Loving, Consensual, Strict

by Loves_Tied_Girls

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© Copyright 2013 - Loves_Tied_Girls - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo- MF; M/f; lingerie; bond; rope; tease; torment; voy; honey; oral; sex; climax; first; cons; X

Part I: Before Double Trouble - Prelude

Our protagonists:

Lori Lavalle, a month past her 19th birthday, was 5’7” tall and weighed about 130 pounds. Along with flashing green eyes and high cheekbones, she had long, lustrous coal black hair, and a figure many women would kill for: 1) a beautifully rounded set of boobs, very upright and erect, measuring 36” with a C/D cup – 2) thanks to many hours of waist training, she measured just over 25” around her middle – 3) 37” hips, with the most perfect bubble butt man had ever seen; shapely but firm, with no noticeable imperfections. Her legs were slim but well-shaped, and near-daily aerobics and swimming workouts helped to keep her, and her body, in great shape.

Lori loved fine lingerie, and equally hated pantyhose and bloomers; her preferred undergarments were long shiny nylon/lycra stockings and matching silk or satin or latex thongs and garter belts. She wore brassieres occasionally: full ones for family and formal occasions, half-bras otherwise that barely (or didn’t) cover her nipples. Otherwise, her favorite wear was either no bra at all or the half-moon shaped adhesive support cups that held her up without interfering with her nipples or breasts as a whole.

Lori was, to some extent, an exhibitionist; she was very proud of her body, and knew that her butt and boobs were the envy of many young (and some not-so-young) men and women. She was not a tease, though … she didn’t deliberately lead men on with how she dressed. It just worked out that way; she had to constantly fend off advances by males who thought otherwise, and had become quite skilled at that.

* * *

Josh Allen was 23 years old, a 6’ 1” young man weighing about 185 pounds. He was slim with good shoulders and narrow hips, and a washboard stomach. He was not particularly handsome, but had craggy good looks that easily attracted women. He was also a multi-millionaire, having inherited $12M and the family house when his banker father and mother had died a year before in a crash of their private jet. As their only child, he had managed to withstand competing claims for the inheritance, and the $12M was what remained after taxes and lawyers. He was totally unpretentious, but very much into bondage. He wanted to have his own dungeon in the near future.

* * *

Chapter I

Josh listened to the gulls screeching and the waves as they frothed before washing the sand. It was a lovely day, and he had been looking forward to it ever since he had gotten his masters degree a month before. He was at Oak Street Beach, ‘the favorite spot of models’, so the propaganda went. Right now he was only interested in getting some sun, and enjoying a cold beer.

Realizing that he held an empty can, Josh rose from his blanket to go to the refreshment stand for another. As he turned in that direction, his eyes fell upon a vision from heaven; a well-tanned girl with the most perfect ass he had ever seen was sunbathing, face down, not ten feet from his blanket. She had on a white thong swimsuit that shone in the sun like satin; the well-toned ass cheeks she was displaying were like a magnet for his gaze.

Josh could not tear his eyes away; she was alone, with ear buds stuck in her ears, listening to some music from her iPad, her toes digging into the blanket as she went with the music. She had very dark hair, pinned up so that her neck would get the sun; her bra straps were undone, lying on either side of her. Her back showed an even tan, so the bra straps undoing was apparently a regular thing for her.

Josh stared for far too long; he was abruptly aware of what he was doing, and turned away to continue his beer run. Getting an icy cold refill, Josh began his return trip to his blanket … slowly. The girl was still there as he came near, still face down, that glorious thonged rear end still on exhibition. Josh ‘accidentally’ kicked a little sand in her direction. The girl looked up with a grimace, her large sunglasses completely obscuring her eyes. Josh quickly muttered a “Sorry”, and kept on towards his own blanket.

Lori looked back at him as he walked past her. He had a nice physique, nothing special, just nice. Fairly broad shoulders, though obviously not a weight lifter; his muscles looked nice, but not enhanced. He did have a really cute butt she thought, smiling to herself.

Josh lay down on his own blanket, took a good slug of beer to try to slow his raging hormones, and was starting to relax when he heard “Hey.” Turning his head, he saw his dream girl had sat up, clutching what turned out to be a rather skimpy top to her breasts. Which were also world class, he thought in the blink of an eye.

