Mandy's Road to Submission

by Ian Rogers

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© Copyright 2005 - Ian Rogers - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; bond; D/s; nc/reluct; XX

Mandy's Road to Submission by Ian Rogers
Chapter One

The girl stood trembling as he studied her, she was squinting because of the sudden brightness of having the blindfold removed, but she could not rub her eyes as her hands were cuffed behind her. Her mind raced with the events of the last few hours, she had been asleep in bed when he had come for her and she had had little chance to scream for help as he pinned her down and put his hand over her mouth. He had pinned her arms to her sides with his legs then produced a roll of duck tape and with lightning efficiency she found herself gagged. She had tried to struggle but she was no match for him and he soon had her hands cuffed behind her back. This accomplished she had had little choice but to go with him as he firmly led her downstairs and to his car...

She lived a good mile from the nearest house and no one would have heard her even if she could scream, she tried to break free from him as he opened the passenger door but it was no use, he pushed her into the seat and pulled her seatbelt tight across her, then he bent down and she felt him fiddling with her ankles, he attached manacles to them which were chained to the car floor. She was totally helpless and at his mercy. She frantically pulled at her bonds but it was useless she wasnt going anywhere that he didnt want her too. When he got in the drivers side he lent towards her and put a blindfold over her eyes, when he was satisfied that she was firmly secured he started the engine and she felt the car pull away. They had driven for what seemed like hours and because of the blindfold she had soon lost all sense of direction, now standing here in front of him she had no idea where they were.

She was terrified, but she stood with a look of arrogant defiance on her face refusing to let him see her fear. He came to a halt directly in front of her and smiled, she did not return the smile however and stared stubbornly out of the window. He obviously had other ideas though as he caught her chin in his vice like grip and turned her head towards him, he tilted her head upwards until she had no choice but to meet his gaze. As she stared at him she realised how striking he was and inspite of her fear something stirred deep inside her.

"Well" he said at last "I can see I will have fun training you" as he spoke she stared straight into his eyes, challenging him, he obviously sensed the challenge as his expression and tone suddenly changed and he snapped out "dont look at me, keep your eyes down" instinctively she obeyed a reaction she was sure was due to the dominance in his voice."very good, thats much better" she tried to toss her head away from him but he kept a firm hold on her chin, "feisty as well, I like that, it gives me something to work with, now  i will take you to your room and you can wash and change."  Change? change into what? she wanted to ask so many questions but she was still gagged and questions were not an option right now.He caught her roughly by her arms and dragged her out into a long corridor, again she had no choice but to go with him, even if she could have broken free her hands were still cuffed and she would have no idea where to run to or how to get out of this place. However he wanted her to be in no doubt as to who was in charge here and he escorted her very firmly to another room. They came to a halt infront of a solid oak door.He pushed her inside and the door closed behind them with a foreboding thud. She took in her surroundings, the room appeared comfortable enough, a large four poster bed stood in the middle and off to one side was an adjoining room that she was to discover was a bathroom, but on closer inspection she noticed the bars on the windows and the array of iron hoops attached to the bed , walls and ceiling.

He stood in front of her now and pulled the gag off, she opened her mouth to scream and call out for help, "scream away my dear, we are miles from anywhere and we are alone, no one will hear you." These words were delivered with such confidence that she was convinced that he was telling her the truth however human instinct took over and she screamed anyway, for a moment he allowed her to scream as if trying to prove the point then he said, "do you want to be gagged again?"  there was an element of menace in his voice and as she had no wish for the gag to be put back on she stopped "thats better, now lets get on shall we?" He moved around behind her and she felt the cuffs being removed , automatically  she brought her acheing arms to rest in front of her, she cried out at a sharp stinging sensation as a riding crop was brought down hard on her behind....."rule number one, you only move when I tell you to move" as she stood there with her face glowing she felt a second stinging blow....."rule number two, when I speak to you you say yes Sir,do you understand?" "yes Sir" she replied but the tone in her voice gave her away and a third swift blow left her in no doubt that he meant to be obeyed. "I dont expect you to speak to me in that innsolent tone, you will answer me properly" She tried again "yes Sir" this time he was obviously satisfied with her response as he did not hit her again.

Now I require you to shower and dress in your new uniform, it is hanging up on the back of the bathroom door, you have ten minutes, dont keep me waiting. He walked her to the bathroom, pushed her inside and shut the door. She looked around the room, there were no windows and the only door led straight back to him, she had no choice for now but to comply with his wishes. When she had washed and dried herself it ran through her mind that she would put her own clothes back on to be stubbon, but there was no sign of her clothes he had taken them whilst she showered.She took down the clothes he had left for her, a black skirt, a white crisp shirt and a black tie, there was no underwear and he had taken her underwear along with her other clothes, so she had the choice of being stubbon and naked or complying and having clothes to wear, reluctantly she put the uniform on knowing there was really little option. When she was dressed she returned to the bedroom, he was waiting for her and he smiled his approval at her new attire.Her old clothes lay on the bed. "Very nice, now it is time for refreshments and then  I will show you the rooms we will be using for your training,  this can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it, you decide, but believe me you arent going anywhere for a very long time and i have all the time in the world so its up to you......." He smiled again as he sat her down and passed her a plate of food and a drink.................Despite her fear of what was going to happen next she found that she was hungry and she tucked into the plate of sandwiches he offered her.As she ate she was aware of being watched by her captor. So far he had not left her alone at all and she had had little chance to plan an escape route. She considered making a run for the door but she was sure he would cover the distance quicker than she would and then what? 
He spoke suddenly and she jumped "Put your old clothes on the chair by the door when you have finnished eating then come back here and sit down, you wont be needing them again" "Yes Sir" this was her chance she put her plate down and picked up her discarded clothes. She walked to the door trying to look relaxed. Carefully she placed her clothes on the chair and then without looking back she grabbed the door handle and pulled the door open......

Chapter two

She felt his vice like grip before she was even aware that he had moved from the spot on which he was standing and in spite of her fear a shiver of excitement ran through her, he dragged her back into the room and threw her face down onto the bed, she struggled to get back up but he straddled her body and she was powerless to move. "So" he said "You havent yet learnt to obey me, but you will" his voice was hypnotic and she heard rather than saw the handcuffs, one pair for each wrist and with him still pinning her to the bed she had no chance of resisting as first one then the other wrist were cuffed to the rings on the posts of the bed. Next he turned his attention to her ankles and with efficient accuracey he soon had her ankles tied to the rings on the foot posts. He tightened the ropes until she thought she could stretch no furthur but he took no notice of the moaning noises she was making, this was obviously a punishment and he wanted her to feel as helpless and uncomfortable as possible.

When he had finnished he stood back to admire the effect. For what seemed like hours he just stared at her and she wished that if he was going to do something else to her that he would just get on with it, but he obviously prefered the atmosphere he was creating by making her wait. Eventually she could bare it no longer and she spoke...."please you cant blame me for...." but he cut her short "I did not tell you to speak, and you did not ask permission so be quiet" "But you must....." thwack, this time he used all his force and the stinging sensation was almost unbearable, but strangely pleasurable as well...."I said silence...obey" Her head sunk into the bed in total submission, she was beaten for now and she knew it but her spirit was not broken yet.........

When she felt him lifting her head she thought he was going to speak to her but no he merely wanted to place a blindfold over her eyes, now she felt totally helpless and an increased awareness of her surroundings. Again she jumped when he spoke..."open your mouth" he commanded, she was in no position to argue but her stubborn nature had not been supressed  and she shook her head defiantly, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head backwards towards him but still she remained defiant, the next stinging blow was sharp and swift and she gasped with the shock of it,that gasp was all he needed and he pushed the gag into her mouth before she realised what he was doing, she tried to close her mouth but the gag had a large hard rubber ball attached to it  and she was unable to either spit the gag out or close her mouth she continued to fight against him but he was to strong for her and she felt the gag being pushed furthur in and then being fastened behind her. She shook her head, struggling violently at her bonds, tyring to pry the gag out with her tounge but it was useless the gag was going nowhere and the bonds were unforgiving and secure, once more she sank back into the bed knowing that for now she could do nothing about her situation.

She could hear him moving to the side of the bed and tensed, she guessed what was coming next and sure enough ten blows from the crop were dealt in quick succession, but not knowing there were only going to be ten meant there may as well have been a hundred as she had no idea how long this torment would last, or if indeed it would ever stop.She tried to scream to make him stop but the gag prevented her from saying anything all she could do was make inaudiable noises which he chose to ignor and she had no choice but to lay there and endure her punishment. When he finally did stop he sat down next to her and removed her gag, "are you sorry?" he asked "yes" she replied...thwack...she gasped again in protest, "I asked you a question" "and I responded" she spat out, thwack thwack thwack, three resounding blows this time.It suddenly  occured to her what was required and when he asked her again "are you sorry?" she replied "yes Sir". He smiled, good you are learning, but I think we have a long way to go yet, however I am in agreement with Charles ,you will make a good submissive and your defiance will make your submission even more perfect." At the mention of his name she stiffened, how could this possibly have anything to do with Charles, she didnt understand. She had met Charles a few weeks before and they had spent some enjoyable evenings together, he had even fed her cat for her when she had gone away for a few days on a business trip,but there had been no clues that he enjoyed tieing woman up or having them taken from their beds in the middle of the night and subjected to all kinds of abuse, or had there? now it occured to her that he had never returned the keys to her and this could be how her captor had so easily gained access to her home, but how and more importantly why would he allow something like this to happen to her, he had seemed so nice.All these questions and many more ran through her mind but she could still feel the sting of the crop and she felt that right now she was in no position to ask for answers, all she could do was lay there and await his pleasure.

