by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2015 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; catsuit; latex; lingerie; striptease; shower; lesb; first; teddies; bond; rope; frogtie; vibe; tease; mast; oral; climax; reluct/cons; X

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Part 2

There was a nice pub about a mile back along the road she had come from. Sarah decided to go for a spot of dinner and a glass of wine before she would return later that evening to see how Penny was coping in her bondage.

It was such an unusual request from the normal everyday corporate team building requests Sarah’s company dealt with. She wanted to see this one out no matter how long it took. Sarah was mildly curious and if she admitted it a little turned on as to why her client would freely give up any freedom and power to allow herself to be tightly tied and then gagged, before being left alone for the duration of time Penny requested.

Although Sarah had watched some bondage online to make sure she knew how to tie up her client; she realised that with Penny tied and helpless, and Sarah acting as the Domme, she had perhaps got a little carried away. Sarah had prompted tying a wand vibrator between Penny’s legs. Penny had consented. Sarah realised while toying with the pub food on her plate that she would have tied it in place even if Penny had said no.

Sarah gulped a mouthful of wine to wash her food down. She originally planned a simple hogtie. Ankles to wrists. Tied knees. A silk scarf to gag Penny. A couple of loops of rope tied above and below Penny’s chest. On the spur of the moment and with a surging of power one has over another, all the plans went out of the window.

Penny had been tied with much more rope and in quite a stricter hogtie. The wand vibrator, on a timer setting was switched on and taped to “high” so it could not be turned off, no matter how much Penny tried to struggle.

Sarah had used the biggest ballgag Penny owned too.

At first Sarah was stunned how much bondage gear Penny owned. When Penny explained how they were used, she felt she wanted to use them all on her client, but at the same time wondered what they would feel like on her own body. Looking up at the clock she noted the time. Sarah did not want to leave Penny in her bonds longer than the requested time. She pushed her plate aside and drank the remaining wine in the glass. It was nearly time to release Penny.


It was some time before the vibrator stopped. Penny was bathed in sweat from the tremendous struggle she had attempted to break free. She was sore all over. The ropes were very snug if she remained still. It was when she struggled, it made them rub and chafe. The rope just dug into her flesh as she moved.

The tight black Latex catsuit she wore was warm, and rivulets of sweat trickled down her back and down between her breasts. She was an orgasmic mess and drool permanently flowed out of her mouth and down her chin onto the carpet.

Her neck ached from being stretched back so tight and the big two inch red silicone ballgag was making her jaw ache. She knew from past experience that if and when she removed it, her teeth would be on edge for quite a while after from just biting down on the silicone ball.

Getting comfortable was impossible with her legs bent back and her calves lashed tightly to her thighs. She couldn’t even wiggle her ankles because Sarah had bound her stiletto boot heels to the back of her thighs.

She had felt for knots but with her gloved hands bound and cinched into the small of her back Penny finally came to realise just how impossibly stuck she was. Even if she could reach a knot, she wasn’t sure she would be able to undo it with the black elbow length gloves on her arms. It didn’t matter that the leather was butter soft kid leather.

Screeching out over her gag was impossible. She just wasn’t loud enough and the amount of drool her mouth was producing was amazing. She had to blow drool over the gag to clear her mouth out before every muffled scream she made. She resigned herself to her fate and quietened down.

There would be no hope of escape until tomorrow night. Sarah would come back, but not for a whole day. At least she hoped Sarah would come back. What if she fell under a bus or was in a car crash. She shuddered at the thought. She was beginning to like Sarah, and wouldn’t wish death on anyone but what would happen to her; severely bound and gagged as she was. It didn’t bear thinking about. Penny tried to put it out of her mind.

She cursed her stupidity for not double checking the details she submitted.

The blindfold cut all light from her. Pitch blackness made every creak and noise in the street outside seem much louder than it was. She was starting to panic about intruders being in the house at every noise. She needed to calm down and not panic. It was hard for her to gauge the movement of time without being able to see. Everything seemed to go so slowly.

