Love and War

by Ann Onominos | Forum Feedback

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story continues from chapter eight

Chapter 9: My Dungeon

Carly showed up today. After the usual chit chat, she asked me,

“When are you gonna show me your dungeon? After having wild sex with Selena, I think I’m ready to see your dungeon.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your dungeon. I have watched several videos you have made and I recognize the background as your playroom in some but not all of them, so you must have another place you shoot videos. I know it’s not the barn either. Is it in the basement?”

“You’re a smart girl. I’ll be happy to show you my dungeon if you let me do a photo shoot of you, trying out some my toys down there.”

“Get your camera and my mask, remember, I won’t reveal my face in your videos,” Carly stated.

“The cameras and a Kigarumi mask are already down there. The videos you watched that were in the dungeon, they were quite hardcore, am I right?”

“Yes, the videos were very strict, but what is a Kigarumi mask?” Carly asked.

“It’s a Japanese thing. Sometimes girls hide their identity behind a cute cartoon style mask.”

“Oh, that will work for me as well. Getting back to the videos I saw, they had very strict bondage, very exciting.”

“That’s what you want?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Okay, let’s go to the dungeon.”

I opened the basement door and led the way down the stairs.

My dungeon is in my basement. It is heated if necessary. It is also well lit if I am recording a video, but I usually keep the lights dim to maintain the typical dungeon atmosphere.

“I’ll give you a walking tour so you can see it all. Starting here on the right is a large bench with drawers and a peg board with several toys. As you can see, there are gags, dildos, harnesses, belts and straps of all types. Of course there is rope and tape, whips, canes, electro toys and chastity belts including a shocking chastity belt, new to my collection.

Continuing walking counter clockwise, I told her, “Here on this wall are chains secured to it for binding a slave’s arms and legs. Next is a double bed. The head and foot boards are wrought iron providing many places to secure a rope or chain.”

We continue walking, “Next is a cage about three feet square, large enough to hold a slave but small enough to make it uncomfortable for the slave. On our left there is a barrel used to hold a slave. Her body fits in the barrel and only her head is visible. Ahead is my workbench with a vertical pole in the table top. Remind me later to show you a picture that inspired me to build this bench.

“On our right is a pair of vertical posts extending from the floor to the ceiling. Ahead is a St. Andrews Cross.”

Turning left and continuing counter clockwise, “This is a plank suspended from the ceiling. A slave may straddle the plank with her crotch in contact with the plank. This position may be pleasant or painful depending on the height setting. On our left now is a pedestal three feet in diameter with a vertical post a little off center. The pedestal rotates about one revolution every two minutes providing a nice view of a bound slave. Generally a slave is on her knees with her hands tied to the post. Wanna try it?”

“Maybe later, let’s continue the tour,” Carly said as she smiled with that sexy smile of hers.

“On your right are some horizontal bars, some anchored to the floor, others adjustable. Also, that thing that looks like a giant ladder is great to hold a slave for whatever comes to mind.”

“On the left are several stocks and a few pillories. Straight ahead is a large shower to provide some water fun or clean a slave after or during a session.

I won’t be using cameras today. I’m not really doing a shoot. I just want to dominate my girlfriend as she asked.

“Clothes off slave, NOW!” I ordered.

She quickly shed her clothes and waited for my next command.

I locked Carly’s ankles in the large wooden stocks secured to the floor. Her legs were spread very wide. I felt her pussy and it was already wet. I handcuffed her arms behind her back, and then tied the cuffs to a hook in the ceiling, pulling her arms as high as I could.

“Is this tight enough for you, slave?”

“If I say red light will you loosen my arms a little please?”

“After you suck my cock, maybe I’ll reward you.”

I dropped my pants. I stuck my hard cock into her waiting mouth, only then did I loosen her arm rope a little.

“The next time you complain or whine will end the session, understand?”

“Sorry, Sir, it won’t happen again.”

While she sucked my cock I slapped her tits, first my right hand, then my left, over and over again until her tits were rosy red. After I came in her mouth, I ordered her to swallow every last drop.

I walked over to my goody bench where I keep my toys and got a bucket of clothes pins. I then decorated my slave with about a hundred clothes pins. I put them on her tits, her ears, her lips, her tongue, every place I could pinch some loose skin.

I went back to my goody bench where and got a thin metal rod. It is similar to a cane but much thinner. I whipped her tush repeatedly about fifty times, leaving several large welts.

I placed a cloth sack over her head.

“Nobody can identify you now sweetheart. Have a nice evening,” I taunted. It was not even noon yet. I went upstairs and turned off the lights.

I sat down and thought about what I could do next. I could call Selena and see if she wanted to be in another shoot. I could call Soon Li also. She might be interested as well. I know Carly hates country music so I could play some of that for her, nice and loud. I decided Carly needed to be cooled off. I filled a bucket with cold water and for good measure, put a bunch of ice in it. I turned the lights on, went down stairs with my water, and poured the entire bucket of water on her.