After what seemed like hours he finally untied her, wrists first, although they were immediately handcuffed behnd her, then her ankles. He then led her around the bedroom a few times to allow her circculation to return to normal. Never once letting go of her arm he returned her to the bed and told her to sit. "now" he said" if you have any questions now is the time to ask them" She stared at him in amazement, of course she had questions, questions were racing through her mnd right now but when she opened her mouth to speak no words came out. He smiled "I am sure you want to know why I brought you here dont you?" she nodded weekly. "well that is a simple one, I brought you here because you desired it" She opened her mouth to protest but was silenced immediately by him raising his hand. "You will learn  never to interrupt me" he said This was too much his arrogance stirred her anger and renewed her courage and she rose to her feet to protest. Again he was too quick for her and he forced her to sit back down, "Would you like a repeat of that uncomfortable hour you have just spent "he enqired "or will you do as you are told?" she nodded defiantly to show that for now she would comply, actually if she were honest wth herself his forcefulness and imposing presence were begining to stir feelings inside her that she had not felt for a long time, and besides her hands were still tingling and her wrists and ankles were sore from their bondage and she had no wish for him to use the crop again just now. 

"As I was sayng, you have been brought here because you have expressed certain fantasies and needs and desires to your friends, and we have a mutual aquaintance who feels you are a natural and he wants you to be trained, so here you are" He smiled at her as though what he had just said was a perfectly normal everyday statement to make. "Trained?" she blurted out, "Trained as what, and how do you know Charles, I dont understand." On this occasion he allowed her outburst to go unchecked......"as a submissive of course, Charles feels you have great talent and I must say I tend to agree wth him, I am very much looking forward to your training, we will get to know each other very well during the coming months" Again she rose to her  feet, "you cant keep me here for months" she shouted "or make me do what you tell me, now let me out of here and take me home" she stared at hm waitng to see what effect ths outburst would have. He looked at her and shook his head then he slowly got to hs feet and took her arm, but she was having none of it this time and she shook herself free. This tme he grabbed both her arms from behind and although she struggled with all her strength it was no use and with her hands out of action she had no chance of winning. "I think it is time you saw some of the other rooms here" he said. He pushed her towards the door and opened it, then half pushing half dragging her he took her down several corridors and three flights of stairs, until finally they came to another imposing looking oak door, he opened it, never for one second letting go of her arm and pushed her inside then he turned and locked the door behnd them. Now she knew she was trapped this room had no windows and you couldnt break the door down with an axe. Slowly she turned and took in her surroundings. The room had a long table in the middle of it with a thin padded top and several leather straps of varying sizes running the full length of it. There was also a large solid looking chair that was bolted to the floor, and this too had various leather straps attatched to it. to one side was a large frame shaped lke an X, this had mannacles at all four corners and at the far end of the room was a work bench whch seemed totally out of place in here.

He came towards her now and roughly forced her  in the direction of the table, she was exhausted from her struggles and he easily pushed her face down over the table and positioned her so she was lying flat again just as she had been in the bedroom. First he secured her ankles with the smaller of the leather straps, then he used the next set of straps to secure her thighs, then he pulled a larger strap across the small of her back and pulled this tightly across the table. When he was happy that these were all as they should be he turned his attenton to her arms, first he removed the cuffs then he pulled her arms high above her head, he fastened her wrists in the same way he had her ankles, then her arms just below her shoulders were subjected to the same treatment as her thighs. when he was sure she was bound firmly to the table he walked round to the front of her and blndfolded her. She expected him to use the gag next and she squeezed her mouth tightly shut determined that he would not get his own way this time, however he obviously had other ideas because the gag was not produced."Now" he said at last, "It is time you learnt to count" Thwack, she gasped at the pain, Thwack she gasped again "Your still not counting, you will count the strokes, one Sir,  may I please have another, two Sir, may i please have another and so on, do you understand?" "Your not serious, you cant really expect me to count like that" she said indignantly. Thwack, "I still cant hear you counting, we are going to count to twenty, how many strokes it takes to get there is really up to you" It occured to her that he could keep her like this for as long as he wanted and use the crop over and over if he so desired, this being the case it would be sensible for now to do as he said. Thwack, "One Sir, please may I have another" "you didnt listen did you? try again" thwack, "one sir please may i have another" " oh dear, your not making this easy on yourself are you? one sir may i please have another, not please may i, try again" She glared at him, "does it really  matter?" she spat, he smiled, "That depends on how sore you want to be by the time this is finnished, now count" thwack "one sir, may i please have another" "good thats much better, you may" how she managed to reach 15 she didnt know and she was about to cry out to beg him to stop,that she couldnt make twenty, but with an expertise gained only from experience he sensed that for now she had reached her limit and at last the punishment ended, she lowered her head onto the table in relief, but inspite of herself she could feel a warm tingling glow inside, maybe some hidden inner part of herself had actually enjoyed it.

He walked round to the top of the table and removed the blindfold, then he bent down so he was at eye level, she looked straight at him, "dont look at me, look down, i will look at you" she obeyed, she didnt want any more just now. "I am going to untie you now, have you learnt your lesson this time?" he asked "yes Sir" she replied, she was too exhausted to argue. "good, now lay still, dont move until i tell you too" it only took him a few mnutes to remove her bonds, then he said "OK you can sit up now, I will help you" he gave her a few minutes to adjust to being upright again, then he said " ok I want you to come and sit in this chair now, are you going to obey?" again she nodded, "yes Sir"

He helped her to her feet then led her over to the chair, he gently pushed her down into it, she didnt resist this time although her burning cheeks on the hard surface of the chair were agony, but when he bent to pick up the straps she said "please Sir permission to speak" "granted" "you dont need to use those Sir, I wont try to escape" He smiled at her, "these arent here to stop you escaping, I dont think you would be able to escape from here even if you tried, no these are part of your training and therefore a neccesity" now she knew she was beaten and she put up no resistance as he secured her in the chair, the straps worked in much the same way as they had done on the table except the end result was that she was secured upright instead of face down. Next he blindfolded her again, then he said "open your mouth" she knew what was coming and she hesitated, but she had no wish to get back on the table just yet and she obediently did as he asked, he pushed the gag into her mouth and fastened it behind her head. She heard him walk to the far end of the room and rummage in what sounded like a drawer, she was desperate to know what he was going to do next, being bound gagged and blindfold made her feel very vulnerable but it wasnt an entirely unpleasant sensation. Finally she could hear hm walking back towards her, he walked behind the chair and she tensed as she felt him wrap something around her neck but after a few seconds he removed it again and she relaxed somewhat. Then she felt him fiddling with one of her wrist straps and lifting her wrist, again he wrapped something around it and then removed it and fastened the strap back on. He repeated ths process on one of her ankles, then she heard him walking away again. She felt so tired she just wanted to sleep but the chair was hard and uncomfortable and made her sit in a very ridgid upright position that made her back ache, and it took all her effort to remain even reasonably comfortable. After what seemed like hours he returned and again she felt him fiddling and securing something around her neck. He then turned his attention to her wrists and she felt both of them being released from their straps, then something was fastened around them that felt like  leather bracelets, but they did not feel uncomfortable. Again he repeated the process with her ankles. When he had completed his task he removed her gag and blindfold, she squinted at the harshness of the light and it took several minutes for her eyes to adjust, when she could finally see again she looked down at her wrists. She had been right, they were both encircled with what looked like leather bracelets, the difference between these and the straps on the chair was that instead of a buckle fastening they had tiny locks on them and on the front of each one was an iron hoop, she tried to look down at her ankles but the chair straps still held her firmly in place and she could not sit far enough forward to see but she guessed they would be the same, as was the new neck cuff she was wearing. Now she understood the sensation from before he had been measuring her to make sure they were a perfect fit. He spoke suddenly "You will wear these all the time" he said, "they are a symbol of your submission, and they also allow me to tie your wrists and ankles together quickly and efficiently if you give me reason to, now I am going to untie you and take you upstairs, you need to eat and  then I am sure you will be very tired." Again he asked "are you going to obey" "yes sir " she replied. "Good you are learning" He released her from the chair and handcuffed her again, but this time in front, then he took her by the arm and led her from the room and upstairs to eat.

