The Mall Adventure

by Scott Akins

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© Copyright 2004 - Scott Akins - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; bondage; cons; X

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The Mall Adventure - Part 3
by Scott Akins
The Mall Adventure3 by Scott Akins
James didn’t waste much time with that request.  He worked the ring into Jenni’s mouth and behind her teeth.  It was a tight fit and he wondered just how long the woman could take such a large gag.  He then buckled all the straps to a comfortable level.  The ring was big enough that the straps weren’t necessary to actually hold the ring in place much.  Sara noticed the fact that he didn’t pull the straps down as tight as he could.

“You are such a nice guy,” She said in an almost mocking tone.

“Well they could be tighter, but there isn’t much need for it.  She can’t spit it out on her own…right Jenni?”  James said.  Jenni just shook her head and moved her jaw the very little she could to prove she could dislodge it.

“Very well then.  Jenni kneel in front of your friend there and work her over a little,” Sara said making it sound like a command. Jenni looked at Sammy.  Sammy had a real surprised look on her face she started to shake her head.

This was new for Sammy.  A guy had never gone down on her let alone a woman…let alone again her best friend. 

“Don’t worry Sammy love.  She is quite good at it…I didn’t have to teach her much at all,” Sara said.  Sammy was making sounds behind her gag disagreeing with the idea.  Jenni on the other hand knew that neither one of them had an option in the situation.  Once Sara had an idea in her head there was no way around it. 

Jenni slowly lowered herself to a kneeling position.  She leaned in as she kneeled letting her head rest on Sammy’s bound body.  She stuck out her tongue and let it trail down as she kneeled, her tongue just long enough to touch the skin of her friend.

Sammy was almost whining into her gag now.  She was scared for real, she didn’t want this.  Or at least she was pretty sure she didn’t.  She looked to James who just stepped back and raised his hands.

“Don’t look at me this isn’t my idea,” James said.

“You only wish it was,” Sara said with a laugh.  Sammy whined more into the ball gag hoping that someone would stop.  But then again a part of her, she hated to admit, didn’t want this to stop.  A part of her wanted it to start finally.  Jenni made it down to her knees and looked up at Sara.

“Sit correctly love,” Sara commanded.  Jenni crossed her ankles and spread her knees automatically.  “That’s much better now you may begin.”

Jenni looked up at Sammy who looked back and just gave up on hoping someone would listen to the gagged protests and just nodded slightly at Jenni.  That was all the encouragement that Jenni needed. She lifted off her ankles just a little and buried her face into Sammy’s waiting crotch.  She started out slowly gently letting her tongue work on the outside.  Sammy was already excited and frustrated so a warm up period wasn’t needed but Jenni wasn’t in a hurry. 

Well Sammy felt the first contact and felt like she might cum right then and there.  But it wasn’t enough since Jenni seemed to be moving slowly about it.  Why was everyone interested in taking their damn time about everything today?  She did start to moan into the gag and try to move her hips toward her friend’s questing mouth. James while watching this got an idea.  He went to the toy box and started to rummage around a little.  Sara was watching him with some interest.  He came back out with a larger dildo than the one that was already lying on the floor from the first time he’d played with Jenni.

“What are you planning on doing with that?”  Sara said sarcastically.

“Wait and see.”  James said.  He kneeled down next to Jenni.  Jenni saw him out of the corner of her eye and paused.

“Don’t stop you,” Sara said with a snap in her voice.  Jenni resumed her attention in Sammy but still tried to keep an eye on James.  James reached in between Jenni’s legs and started to play with her a little.  He wanted to get her wet again.  Now Jenni wasn’t expecting this…she thought that she was going to be left alone to have fun with Sammy.  This was going to make it real hard to concentrate on what she was doing…and it was about to get worse.

James played with her pussy getting her aroused again.  Jenni already was from what she was doing.  But now she was real wet again and James took advantage of this.  His hand stopped suddenly and was quickly replaced with the tip of the large dildo.  Jenni knew that it was one of the large ones and groaned as James worked it in.  He moved it back and forth a bit working it deeper into her.  Jenni was trying to concentrate on what she was doing to Sammy.  Her tongue was now starting it’s probing stabs at the clit just quick little stabs followed by her tongue licking the pussy pushing harder threatening to penetrate.  James turned on the vibrator on medium and stood back.

