

No! she told herself harshly. It was wrong, and she knew it. Didn’t she have her own experience to show her just how wrong such things were? Almost as if to strengthen her resolve, Mary turned her thoughts back to a day she’d tried very hard to forget.


For a moment, Mary didn’t answer, content just to look. James Cooper had to be the hottest guy on campus, and he was certainly one of the richest. Why she was here, in his room, was something she thought she’d never understand.

She was attractive, or so she’d been told by the guys who’d tried to bed her. Few had succeeded, and none of those had ever returned for a second try. ‘The bookrack with tits” was what they called her behind her back. Absorbed in getting her degree, sex was something she had little time for and even less interest in. She was a very busy young woman, after all, and besides, wasn’t that why they invented vibrators?


“Yes? Oh, I’m sorry.” Pulling her mind back to the present, Mary smiled and accepted the glass James handed her. Settling onto the couch, she sipped and watched as he bent his tall frame onto a chair opposite. For a moment, he simply gazed at her, watching as she slowly emptied her glass. When the last drop was gone, he rose, took the glass from her hand and set it on a table, then sank down beside her.

Softly, without speaking, he began stroking her shoulder. Mary had no illusion about what he wanted. In fact, she had already decided that if he wanted sex, she would willingly oblige. For now, she was content to relax and enjoy his touch.

In fact, it seemed almost as if she were relaxing too much. Slowly, she became aware of a feeling of lassitude creeping over her, an unwillingness to move. Glancing down, she tried to raise her arm, watching as her fingers merely twitched.

“Wha……?” Even her mouth, it seemed, didn’t want to work right. Mary tried to ask what was happening, but all that emerged were meaningless sounds from a mouth that, once open, didn’t seem able to summon the energy to close.

“Don’t worry,” James said in her ear. “It’s just a little something I put in your drink. Something to make you a little less resistant to what’s about to happen.”

Unable to move on her own, Mary could only watch as James unbuttoned her blouse, stripping it from her shoulders. Her bra soon followed, along with her shoes, skirt and panties. Now dressed only in garter belt and stockings, Mary could only mumble incoherently as James lifted her from the couch and settled her onto a low backed chair.

“You see,” he said, stepping behind her, “you’ve become something of a bother to me and some of my friends. You’re too smart, to put it bluntly, and you’re making us look bad in some of our classes. So we decided that what you need is a little lesson in humility.”

As he spoke, James drew Mary’s arms behind her, draping them over the back of the chair. Taking up a doubled length of rope, he bound her hands palm to palm, cinching them firmly together. The remainder of the rope was passed around her waist before being secured to a slat on the back. This had the effect of drawing her firmly back into the chair.

Next, another doubled rope was passed around her upper body, the strands passing both above and below her breasts. This rope, too, was secured to the back of the chair, holding her firmly in place. The trailing ends of this rope were then drawn up over her shoulder, then down between her breasts, where they were used to tie together the wraps, pinning her breasts between them.

James then knelt beside her, drawing her left foot up and wrapping rope around her ankle. This rope was then fed over the seat of the chair and around the outside bar of the back, then tied off. Her right ankle was similarly bound, holding her feet back and her knees spread.

Finally, a folded bandanna was forced into her mouth, followed by several wraps of vet wrap to hold it in place. Once satisfied that her gag was secure, James stepped back and examined his prisoner.

“Not bad,” he said, smiling. “You know, if you weren’t such a superior, brainy bitch, you might actually be fun. For a night or two, anyway.” Still smiling, he turned away, moving to the door and opening it.

Mary moaned into her gag as several of James’ friends crowded into the room. For several moments, they gathered around her, stroking her breasts, pinching her nipples, even sliding their hands between her thighs. Then, at a signal from James, two of the huskiest picked her up, chair and all, and carried her toward the door.