“Sorry about that, miss. Sometimes I’m just too clumsy; I even trip over my own feet” he responded. The girl ignored his response, engaged in refastening her bra strap behind her back. As she was doing that, her full breasts strained against the narrow coverage the satiny material gave them; Josh couldn’t help staring again. Then he remembered himself, and dropped his eyes as she stood up and came beside him.

She looked down at him on his blanket, noting his rock hard abdomen and the obvious bulge in his trunks, then smiled and, holding out her hand, said “Hi, I’m Lori.” Josh quickly sat up to grasp her hand with his own, then stood; at 6’1”, he was about six inches taller than she.

“Hi, I’m Josh” he managed to get out. “I’m really sorry for kicking that sand onto you. How can I make up for a really klutzy goof?”

The girl, who was quite pretty if not beautiful, showed a mouth full of very white teeth when she smiled back at him. “Well, I’m getting kind of hungry. How about you buying me lunch?”

Josh just stood there, stunned. This was his dream woman, wearing just a few scraps of shiny cloth that did a very poor job of concealing her considerable assets; was she making a play for him? Him?

“You bet,” he stammered out, “It’s the least I can do.” They commenced to gather up their belongings and headed towards their parked cars. She drove a new Volkswagen Beetle; she dumped her stuff inside the trunk and slammed it shut, retaining only an over-shoulder purse and a white crocheted shawl. Josh was sorry to see that she draped it over her shoulders, partially obscuring her considerable cleavage.

Josh dumped his gear into the trunk of his two-year old Honda Civic and, making certain that his wallet was in the back pocket of his trunks, took Lori’s arm to steer her towards nearby Rush Street with its many outdoor cafes.

They found one before long with a few empty tables, and Josh led the way towards it. Sitting, just kind of smiling at each other, a waitress finally made it over. “What can I get you guys?” she asked, hand poised over her order book.

“Do you have a chicken salad with Caesar dressing?’ Lori asked. “Sure do, honey” the waitress replied, writing the order down. “What to drink?” Lori selected unsweetened ice tea, then the waitress turned to Josh. “And how about you?” she asked.

Josh was certainly not usually shy with girls, or women for that matter. However, he was still in thrall from the preceding events, and had a little trouble getting his head on straight. “Uh, yeah, that sounds good for me too.”

Lori smiled at him; he was hooked, she knew, but, then again, so was she, depending on whether or not he turned out to be a dork. To her pleasure, he turned out not to belong to that species of male.

“Uh,” he began (‘really cool, you dolt’ he thought), “I never heard of satin bathing suits before.” Lori looked at him in surprise, then followed his eyes down to her cleavage, and laughed delightedly. “This isn’t satin, it’s latex” she replied with a glint in her eyes. “Oh, right,” Josh said with an inner wince at his tongue-tied manner.

Over their meal, they exchanged their stories. Lori’s parents lived in Park Ridge, as had she until recently, when the urge to get out from under her parents eyes had become overwhelming. She had rented an apartment near Second City, dumped her busy-hands boyfriend two weeks before, and was very much into physical fitness and correct eating habits.

Josh told her about loving sports as he grew up, and his parent’s strictness about how his time was spent. He also told her that his parents had both died when their plane had flown into a mountain last year. “Oh, I’m so sorry” she had said, covering his hand with her own.

Josh waited a moment to get his emotions under control, then told the girl “Well, frankly, I’m not. My father was a first class bastard, and my mother was more concerned with how others viewed the family than she was about my welfare. The only thanks I owe them was that my father was well-off; at the reading of his will, I found out that I, his only (unloved) child, had inherited a few bucks.”

Lori sensed how tense Josh had become as he revealed himself to her. She again took his hand, gently squeezing it with her own. “Hey Josh, that’s all in the past. I think you would be a lot better off concentrating on the future,” she said softly.

Josh very slowly recovered from his fugue; he looked Lori in her very green, flashing eyes, and tightened his hand about hers. “You’re right, of course” he smiled at her. Lori smiled broadly back, and squeezed his hand in return. Except for that conversational exchange, Josh had to keep reminding himself not to stare at her partially-concealed boobs. He forced himself to look into her green eyes, or at his food, or look around at nothing in particular. Her breasts were singing a siren song to him, and Josh was having difficulty ignoring it.