Dinner was a surreal experience, to a casual observer it would have appeared that they were an everyday couple having a meal, there was good food, good wine and a large roaring fire, the only unusual part was that her hands remained tied throughout the meal and when she had sat in the chair he had indicated to her he had secured her new ankle cuffs to it with clips that were obviously designed for the purpose. During the meal he chatted to her and asked her several questions, then when they had finnished eating he rose to his feet and said "I think it is time for you to return to your room now" Again she put up no resistance as he led her back up the stairs and back to her room. When they got inside he sat her down on the bed and told her he was gong to run her a bath, she noticed that this time he locked the bedroom door, but she had no intention of trying to escape just now, she had had enough punishment for one day and just wanted to sleep. When the bath was ready he came and got her. "Come he said I will help you to undress" "Please Sir I can bath myself" he raised his eyebrows at this "I am sure you can but I thought you were going to obey me, it pleases me to do this, and there is no room for modesty here" She knew it was futile to resist and she let herself be led into the bathroom, and stood sedately while he undressed her, then he again took her arm and helped her to climb in. She reached for the sponge but he took it from her and started gently washing her. She relaxed and allowed him to continue, she closed her eyes and had to admit the feeling of being helpless and having everything done for her was stirring a new passion in her. When he had finnished washing her back he laid her down and turned his attentions to washing her front, she lay very still and allowed herself to drown in the sensations he was arousing in her. When he eventually finnished he helped her back out of the bath and told her to stand still while he dried her. When he had finnished he led her back to the bedroom and pushed her back down on the bed "lie down" he commanded, she did so straight away, as she lay down she noticed for the first time the golden chain that hung from the ceiling and coiled on the bed, he picked up this chain and fastened it to her wrist cuffs, next he clpped the fasteners on her ankles together. Again she was bound and helpless, but it was a different kind of bondage this time, far from being uncomfortable she found she quite liked the feeling of submission to him. Finally he placed a large thick warm blanket over her. Then he walked round to a chair positioned close to the head of the bed and sat down in it." I will stay with you tonight he said, now sleep." It was  a command and she knew enough already to obey without question.She closed her eyes and slept..............

Chapter three

When she opened her eyes the next morning she didnt know where she was, she tried to move her arm and felt the chain that was still attached to her wrist, then the events of yesturday all came flooding back to her. He was still sat in the chair and still watching her, he must have slept at some point but she felt as though he hadnt taken his eyes off of her the whole night."Good morning" he said "Good mornng" she replied. He smiled "you have just earnt your first punishment of the day you should have said, good morning Sir" This was so unfair that she opened her mouth to protest but again he silenced her with a raised arm, "surely you do not wish to add to that punishment already?" She stared at him, she had honestly begun to believe that this was some kind of practical joke thought up by her friends, but she was seriously beginning to doubt that now and her predicament was hitting home hard, this was for real in which case she had three options, to do as she was told or to be uncooperative and maybe he would change his mind and decide that she wasnt training material after all and let her go, or to escape as soon as she had a chance,this seemed unlikely however he didnt appear to be taking any chances in that department but her stubborn nature was not silenced that easily. She summoned the courage and spoke outright without waiting for permission, "You cannot honestly think you can keep me here indefinately, I wont cooperate, and you cant train me to be something i refuse to be"She glared at him, all her insolence showing on her face, again challenging his authority. "Very well" he said "have it your way" She gasped, surely her freedom couldnt be obtained that easily, but his next words dashed all her hopes. 

"Your score so far this morning stands at 30 and you havent even made it out of bed yet, and as for what you want or dont want, that is irrelevant, you will do as I say without question, your training will teach you that and as I said before you are the one who decides how hard that training will be,at the moment you seem to be opting for the hard option" He smiled, "I think I can change your mind on that hasty and rather foolish descision, in the meantime you arent going anywhere so get used to the idea" 

He got up now and moved over to her, he removed the chain from her wrists and unlocked her ankles, "Now get out of bed and get down on your knees and apologise for your outburst" "you are joking" she shouted "I will not get on my knees to you or to anyone else for that matter" "Thats now a score of forty, remember how fifteen felt yesturday? well you have more than doubled that number already" She did remember and she could still feel the burning sensation. "Now on your knees" he snapped, this time she obeyed, she climbed from the bed and dropped to the floor in front of him, "sorry Sir" her defiant tone was all too clear in her voice and the blow from the crop was dealt swiftly and sharply. "would you like to try that again?" he asked, "sorry Sir" this time she tried to make her voice sound sincere, it was obviously good enough for now as he took her by the arm and made her stand. He led towards the bathroom and this time he gave her some privacy as she showered and got herself dressed in the fresh uniform that he had hung ready for her. The bathroom had no windows and the only door led back to her bedroom where he stood waiting for her, and again she had no choice but to obey his instructions. When she was dressed she returned to the bedroom and stood in front of him. He was obviously pleased with the effect because he said "Very nice, now it is time for breakfast, and then we will begin your training" He came towards her and said "give me your wrists" she looked at him pleadingly...."Thats not necessary, I will cooperate" "That is now a score of fifty, you spoke again without permission and you didnt obey me immediately I seem to remember explaining to you yesturday that this is an essential part of your trainng, it is an act of submission to be cuffed in this way, whether you are cooperative or not is irrelevant, now give me your wrists." She held out her hands to him, she was hungry and she wanted eat. Once she was cuffed He led her from the room and back down the stairs to breakfast.

After breakfast he took her back to the room with the long table, he had indicated a spot on the floor and told her to stand on it and look down, then he had cuffed her hands behind her back, "You will stand there until I tell you to move" he instructed. Then he walked away behind her and she could hear him fiddling with various things in the room. As always her curiosity was her downfall and the moment she turned her head to see what he was doing she realised her mistake but it was too late Thwack, that was hard and she moved forward to take the momentum out of it. "I think it is time for your first lesson of the day" he said, "You need to be reminded what happens to disobedient young ladies" She backed away as he walked towards her but this was pointless where was she going to go, he kept walking forwards, towards her, until she felt the cold stone of the wall behind her and felt the warmth of him right in front of her. He leant so that his face was almost touching hers, she kept her eyes down she knew she was in trouble now. "So far I have been lenient with you and given you every chance to be compliant but you continue to disobey me, now its time you learnt the true meaning of pain" These words sent fresh shivers through her body and she dropped to her knees in submission, "I am sorry Sir, I will try harder" she pleaded, but it was too late for that and as she refused to get back up and walk he dragged her across the room and back onto the table. This time instead of the straps he used rope, this was obviously intended to make a lasting impression on her, if she thought the ropes yesturday had been uncomfortable she had been mistaken. Again he demonstrated his skill in rope tieing.  first he tied her ankles together then her knees followed by her thighs, the ropes were doubled over and may just as well have been made of steel, she found herself totally immobile. 

He then tied a rope around each of her ankles and tied these ropes to the table as tightly as he could. He removed the cuffs only to replace them with ridgid metal cuffs that were harsh and unforgiving, then he looped rope trough the tops of her arms and ran the rope under the table, here he secured them so firmly that she could not lift any part of herself up from the table and even her head movement was limited. Now he produced the blindfold and the gag," no" she murmered, "please, I am sorry" but the time for compliance had passed and he intended to make sure this was one lesson she never forgot. He grabbed her hair again and pulled her head backwards towards him, "Now open your mouth" She was powerless to resist and she felt the gag once more being forced into her mouth. Finally he put the blindfold back on her. She lay there in total darkness, uncomfortable, listening, waiting, antissipating what was going to come next. 

What seemed like hours passed and she began to think that she could bare it no longer, but this was a silly thought what choice did she have, she couldnt even move let alone try to loosen her bonds. Eventually she heard him moving closer to her again, he bent and removed her gag, "Have you had time to think abut your disodedience?" he enquired. She nodded and said "Yes Sir" in a very subdued voice. "Good, now it is time for you to count" She felt her whole body stiffen, he had said the score was fifty, and how many he had added for her latest misdemeanor she could only guess at. "Are you ready?" "Yes Sir" her voice was almost inaudiable, "I cant here you" his tone was dangerous. She cleared her throat "Yes Sir" "Thats better, we will begin"  Each blow was slow and precise and delivered in such a way that that she would remember every single stroke. When they reached thirty he stopped, "That is enough for now, you will recieve the rest of your punnishment later, I am going to put the gag back in now, will you open your mouth willingly?" "Yes Sir" there was no fight left in her now. Once he had replaced the gag he untied her arms and removed the cuffs, then he untied the rope that held her ankles to the table, but he left the other ropes in place. Now he turned her over so she was face up. Once she was lying flat on her back he secured both her wrists above her head with the straps then he put straps round her upper arms the same way he had done yesturday. With these were in place he started on her legs, first he removed the ropes from her ankles, knees and thighs then he resecured her legs again using the straps. when he was finnished she was bound face up on the table spreadeagle and feeling very vulnerable, the blindfold she found heightened her feeling of vulnerability........