The vibrator suddenly kicked in again making her scream as it resumed its assault on her sensitive pussy. She was thankful for the distraction of the vibrator. This was going to be a really long day for her. She knew that sleep would be impossible tied like she was and the vibrator going on and off for god knows how long.

Penny could only count time through the vibrator turning off and on. She must have endured the vibrator about fifteen times so far. The timing was sporadic. Sometimes the wand went on and turned off almost at once leaving Penny unsatisfied and frustrated. She cursed through her gag.

Other times there were long periods of nothing followed by long durations of being vibrated. This was when Penny lost count of the orgasms she had. She became a wailing mess. Cursing. Well trying to curse, what with the big ballgag in her mouth, for being made to come over and over again. Laughing, as the wand vibrator attacked her sensitive clit every time it turned back on. Crying. Just at the futility of pleading with a “machine” for it to stop.

Penny was so exhausted she had thought about trying to wriggle away and try to dislodge the flex of the Wand. Her body seemed to grow weaker after every bout with the vibrator, and she couldn’t move after a while. She was forced by the weight of her own body to lie on top of the wand as the merciless thing attacked her sensitive clit repeatedly.

The wand was turning on more frequently and vibrating longer. Bunching and un-bunching her fists were all she could do as the vibrator drove her insane. It was all she could do to wriggle so the ropes dug more deeply into her flesh to distract her from the repeated orgasms. The vibrations literally racked her body. Laughing, crying, and cursing at the never ending orgasms. The bout was so intense and long, listening to herself, she sounded like a squealing stuck pig in its last seconds of life.

What was that?

Something in the back ground distracted her for a second. There was a key in the lock. Someone was entering her house. Thank god she thought.

“Oh my God please help me.” Penny tried to mumble over her big gag. Obviously nothing intelligible could be heard though. Her jaws now ached so badly she wasn’t sure she would be able to close her mouth ever again.

The door slammed closed. Heels clipped over the floor and stopped near her. Then she heard a noise to her side and the vibrator suddenly stopped.

“Hi Honey, I am home. How was your day?”

Penny thought she would cry. Sarah had returned at last. Thank god she thought. She had no sense of time. Had she really endured twenty four hours of orgasms? All she knew was her tired body was exhausted and she was so tired.

The straps of the blindfold were loosened and then the blindfold was removed.

Penny blinked as the light hurt her eyes.

“I am so sorry I am late.” Sarah cooed. “I got stuck in a bit of traffic coming back.”

Penny’s eyes flicked up to the clock on the mantelpiece above the fire. It was 8:10. Elation flowed through her exhausted body. She had been tied up so tightly for so long.

Sarah unstrapped the gag next and Penny’s head sagged forward, only to be caught by Sarah’s warm hand. Sarah had to tug firmly on the gag to get it out from under Penny’s teeth. As it popped out, a line of drool trailed out of her mouth still coating the ball. Sarah pulled her away from the large wet patch of drool on the carpet and placed a cushion under Penny’s head.

“Oh that feels so good.” she croaked out.

Sarah was slowly massaging her aching neck and shoulders.  When she started to feel better, Sarah started the long process of untying Penny’s legs. After a bit the massage started again on the calves and thighs at the backs of her legs. Her legs started to tremble and cramp a little so Sarah raised them on a chair for a few minutes to let the blood flow more gently into her legs. A little while later Penny was able to sit uptight.

Sarah then removed the Magic Wand. “You have a lot of fun with this Penny?” She enquired with a gentle smile.

“Yes and no.” she croaked back at Sarah.

“Sorry I wasn’t thinking properly. Let me get you a nice cool drink of water before you flake out.” Sarah brought back a glass from the kitchen and made Penny take slow sips. She wet some kitchen paper and gave Penny’s face a bathe to refresh her and wipe the drool from her face before patting her dry with more of the roll.