After a very pleasant lunch, for both of them, Josh walked her back to her car. “Can I see you again?” came out of his mouth. Lori again bewitched him with her dazzling smile, and replied “Sure.” She wrote down her phone number for him before getting behind the wheel of her car. “Make sure you use that” she smiled at him, then backed her car out of the parking place and drove away.

Josh stared after her car as it disappeared down the street. How in the world had he managed to meet the girl of his dreams?

Chapter II

A week later, Josh called Lori. “Hi”, she said brightly when she recognized his voice. “How are you?” “I’m great, Lori” he responded. “Listen, there is a special architectural exhibit opening at the Art Institute on Saturday, and my company is sponsoring an invitation-only cocktail party Friday night in celebration. Would you be interested in going with me?”

Lori thought for only a moment, then remembered that it was Josh who was extending the invitation. “Yes, that would be great” she responded, hoping he didn’t hear the slight hesitation. ‘My gosh’, she thought, ‘and this is Wednesday already’. “OK,” Josh told her. “How about if I pick you up around 7:30 Friday evening?” As she gave him her address, Lori’s mind was in a whirl … “Sure, that would be great” she managed to stammer. ‘My gosh, what a different first date!’ she thought; then, ‘what will I wear?’

Lori’s family had money, and they happily paid for her schooling, her apartment, and gave her a very generous allowance for ‘other stuff’. So, Lori went shopping on Michigan Avenue right after Josh called her. She found some marvelous high-heeled open toed sandals right away, with a four-inch stiletto heel. Next in line was a dress that took her awhile to find; it was very light and thin, but completely opaque, light grey like her shoes, with spaghetti straps, and a completely open back. The hem ended a few inches above her knees; Lori was very conscious of her body and, exhibitionist that she was, was quite pleased with the way the dress hugged her breasts, ass and hips so securely, nicely clinging without being tight. Lori decided to break up the all-grey motif somewhat with a long, brilliantly multi-colored silk scarf around her neck, the ends trailing down her back.

She rushed back to her apartment with her purchases, all the while thinking about what might happen after the party. She really liked Josh; he wasn’t at all like the usual pawing clods that were always hitting on her. Lori decided at last that if Josh made a move, she just might respond and see what ensued.

* * *

Josh rang her apartment bell promptly at 7:30, and Lori hurried to the elevator. When she appeared and walked towards Josh, he unconsciously dropped into his stare mode again. Lori looked gorgeous, her coal black shiny hair a mass of ringlets piled high on top of her head. The dress she was wearing wasn’t tight, but it certainly did show off her lovely bosom to its best advantage. Her dark stockings, adorning slim but shapely legs, made swishing sounds as she walked towards him, heels clicking on the lobby tiles, smiling widely.

“Hi there!” she said, and reached out to take his hand.

“Hi yourself, Lori. You look positively gorgeous” Josh responded, taking her proffered hand. He allowed her take the lead through the revolving door, and was quite taken with her rear end. Her dress lightly clung to it, her hips, and her legs; hell, it seemed to have been especially designed to tease, but not in an overt way. It had a kind of shimmery look to it such that it conveyed the hint of a mystery hidden within.

Josh again took her hand to lead her to his parked car. Lori lowered her head to enter the passenger side, and lifted her leg to step in. Josh saw the dress hem rise a few inches, revealing more of her dark stockinged legs. He silently thanked the gods that had engineered their meeting as he also got in, then headed for the Art Institute.

Lori found herself enjoying the exhibition. Josh made a few knowing comments about what she was seeing, and also a couple of witty asides that had her in stitches. He had been a perfect gentleman, never once groping her even a little, or ‘accidentally’ bumping into her; holding doors for her, etc. ‘OK,’ she thought to herself; ‘maybe tonight’s the night’.

They were at the exhibit for a couple of hours, Lori carefully nursing a single glass of champagne throughout the evening. As they were leaving, Josh asked “Would you like to stop somewhere and get something to eat?” She smiled up at him and, holding his chin in one hand, leaned forward to give him a light kiss. “No, I’m really not too hungry,” short pause, “for food” she answered after breaking the kiss, “but I’d love to see your house.”

Up in Evanston, Josh realized; it was a long way from her apartment, and he began to get an upbeat feeling that something interesting could happen tonight. Finding his car in the underground parking garage, Josh steered it homeward.

