The Lucky Contestant

by E. J. Ro

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© Copyright 2007 - E. J. Ro - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; spandex; rope; gag; reluct; X

Contest Entry for the 'Script your own Video' Contest

A lovely young lady stumbles across a story writing contest sponsored by one of her favorite bondage websites and jumps at the opportunity to win some money and have one of her fantasies translated to live-action. Feverishly, she pens a quick script entitled “The Work-Out,” in which a female fitness instructor who pushes her client too vigorously is punished by being stringently hogtied, gagged and blindfolded, wearing a high-cut, spandex, one-piece thong and left to struggle for an exorbitant amount of time, and she enters it into the contest.

A few weeks later she receives a phone call from the contest master congratulating her for winning the grand prize, wanting to set up a meeting for her to sign some paperwork and collect her prize. Excitedly, she agrees.

She arrives at the office of the contest master and is presented with a hefty stack of papers and a pen. The contest master explains that their are issues involving intellectual property, etc. and that she must sign-off on her work to receive her winnings. He leaves the office for a moment. Quickly deciding that there is way too much fine print for her to bother combing through, she signs the contract. The contest master returns and, after making sure that everything is in order as regards the contract, congratulates the lucky winner once again. Shaking her hand, he invites her to step into the adjoining room.

The room turns out to be the set for “The Work Out.” The contest winner is slightly confused. The contest master returns and hands her the spandex one-piece.

“What’s this for?” She asks.

“You should know; it’s your script.” The Contest Master replies.

“But why are you giving it to me?” She asks.

“The grand prize for the contest was that we would shoot a video of the winning script, and the writer would be the star.” He replies.

The girl, although very interested in the dominant side of bondage-play, abhors the submissive role.

“I thought the grand prize was having the story turned into a video and photo-set and a cash prize.” She says.

“That was first prize,” he replies. “Second and third prizes were complimentary subscriptions to the site and smaller cash prizes. But the grand prize was writing and starring in your own bondage fantasy video. This was all posted on the website.”

The girl turns pale.

“Well, that’s not how I understood it. It’s my fantasy to see it, not to star in it!” She says.

“Listen, you already signed the papers," replies the contest master. "And I’ve already set everything up for this. Next time read the fine print.”

A few minutes later the girl is dressed in her aerobic gear, tightly hogtied, gagged and blindfolded. She is visibly upset and struggling (as much as is possible in her current state).

“Okay, everything looks good,” says the contest master, adjusting lighting and cameras. “You really are a natural at this.”

The girl mmphs angrily.

“So, in your script ‘The Work-Out,’ the client of a young personal fitness instructor becomes fed-up with her demands and decides to put her into an ‘endurance hogtie,’ where she is tied, gagged, and blindfolded for … 12 hours, you wrote! Wow. And you know, here at, we strive for realism in our work. So I’m going to get these cameras rolling and let you have at it. I’ll be back in the morning. Maybe by then you’ll be comfortable enough with the role to shoot the scenes leading up to this.”

The contest master leaves, and the girl spends the remainder of the video struggling and grunting and doing all those wonderful things girls do when they are tied and gagged.