“Had enough fun yet, Carly?”

“Ah aaaa,” she mumbled though her gag.

“That sounded like not yet.”

She shook her head wildly back and forth indicating no,

“eeh iiddee,” she tried to scream.

“I could let you loose, but the shoot’s not over,” I said mockingly. She knew I wasn’t recording anything.

“I could let you out of this painful bondage you asked for if you clean all the horse stalls. I never cleaned them after I got rid of the horses and they are still full of manure. Is it a deal? You clean all the stalls for your Master? Just to make sure keep your word I’m going to lock a collar on your neck and chain you to a post in the barn. Oh, I forgot to mention, you have ten hours to finish your task. If you don’t finish with the stalls in ten hours you are going to end up locked just like you are now for a long time, maybe several days, so don’t fuck with me.”

I untied her arms and removed all the clothes pins, one at a time, taking my sweet time. I put a wide leather collar on her neck, the one she bought for herself weeks ago. I locked it on with a large pad lock. I used the same lock to fasten a twenty foot long chain to the collar. I gave it a tug to show her it was on for a while. I then released her from the stocks. Using the chain as a leash, I led Carly to the barn and fastened the chain to a large pillar.

“How about some boots? My feet are bare and the stalls are full of horse shit.”

I laughed at her request and simply said,“No.”

“Well I need a manure fork or a shovel something.”

“Use your hands slave, and don’t come back in my house until the stalls are clean and you hose yourself off clean. And I mean clean. Now get to work. I’ll turn the lights on when it gets dark if you’re not finished.”

About 11 PM I heard the water running so I assumed Carly was hosing herself off. I went to the barn to unlock her chain.

“Ready for inspection, Sir,” Carly announced. I looked at the stalls and was satisfied she did a good job.

“Had enough or do you want me to dream up some more tasks for you?”

“I’ve had enough, Sir. I won’t ask to see your dungeon again, for at least a week.”

“Fair enough. Go take a bath, you smell like shit.”

Once she was in the tub I brought her a bowl of warm soup and a large glass of wine. I left the bottle with her.

About an hour later I went to bed. Carly was in my bed, wearing nothing. I wanted to go to sleep, but she kept sucking my cock. We ended up fooling around, making love, until daylight.

Bad News

“Hey, I’ve got some bad news,” Carly announced as she walked in the door. “Did you hear the ambulance this morning? They came and took Günter to the hospital. The EMT said it didn’t look good.”

“No, I didn’t hear anything. What time was all this?”

“I think it was around ten, before I got there.”

“Are you okay? I know you two have been friends a long time.” I asked.

“No, I’m fine. It’s just a fact of life; we are all going to die eventually. And I wouldn’t call us friends. I just worked for him.”

It was a couple of hours later that Carly’s cell beeped.

“That was the doctor. Günter passed. I’m going over to his place to pick up a few things.”

She drove away and returned two hours later. I could see that the back seat of her car was full of boxes and stuff. When I asked if she had left some of her things at Günter’s she said, “No, these are just some things I wanted.”

I thought this was very strange but just dropped it. This was a side of Carly I had not seen.

The Bank Called

I got a text message from the bank. They showed me five suspicious transactions. I didn’t recognize any of them. I knew Carly was coming over any minute, so I held off calling the bank until I asked her. I didn’t think she had anything to do with the charges, but I thought I’d wait, just in case.

As soon as she walked in the door, she announced she had used my card to buy some things for herself, a coat, some shoes, and some pants. I was shocked! I couldn’t believe she would do that with out asking.

“If I had asked you, would you have let me charge these items?” she asked.

“Yes, I probably would have let you use my card.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“The problem is you didn’t ask.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is. You said you would have agreed if I had asked.”

“So you think it was okay to use my credit card without asking me?”

“Yes, I do. We are exclusive lovers, so yes; it was fine for me to use your card. You do love me don’t you?”

“I need to think about this for a bit. I will tell you that I do not think it was okay, to use my card without asking first, not for one minute. The fact that you think it was okay shocks me.”

“I don’t know why you are so bent out of shape about it. You said yourself you would have agreed to it.”

“The point is you didn’t ask me. You see me almost every day, you could have asked me any time you saw me.”

“Well maybe I won’t be seeing you almost every day anymore.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just what I said, asshole. Goodbye! I’ll return the fucking clothes!” she hollered as she slammed the door.”

“Carly, wait,” I yelled to her. She just sped out the driveway, gravel flying.

Now I had to think, “Did I overreact? Or was she wrong to use my card without asking.”

It was a long night. I called Carly three times and sent two text messages, but I got no reply. I think I may have lost my girlfriend.

story continued in chapter ten

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