The Magic Trunk


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Storycodes: FF; friends; cabin; discovery; trunk; magic-act; F/f; bond; ropes; gag; challenge; plot; Sbf; tape; hogtie; stuck; enslave; majick; spell; reversal; stuck; cons/nc; X

Brandy, just turned 21, with that she also inherited a big trust fund set up by her grand parents. Now after the death of her parents in a freak accident 5 yrs prior, she is all alone. But she does have her BFF Candy, to keep her company.

So what to do first she asks herself ? A house in the country, but not just any home but a Log Cabin by a lake. So she picks up the phone and calls Candy, "Hi it’s me, wanna go with me to look at cabins?"

"Sure", Candy says, "be right over."

A few minutes later Bandy, hears a knock on the door. In steps Candy, ready she asks. So off they went, it took a few weeks but Bandy, found one she liked and put in a offer. A big two story cabin with basement on a secluded lake, just perfect Brandy, thought. At the realtors the agent said the previous owners had left some of their belongs behind.

Brandy, would have to clean out the basement. But they did lower the price for her to do it. "No problem me and Candy, can handle it."

"What !!" Candy said

"Aw come on your the only one I've got to help me."

"Ok but I’m moving in with you then."

"Great", says Brandy, "it will be fun".

A few weeks go by as the cleaning out goes on, finally they are down to one lone old heavy trunk. Brandy, tells Candy, "There’s no way we are going to get this out of here, it’s just too heavy, So lets empty it."

Candy asks, "Where's the key?"

"I don’t know? I guess there isn’t one." Brandy, says. "We could try to pry it open I will get some tools."

After some time they manage to pop it open and look inside. Boy, they were shocked to see what was inside of it. Coils of Rope, Straps, and Chains, also Females Magicians Costumes. But under the clothes they found a book on Escapology and Magic spells, neat they both said.

"Wow this stuff is kinky". Candy, says.

"I know". says Brandy, "and the book shows us how to do it and escape."

"Brandy, you kinky girl you. whats on your mind?"

"I don’t know but maybe we could try to some of it."

Candy just laughed, "Maybe but we need to read the book first ok."

"Oh all right." Brandy says.

A few days later they were learning all sorts of escape acts to try. Tho technical it was precise, and very detailed on how to do it. A chapter on Ropes, Hogties, Frog-ties, Shibari-Ties and a chapter on suspension too!! The Magic book was a different matter there were spells to tie and untie someone up, a hypnotic spell to be put under one’s control plus a chapter on potions too. Candy, took a big interest in this book and how to do it. She would always have an evil cheerful grin after she read the chapter. (poor Bandy)

"You ready to try this Brandy?" Candy asks. "but who goes first, have you ever been  tied before or tied someone up before?"

"No", says Brandy, then asks Candy, "how about you?"

"Well one of my older cousins used to tie me up when she came over for slumber parties and then she would let me try to tie her up too."

"Ok Candy, you can tie me up first."

So Candy, picks up a rope and tells Brandy, to turn around and cross her wrist behind her back. She wraps the rope around her wrist one way and then takes the rope and goes around and threw her wrists the other way. "See Brandy, how it goes." "Yep!" says Brandy, "and now I’m going to tie a square knot to secure it. "

"How does that feel Brandy?"

"I don’t know but I think it’s a little loose."

"That’s because I didn’t tie it really tight I don’t want you to panic."

Brandy giggles, "What’s next?"

"Well I guess feet and then chest."

"Well do your worst." Brandy, tells Candy, with that Candy, finishes tieing up Brandy.

"Ok it’s done wrists, ankles, chest-ties I guess there is only the hogtie and gag." Candy, tells Brandy, to lie on the floor, she picks up more rope to finish the hog-tie with, snug but not too tight.

"There one last thing, a nice silk scarf to gag you with. Now you've got half an hour to try to get loose. Remember what the book said about escaping. Twisting, pulling and picking the knot with your fingers".