Her full breasts were still an eye magnet for Josh; every time he turned to her, there they were, her nipples obvious as they pushed against the thin material. ‘Jesus,’ he thought, ‘I just have to stop staring at her boobs.’ At one point she crossed her legs, the hem of her skirt hiking up another couple of inches. ‘Great,’ he continued to himself; ‘now I have something else to not stare at.’ The drive took less than an hour by way of Lake Shore Drive, and they arrived at his house just before 11 o’clock.

Inside the front door, Lori allowed Josh to kiss her softly, her full lips wrapped around his own, but no tonguing … yet. Pulling loose, she begged him to show her the house, from top to bottom. Josh acquiesced, showing her second floor first, with its three rather large bedrooms (his own, one for overnight guests, and the third converted into a den), all of which had attached bathrooms and showers (plus a Roman tub in the guest bedroom).

Downstairs then, with its huge living room, kitchen, breakfast nook, library and a smaller room he had converted into his office, with a toilet attached. Lori pointed to a door near the kitchen and asked “Where does that go?”

“Oh, that leads down to the basement,” Josh replied …he was nowhere ready to tell her about his bondage kink, or about what the space below would eventually contain.

Lori turned the knob, but the door was locked. “Can’t I take a peek?” she begged Josh.

“Heck, there’s nothing down there but junk right now. I’m in the process of having it renovated; perhaps you can see it once it’s finished,” he answered. There was no way he was going to scare off this very tasty morsel of femininity.

Returning to the living room, Lori sat in the middle of the luxurious leather sofa. Turning to her left, she unwound the colorful scarf from her neck and laid it over the back of the sofa. Josh was still standing, and was afforded a view of her cleavage that was intoxicating. He finally sat down next to Lori, smiling; she smiled back, very warmly.

Before Josh could say anything, Lori put her hand to his face and kissed him, softly, with closed eyes. Josh returned the kiss, turning to pull Lori into his arms. Sighing, her lush body seeming to melt into his, the girl kissed him for real then, inserting her tongue into his mouth; their tongues dancing a fine fandango for a few minutes. Lori felt her sexual urges begin to mount, as did Josh. Their kiss went on and on; they broke to take a deep breath, then resumed their passionate kissing; groans from both signaling their rising sexual excitement. Standing, Lori pulled him to his feet, looked him in the eyes, and asked softly, “bedroom?” Josh quickly pointed towards the stairs, and up they went to his bedroom with its king-sized bed. Once there, Lori indicated that Josh should sit on the bed, while she stood facing him a few feet away. Slowly, as if in a sensual strip tease, Lori reached down to the hem of her dress and began to lift it.

Josh’s erection was almost getting out of control; he willed it to relax (it didn’t) as he watched more and more of Lori’s stockinged legs revealed to him. Higher went the hem, up over the tops of her stockings, garters, and the bare flesh above, including her shimmery grey thong. Then, higher still, the matching garter belt and, finally, her magnificent breasts, unfettered by a brassiere.

Lori pulled the dress over her head and laid it down on a chair, then held out her hand to Josh. He took her hand in his, led her to the bed and gently laid her down on her back. Lori smiled as Josh began to get undressed; when his rampant, pulsing cock finally appeared, her breath caught. It wasn’t huge, thank goodness, but was very intoxicating nonetheless; 7 1/2 inches long, and 1 1/2 inches thick at its base, she couldn’t help but think that it had been made just for her.

Josh made as if to join her on the bed, then stopped. Lori would find out about his bondage interests sooner or later; maybe something gentle tonight to pique her interest? Lori noticed his hesitation, and reached out her hand to him, saying “Come to me, Josh.”

Very hesitantly, because he did not want this lovely girl to be afraid of him, Josh told her about how much he loved bondage, of all kinds. As Lori stared at him with wide eyes, Josh went to the end table and retrieved a loop of soft rope from its drawer.

“I want to make love to you, Lori,” he said, “and I hope you will trust me if I tie you up beforehand.” Lori shook her head in confusion rather than refusal, then looked directly into Josh’s eyes while saying, “I think I trust you, but I’m not sure yet. How do you want to tie me?”