Then she knelt behind Penny to untie her wrists and chest rope and then she massaged her back and arms until Penny was literally cooing in pleasure.

“Here, can you sit on the sofa now? I brought some fish and chips back for you. They are on low in the oven keeping them warm. There’s also a bottle of wine on the counter. So did you enjoy your fantasy? The hot spy in latex and boots captured and tied up with more and more rope. Interrogated and tortured with a vibrator to try to make you talk. Then I came and rescued you at the allotted hour.”

“Twenty four hours too late.” Penny croaked. “And my jaw feels like it has been used as Mike Tyson’s punch bag.”

Sarah laughed. “Penny, you don’t think I would leave you alone for twenty four hours, bound and gagged like that? That would be crazy and dangerous. I only left you for as long as you requested. I only did that because you mentioned how you tie yourself up. The releases you use take some time before you can free yourself. Today is still the twenty third. Turn the TV on if you don’t believe me. I went to the Cricketers pub up the road for supper. I toyed with the food on my plate worried sick that I had done something bad to you. I am so relieved to see you are alright.”

Sarah took off her suit jacket leaving it draped over the stair bannister and went into the kitchen. After rattling about a few cupboards she returning with a tray carrying a plate of fish and chips and the wine and two glasses.

She set it down on the coffee table and then knelt on the floor coiling up the rope and returning Penny’s bondage paraphernalia to the suitcase. She took the ballgag into the kitchen and washed it under the hot tap and left it on the sink drainer to air dry.

Penny was gingerly eating the food. Her arms felt strange after being bound for so long. She was trying to delicately flake the fish but after her bondage, everything seemed so clumsy.

“My arms don’t seem to want to work.” She muttered bewildered after her ordeal. She was still trying to adjust to the fact she had only spent three hours in her tight hogtie rather than a day. She was amazed how long her ordeal seemed. She was so far out on evaluating her time. She should be angry, but she was too relieved to be free again, she just sat mulling the day’s event in her mind.

“You want me to help feed you? You seem to be butchering your dinner.”

Sarah took the knife and fork and sliced the fish into bite sized pieces and the chips into manageable mouthfuls.

She sat on the sofa next to Penny. Penny was still dressed in the catsuit and boots. She hadn’t even taken her gloves off. “Here. Rest your head against me and just lay there getting yourself together. Open wide.”

They spent the next ten minutes with Sarah feeding Penny the food. When finished, Sarah laid the tray on the floor. Penny gulped down a big glass of wine. Her hand was shaking a little as she put the glass on the coffee table and Sarah refilled it.

“Would you like me to massage you again? You look so distant.”

Penny couldn’t hold her feelings back. She told Sarah exactly how she felt while in her bonds. How she was scared. Worried that Sarah may never come back. How the ropes were so strict she couldn’t struggle to get free. How she couldn’t get to any of the knots. How she could only lay on top of the vibrator and how torturous the orgasms became. How relieved she was when Sarah came back.

Sarah stroked her face to sooth the distraught woman. “Look I am really sorry. I thought I had given you everything you wanted for your fantasy. I am truly sorry I haven’t achieved that goal. That I haven’t fulfilled that fantasy you so wanted.”

Penny sniffed back the tears. “When it was over I never expected to feel like this. I have never had such an intense time. I think that came from the blindfold and not being aware of what was happening and being so helpless. Thank you so very much. It was wonderful.”

Sarah’s jaw dropped open. “You mean you enjoyed it? That was what you wanted?”

“Oh course it was. Please can you help me take the corset off?” Penny implored as she tried to peel off the leather gloves. She was very hot and the gloves and the catsuit were soaked with her sweat.

“Here let me help you.” Sarah took hold of Penny’s glove and started pulling on each finger until the glove loosened and she tugged it off her arm. She dropped the glove on the floor with half its lining hanging outside. Then she pulled the second glove off. “Now turn around.” She tugged the laces from between the waspie corset and the catsuit and started to unlace the corset.