Very slowly he began to undo her blouse when he reached the last button he pushed it apart and it lay loosley either side of her, she could feel her cheeks glowing hot with embarresment. She was naked under her skirt and blouse because just the same as yesturday no  underwear had been supplied with her fresh uniform and although he had seen her naked in the bath the day before her position made her nudity feel entirely different. He began by gently stroking her thighs, the feelings this sent through her were like electric shocks, his hands were smooth and warm and she began to forget her vulnerability as the sensations intensified. Just as she was begining to relax more than she had at any point so far she was startled back to reality by a sudden coldness on her neck, the coldness traveled down her front in between her breasts and down to her stomache where it came to rest, she realised it was ice and as it sat in its resting place the burning cold penetrated her every nerve ending. During all of this he continued to massage her thighs moving slowly higher and higher. This combined with the sensations from the ice awakened such a sexual urge in her that she wanted to cry out to him to do more, but she was still gagged and he was after all her captor not her lover  but she could not stop the pleasurable feelings that were growing inside her.

Suddenly it all stopped and she felt herself being untied and the gag removed. He sat her up and helped her to her feet, she was still blindfolded and felt very disorientated, and her heightened state of arousal made her feel weak. She hadn't realised how quiet the silence was until he spoke....."I need you to walk, I know you cant see but I will guide you, trust me" Those magic words, she would dwell on them a lot over the coming months. He walked her across the room and gently pushed her against the cross, he fastened both her wrists above her head and then her ankles to either side of the cross. "NOW" he said "You will count again, are you ready?" Yes Sir" Thwack, the feelings that exploded inside her with that first stroke were indescribable, the pain mingled with her arousal were like a drug, she could not believe that she could actually be enjoying this...."One Sir,  may I please have another" "You may" he replied...............

He had untied her after twenty lashes and walked her over to a couch in the corner, he had laid her down and resecured her wrists with the handcuffs, then he had walked to a sink and come back with a glass of water, "drink this" he said, it was a command and she obeyed immediately. He sat down beside her and began to massage her feet, they had felt very numb from the bondage and the stimulation of the blood supply brought on pins and needles she began to fidgit in protest to this but he put his arms on her shoulders and looked her straight in the eye, "Sit still this is necessary"  again she obeyed without question and she lay back on the cushions and made no furthur protest. When she had finnished her water he took her glass then he massaged her hands.

Later on, back in her room she contemplated the events of the day. Her mind was in turmoil, here she was a prisoner kept against her will and subjected to the whims of a man she knew nothing about, and in spite of this she had actually enjoyed some of todays events. She thought back to the fantasies she had had in the past, when she had been alone, when she had been dreaming. Had'nt she secretly fantasized about being spirited away by a handsome stranger and being forced to submit to his will? but this wasn't a fantasy was it, this was reality,but then if she had enjoyed today, even some of it didn't that mean that fantasy and reality were merging? With these thoughts running through her mind she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter four

She awoke to the sound of running water, he was in the bathroom preparing it for her. Slowly she sat up, she was still cuffed but for now that was all. She had to think quickly could she make it to the door this time, would she be quick enough, and if she did make it would she stand any chance of making it out before he caught her, and if he did catch her what would he do to her, and more suprisingly did she actually want to escape? she had after all found a deep pleasure during some of todays activities. All these thoughts raced through her head in a matter of seconds. She made her descision and acted she covered the distance from the bed to the door swiftly and silently, she tried the door and almost jumped when she found it open. She half ran half stumbled down the corridor expecting any second to feel him behind her. Her progress was hindered because of the cuffs, although they were in front of her they were still restricting her movements, and she was soon out of breath and frustrated. She stopped to get her bearings but she found that one corridor looked much like another and she couldnt tell  whether she was moving away from her room or back towards it. She turned another corner and found herself at the top of a wide flight of stairs, at the bottom was a large double arched door....freedom? She had to restrain herself from running down the stairs to the door, cuffed the way she was that would be very silly, so she put both hands on the rail and began a careful descent. There was still no sign of him but her every muscle ached with the tension of not knowing if he would suddenly appear. How she made it to the bottom of the stairs she never knew, her legs were shaking so badly but finally the door was in reach, she held her breath not daring to believe that it would be unlocked. It sprung open smoothly as she turned the handle and she almost cried out with relief, the relief was short lived however and she stared in horror as the door opened onto not only the outside but also another set of doors, this time they were iron bars and they were locked firmly in place. She shook them until her arms ached but it was useless and she once again sank to her knees, she was going nowhere through these doors. She stared through the bars trying to work out where she was at least but the house was in the middle of nowhere and for as far as she could see there were only trees, no other houses and no sign of anyone else at all. She opened her mouth to scream, to call for help and as she did so his hand clamped firmly over it.

She struggled furiously, angry at herself for letting her guard down and making it so easy for him, but it was useless, he kept one hand firmly over her mouth and because of the cuffs he easily caught both her hands to subdue her. In this way he wrestled her to the floor. He pushed her face down and with his legs either side of her held her firmly in place. Next he placed the ridgid cuffs on one of her wrists. Then he unlocked the other cuffs, she immediately began to struggle again but he held her down and pulled her arms behind her back. The ridgid cuffs were secured in place in a matter of seconds and he got up and dragged her to her feet. She tried to pull away from him as he turned to close the main doors."Stand still" he snapped, but she took no notice and continued to struggle. he took hold of the ridgid cuffs by what she was to discover was a built in handle and gave them a very slight twist, the effect of this one small action was instantanious, as he twisted the cuffs he lowered them as well and she found herself on her knees in front of him. "I said dont move"

He closed and locked the door and returned the key to his pocket, then he dragged her back to her feet. He marched her across the large hallway holding the ridgid cuffs to control her. She found struggling impossible because he kept just enough pressure on the cuffs to cause extreme pain if she didnt cooperate. "You didnt learn anything this morning did you?" he said coming to a halt in front of a metal door and pushing her up against the wall, "Well you will now" He took another key from his pocket and unlocked the door in front of them, then he pushed her roughly inside, the room was about 6'x6' with no windows and just a narrow bench against one wall. This is a punishment cell he informed her, I think after a night in here you will be more cooperative. He locked the door behind them and removed the cuffs. "Now strip" he ordered. She stared at him, she wasn't going to strip for anyone and she tossed her head defiantley,"No" she said. 

He walked towards her, "Have it your way" He forced her backwards onto the bench and again pinned her between his legs, then he began to undo the buttons on her shirt. It was a lengthy process as she struggled and pushed at his hands the whole time but he was stronger than her and very determined and eventually he pulled her shirt off of her. Her skirt came off easily and she stood no chance of stopping him. Next he pulled her roughly to her feet and shoved her back into the middle of the room, she stood shivering and trying to cover herself up with her arms. Now he got to his feet and came towards her, "Stand up straight, hands behind your back, eyes down" she continued to stand as she was and ignored him. He sighed....Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, she stumbled forwards, all his strength had gone into those blows and on her bare skin they had felt like fire. "Stand up straight, hands behind your back, eyes down" his tone was becoming dangerous now. But she remained defiant, those blows had hurt like hell, but he had humiliated her enough and she didnt believe he would go any furthur.....she was wrong. Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, she hadnt believed he could hit any harder but the last three strokes paled into insignificance compared to the effect these ones had. Again she stumbled forwards and this time she kept going, she backed into a corner as if to protect herself from his crop. "Come back here" he commanded "I am waiting for you to follow my instructions, stand up straight, hands behind your back, eyes down, do it now" She shook her head, "no, you cant do this to me, i wont cooperate anymore" "I can and you will"  he said  Again he pulled her to her feet, she started to resist but stopped, what was the point she was in a small locked room, naked and vulnerable and the determined look in his eye was beginning to turn her on again. He pulled her over towards the bench and pushed her down, "lay down, and dont struggle" she wanted to say no, to scream out to fight. When she had been near freedom she had wanted it so badly but now she was back here in a confined space with him, vulnerable and  nervous she wasnt so sure that she wanted her freedom at all. Some deep inner part of her wanted to cooperate, wanted his approval, wanted him to be pleased with her, so she lay still while he strapped her arms and legs to the bench in just the same way he had in the training room earlier. When he was finnished he again produced the gag and blindfold, she obeyed this time and put up no resistance.The gag was harsh, a rubber ball forced her mouth open and even when she bit down hard on it she found little release from the awkward way it confined her. She lay there waiting, she had expected punishment but he had left the room without speaking the moment he had finnished securing her....actually, he had opened and shut the door and stayed in the room but she was unaware of this and the seconds felt like hours, she tried to move but couldnt, she was cold and her jaw ached from the gag, if he would only come back she would cooperate, she would do anything he asked, this was real torture. After what felt like a life time she heard the door open and she breathed a sigh of relief. He walked to her and bent to remove her gag then silently he walked back to the door and closed it behind him. 