“Oh, just your hands to the head of the bed,” he nervously replied. “That’s all?” Lori asked. “That’s all, I promise,” Josh answered; he had to wait for a full minute before Lori said, “Well, OK then.”

Josh wasted no time in crossing her wrists above her head, circling them a few times with the soft rope, then securing them by wrapping the ropes’ free ends around an open section of the headboard. Turning, Josh edged downward towards Lori’s waist, grasped her thong on either side, and began to tug it down her hips.

Lifting her hips and legs to assist him, Lori found that her pleasure sensitivity indices had unexpectedly ramped up suddenly; she could feel her love juice begin to flow. Josh freed her from the thong, tossed it towards the chair that held her dress, then put his hands on the insides of her thighs and began pressing against them gently. Lori got the idea, and began spreading her legs. When they were split wide enough for Josh, he knelt in front of her pussy and began to kiss and tongue her, first on her tender inner thighs, then onto her lower abdomen just above her mound, and finally downward.

Lori almost climaxed right then! She moaned, then again more loudly; Josh’s oral ministrations were beginning to drive her wild with lust. Her body was twisting from side to side under his attentions, until he took her hips in either hand to still her movement, and began to lick her pussy lips. Lori tugged on the ropes holding her wrists captive; ‘My god,’ she thought, “I have never ever been as hot as I am right this second.’ Her body heat continued to increase as Josh masterfully ate out her pussy, and licking up her pre-climax cum. He put one hand to her pussy and inserted first one, then two fingers, into her now very wet snatch. Josh pulled his fingers out as Lori thrashed about, and stretched his hand out to her mouth.

The girl accepted his fingers, slick with her love juice, into her mouth, licking and sucking on his fingers, tasting her own femaleness. Without warning, Lori screamed as she was overcome by her first orgasm, coursing through her loins like fire. She thrashed around beneath Josh, who now transferred his attention to her beautiful nipples.

Lori was filled with more intense pleasure than she had ever known before. Josh began to kiss, lick, tongue and gently bite her breasts, then her pouting nipples. Reaching down with one hand, he steered the head of his jutting manhood gently into Lori’s cunt and, ever so slowly penetrated her deeply and fully. Lori’s unhindered legs seemed to wrap around Josh’s waist of their own volition. “Ohhh” she moaned.

The girl was bucking almost uncontrollably now, as a second orgasm overwhelmed her, followed moments later by a third. Josh began stroking in and out, harder, his balls bumping against her butt with every downward lunge. Lori kept pulling on her wrist ropes; she wanted so much to grab Josh and hold him close. Her frustration at not being able to do so warred with the incredible pleasure she was experiencing; the pleasure won.

Josh rose up, his hands cradling her ass cheeks, and crammed his cock as deeply into Lori as he could; groaning loudly, his own climax erupted, shooting his cum deeply into the girl’s receptive body. Her own moans mounted in intensity as she had yet another orgasm … ‘how many was that?’ she would dazedly ask herself later. At least four, maybe five --- she hadn’t bothered to keep count at the time.

Josh, spent, collapsed on top of Lori, but she didn’t mind in the least; her pussy muscles continued to milk her man of every drop of sperm he had.

When at last they had calmed down from the sexual intensity, Lori wiggled beneath him, saying “That was lovely, dear Josh. I really wanted to grab you so badly, but couldn’t,” and tugging gently on her cinched wrists.

Josh gave her a goofy smile, continuing “Would you like to try a few more ropes?” Lori almost shouted, but limited her vocal response to a more muted level --- “Oh yes, I would.” Josh climbed off her and removed her garter belt and stockings. Reaching over to the nightstand again, he retrieved two more pieces of rope, returned to Lori and began winding one of the ropes about her left ankle, not too tightly. He tied off the rope end at the bed post, again not to tautly, then repeated the process with her right ankle.

The relatively gentle tie split her legs even more widely apart, Lori “mmming” with closed eyes all the while, her mouth open and her tongue licking her lips. ‘God,’ she thought, ‘I can’t believe how sexy this feels!’ The feeling of helplessness careened throughout her … it was so delicious.

Josh took one of the pillows and, his arm under her back to assist, pushed the pillow under her ass … Lori swore she was in heaven, her juices beginning to flow again. Josh smiled down at her, caressed her breasts for a moment, then left the room. “Hey,” Lori called after him, “you can’t just leave me like this!” No response; she could only lie in her pleasant bondage, her lust beginning to rise anew, while she fantasized that she had been captured by a cruel man who was soon going to have his way with her.

