Male One-Bar-Prison

by Techie and Techster

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© Copyright 2021 - Techie and Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; M+F+/m; bond; naked; strip; buttplug; display; spank; tawse; cons; XX

Techie’s part

After my hours locked in a one-bar-prison, my friend Jenine - who is a blacksmith specializing in dungeon gear and bondage devices - decided one afternoon that there should be a similar device for men.

It only took a few hours of sketching, then cutting, heating, bending and drilling holes for locks. Made from several bars of ¼ inch thick steel bars, a 3 foot by 3 foot square of ⅜ inch steel, and 1 inch steel tubing with a piece of ¾ inch steel rod that slid into its centre. Two hours of construction later, our fiendish instrument of torture was complete.

I called Techster, “Hey remember when you asked me to beta test that one bar prison?”

Techster replied, ”Yes, why? Did you design one for a man?”

“As a matter of fact, yes!”

“Do I get to be the lucky subject of a male one-bar-prison?”

“Yes! Please come over to Jenine’s workshop.”

“Be right there!” Techster answered eagerly. It took Techster about fifteen minutes to get to Jenine’s workshop.

When he arrived, he took one look at the male one bar prison and said as stripped, “It is a bit more complicated! Let’s find out how it works!” Naked and barefooted he walked over to the device and asked, “Now what?”

Jenine told him to stand with his legs over the rod. The male one-bar-prison had two features, first a rod with a large, ball-type, expanding buttplug, welded to the end; then a separate bar which had a tube and a steel plate, with a fork shaped piece of steel welded onto it.

Techster stood over the rod and Jenine slid it upward, with his cock going into the tube; the fork had a bar that locked around his scrotum. Jenine lubed the ball, slid it up into his asshole, then expanded the butt plug and walked away.

“Now it’s your turn to try to escape!”

Techster’s part

When the clamp locked my balls I realized just how trapped I was, with my balls locked, my cock trapped in the tube and the buttplug expanded in my ass.

I just stood there, struggling; captured, humiliated and on display.

Then my worst fears came true: Jenine told Techie and I, “Well, it’s showtime! Let me call a few of my femdom and dominatrix friends over to admire the merchandise!”

Thirty minutes later Domina, accompanied by five other Dominas and two male dominants, none of whom I had seen before, arrived to ‘inspect the merchandise’.

“On display is Techster, husband of Techie here, who is beta testing my male one bar prison.”

One of the Dominas asked me, “Have you tried to escape?”

I replied, “Yes I have, for the last hour and there is no escape!”

She pulled a stiff tawse out of her pocketbook, asking Jenine, “is it okay with you if I supply some... enhanced motivation?”

Techie and Jenine both nodded, and Jenine answered, “yes, but since he is a friendly beta tester please limit it to 10 hard strikes.”

I stood there as my back and butt were switched. The domina doing the striking eventually said, “That’s enough! His ass is bright red and I know he’ll feel it for a while! But no escape; I want to buy one!”

Each of the other dominants agreed, and they all ordered one. Jenine made a note for each of them. “Notice this is more restraining than the female one-bar-prison because when a woman is in the one-bar-prison she can masturbate, but since his cock is locked in the tube, he can get no sexual relief!”

This had to be one of the most humiliating events in my recent memory. I was just standing there on display with all the doms looking at me, pinching my nipples and swatting my balls.


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