She lay there still listening, she couldnt believe he had just come and gone without saying anything, why didnt he just punish her and get it over with. Then it dawned on her, this was her punishment, to be left here, naked, cold, hungry and lonely, to be ignored for an unspecified amount of time, this was misery and it occured to her that he knew that. For two days now since the moment he had taken her from her bed he had not left her at all, and now he had gone she ached for him to come back. She didnt understand, she was a prisoner, here against her will but she wanted him, wanted his attention and for that right at this moment she would do anything to please him.She felt as though her inner self was betraying her, there was a battle going on inside her between her stubbon independent self and her submissive side. He sat in the corner of the room watching her, he smiled he was well aware of the kind of thoughts that would be running through her mind right now, he had seen this before if he could get her to admit what she wanted then she would be a true submissive, he could be patient, let it run its course.

She had been there for two hours now but it felt like forever, time in the training room had flown by, but she had been enjoying that hadnt she, she would give anything to be back there right now. She began to cry "please sir" she whispered "please come back I am sorry." That was what he had been waiting for she was learning. He stood and walked towards her and removed the blindfold, "I am here" he said "Have you learnt your lesson this time" she nodded "Yes sir, I am sorry sir" "Good, then we shall continue" He removed her bonds and helped her up, she was stiff and sore but she stood obediently waiting. "You still have an instruction to follow" he said. She walked to the middle of the room and stood up straight, she held her hands together behind her back and looked down. 

He walked round her staring at her until she felt her cheeks burning with humiliation, but she stayed where she was. He spoke, "Go and kneel in front of the bench and bend over it" She knew what was coming but she did not hesitate in obeying him this time, she knelt and waited. Swack, she gasped, this felt different, a solid stinging pain that spread to cover a much wider area than the localised sting of the crop, he must be using somthing different, however despite the suprise and the intensified pain she remembered to count, "One Sir, may I please have another" "you may" he replied. Twenty times she felt the harshness of what he was doing and twenty times she counted. When he had finnished he spoke again. "That my dear was the paddle, it is very effective for teaching a short sharp lesson, I hope it is one you have learnt well?" "Yes Sir" she replied, and right at that moment she really meant it. "Now stand and come back to your position in the centre of the room" She did as she was told, the glowing pain was intense and the urge to rub the pain away was overwheleming but she instinctively knew that this would not be allowed and she resisted the temptation. She hadnt realised how tired she was until she felt her legs wobbling, but again he antissipated how she was feeling and he caught her in his arms before she could fall, he lifted her easily and then carried her from the room. He took her back to her room and as before he bathed her slowly and sensually, she lay in the bath and drifted away to  the special place that would become so familiar to her, a place where a submissive goes when she has given herself totally to her master, a place of complete unquestionable trust 

Chapter five

When he had finished bathing and dryng her he clipped her wrist cuffs together again and took her back to the bedroom. He sat her down on the bed and bought her a plate of food and something to drink. Finally he spoke, "it has been a very long day and I am sure your tired" he paused and waited for her to answer, "Yes sir" "Good then I will take you back to the cell to sleep" she looked up, then remembering she lowered her gaze again before she spoke, "Im sorry Sir I dont understand?" . He smiled, "It is very simple my dear, you have to be taught to obey me without question, you also have to trust me, and today you showed that as yet you are not willing to do either of these things." She hung her head in shame,he was right, she was beginning to trust him, he seemed to read her so well and although he was holding her here against her will she felt totally safe, but she had not shown him that today in her actions had she, she had allowed herself to feel pleasure at the things he had done to her and she had relaxed and chatted to him at dinner the night before and then the first chance he had given her she had betrayed him. "Im sorry sir, I do trust you" "Then you will do as I say without question, I am taking you back down to the punishment cell and you will sleep there until you obey" He took her arm and pulled her to her feet, then he unclipped her wrists, this she assumed was so that she could get dressed because as yet he had not given her her clothes back but no he merely pulled her wrists behind her back and cuffed her with the ridgid cuffs that were so uncomfortable. She raised her head slightly "please Sir what about my clothes?" again he smiled, "You will have to earn those back, they are a priviledge not a right, you are not yet obedient and you have tried to escape more than once, when you prove your submission to me then your uniform will be returned to you in the meantime you will remain as you are" Without another word he took her from the room and back down to the punishment cell. Once inside he told her to knee, again face down over the bench. She trembled as she did what he ordered she knew what was coming and she also knew she deserved it but that didnt make it any easier to comply not when she could still feel the ache of her recent introduction to the paddle but she desperatley wanted to please him now so she made no complaint as she assumed the position. Twenty times she felt the sting of the crop and twenty times she counted. She felt like she was on fire the sting of the crop added to the raw ache that had been left by the paddle was overwhelming but she gritted her teeth and stuck with it to the end, she could be as stubborn with her inner self as she could be with him and she wanted to make amends. When they were finnished he told her to stand, he removed the cuffs and instructed her to lay on the bench on her back. He strapped her to the bed with the leather restraints that were fitted to it, ankles secured firmly, wrists by her sides, upper arms and thighs and finally her torso. Then he put the blindfold back on her and ordered her to open her mouth. Her jaw still ached from earlier but she did as she was told and he fastened the ball gag back in place. The only words he spoke before he left her were "I will be back later" but he did not give any indication as to how long "later" would be. 

She heard the door close behind him and she felt her heart sink, how long would he leave her like this" She was very uncomfortable already, her jaw was protesting against being forced open in this manner so soon after the last time and the pain from the crop and the paddle was still intense but she could do nothing to relieve this torment with her arms so well secured, even the release of sleep was not forthcoming due to her discomfort. 

He sat in the room next door watching her, he always enjoyed this they had no idea they were being watched and their isolation intensified their misery tenfold thus making this a very effective punnishment. He would only leave her this way for about half an hour but to her it would seem a lifetime. After about ten minutes she started to pull at her restraints,  she found them unforgiving but this did not deter her she so desperatley wanted to rub the burning pain away and ease her acheing jaw and these thoughts made her increase her efforts, She began to struggle, frantically pulling at her bonds, it was hopeless she knew that but still she struggled. He sat enjoying the site of her struggling he would leave her a little bit longer to see how long it would be before she admitted defeat. He always felt the closest to his submissives when he watched them this way, it was like seeing into their souls and because they didnt know they were being watched their every action and thought was pure and natural, he learnt a lot about them during this time Eventually her efforts subsided and she grew still with 
exhaustion. He rose to his feet, now he would go back to her.

She heard the door open and wanted to cry out in relief but the gag prevented this and she lay very still and quiet desperate for him not to go away again. He walked over to her and removed the gag. Next he worked on her restraints and when she was free he told her to roll over onto her front. There was no hesitation this time and she complied immediately. She felt somthing very cold on her bottom, it was ice again, oh the bliss, it took all the stinging away and soothed every ache. When he had finnished he rolled her back over and resecured her straps. He left the blindfold on but did not replace the gag. Again he left the room and this time he said nothing and she knew  that he would not be back before the morning. She lay there tossing things over in her mind. She had been forceably taken away from her life, her job, her friends and subjected to another mans will, but the more she thought about it the more she had to admit that this was no great loss. She worked for herself selling advertising space on the internet so work could be a very lonely affair. there was no one special in her life at the moment, no one to say hi to in the mornings and no one to wait for in the evenings.She had thought that Charles may be special but he had betrayed her so badly, how could he do this to her. She had friends but they were casual aquaintances more than anything else. She realised that no one would actually question her dissapearance and probably no one would really miss her.She had always liked it to be this way. She liked to travel around a lot and the flexibility of her work allowed her the freedom to do this. She had never really put down roots anywhere and rarely kept in touch once she had moved on. In the last three days however she had actually felt special and as though she belonged more so than at any other time in her life. She had always been independent and done everything for herself, now suddenly a stranger had come into her life and taken over completely and altough this was hard to come to terms with it was strangely intoxicating. She felt like a rare and valuable work of art that had been stored away for many years and now someone had found her and was devoting their time to restoring her to her full potential. She was needed and this thought gave her a warm glow. Tomorrow she would prove that she could be a good submissive and that she was worth his efforts to train her. With these thoughts she finally managed to fall asleep. 

When she awoke she instinctively tried to move and felt a moment of panic at her restraints but then she remembered and she relaxed. The door opened and she heard him enter. "Good morning" he said "Good morning Sir" she replied. "Very good, maybe your night in here has taught you something" He undid her restraints and took the blindfold off, again it was several minutes before she could focus and he waited patiently. Then he said calmly "on your knees" She obeyed immediately and kept her eyes turned down in submission to him. He cuffed her hands behind her and then told her to stand. He led her from the room to breakfast and shower.

Later they returned to the training room, he told her to stand on the spot in the middle of the room again. This time she kept her eyes down and did not look around to see what he was doing. After a few minutes he came back and attached manacles to both her ankles, the chain between them was a long one and she guessed that she would be able to walk whilst wearing them. Her hands were already cuffed behind her, he had only taken them off for her to eat and shower and even then her leather wrist cuffs had been clipped together in front, he obviously felt that for now at least she must be restrained in someway all the time. 