As the laces came undone Penny sighed in relief at not being compressed in it. It was easier for her to bend forward and unzip her calf boots. As Penny kicked them off she wiggled her toes. Her nylon pop socks were also soaked in sweat and she peeled them off.

“That feels so good to be out of all that.”  She murmured.

“I’ll bet it does.” Sarah remarked. “Rubber and leather aren’t the best of things to wear on a hot summer afternoon. Here let me. Stand up.”

Sarah stood in front of Penny and taking hold of the zip of the catsuit slowly drawing it down to just below Penny’s navel. Her hand slipped inside the latex and remained pressed on Penny’s abdomen.

“Oh my. You are all wrinkly from the corset. Or the rope? I am not sure which.”

Penny’s hand came up and pressed on Sarah’s hand to hold it there.

“Thank you for not saying how wet and sweaty and smelly I am.”

That was when Sarah pressed her lips on to Penny’s. Penny’s lips parted and her tongue sought Sarah’s. That was when Sarah broke away.

“I am sorry Penny. I shouldn’t have done that. It was inappropriate.” She stammered turning away red faced.

Penny smiled. “Why. Is it because you haven’t kissed a woman before?”

“No. Yes. How did you know that?”

“I know that. You like guys. Yet you still kissed me. Now it’s your turn not to be embarrassed. I did kiss you back.” Penny pulled Sarah’s hand out of the latex and brought it up to cover her latex covered breast.

“It’s the latex and the boots right? It gets a guy every time. First time I caught a girl with it though. And I was the one tied up, gagged and helpless. Yet here you are. You are in my power.”

Penny brushed her lips on Sarah’s and very lightly kissed her.

“Why don’t you touch these like you want yours to be touched? Oh and relax Honey I won’t bite you.” She raised her hand up to Sarah’s neck and lightly pulled Sarah’s head to hers as her lips pressed on Sarah’s a little harder this time. With her other she cupped Sarah’s hand on her breast and squeezed Sarah’s hand on her breast.

After several minutes Penny was murmuring in pleasure. Sarah pulled back.

“You like?”

“Shush. Now touch me here like you want to be.” She placed Sarah’s hand on her latex covered pussy.

With Sarah’s hand grinding on her pussy with one finger concentrating on rubbing between her latex slit, Penny kissed hard on her mouth. She buried her tongue deep in Sarah’s mouth twisting her tongue against Sarah’s as she shuddered in orgasm. She brought her hands around Sarah’s body in a tight hug.

“That was wonderful. Thank you. I am going to jump in the shower.”

Sarah was stunned to silence as Penny walked off. She was half way up the stairs, when she leant over the banisters and called out.

“Of course, if you wish to join me and peel me out of this catsuit, I would really love you to.”

Sarah kicked off her heels and ran up the stairs unbuttoning her blouse as she did.

Hopping to step out of her skirt, Sarah caught Penny looking. Penny was right. Sarah wore a black lace bra and panties with black garter belt and seemed black stockings. 

“So you wore this for me? Admit it you did. You also wanted to be involved in my fantasy?”

Sarah nodded. “Well I wasn’t sure what you would want to do while tied up. I did sort of hope to more than tie you up and leave.”

“Okay do it now. Strip sexy for me and peel me out of this. Then I’ll show you what I can do with the soap and the shower attachment.”

Sarah ground away, her hips gyrating as her hands ran over her body and played with her hair doing her best to be as sexy as possible. She turned rubbing her ass into Penny’s crotch as she flicked the straps of her bra of her shoulders. She bent and touched her toes while continuing to grind her butt into Penny’s crotch.

As she stood she unhooked her bra and tossed it away covering her breasts with her arm she put her other hand across her panties and fingered her slit through them.

She jiggled her breasts and took one of her breasts and sucked on her own nipple. Then she pulled Penny’s head down onto her boobs and rubbed her face on them before stepping away. She put one leg up on the toilet seat and pulled aside her panties showing Penny her wares, before pulling her panties tight and through her slit rubbing her clit on her pantie wedgie.