Over the next five minutes, Lori felt her lust rise higher and higher until; once again, her pussy began leaking its nectar. “Dammit, Josh … I want you NOW!” she shouted, her body writhing with both frustration and desire. Josh stuck his head in the door, put something in his mouth, then approached her spread-eagled form. Bending over her, he began to kiss her, his tongue investigating her lips, then her tongue. When Lori responded, opening her mouth widely to receive him, Josh tongued the item into her mouth. Lori jerked in surprise, particularly when she discovered the item was a fresh strawberry!

It was very sweet, and she very much enjoyed its juices, some of which ran down the outsides of her cheeks. Josh smiled, gently wiped away the excess liquid from her, then revealed another object that he had carried to his bed. It was a bottle of honey, which he proceeded to drip slowly onto Lori’s breasts. Next were her cunt lips, which he spread widely with one hand while pouring in the honey with his other.

The girl was awash in her rising heat and pleasure, turning her head from side to side as she so enjoyed what was being done to her. Josh set the jar on top of the nightstand, then bent to begin licking the honey from her melons, taking care to give special attention to her nipples. Lori moaned loudly, “Ohhh, Josh ...” as her nips immediately came to attention. While he kept on tonguing and gently biting those so-sensitive nubs, he reached one hand down to massage her sweet pussy. Lori could hardly believe the feelings surging through her; it was as though any self-contained censor she had was turned off, and she had been given permission to fully revel in all of the carnal impulses hot and lush within her. Her moaning became almost continuous, rising in intensity as Josh moved his oral attentions to her cunt. Within a moment of his tongue beginning its explorations, Lori had an orgasm that seemed to raise her pleasure bar to near infinity. Her body jerked and pulled against her bonds, carnal aftershocks continuing to fire off her orgasmic receptors.

Josh backed away then, stroking his again very erect cock as he watched Lori wind down, slowly, from her surreal high. Her body slumped at last, totally relaxed; she turned her head to look at Josh. “Lordy, lordy, but that, my dear man, was fantastic,” she gushed. “You hereby have my permission to tie me up any time you want! Now come over here, and let me take care of you.”

Josh made as though to mount her again. “No,” Lori said, “bring that beautiful tool of yours up here. I want to taste it.” Happy to oblige, Josh climbed onto the bed, straddling her armpits with his thighs. His cock just inches from her inviting mouth, opened wide to receive him, he leaned forward enough to put its tip onto her bottom lip. Lori immediately clasped her lips firmly around it, and began to tongue it. Her sucking action encouraged Josh to insert more of it, then more yet. As he inserted his prick deeper into her mouth, Lori gagged; Josh stopped immediately, but Lori hungrily said “I want it all, dear man, not just an inch or two”, and renewed her efforts to get of all of his manhood into her.

Finally, somehow, his full 7 1/2 inches of meat was between her widely spread lips and partially down her throat. Since her head was relatively immobile, Josh started to pull out halfway, then inserted its full length again. Lori was straining at her ropes in her cock sucking action, as Josh began to move his hips back and forth, fucking her face. Lori didn’t mind at all, his thick tool filling her lips as her tongue worked its magic on him. After a few minutes of slow in-and-out action, Josh began to increase his speed. He felt his impending climax, felt like he was going to explode if he didn’t cum … and then he did. Lori got a mouthful of his jizz, but hungrily swallowed every last bit of it. Ahhhh…

* * *

Later, untied, clean again, and redressed, Lori laid her head against Josh’s shoulder as he drove her home. Her eyes were closed, but she was somewhat surprised to see dawn lightening the eastern sky as her man headed south. She had overnight turned into a wanton slut, now for bondage as well as sex, but the notion didn’t bother her in the slightest. She was Josh’s girl now, for as long as he cared to have her, to be alternately treated as a queen, as a sex object, and as his sweet bondage love.

Two months later, she moved into Josh’s life and house full time. A month after that Josh’s redecoration efforts in the basement were complete, the 30’ x 30’ space converted into a luxurious dungeon/fun room. In their bedroom or in the fun room, Lori was slated to spend many happy hours.

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