Now however he undid the cuffs but only long enough to put a long coat on her then he put them back on. "I am going to take you for a walk in the grounds" he said, "it is time you had some fresh air" As he led her from the room she realised that the manacles on her ankles were more restictive than she had  at first thought and she found that she had to hobble as a normal walking pace would be impossible but he showed no sign of impatience at this and was obviously aware of how awkward it was. They came to stop at a door and he took a key from his pocket and undid it then he took her arm and helped her down the steps that led to the garden. The grounds were surrounded by a high circular wall and as they walked she realised that the house was actually a small castle and it too was circular in shape and the garden ran all the way round it and the high wall enclosed it all. "We are in a moat" he told her, "when this castle was built this was full of water, but it has long since been drained and made into a garden. She took in the detail more carefully now and realised that the castle rose so high above them because being in the moat they were standing below where the water level would have been. They made one whole circuit of the grounds and she wondered if he was trying to prove to her just how secure they were. There was only one entrance in or out of the moat and this was a small iron gate that was padlocked other than that it was a solid thirty foot stone wall and she realised that had she made it out of the castle the day before she would have got no furthur.

When they finally returned to the training room she was exhausted, the manacles made every step an effort and she was glad to be back inside, however being back indoors he removed the coat and she blushed as she stood naked before him.He opened a drawer next to her and out of the corner of her eye she could see several lengths of rope, now she understood why he hadnt replaced the cuffs when he had removed her coat, he had merely instructed that she stand with her hands behind her back. Now he took a length of rope and walked behind her, he took her arms and sat them one on top of the other then he wrapped the rope around her wrists several times before securing it, she felt as though she had her arms folded behind her back. Next he ran a long length of rope across her back and under her upper arms, then he pulled it tight around her arms and secured it. Now he attached another piece of rope to her wrists and tied it to the rope going around her arms. She tried to pull her arms apart and found they wouldnt move even an inch. "Dont struggle" he commanded, she did as she was told and stood still. When he was happy with the effect he had created with her arms he turned his attention to her legs, he tied her ankles knees and thighs together then he stood back to appreciate his work. She stood as still as she could but she could feel herself wobbling, her centre of gravity was being constantly challenged in this position and she had to work very hard just to stay still and upright.He smiled to himself, he knew how hard this was for her and he enoyed watching the effort she was putting into standing still. Now he took her arm and told her to kneel. She couldnt, surely what he was asking was impossible, but he held her firmly and she bent her knees and managed to do as she was told. "Now" he said, "Did you look in my direction whilst I was taking the rope from the drawer over there?" "No Sir" she replied....."Really, would you like to reconsider that response?" she paused then very quietly replied "Yes Sir" "I cant hear you, did you say yes Sir you disobeyed me?" "Yes Sir I disobeyed you" "Very well, and how many strokes with the crop do you think you deserve for that?" "I dont know Sir" she replied. "You dont know, well I think you deserve ten, does that sound fair to you?" she nearly protested at this then remembered her resolve to be obedient, "Yes Sir, that is fair" "Good" he said "Then we will begin"  Thwack......"One Sir, may I please have another" 

Thwack.........."Two Sir, may I please have another Thwack...."Three Sir, Please may I have another"  He stopped and walked around in front of her "you got that wrong didnt you, you should have said may i please have another, so now we will start again  and you will get it right, are you ready?" "Yes Sir" 

Thwack......."One sir may I please have another" This time she made it to ten. When they were finnished he helped her to lay forwards onto her front then he tied her wrists to her ankles. "There" he said "A beautiful hogtie, nice and tight, you can lay there and appreciate the after effects of the crop" "yes Sir" she replied. "I think you should be gagged and blindfolded again for full effect dont you?" "No Sir" she replied "I dont like the gag" "I know you dont and that is why it is so effective for training purposes, now are you going to open your mouth willingly or do we have to do this the hard way again?" She opened her mouth, she knew resistance was futile and would only add to her discomfort. "Now" He said, "You lie still, dont go away, i am going to prepare for a little session in the chair later, I am going to teach you about interrogation" She almost laughed, dont go away, where was she gonna go, she couldnt move an inch, she supposed this was his kind of humour.She listenend to him moving around the room, she couldnt make out what he was doing and she could only guess at what he had in store for her next. She lay there for what seemed like hours, she was beginning to get cramp in her arms and her hands and feet felt numb. In reality she had only been there for fifteen minutes when she felt him untieing her. The relief when her arms were finally free was overwhelming and instinctively she bought her hands round to lay flat on the floor next to her. Thwack Thwack Thwack, she was totally unprepared for this, and she tried to cry out but all she could manage was a suprised grunt because she was still gagged. "I did not tell you to move your arms" he pulled her wrists back to where they had been and now she struggled, she couldnt stand anymore and her resolve to behave had gone. "Dont struggle" he snapped, "Obey me" but she had gone beyond that point now and she struggled furiously against him. He forced her wirists behind her and she heard the sound of the ridgid cuffs, she continued to struggle furiously but she was no match for him and within seconds she was cuffed and being dragged towards the frame that stood against the wall. He forced her against it and held her there with the weight of his body whilst he secured her legs. Then he strapped her upper arms to the cross leaving her wrists cuffed behind her. Now he removed her gag. "You need to count again, I think" "No, Sir, please, im sorry, i was so uncomfortable i forgot myself, it wont happen again." "The reason for your disobedience is irrelevant, you obey without question, now count" This time she received ten strokes with the crop and ten with the paddle.On top of the ten she had so recently had this was torture, and knowing that there would be more if she miscounted she concentrated very hard on getting it right. At last they reached twenty and she relaxed, he stood back and watched her breathing hard, he knew how much that had hurt, but she had done well.....Thwack she gasped, she hadn't been expecting that one....."you dont need to count that one, that was purely for my own personal pleasure" he said "now shall we see how well you do back in the chair?"

She stood still as he untied her from the cross and didnt struggle as he walked her to the uncomfortable wooden chair that she had sat in to be fitted with her collar and cuffs. He pushed her down and secured all the straps in place, she began to ache almost immediately and squirmed to try to get comfortable but nothing helped and she soon stopped wriggling. Next he put a harness around her head and strapped it to the headrest on the chair, now she was totally immobile and she felt a feeling of panic rising up inside her, but she trusted him and she took deep breaths until she felt calm again. "Now I am going to ask you some questions and depending on how pleased I am with your answers will determine how long you stay there for. He put the blindfold on her and she heard him open a drawer behind her. She felt him running the tips of his fingers down her arms right to the ends of her hands, then he started at her toes and did the same in reverse stopping just at the top of her inner thighs.She felt shock waves run through her, his touch was electrifying. He kept one of his hands on her inner thigh, slowly stroking the soft skin there, with his other hand he slowly stroked up her body until he reached her breasts. She moaned with pleasure, "are you enjoying this?" he asked, "yes" she murmmured. He pinched the end of her nipple hard and she cried out in shock, "i asked you a question" he kept the tension on as he slowly twisted and she felt the walls between agony and ecstacy dissolving, "now try again, are you enjoying this" "yes Sir" she managed to gasp, her breathing was becoming heavier as her feeling of arousal intensified. Not being able to see seemed to exagerate every sensation and every time he touched her she almost jumped as new nerve endings were awakened. He ran what felt like bristles up her legs then down her back, this was heaven, then he ran them down her neck and across her breasts. He then used the bristles like toothbrushes to scrub at the ends of her nipples and again she gasped as the ecstacy washed over her. She heard a familiar noise by the side of her but couldn't remember what it was. She felt coldness as ice was rubbed across her breasts and then a burning heat fell on both of them, then she realised what the noise had been, he had lit a candle and was dripping hot wax onto her. the torment was exquisite, never had she known that the combination of pleaseure and pain could be so powerful. She deperately wanted to be free to scratch at the places where the wax had fallen but at the same time she didnt want the ache to go away. She was so lost in her world of agony and ecstacy that the sound of his voice made her jump. "are you going to behave from now on?" "yes" again she felt him pinch her nipple and this time she remembered "yes Sir" "good, tell me are you here of your own free will?" she hesitated, he knew that she wasn't but she also knew that if he untied her and told her to leave now that she would beg on her knees to be allowed to stay. "yes Sir" "Hmmmm, we shall see" he replied. He stroked and teased every inch of her body until every nerve ending was screaming for gratification, but this was not forthcoming and she sensed that this was an intentional part of her torment. She would give anything right now for him to touch her there to release her from her frustration, but like some exquisiste torturer he seemed to know how to keep her at boiling point without allowing her any release. She felt a sharp pain as he pinched her again, harder than the last time and she felt herself coming back down to earth. He untied her and took her over to a low stool, he ordered her to bend over it, then he cuffed her wrists to it. "Now how many times did you forget to call me sir?" she thought hard "Twice sir" she replied."yes you did so that means you deserve twenty strokes with the crop doesnt it?" This was too much she summoned all her courage and answered back "no Sir that is not fair" she blushed and almost whispered "I was aroused and I forgot" again he smiled to himself, she was submitting nicely but there was still fight left in her and he liked that. "So not only do you forget to call me Sir, now you think it is ok to answer me back as well, so now you will have your twenty lashes, whether you think they are fair or not, and you will spend another night in the punishment cell, maybe tomorrow you will remember your place, now are you ready to count?" "no" she shouted, this isnt fair, I wont count and you cant make me.......she stared at him defiantley, all her arrogance had returned and it glinted in her eyes.........she knew this would make him angry but she didnt care, she had tried today and she didnt deserve this, did she? He stared back at her, if only she knew the passion she was arousing in him, but he couldnt allow that to show, he had to be the Master and that meant controlling his emotions. He began Thwack, she gritted her teeth and said nothing, again Thwack again she said nothing. He carried on, lash after lash and she silently counted,waiting for the twentieth lash and for it all to be over. When he got to twenty he stopped and spoke, "now shall we try again? i will carry on and you start counting when you are ready, when you have counted properly to twenty then I will stop" Thwack, he couldnt be serious, she had had twenty, she couldnt stand another twenty, Thwack, he was serious and when she felt the third blow she admited defeat, "one sir, may I please have another" "you may" he replied. When he had finnished she was dripping in sweat and in more pain than she had ever imagined possible. He uncuffed her wrists and pulled her roughly to her feet, "now you will go back to the punishment cell and we shall see if you are more cooperative by the morning" She had no energy left to fight him and he half pushed half dragged her back to the cell. He strapped her on the bench in the same position as the night before, her cheeks burned from their recent abuse and she was desperate for him to use the ice again, he obviously sensed this because before he left he spoke "I think your pain tonight might remind you tomorrow of what i require from you, goodnight" She heard the door shut with a foreboding clang and he left her in the darkness, cold and alone. The misery she felt as she lay there was far removed from the ecstacy she had felt in the training room earlier, and that misery was heightened by a feeling that yes she did deserve this, again she had taken the pleasure he had offered her but she had given him nothing back, she still had a lot to learn

