Loose Ends

by XVX

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Storycodes: bond; M/f; rope; blindfold; gag; toys; cons; X

No more. she thought. Please no more.

But she wanted more.

Oh god forgive her. She wanted more.

Natalie wanted to be free. Free of the pain, That was not something to happen soon. She was tied up.

Desperately trying to find a way out.

She felt the ropes binding her wrists. Ankle. Elbows. Knees


She wanted this. Paid for this.

He complied. With ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ the ad said.

He arrived with a little black bag and he already knew from previous email what she wanted.

Tied up and left.

He was not sure of the idea of leaving her alone in this cabin she had rented. But she assured him any knots he could emplace upon her body. She would and could escape from.

A former magician assistant. She had tied up her partner many times. Then she left him. It was not on good terms. Natalie moved to Reno and worked in a casher cage and was slowly moving up the ranks.

But there was a nagging feeling.

Maybe guilt with her leaving Roger. Maybe she wanted to be punished for doing to him what now seemed so unfair to him.

He wanted to do the cruise circuit and she did not. The whole thing lost its appeal and this vagabond lifestyle was not what she wanted. She wanted the home with a nine to five job. The nuclear family with him. Roger family she never met. He mention he had a brother who was a chemical engineer.

He was willing but only after the cruise gig. She wanted it now. Roger did not have any real marketable skill besides his magic act. Magic was all he knew since the age of five.

Natalie had stars in her eyes. She was double jointed so she could hide in very small places. Perfect for disappearing. And re-appearing in any number of illusions.

But years on the road and doing every dinner theater on the east and west coast. It just did not work out as she planned.

So on the eve of the cruise line departing. She left.

Her final disappearing act.

Mr. Roper was in the trades. No other name given. He specialized in home bondage domination. She wanted to be tied up with a vibrator in her. A remote controlled egg looking thing. The control box was plugged in and she would be ‘sexually distracted‘.

The egg could shock or vibrate. She chose vibrate at ever increasing levels. The batteries would last six hours. she had no inclination of being tied up that long.

She set the remote to go off in an hour. Did the deed herself and he tied it in place with a crotch rope.

Then the hands. Elbow. Feet and knees. All as instructed by her. Then she asked for the ball gag. Blindfold and be on the floor of the bedroom.

Then he did something she was not sure if she asked for.

He hog tied her. Brining her small frame in a more compact posture. Tying hands to feet behind her.

She heard the door close and she waited testing her bonds.

The first wave hit and she was overcome. Oh did this feel good. She moaned in to her gag. No one to hear her muffled cries of pleasure. She was in her own world.

Higher and higher she felt the her tormentor rise. Then a shock

What went wrong. She did not program it to shock her.

Than another.

That was it. Time to call it quits. She began to work on slipping her bonds.

One problem. The bonds where not slipping. The trick was rope was round it never made full contact so it made slipping out easer. Some how the rope Mr. Roper used was not your standard hemp or nylon. It felt like nylon but careful prodding revealed something more.

The rope had flatted and fused together. At least the outer casing. To her bare fingers it felt sticky. Like a post-it note sticky.


Now she was in it.

She probed the knots and fond out they where fused.

She used every trick she could think of and the rope seemed glued to her. The more she tried to get free.

The worse it got.

Like the straining against it was causing the rope to bleed superglue.

How was that possible.

All the while the shocks kept coming. Higher and longer.

She got to kneeling position to lesson the strain. Slowly she had to relax. Fight the shocks that tensed her muscles. She needed slack and relaxing was the only way.

She could try to get to the kitchen and find a knife but professional pride and some amount of ego prevented that.

Nothing. Her body convulsed with each shock. Like a taser shot to head.

She became stunned.

Then blacked out.

As he left her in the cabin. Mr. Roper made a phone call.

“Hello. Mr Strand. Mr Roger Strand.”

“Yes this is Roger Strand.”

“This is Mr. Roper.“

“I still think that name sucks.“

“Hey little brother. I would not call your magic act much to yak about either. Manifco the Magician. That was corny when you where five. It still is. So don’t go throwing rocks. It works.”

“So did you do it.”

“Yes. She even got some crazy remote sex thing I monkey with. It will hurt like hell for awhile but wont kill her. Maybe taser her. I set it for about an hour after her first round of getting off.”

“Fine. How long will it hold her.”

“A while.” answered Roper. “Body heat set the glue in a mirco tube. Like baking a cookie. You pull on the rope. The glue is wrung out like a wet towel. The rope gets stronger I invented it. Problem is the glue dissolve in air taking the rope with it. Have not worked that part out. The rope dissolves in about four hours. Leaves a sticky mess but it will wash off.”

“Thank you.”

“Now you will be there for Mike’s birthday party?”

“Of coarse. A magician is never late. He is there when he needs to be.”

“Lord of the Rings? Come on.”

“Talk to you later.”


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