She bent over touching her toes and then slid her panties down and kicked them off. She turned and smiled with her hands on her hips.

“I think my little damsel in distress would like to get out of that catsuit. Here let me.”

Sarah unzipped the catsuit all the way to the zips end at the small of Penny’s back. She realised it was a three way zip that would allow the wearers breast and fanny to be exposed while the catsuit was still zipped.

Standing behind Penny she eased the suit off Penny’s shoulders. She could see the sweat glistening on Penny’s body. As she pulled the Latex down Penny’s back the arms came down too turning inside out as Penny pulled her hands free of the sleeves. Sarah continued pulling the catsuit down over Penny’s firm buttocks over her toned thighs and down over her calves. As she pulled Penny raised her leg, first one then the other pulling her feet out.

As the catsuit dropped to the floor Penny shivered a little. She stepped into the shower and turned the water on adjusting the hot. She held her hand out inviting Sarah to come in with her. In seconds Sarah had shed the garter belt and kicked off the stockings and faced Penny as the water sprayed over them both.

Penny bent over to the corner rack in the shower and picked up a bottle shower gel. She squirted a lot of gel over her breasts and pressed herself into Sarah.

“You don’t need a flannel or a sponge when you have me around.”

She rubbed herself over Sarah’s wet body creating a lot of lather as she started rubbing Sarah’s arms between her breasts to wash then. Then she knelt and rubbed her breasts up and down between them. Sarah turned around so Penny could do the backs of her calves and thighs, lifting and rubbing Sarah’s soles of her feet onto her soapy breasts. Then she stood rubbing herself up over Sarah’s buttocks bringing her soapy breast wash to a conclusion by rubbing her breasts over Sarah’s back. 

She picked up a flannel and tossed it at Sarah.

“Could you wash my back please? I feel a little yucky sweating in that catsuit.”

Sarah smiled and picked up the shower gel. It was a Lemon and Lime zest. It smelt lovely. She squirted a big dollop of gel on the flannel and rubbed it onto Penny’s shoulders and down to her lower back as Penny held her arms up against the wall in the tight space. Sarah continued with the soapy flannel down between the cheeks of Penny’s ass. Sarah wrapped her arm around Penny’s waist stroking the flannel up her stomach and soaped her breasts again.  Then she moved the flannel down between Penny’s legs to soap her sex. This time she continued the stroking of the flannel over Penny’s pussy. 

After a few strokes Penny’s body seamed to spasm and she cried out as her orgasm flowed over her. The vibrator had made her so sensitive her toes were tingling just from the slightest touch. Penny knew that was from repeated orgasms from the Hitachi wand vibrator. Only this time it was much worse than what she had experience in her past self-bondage activities.

Suitably washed and feeling cleaner she took the mixer shower head from the wall and adjusted the shower head. She gave herself a quick rinse off and then had Sarah turn as she sprayed the shower head over her back.

Sarah moaned in pleasure at the intense force of the shower head. Penny had adjusted it so the fine spray was now directed in a forced jet. She took the head down, using her hand to stroke the backs of Sarah’s legs washing the soap off and using the power of the shower head to massage the woman’s body. As she stood from kneeling she directed the shower head over Sarah’s buttocks then she directed the water jet between her ass cheeks. Sarah jumped and squealed in laughter as the jet of water hit her. “Oh my god I have to get a shower like this.”

Penny pressed her breasts into Sarah’s back gently stimulating her nipples as she brought the shower head up the front of Sarah’s thighs.  Penny skirted around Sarah’s fanny much to Sarah’s disappointment as she brought her hand around Sarah’s front, cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples while directing the shower head over the front of Sarah’s chest.

“Okay Honey. Put your hands on the wall in front of you. DO NOT close your legs. Got it?” Penny whispered in Sarah’s ear.

Sarah assumed the position and opened her legs as far as she could in the small space.