“Now don’t have an orgasm unless Sammy does…I want you to cum at the same time as her.  You two are good friends you should be able to tell,” James said with a grin.

“Oh that is simply devilish.  I knew you had it in you,” Sara applauded. 

“I have my moments,” James said.

Sammy was having trouble centering her thoughts on any one thing.  She saw what James was doing and feeling what Jenni was doing.  The nipple clamps where making her nipples hurt with a good pain.  Her jaw hurt from the ball gag, but that was background noise to everything else.  She thought that James was having way too much fun with all of this.  She also thought that she was going to kill Jenni for getting her into all of this in the first place.  Another thought came to her…fuck it enjoy the ride.  She held on to that one just for the fact that it was the only thought that made sense at the moment since enjoying the ride is about all she could do anyway.  She was moaning and swaying in the ropes a little she was close.  Jenni knew this and slowed down just a little her tongue now making deep stabs into Sammy.  Her own torment was getting her close to her own orgasm.  James and Sara were now standing back and watching the fun.

“I wonder if we should just leave them like this for awhile.  We could go out for an early dinner.  I know a great little Chinese place,” Sara said.

“Are you asking me out on a date?”  James asked.

“Nah just a business dinner,” Sara said with a smile.

“Business indeed.”  James said laughing.  “That sounds good but I think maybe we should wait for them to finish.  Not safe to leave them all tied up and all.”

“Oh I guess you are right.  Would hate to have something happen to them.”  Sara said sighing a little.  She was enjoying the show just as much James was.

The girls they were watching were completely oblivious to the conversation that was going on in within earshot of them.  Sammy had her head dropped back, eyes closed.  She was breathing rapidly and moaning loudly into the gag thankful it was there, it gave her something to bite down on.  Jenni was getting close to climax and stepped up her work on Sammy really pushing her face into her friend’s pussy.  All Jenni could smell and see was the little world of Sammy.  Her tongue was working overtime now with Sammy intent on pushing her over the edge.  Sammy started to pull at her arms and legs the ropes stretching just a little, but the knots held.  The leather cuffs digging into Sammy skin as she pulled.  Sara had been waiting for that and walked over to the bound woman.  She waited just a little longer with her hand poised at the nipple clamps.  Sammy didn’t even notice her as her orgasm ran up on her like a wave.  Sara removed the nipple clamps right that point letting the blood rush back into the clamped area.  Now this was the most intense thing Sammy had ever felt and she literally shook in her bonds.

Jenni on the other hand had an orgasm that was close to her best one.  She leaned forward against Sammy as she to shuddered with the climax that the dildo caused.  Sammy’s juices running down her chin.

“James go hold on to Sammy for me.  Don’t want her to hang like that from the cuffs.”  Sara said as she kneeled down to steady Jenni.  James went behind Sammy and wrapped his arms around her waist.  She felt like a small earthquake, as the muscles seemed to be tensing all at once.  Then all of a sudden she went completely limp just like a noodle. Her head hung down and if James couldn’t tell she was breathing he would have been worried.  Sara had laid Jenni on her side and removed the dildo from her and untied her hands for the moment.  Jenni didn’t even move when her hands were unbound.  Then Sara untied the knots at the cuffs that Sammy was wearing letting her limbs fall to her sides and relax.  James scooped her up and carried her to the bed and laid her down.  The woman was completely out of it.  Jenni wasn’t in much better shape.  James had to carry her to the bed as well.  Sara loving cleaned Jenni’s face off with washcloth from the bathroom.  James removed Sammy’s gag and was working on Jenni’s.  She was so out of it he had trouble getting her to wake up enough to unclench her jaw so he could get the ring out.  But he managed to get it free and Jenni just stirred a little and went back to sleep.  Sara just stepped back and looked at the two friends.  Both nude Sammy still in the leather cuffs still locked on.

“They look so beautiful, so peaceful,” Sara said with a sigh sounding like she really meant every word.