Brandy, just mmphs. After a half an hour Brandy, does manage to free herself, and tells Candy, my turn and proceeds to tie up Candy, the same way she was tied, but she was not good as Candy, when it comes to tieing someone up, Candy, got loose in 10 minutes.

So for a few weeks they practiced on each other and yes they got better and the ropes got tighter. Now it’s time for Candy, to put her plan into effect. For she always had a crush on Brandy, and could not wait to permanently make Brandy, her Love slave. So how to trick her. 'I know self-bondage'.

"Brandy, time to try the next chapter."

"Ok what is it?" Brandy asks Candy.


"Oh that sounds interesting."

"The first thing the book tells you to always have a escape plan handy, So a simple hogtie is first."

Candy, stands over Brandy, and hands her the first rope. "Go easy on the first try ok Brandy", asks Candy. But Brandy was too excited to listen. So she ties her ankles and then her knees, followed by two chest ropes to trap her arms behind when she applies the hogtie rope, a gag would also be used. To tie herself in a hogtie she would need a slip knot rope from her ankles to her wrist, the book said use only a single loop one at first. Ok ankles, knees, chest done, now the gag then the hogtie rope. A soft silk scarf balled up and put into her mouth followed by another silk scarf wrapped around to hold it in.

Brandy, laid down on her stomach, lifted her legs up to grab the hogtie rope and secure it around her wrists. Done. Brandy, mmphed to Candy.

"Ok I will time you, go!"

"Brandy, it took you half an hour to get loose.You have to do better next time." Candy told Brandy. I will do better next time.

"I have to run a errand I will be back later ok Brandy, and Don’t practice without me !!"

Knowing full well Brandy, couldn’t wait to try while she was gone and a little more tighter and secure. (the trap is set ) It will be the last time Brandy, sees freedom before she becomes Candy’s love slave.

As soon as Candy went through the door, Brandy, was searching through the handbook to step up the next test. A cross-ankle hogtie, 'That sounds like a good one to try!' Brandy thought.

A few more steps to this one though along with the cross-ankle hogtie, a elbow rope is added to. She thought for a moment about how sweaty she always got and decided to be naked for this try. Following instructions Brandy, took a long rope and began making a band of loops with a cinch in the middle. There also is a double loop hogtie rope. Brandy, also added a second silk scarf for a gag and to use duct-tape instead of another scarf.

Moment of truth for Brandy, the gag is first two scarfs stuffed into her mouth, then Duct-tape wound around her head to keep it secure, barely a sound came out of her mouth, then she crossed her ankles and left a double loop hogtie rope to go to her wrists. Two loosely tied chest ropes above and below these ropes will tighten up when the arms are behind her. Now the hard rope, taking the elbow rope and slowly inserts her arm into one of the loops, pulls it up past her elbow, then putting her other arm into the other loop behind her back and and begins to slowly pull it up past her elbow too. 'Wow this is very difficult', she thought to herself but she managed.

One last rope, rolling over onto her stomach and lifting her legs up to grab the hog-tie rope to slip around her wrists and pull it snug. Done!! Brandy, immediately felt the chest and elbow ropes tighten up very much, which in turn caused her to pull on the double loop wrist rope very tight, too tight she would not be able to loosen it later. As she was about to find out. The more she struggled the more the ropes tightened, no use she was stuck good . She would have to wait until Candy gets back.

Brandy heard Candy come threw the door. She was going to be so embarrassed when Candy found her all tied up on the floor.

"WELL, WELL, WELL what do we have here!! Did someone try to practice without me. Especially when I told her Not To !!!"

Brandy held her head in shame.

"So you want me to get you loose I suppose?"

Brandy, "MMPH".

"Sorry I can't do that, it took me so long to set this up."

After after hearing this Brandy, began to struggle in earnest but to no avail.

"See you were so eager to try the next postion, you did not look closely at it. This is the last postion in the book and should not be preformed without supervision and a full year of practice. I switched the pages around. Also it mentions how to make it tighter by using the magic spell to make it more difficult to get out of."

Brandy just shook, "MMPH".