Chapter six

She slept very little that night, she was cold and in pain and the misery she felt kept her awake into the early hours. Eventually she fell asleep through sheer exhaustion. When she awoke he was standing beside her, she opened her eyes and then lowered them, she would try harder today. Was it really so much for him to ask of her for her total submission to him in return for the kind of pleasure he could give her? and if she truly trusted him then she should be able to comply with anything he asked without question, shouldn't she? She lay still as he untied her and when he had finnished she dropped to her knees without waiting to be told, to her suprise he showed no sign of appreciation at this act of submission. He had wheeled a trolly into the cell and on it was breakfast, two slices of dry toast and a glass of water, this was a stark contrast to the delicious food she had so far enjoyed at the castle, but she made no complaint and ate in silence. When she had finnished he took her wrists and locked her cuffs behind her back then he took her arm and without saying a word led her from the room. They walked for what seemed like ages through parts of the castle that she had not yet seen, so far everywhere had been warm and nicely furnished, now however they were in a part of the castle that had been left in its original state, the walls and floor were harsh stone and they felt icy cold on her bare feet, there was no furniture here and the whole atmosphere was dark and gloomy. He led her down a long narrow spiral staircase that seemed to drop into the depths of the earth and the furthur down they went the colder it got and she shivered, he still hadnt returned her clothes. Finally they reached the bottom and she found herself facing a solid metal door. He removed a key from his pocket and took her inside. It was very dark and very cold and she stood trembling and waiting for him to turn the light on so she could see what this room had in store for her but the only light came from the open cell door and she couldnt make out anything. He led her to the centre of the room and clipped her cuffs to a chain that hung from the ceiling. The chain was short and she found with her wrists cuffed behind her in this way she had to bend forwards as the chain would not allow her to stand up. She guessed that he was going to use the crop, but he produced the gag. She didnt understand, she couldnt count if she was gagged could she. She was acheing already from the strictness of her position but she made no fuss as he put the gag on her. Now she saw the crop, she had been right, but why the gag? He walked behind her and in total silence delivered twenty hard blows to her already sore backside. When he was finnished he released her from the chain and removed the gag then he took her to a corner of the room, he pushed her to the floor and attached her wrist cuffs to iron hoops that were cemented into the floor, she could still sit up, just, but, her movements were now severley restricted. Then he turned and left the cell and the door clanged shut behind him plunging her into total darkness. He had not spoken to her once during the whole ordeal and she was left feeling dazed, confused and a little scared, what if she had gone too far yesturday and he had decided that she would never be a good submissive, would he leave her like this forever, would he come back at all? These were silly thoughts she knew deep down that he would return, she trusted him totally now and if this was furthur punishment for yesturdays misdemeanors then she deserved it. Didnt she?

The floor was hard and so cold, she could not stop shivering, she wanted to rub  the throbbing ache away from her behind but she couldnt move her hands, she was totally alone and she felt more miserable than she had ever thought possible. After what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only two hours, he returned, again he said nothing as he undid her wrists and led her back to the centre of the room, as before he secured her wrists to the ceiling chain and gagged her. Then he started again, she counted the strokes in her head, the pain was unbearable but she would rather this than him go away again. Why wasnt he making her count, why wasnt he saying anything this was indescribable torment and she silently begged him to stop. Again she recieved twenty strokes with the crop and as before when he had finnished he took her back to the corner of the room and resecured her then left. She put her head on her knees and sobbed, she would do anything he asked of her, she would crawl on her knees to him if he would only come back and speak to her, she could not believe how far removed todays pain was from yesturday when her pain had been mingled with electrifying pleasure. She did not know how long she sat there crying into her lap, time had become meaningless. Eventually she heard the key in the door and he was back. Again he took her to the centre of the room and secured her wrists, again he gagged her, again she felt the white hot sting of the crop, she would give anything now to be allowed to count for him, she would count to a hundred a thousand even if he would just give her the chance. After fifteen he removed her gag, now he spoke, only one word...."Count" and she did,  without hesitation she counted every stroke, she had counted to twenty before he stopped. Now he undid the chain, "stand up straight, eyes down" he commanded and she obeyed immediately. The sound of his voice at last, swept all the pain away," are you ready to submit now?" he asked "Yes sir, I am your willing slave" she replied He took her arm and led her from the room, she had learnt a hard lesson. He took her back to the training room and made her sit back in the chair, she was sore and uncomfortable but she didnt care now, she wanted this more than anything, she knew that there would always be defiance in her but she had found her true self and she was happy, she could be a submissive and more importantly she wanted to be one.

Back in her room he bathed her, the feeling of the warm water on her cold acheing body was indescribable and the pleasure she got from being back in his presence was consuming her. She no longer cared where she was or how long she had been there, all that mattered was her submission to his will, the rest of the world had ceased to exsist, she had entered a submissives paradise where only the sound of her Masters voice meant anything to her and time and space were. meaningless. When he helped her from the bath she again dropped to her knees in front of him and lowered her eyes, this time he acknowledged this act of submission "Good girl" he said. " Now I am going to take you on a tour of the castle so that you can become more familiar with your new home, will you obey me" "Yes Master" she replied he smiled and so did she, this had been a natural response, not forced, it was how she felt and she truly meant it and although he didnt tell her this response spoke a thousand words to him, now he possesed both her heart and soul, she had submmited because she wanted to and for no other reason, what she didnt know was that when a Master posseses his submissive in this way, she also posseses him and an everlasting bond is formed between them.

They wondered through the vast halls and rooms of the castle, she was still cuffed but her mind was free and she listened to the sound of his voice as he described the history of the castle to her, she didnt feel any need to speak, she just wanted to listen and be with him. When he took her to the castle dungeons where she had spent a very miserable day she shuddered, he turned to her and said..."its ok I wont leave you down here this time" "I know Master, I trust you" was all she said, but it was all he needed, these were the words he had been waiting for, now he was happy. When the tour was over he took her to eat but afterwards instead of taking her back to either her room or the cell he took her over to the fire and sat her in front of it, then he sat in a chair next to her. She summoned up her courage and spoke, "Please Master, permission to move" "granted" he replied, she got up from the chair and knelt in front of him, "this is where I want to be" she said."this is where I belong" She lowered her head slowly onto his lap, nervous as to how he would react to this, but he showed his pleasure by gently stroking her hair. They sat in silence for an hour or so, words were imaterial, they had an understanding. When he finally took her hand and pulled her to her feet she put up no resistance. He took her back to her room," you may sleep here tonight" he told her "thankyou Master" "now go and bend over the end of the bed" "yes master" he started by stroking the insides of her legs, he ran his fingers slowly up and down her thighs, then Thwack, she gasped "one sir, may i please have another followed by more gentle teasing of her thighs, then another Thwack, "two sir, may i please have another" this was ecstacy, 

Thwack "three sir, may i please have another..........................."When he had finnished he layed her down on the bed, "I always reward obedience" he said "did you enjoy that?" "yes Master, very much" she replied. He uncuffed her hands and clipped her wrist cuffs to their chain, then he clipped her ankle cuffs together, and feeling safe and secure she fell asleep almost immediately, a warm contented sleep.He left her to sleep for an hour or so and then he gently woke her, "time for more training" he said. He cuffed her and led her from the bedroom, "I have a new room I want to show you, are you going to obey this time?" "yes Master" " they walked in silence back down to the training area, he opened a new door and took her inside.This room was unlike the other training rooms she had been in so far, they had been harsh and clinical, this room in stark contrast was warm and comfortable. A large four poster bed stood in the middle of the room, very similar to the one in her bedroom, there was a log fire blazing away at one end of the room, a sofa stood in front of it and a thick rug sat at the foot of the sofa. 