Penny teased her as the jet of water hit her sex a second later before the water was moved away. Sarah gasped as the water hit her sex again and again in split seconds. She gasped every time the waters force hit her pussy and clit. Then Penny directed the jet and held it.

The jet of water hit her making her quiver. Sarah hadn’t expected the jet and gasped. The feeling of the water hitting her kitty cat was totally unlike anything she experienced before. She wanted to close her legs. The force of water was unlike any stroking or masturbating she had done or had done to her before. Intense unrelenting water pressure tingled. It was uncomfortable but enjoyable too. She couldn’t explain what was happening. Then the jets moved a fraction and the full force hit her clitoris and she cried out in orgasm. Involuntarily she went to shut her legs but found Penny’s legs anticipating her, kicking her foot wider again.

Penny’s hand had moved around Sarah’s body. Her fingers had spread Sarah’s Labia lips and had applied a little pressure on her clit, softly squeezing it as the jet of water waved over Penny’s fingers. Sarah could feel one jet spray of water directed between Penny’s fingers directly onto her clitoris. She shuddered as the breath left her. She had to lean into the wall as there was no escaping the jet of water. It was all she could do to keep her legs open. Sarah felt them wobble as the get of water brought her to another orgasm this time making her cry out.

Embarrassed, now, Sarah was usually quiet during sex. This was something new for her. As she looked down she could see Penny now teasing the head of her clitoris before she saw her pull the hood of her clitoris back exposing her glans. Then the water hit her again.

She squealed out loud as the jet of water hit her exposed clitoral glans.

 “Oh my God.” she screamed. “Noooo.” Sarah was laughing, shouting no, shouting “Oh yes.” She didn’t know what she was saying but she cried out as her whole body spasmed as she climaxed.

That was when she felt the water turn cold as the shower jet hit her sex. Penny’s fingers were no longer on her pussy and she squealed as the cold water hit her and was directed over her legs and breast as she cowered in the corner of the shower. Penny was spraying her. Then the water temperature was turned up again before Penny turned it off.

“That was mean.” She gasped.

“Call it a little payback for playing mind games.”

Penny leant around the shower and grabbed a towel and opened it and enveloped the both of them.

After they were dry and their hair wrapped in towels from the linen cupboard Penny took Sarah’s hand and led her through to the master bedroom.

“So I guess this is where all the fun happens?” Sarah giggled nervously.

“If you want it to?” Penny smiled back. “I don’t know where you live and how far you came to be here today but will you stay tonight? I wouldn’t want you having to drive ages to go home because of me.”

“Not a very romantic way to try to get me into bed Penny.” She crossed her arms putting on her best play hard to get stare, before failing miserably and bursting out laughing.

“You had me on the couch and I had you in the shower. Wasn’t that erotic enough for you? And still you want romance? I’ll see what I can do”

Penny opened a drawer of her dresser and took out a babydoll nighty in a powder blue and slipped it on. She posed and pranced around the floor acting like a glamour girl on a photo shoot with exaggerated pouts and poses flaunting her body. She opened her closet door and stood behind it flashing her painted toenails wriggling them, before hiding behind the door. Then she slipped her leg around the door to show her knee as the leg caressed up and down the door. Then she peeked out and burst out laughing.

“Sorry that’s the best I can do. Of course I could bring another bottle of wine up here and get you drunk enough to sleep with me.”

“You had me at the Babydoll. But if you need me to be drunk then that’s a good idea too. You know I haven’t . . . ” Penny shushed her with a kiss on her lips.

“There are some nighties in the undie drawer. Help yourself. You look a similar size to me.” She pointed at the drawer she took the baby doll from as she padded out of the room.

Sarah looked about the room. It wasn’t overly feminine but it definitely wasn’t a guy’s room. Soft pastel furnishings draped the bed, and curtains were similar. There were fitted mirrored wardrobe the length of the wall and the bed was a black iron bed frame. Sarah pressed the mattress. It wasn’t overly soft. She shook the bed frame wondering how many times Penny had tied herself to it.