"Brandy, see what happens when you do not do your homework first. There are a lot of useful magic spells in that book that you never brothered to read, but I did. So now without further ado abracadabra, tight, tighter, tightest."

Poof in a instant the ropes squeezed Brandy, even tighter. The chest rope made her boobs stick out over the ropes, her elbows were brought together until they touched, the hogtie rope closed up until her hands touched her ankles making her into a tighter bow.

Candy just laughed at her, "Why am I doing this to you? Easy I’ve decided to make you my love slave, for ever more, yes there’s a potion and spell for that too. Can't wait to try it out on you Brandy, you'll love me forever after that one. Now to get ready with the rest of my plan. You will disappear after you turn all your money and this nice home over to me. After all you will be my slave for a long time, got to keep you safe and secure and that costs money. Which you will no longer need."

Poor Brandy, her fate sealed. Candy, comes back wearing the Magician’s Outfit. "I thought it might be appropriate for what is about to happen. Now for the rest of the spell and potion. Words first, then the permanent potion, I read it tastes nasty."

"Abracadabra, From Time Eternal, To time about to be. Brandy, you now belong to me." Poof was the sound the smoke made. Candy, went over to Brandy, and cut her gag off Brandy.

"Now the potion, drink this."

"Yes mistress", Brandy said to Candy.

"Poor Brandy nothing more than a love slave for ever more."

So Candy, took a step back and began to laugh and thought how easy it was to trick poor Brandy. She would love her for a very long time. She was wrong for the Magician's Outfit was about to come to life one last time. What Candy didn’t realize is that this was an Assistant Magicians Costume and it was not to be the Head Mistress Magician Outfit.

It would automatically would revert the wearer back into a submissive state.

So one by one the ropes holding Brandy, were now being transferred onto Candy, and all the spells she used on Brandy. The last thing she had the ability to do is scream No. And then address Brandy, "Mistress how may I please you."

Poor Candy, but how did this happen Brandy, now back to her normal self couldn’t figure it out. She thought she'd be Candy’s love slave forever. Puzzled Brandy, took a look at the costumes label. It read Warning not to be a Head Mistresses Outfit, it will revert the wearer into a slave only so this is how it happened, eventually Candy, didn’t do her homework too. So now to have her revenge on Candy. After releasing Candy, from her hogtie she told her to come over the over head beam.

Brandy was going to show Candy.

Chapter 3, The Hanging Strappado.

"So Candy, Abracadabra and Presto! I now command that you're put in a Hanging Strappado."

Poof, Candy, could see the ropes come out of thin air and towards her, upon reaching her feet, the rope began to wind around, through and up into the air until it attached to a overhead beam. Once done she was stuck in a strict array of ropes around her body holding it suspended into the air. It started at her feet with 4 coils around her ankles. Snaking up to her knees, again 4 coils wrapped around her knees above and below, then on to her waist, 4 more coils around and then turn and went down thru and up to a knot in her back.

Candy was starting to moan at this time. But the rope was not done, far from it, onward it went up to her chest, again 4 more turns around her body coming to the middle of her chest. It took a different direction down to the lower chest rope, and back up to the upper one, where it began to closed the chest bands together, a new rope appeared and attached itself to the middle of the chest, followed by the winding around the right breast then the left one and tighten severely, but this rope was still not done as it snaked up around the neck and back down to be tied off by the chest rope knot in the middle. This prevented the whole harness ropes to not fall down .

Another rope appeared, circle around the chest tied of in the back of her shoulder blades and the trail up to the overhead beam back down to above the elbows and circle them 4 times with a cinch in-between them, 4 more turns below the elbow, cinched and  followed down to her wrists with the same procedure. The final path of the rope was to her ankles through and back up, around her wrists, back up to the beam, where the rope encircled and tightened which caused her feet to lift up off the floor, her wrists pulled away from her body out to parallel position, the rope went back to the beam.

For all intense purposes leaving her in a hanging Strappado. Candy, was in agony.

Brandy says, "Now Candy, you are my slave for evermore."

"Yes Mistress", was all Candy, could say.

The End,




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