They can’t be, Mary thought frantically, willing her body to somehow fight her bonds. It was no use. Whatever James had put in her drink, it was still with her, her body sitting limp in its bonds as she was carried down the hall and outside.

Where are they taking me? Mary wondered, thankful it was Sunday night. Most everyone was either in bed or trying to get ready for the next morning’s classes. Thus, there was nobody to observe as she was loaded into the back of a parked van.

The ride that followed was mercifully short. The van made a total of four turns. At the first turn, James’ friends, who sat around her, took advantage of the opportunity to grope her liberally, under the excuse that “we have to keep your chair from sliding around”. The other three turns brought similar behavior, so that, by the time the van stopped, Mary was sure their assorted hands knew every inch of her body quite well.

Once the van had stopped, James stepped back from the driver’s area with a length of dark cloth in his hand. This was soon knotted securely around her head, covering her eyes.

“The next part is a surprise,” he told her before she felt herself lifted from the van.

Mary felt herself being carried. After a moment, the night sounds vanished, leaving only the footsteps of her abductors. Their steps now had a vaguely echoing quality, telling her that she had been carried into a building of some kind.

Finally, her chair was lowered to the floor. Mary felt the blindfold being removed, but all remained in darkness except for the beams from two flashlights carried by James’ friends. For a moment, both beams were pointed at her, the light blinding her as effectively as the cloth had before.

“Have fun,” she head James say, and then the beams turned away from her. Still blinded, she couldn’t even tell what the beams of light now landed on, and soon they vanished, leaving her in total darkness, with no idea of where she was.

Sitting in the darkness, bound, gagged, nearly naked, time seemed to pass slowly, if at all. At some point, Mary began to feel strength seeping back into her body. Weakly, then with increasing strength, she began fighting her bonds, but the ropes had been fastened too well. Her struggles served only to exhaust her, leaving her as limp in her bonds as she had been while under the influence of whatever James had given her.

At some point, she dozed, awakening to the realization that the darkness around her was beginning to lift. The sun must be rising, she thought, wondering how long it would be before her absence from her classes would be reported; how long after that before a search was initiated.

Slowly, as the darkness lifted, she began to make out shapes around her. Ahead of her, still only vaguely visible, were what began to look like curved rows of seats, like you might see in an amphitheater. As the light increased, Mary’s eyes widened, her struggles renewed as her situation became all too clear.

As she struggled, she began to hear the sounds of voices in the distance. How long, she wondered, before the doors were thrust open? How long before the flood of students began pouring in, to discover the room’s newest exhibit placed prominently in front of the lecturer’s podium?

Shaking her head, Mary tried unsuccessfully to shake away the memories as well. Her discovery, bound, gagged, technically nude, had been the second most humiliating experience of her life. The most humiliating had been the seemingly endless minutes of fondling, groping and stroking she’d been forced to helplessly endure before the professor had arrived to free her. Nearly as bad had been the time spent in the Dean’s office, questioned repeatedly over how she had come to be in that situation. Mary had refused to give names, insisting the whole thing was simply a prank that had gotten out of hand. She could, and had, gotten her own revenge in her own time. Then she had put the whole thing behind her, deliberately forgotten until the feel of Brian’s hands on her wrists, over her mouth, had brought the memories back.

Sitting now in her quarters, she mentally compared the feelings that first encounter with bondage had caused in her, as opposed to the feelings Brian had conjured up with his hands. From the former experience, she had brought feelings of revulsion, anger and fear.

Surprisingly, her experience with Brian left her with none of those feelings. Granted, that first experience had been a great deal more extreme. With Brian, though technically helpless, she had felt none of those things. As to what she had felt, she still wasn’t sure, though a slight twinge between her thighs hinted at a physical response that confused her with its intensity.

Had she been wrong? she asked herself. Was it possible that the people involved deserved her anger, but not the act itself? There was only one person who might have the answer to her questions. Steeling herself, Mary rose and left her quarters. It was time for another talk with Brian.


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