A few minutes later Penny walked back in the room with a tray. Sarah turned as she finished slipping into a sheer black nighty. On the tray were two glasses and an uncorked bottle of white wine. She raised her eyebrows when she saw the tangles of white rope and the wand vibrator.

“That's to make sure I don’t slip away in the night?”

“I know you won’t slip away in the night without giving me a good morning kiss. I thought you may like to try something new. You did say you “may just take me up on it” switching places with me.”

“I am not sure about that . . .”

“They are there in case you change your mind. Here.” Penny shoved a glass of wine at Sarah and patted the bed covers beckoning Sarah to sit beside her.

Penny fluffed up the pillows behind her back and lay back sitting against the pillows. She sipped the wine looking at Sarah. Sarah stared back nervously. She took a big gulp of wine. And approached the bed and gingerly sat down.

“I have the spare room you can have if this is too awkward.” Penny sensed Sarah’s reluctance. “You are nervous. You were caught up in my fantasy this afternoon. I enjoyed you being a part of it too. Thank you for that. I am sorry that it’s wearing off and I have made you uncomfortable.”

She crossed the bed on her knees and put her hand gently on Sarah’s shoulder. “You haven’t been with a girl before. I haven’t been with that many either. You are similar to me. You are confident, witty and smart. You let me have my fun afternoon and yet wanted to join in. You want to try something new because you are curious like me. You didn’t have to tie the vibrator. You didn’t have to tie all those ropes on me. You wanted to do it. I wanted you to do it, but I really wasn’t expecting to want you to do it and to still want you to be here right now with me.”

Penny slipped off the bed and took Sarah’s hand. Blindly, Sarah followed her. Penny opened a door opposite the master and turned the light on and went in. The room was smaller but had a made double bed with a Teddy Bear on the pillow. There were various pictures on the wall and a small closet in the corner next to the window. Penny wandered over to the bed and turned on the bedside lamp and drew the curtains across, closing them. She picked up the Teddy Bear.

“Come on Aloysius, let’s leave Sarah to have a good night sleep. If there’s anything you need just holler. Good night Sarah, sleep well.” She said softly and walked out about to close the door.

“Brideshead Revisited bear?”

“That’s right.” Penny turned in the doorway. “Daddy read it to me as a child. I read it every once and a while still.”

The door closed and Sarah sat on the bed staring at the wall. She was surprised at her reaction and how she had changed since the shower. She was nervous. Her hand was trembling still, holding the wine glass.

Sure, she liked Penny. She had suggested she may swap places earlier in the day. At the time her curiosity or was it bravado, had made her agree. Now Penny had asked her to, she had frozen. It would mean so much to give herself to another person on a plate. She was extremely nervous now. Penny had asked her to share her bed. Sarah could flirt and skirt around, changing the conversation to suit her before. Now it was down to action and not words. Penny noticed her change and tried to make her more at ease by offering the spare room. Sarah gulped the glass of wine down in one go. “Shit!”

“Well that went well Aloysius. Not!” Penny said to the bear. She thumped the pillow in frustration as she slipped under the duvet cuddling the bear. “What a day, huh?” she flipped the remote of the T.V on and turned the sound low thinking about the day.

She loved the intensity of the bondage. She knew Sarah had liked tying her up too. That woman had a nice evil streak in her body that Penny adored. She was surprised she had thrown herself at Sarah though. Was it the intensity of the day? She questioned. Or was it the sexuality from the bondage? Penny had not been through anything like this. Yet she still wanted more. She wanted Sarah in her bed and had now blown it.

Penny was listening to some boring article on the news when her bedroom door crashed against the wall. “What the hell.” She blurted out.

“I am scared.” Sarah blurted out in frustration. She grabbed the bottle of wine on the night stand and poured a big glass and downed it in one. “Tie me up and fuck me.”

