Love and War

by Ann Onominos | Forum Feedback

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Storycodes: Solo-M; farm; photography; accident; cast; MF; nurse; care; rom; bond; tie; gag; breastplay; arousal; mast; climax; cons; X

Chapter 1: Introduction

My name is Cornelius Jacobson Livingston; my parents had a warped sense of humor. They had their reasons I guess. My Grandfather’s name was Cornelius and my older brother’s name was Jacob (and he was killed in a farming accident when he was five). I go by CJ, for obvious reasons. I live alone now. When my ex-wife ran off with a dirty biker after only three months of marriage, I basically swore off women for good. When she left me, I suffered through all the expected emotions. I was hurt, angry, lonely, felt betrayed, but mostly I was angry. After everything I did for that woman, I was really angry. So when I heard she was killed in a motorcycle accident, I didn’t shed many tears or feel the sorrow I probably should have felt for the loss of a loved one, even a former loved one. I even snickered to myself and thought she got what she deserved. One thing I will always be thankful for is that she was the one who insisted we each get a million dollar life insurance policy on each other. The policy had a double indemnity clause for an accidental death. I think I can make my insurance disbursement last a long time. That was three years ago. I have not even dated a woman since.

I live in an old farm house my parents sold to me when they moved to “sun” country. It has three bedrooms and a full basement, which is damp and most of the time. There are also two barns which were used when my father had dairy cows. I have no neighbors close by, Günter is the only one close and he lives a half mile away. The wildlife and birds keep me company and are a joy to watch and photograph. I video wildlife to relax but my favorite thing is to video pretty girls in all types of bondage, mostly damsels in distress situations. I make a little money at it, but I mainly do it for fun. Maybe seeing a woman in bondage gives me some satisfaction, possibly thinking about my ex. Who knows?

Every few weeks I stop over at my neighbor Günter’s place to see how he is doing and to see if he needs anything. He is ninety something and can barely walk. He knows he can call me at anytime if he needs anything, but he seldom does. I think he doesn’t want to bother me.

A few months ago when I dropped by Günter’s place, a very pretty girl was cooking dinner for him. Günter introduced me and told me the girl, Carly, checked up on him three days a week. She cooked a little and cleaned the house some, washed the dishes, did the laundry, that sort of thing. From the moment I saw Carly, I was smitten. She had a smile that could win over any man.

I never wanted to get involved with another woman. That was before I met Carly.
Now when I wanted to check up on Günter, I made sure I did so when Carly was scheduled to be there. I even got her number, just in case I needed to get a hold of her.

Then one day I got careless and fell off a ladder and hurt my leg. I called Carly and asked her to stop over after seeing Günter. She came over that day and as soon as she saw my leg she insisted on taking me to the hospital for x-rays. The bad news was my ankle was broken and I would be in a cast for ten to twelve weeks. The good news was that I had a beautiful nurse who agreed to help care for me. We agreed I would pay her $15 per hour plus an hour travel time. She would swing by my place every day she saw Günter, three times week at least.

Carly told me she goes to classes at the local college and this semester. She was available three days a week until 2PM but that could change next semester. I told her whatever worked for her was fine with me.

The next time I saw Carly was when she came to cook and clean my house after she was finished at Günter’s. As I sat at the kitchen table while she cooked and washed the dishes, I realized what a beautiful body she had.

“Carly, do you do any modeling?” I asked.

“Very funny, I know I’m not ugly, but hardly in the fashion model category.” She replied smiling.

“Okay, stop right there. I think you’re very pretty. I am a professional photographer; I know what I’m talking about. I think you would make great model, maybe not a fashion model, but still a great model. As a matter of fact, I would like to ask you out after I can walk again. I don’t see a ring on your finger so I assumed you aren’t married. Am I right? Are you single?”

“Yes, I’m single. I’m flattered you think I’m pretty. As for going out with you, let’s get to know each other a little better first.”

“Fair enough but please give the modeling some serious thought.”

So, for the next few weeks, Carly came to see me three times a week. She did my grocery shopping, food preparation, and house cleaning, did the dishes and laundry. We usually chatted a bit while she was here, getting to know each other. The more I saw her, the more attracted I was to her. I came to realize my swearing off women forever was a mistake.

After three weeks of Carly helping me out, she surprised me with a question.

“Usually on Friday afternoon I have a riding class, but this Friday I don’t. I know I’ll be finished by 4 and I was wondering what you thought of me picking up a couple of movies and we could watch them on Friday afternoon or even the evening, if you want to. You do have a dvd player, don’t you?”

“I would love it if you could bring some movies. Or we could watch TV even. The stars are also awesome from my back yard if it isn’t cloudy.”

“What type of movies do you like? Action? Mystery? Drama? Comedy?

“I’m flexible. Pick whatever you like, just not a chick flick please”.

So when Friday came around we sat on the couch and watched moves. We had popcorn and some wine. Eventually I put my arm around her and she put her head on my shoulder. It was then that I realized Carly liked me, at least a little. I wanted to kiss her so badly. At the end of the movie I leaned over and thanked her for bringing the movies and kissed her lips. Just a peck, but it was a start.

When Carly prepared to go home, I said, “I’d like to be able the walk you to the door and kiss you goodnight but I don’t think it would be wise on these darn crutches.”

“You’re right. This will have to do,” she said as she planted a huge kiss on my lips. I managed to get an arm around her and attempted to hug her.

“You could stay a while longer if you want.”

“That might be nice sometime but not yet. I do give you permission to dream about it though.” She laughed.