“Kinda makes you feel good to be part of it huh?”  James said.  This had certainly been something James was glad he was a part of.  Never would he have thought this would happen.  He was quite happy with himself, despite the fact that he didn’t get any sexual gratification from the session.  But it was enough what had happened.

“Yes it does.  You never had sex with either one of them did you?”  Sara asked.

“Never on the first date,” James said laughing lightly with the comment.

“Oh sure no sex on the first date.  But rope and gags are all right,” Sara said laughing a little herself.

“Yeah something like that.  Shall we go see about that Chinese food?”  James asked.  “My treat.”

“Well in that case how can I refuse.  But first let’s get them ready for bed.”  Sara said.  James just shook his head and preceded to help her.

Jenni woke up and groaned her shoulders were a little sore, as was her jaw.  She tried to stretch and felt resistance.  She smiled and opened her eyes.  She was coved up with a light blanket.  She was naked and laying on the bed facing Sammy.  Her friend was in a deep peaceful sleep Jenni tried not to move too much to avoid waking her.  She then took in the restraints.  They were both wearing leather cuffs on their wrists and upon further inspection with her foot Jenni found Sammy still had on her ankle cuffs.  But Jenni herself just had on wrist cuffs.  Said cuffs were connected to each other with padlocks with a short length of chain connecting the two of them together.  Jenni moved her head around and looked about the room.  It was dark except for the small lamp on the night stand next to the bed was left on.  She looked toward the foot of the bed and saw something.  She paused and looked again. 

It appeared to be an envelope taped to the bed.  Jenni carefully kicked the cover off one leg and grabbed the object with her toes.  Then she brought the envelope as close to her hands as she could then she pulled the covers down a little off herself.  The length of chain was just long enough for her to reach the letter on the covers without having to move Sammy’s arms and possibly wake her.  Jenni carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the letter.  She opened it and started to read.
  Dear Sammy and Jenni,
I really had a great time.  Your bedtime attire was Sara’s idea.  I personally thought you had been through enough but she didn’t think so.  The key to the padlocks holding you two together is on the dresser.  We went though the house and made sure everything was locked up so no worry. 
Sara and I are going out for dinner.  She said to call her cell phone once you both wake up so we know you are all right.  Also she said if you want the keys remove the leather cuffs you all will have to get together for a lunch and she will give them to you.
I guess that is about all for now.  I do hope we can meet again I really had fun as I hope you did as well.  My number is below call me if just to say that you both got free.  Hope you slept well.


Jenni folded the letter back up and smiled.  Figures that bitch would take the keys like that.  Jenni didn’t know if Sammy had to work the next day or not.  She laid her head back down on the pillow and covered back up as best she could without making Sammy move.  She lay there and waited for her friend to wake.  Jenni would have to wake her soon to release their hands and to call Sara and James.  Hell she didn’t even know time it was.  How long had they been sleeping?  Oh well it was fun and enjoyable even if Sara had stepped in and taken over everything.  And James and Sara were out on a date?  That could be interesting.  Jenni laughed out loud and Sammy stirred and moved.  Jenni covered her mouth and giggled.  Sammy slowly opened her eyes and looked at her friend.  After a few moments she spoke.

“We are still bound?”  She said in a questioning tone.

“Yeah, James says it was her idea,” She said handing the note to her.  Sammy quickly scanned over it.

“I am glad I don’t work until the evening tomorrow.”  Sammy said with small laugh.

“Yeah we have to met her to get the key to the leather appeal,” Jenni said.  “So what do you think?”

“I think I hate your guts and love you at the same time.”  Sammy said reaching up with her bound hands and touching Jenni’s face.

“But you did have fun.”  Jenni said returning the gesture.

“Yes.  This time it turned out great.  I think this could be the beginning of something special.”  Sammy said with a sigh lowering her hands back to the bed.

“Yeah me to.  Are you ready to get up so we can reasonablely free ourselves and make a couple of calls?”

“Yeah I need a shower.”  Sammy said as she sat up.  Jenni also needed a shower as she to sat up.  They both worked their way out of bed and to the dresser and disconnected themselves and their wrists.  Sammy went immediately to bathroom. Jenni went to the phone and dialed Sara’s cell number and while it rang she thought that from here on out things were going to be very interesting for all parties concerned.

   To be continued?