There was a coffee table that had drinks on it but it also had iron hoops on the four corners, and a large post ran from floor to ceiling, again with hoops at varying heights.However amongst all this luxury sat a hard wooden chair not unlike the one in the dungeon and she eyed this nervously, she was well aware of how uncomfortable it was. He smiled at the expression on her face, "a reminder of what happens to disobedient young ladies, lets hope I dont find it necessary to use it.this is my favorite training room and I hope we will spend may long pleasurable hours in here,now take your place by the fire" "yes Master" she walked over to the rug and knelt on it, she knew now that her place was on her knees at his feet.He walked to the sofa and sat down, he picked up the bottle and poured two drinks, "normally this would be your job" he told her, "but today it pleases me for you to remain cuffed, so i will help you with your drink" He held the glass to her lips and she drank, it made her feel warm and relaxed. Now he asked her "do you wish to remain here?" "Yes Master" she replied "are you willing to submit to me totally, and entrust your whole life and care to me?" "Yes Master, please may I speak?" "you may" " I never knew how I could be made to feel, I feel like my whole boby is alive for the first time, I want to learn more, I want to stay here with you" She lowered her head to hide the blush that had spread across her face as she spoke these words, she was scared that he would not want her in the same way. "Dont hang your head that way" he ordered, "a submissive holds her head high but keeps her eyes lowered, be proud of your feelings, not scared of them" He held the glass to her mouth again  and she drank gratefully. "thankyou Master" He stood up now, "It is time for another lesson I think" He helped her to her feet. As she studied the room she took in all the items that adourned the walls, as well as the many crops, paddles and floggers there were a variety of manacles and collars and endless lengths of rope. There were many objects whose uses she could only guess at and in other circumstances she would have been apprehensive, but she had given herself to him utterly now and the trust between them was unquestionable. He took down the ropes from their hooks and came back to her, "I am going to show you how erotic ropes can be" He started by tieing ropes around her breasts, crossed over in the middle, with each new layer the tension was increased and her senses heightened, He gently ran his fingers over her nipples with each new layer of ropes and each time he did it felt as though electircal currents were passing through her whole body, and each time the feeling was intensified due to the increased layers of rope. Next he tied a rope around her waist, then he passed a rope between her legs and secured it tightly, there were strategically placed knots on this piece of rope and they gently massaged her pressure points, the ecstacy she was feeling was so high that she felt she couldnt stand any longer, seeing the expression on her face he swept her up into his arms and took her across the room to the bed.He sat her on the edge of the bed just long enough to undo the cuffs then he pushed her down into the pillows. Now he worked on her arms and legs, the bed was fitted with leather cuffs that were fur lined and although they totally restricted her movements they were comfortable and warm, this feeling combined with the ropes was intoxicating and she felt more aroused than she had ever thought possible. Her every nerve ending was screaming to be touched but he kept her waiting, knowing that the antissipation was in itself  a mind trip not to be missed. When he had finnished tieing her he produced the blindfold, "this is not a punishment, it is to heighten your arousal, trust me" she nodded "Yes Master, I trust you" She lay in the dark, helpless, blindfolded and aroused, and as before the rest of the world ceased to exist, she was his and she gave herself up totally to the pleasure he could give her. She felt his finger nails running over her body so lightly at first, then slowly harder and harder, "anything I do to you whilst you are here is to give you pleasure, not to punish you, if you feel pain trust me that it will increase the pleasure" Now he gagged her, but instead of the harsh ballgag he used duck tape, "this is for my pleasure" he said, "I like the way you look when you are gagged" Now she could feel him running his hands over her body but he must have been wearing some kind of gloves because the sensation kept changing, first warm and soft followed by cold and smooth, he was using leather and fir to contrast the feeling. He explored every inch of her body slowly and sensuously, never rushing and  when at last he ran his fingers over her more intimate areas she shuddered with pleasure, she could feel herself reaching her climax already, but she didnt want it to be over, she felt him pinch one of her nipples, it was a sharp lasting pain and it bought her back down from the edge, she knew immediately that he had sensed her  climax and stopped it at just the right moment. Now he continued, he used the ice and hot wax again as he had done before but this time he used it on every inch of her body setting her on fire again, and as before he gently stroked her until she felt her climax building once again, this time a hard sting from the crop brought her back down off her plateau. Her nipples were hard and firm from their bondage and her aroused state, now he carefully put clamps on both of them, all the time caressing her with fingers that seemed to speak to her, the mixture of pleasure and pain was almost too much and for a third time she felt herself reaching the edge. The hot wax that dripped onto her naked flesh bought her back down again but still wave after wave of pleasure/pain flooded her body.Now he used the flogger with just enugh pressure to keep the sensation bordering on agony and ecstacy, over and over he lashed her body in this way, all the time stroking and teasing her with his experienced fingers, knowing when to be firm and when to be gentle, using the combination of sharp finger nails and soft finger tips. She couldnt stand it any longer, she had to have him now but still he carried on slowly and rhythmically. He wanted to take her beyond ecstacy to indescribable pleasure that cannot be put into words, the kind that has to be experienced first hand to truely understand it. Finally he untied her legs and bent towards her, he whispered in her ear, "are you ready, is this what you want" she nodded, he didnt need to explain, she knew what he meant, she wanted to feel the warmth of him inside her so desperately now and she wrapped her legs around his body inviting him to explore her completely. Her mind exploded in a tidal wave of passion as their bodies were united. Never had she imagined that sex could be this good, she had ascended to a higher level of consiousness, a place where it is impossible to tell where her body stopped and his body started, their ecstacy had made them one and she allowed herself to float on the tide of desire as finally together they reached an earth shuddering orgasm, wave after wave washed over their bodies until they collapsed through exhaustion and lay together  still both blissfully lost in the world they had created.

Later, when he had untied her, she allowed him to bathe again still inoxicated with the bond that had formed between them. When he had finnished he allowed her to bathe him, and this she did willingly desperately wanting to give some of the pleasure back. That night she slept, still in chains, but for the first time he slept in her bed with her, now she felt totally possesed by him but not in a suffocating way, he made her feel like a prized possestion that he wanted to cherish and protect and she knew that this was what she wanted, what she had always wanted.

Chapter seven

The following day she awoke and for the first time she knew where she was immediately and for the first time there was  no panic in her mind she was at peace. When she had finnished her shower and returned to the bedroom he handed her a fresh uniform, "this is only for today" he informed her, "You must earn your uniform back through obedience but today I have some errands to run in the local village and you are coming with me so you will need this, are you going to obey me whilst we are out?" She dropped to her knees and lowered her eyes, "yes Master, I will obey you" 

After breakfast, he gave her the long coat to put back on and told her to put her hands in her pockets, inside she could feel handcuffs attached to a chain that ran around her back and in through holes in the coat. He fastened her wrists to these.To the casual observer it would appear that she merely had her hands in her pockets, but in reality she was helpless once more, however she could of course speak and therefor scream, this would be a true test of her submission to him. He helped her into the car and fastened her seatbelt for her, they drove into the village and she listened as he talked. When they arrived he helped her from the car and took her arm, now they looked like any other couple out going about their everyday lives. This secret bondage gave her a new thrill, she kept looking at people and wondering if they had ever thought about doing the kind of thing they were doing right now. A couple of times he stopped and spoke to people he knew and the fear of their secret being discovered sent shockwaves of pleasure though her. As they walked around the village, and went in the shops she could feel the cuffs chafing against her wrists and ankles but this sensation did not bother her, she knew they would be sore later but she would endure this for him, that was how special she felt when she was with him. She walked with her head held high, proud to be seen with the man she had submitted to so completely. When they returned to the car she sank into the seat, tired and hungry now and glad to be going back to the place she was beginning to think of as home. When he had fastened the seatbelts and they were ready to leave he turned to her and spoke two words, "good girl" her heart lept, she had pleased him and that was all she wanted. She knew there would be more training, lots more, and she knew she wouldnt always get it right, but that was ok, she was where she wanted to be. She had at last found her true path in life, a path it had taken a stranger to find it for her, now she could truly call herself submissive.