As I heard her drive away, I sat back and reflected about was happening to me. I was afraid I was falling for Carly. I liked the idea and hated it at the same time. I was still hurting from my failed marriage.

Carly continued to come to my place three times a week, only now every time she went to leave we kissed goodbye and each time she came, I didn’t want her to leave. I found myself thinking about her all the time, from the time I woke up until I fell asleep at night. After a couple of more visits from Carly, I finally got the nerve to bring up the subject of modeling for me again.

“Carly, remember we discussed you modeling for me a few weeks ago? Remember, I am a professional photographer and would love to take some photos of you.”

“Do you think I would pose nude for you?” she shot back at me.

“Of course not, nothing nude. Where did you get that idea? I do like mild erotica. I can show you some of my work if you want.”

After we ate, I pulled out my portfolio and showed her several samples of my work. I only showed her pictures that were very tame. Just a little bondage, nothing extreme.

As Carly looked over several pictures, I could sense she was getting excited.

“All these models look happy. Even though most are helplessly bound, they don’t look terrified.”

“They should be happy. I pay them well. I could start you at $50 an hour if want to give it a try. Experienced model make more, depending on a lot of things. No pressure, think about it. As you can see the girls all wear nice clothing, sexy clothing. Do you like dressing up in sexy clothes?”

“Sure I do, but I don’t have very many sexy things.”

“If we can come to an agreement, I might be able to buy you a few things. What do you have now?”

“Not much. $50 an hour huh, just to pose for a few pictures? No hanky panky?”

“I promise, you won’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said but the look on her face showed me she was interested, at least a little.

“Okay, can I just try something on you? I just want to get your reaction to a couple of things.”

“Okay, I guess.”

I wrapped my hand around one of her wrists and squeezed lightly. There is an acupressure point in the wrist. I was hoping Carly would get excited a little when I gave her wrist a light squeeze. I could see a little smile in her face. Next, I tried to pull her elbows together behind her back. Pictures of women with elbows touching behind their back are very sexy. I was pleased when her elbows almost touched with no visible discomfort showing in her face.

“Good, you are very flexible. Nice! I think you would be great.”

Our conversations sometimes involved my photography and bondage pictures. At first she was shy about the subject but gradually she felt more relaxed and started to ask questions about bondage and other erotica. I also showed her some mild bondage sites on the net.

One day when we were chatting I mentioned I was a switch. Carly asked what a switch was. I explained I was dominant sometimes and submissive sometimes. Then she wanted to know how I discovered this.

I told her one day that I had my ex tied to the bed with neckties. The ties were just slip knotted for easy removal. I loosened the ties from her wrists and slipped my hands in the slip knotted loop and pulling the necktie tight instantly tightened the loop, rendering me helpless. My wife teased my relentlessly; playing with me, bringing me almost to a climax then stopping. She kissed me passionately, forced her nipple in my mouth and ordered me to suck it. Eventually she sat on my face and I had to oral her until she came three times. Two hours, later I was exhausted. It was my first time with total power exchange.”

“That’s interesting, but I’m confused. Can you show me what you mean by the slip knots and just how you managed to get yourself tied up? ”

“Sure, come with me and I’ll show you.” I took her hand and led her to the first floor bedroom and had her lay down, face up. I showed her how to tie a slip knot and I secured her to the headboard.

“What are you going to do to me now, now that you have me helpless?” she asked innocently.

“I’m going to explain safe words to you. I never want you to do anything you don’t want to do.” I paused, letting that sink in.

“Okay, the universal safe word convention is like the green yellow red light system, just like the stop light. If the sub says green, it means keep going, I like it. Yellow means slow down a little. Red means stop everything immediately. Understand?”

“Green light.” She smiled.

Carly pulled her arms against her bindings, testing them.

“How do you feel?” I asked

“Hmmmm. I like it. I just wonder what you are going to do to me now. I mean, here I am, tied to your bed; you could do anything you want to me. You could unbutton my blouse and rub my tits.”

“Yes, I suppose I could do that.”

“If you were to gag me with a handkerchief or some duct tape I couldn’t protest.”

Carly paused for only a second or two. “If you put your hand between my legs I couldn’t protest either. If you gagged me, I couldn’t even say red light. Are you going to gag me or what? I’m running out of hints.”

I took a handkerchief and cleave gagged her, tying the gag in the back. I wanted to rip off her clothes and fuck her brains out but I didn’t want to scare her off. I had worked so hard to gain her trust. I didn’t want to screw that up now. I slowly rubbed her left tit with my right hand, watching her face for any sign of fear or regret. I slid my hand under her shirt and rubbed her bra.

“Do you want me to stop?”

She slowly shook her head no so I proceeded to fondle her. I unbuttoned her flannel shirt, revealing a white bra. I unfastened her bra and lifted it over her tits. They were perfect, not huge, but perfectly shaped. I kissed her nipples and played with her tits for a long time. I knew I had a huge erection but I also knew I didn’t want to scare her away from me.

I slowly slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. I could feel the moisture through her pants. Again I asked her if she wanted me to stop. She shook her head no so I continued. I loosened her pants and slipped her pants down to her ankles. I slipped her white panties down towards her knees. I rubbed her pussy until she was very wet. I slid my middle finger in her pussy and worked her to a violent orgasm.

After she came I lay down on the bed with her and removed her gag. We lay there several minutes before she whispered in my ear, “Thank you, that was awesome.”

“Did you enjoy your first bondage orgasm?” I asked.

“That was wonderful. When can we do it again?”

I smiled and untied her.

story continues in chapter two

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