Penny had jumped out of bed when the door hit the wall and was looking at the dent in the plaster where the door handle hit the wall. “You think I am not? I don’t want to if you are drunk and I would rather we made love than just fuck! Animals fuck. That’s why we are different to them. Look and my wall.” She tutted.

Sarah stood there looking. Penny was angry at the door and her hazel eyes burned into her. “I . . . I am sorry about the wall.” She started to walk back to the spare room.

“Don’t go if you really want to stay with me tonight. I mean really want to be here.”

Sarah stopped and got into Penny’s bed. She fumbled under the covers and threw her nightie to Penny who was crossing the room back to bed.

“Penny, please will you tie me up so we can we make love?”

She slid into bed cuddling Sarah’s naked body. Her hands explored the blonde woman’s body as she nuzzled and kissed her neck. Penny threw the duvet on the floor. She wanted to see Sarah’s body. Her hands reaching and squeezing Sarah’s breasts and nipples as her mouth closed on hers. Penny could smell the wine on Sarah’s breath. Her hands stroked down Sarah’s body. Sarah was panting already as her sexual feelings became greater than her nervousness. When Penny’s fingers stroked Sarah’s Labia, Sarah closed her eyes and cried out.

“Is this what you really want?” Penny softly questioned her.

“Please. Yes.” Sarah gasped as Penny inserted first one finger followed by another into Sarah’s sex. Slowly Penny rotated her fingers as she kissed her way down over Sarah’s breasts and flat stomach. She blew softly over Sarah’s clitoris before burying her face in Sarah’s pussy as her tongue flicked rapidly over the woman’s clitoris while twisting her fingers in and out of Sarah’s sex. The more aroused Sarah became the more she opened her legs; the more she panted in pleasure. She stroked Penny’s brown hair with her hands as she shuddered and came with a little cry.

Penny pursed her lips and gently blew her warm breath over Sarah’s clit, and she shuddered.

She edged back up the bed and cuddled Sarah as she was regaining her composure. 

Penny kissed Sarah’s neck and cheek before planting a gentle kiss on her lips.

“We don’t always have to be bound to have sex, Sarah. It’s just different and sometimes exciting. Treat it as a sex game. I am not into violence and torture. Or forced sex like some of the stuff you may have seen online. I shudder to think why the models let people do that to them. Let me have your hands please. In front.”

Penny took a short length of rope and folded it in half. She took Sarah’s wrists and looped the rope around then and gently cinched the rope. Leaving a little excess.

“Lie down and put your arms up to the head of the bed. It’s not too tight is it?” She asked concerned, in case she was hurting Sarah. Sarah shook her head. “I think you could wriggle out if you needed to.” Penny said as she tied the excess rope to the centre spar of the bed head.

She took the remaining two lengths of rope and bending first one of Sarah’s knees, she lashed the rope snugly into a frog tie before cinching between the back of the thigh and calf.  Then she tied Sarah’s other leg. The excess rope she tied to the side frame of the bed which kept Sarah’s legs spread wide open.

“I am not going anywhere like this am I?”

“Not if you wish to remain tied like it. No. You noticed I brought the wand too? I think you are going to like this.”

Penny pulled open a drawer of the bedside table. She pulled out a packet of condoms and ripped one open placing the condom over the head of the wand.

“This is going to feel really funny to you at first if you haven’t tried a wand vibe. But if you want to come you have to make me come first. Understand? I want you to lick me like you have wanted your boyfriend to lick you. ”

Sarah nodded as Penny positioned herself reverse cowgirl and knelt astride her face before lowered her fanny down over Sarah’s mouth. Holding the wand she turned the wand to low before bringing the large bulbous head of the wand across Sarah breasts and down her stomach pushing the wand onto her skin before retracting making the wand tickle Sarah.

Penny wriggled her hips. “Come on. I asked you to lick me like you want to be licked. I am not letting you come until I do.” She pressed down harder on Sarah’s face. “There that’s better. Oh yes keep that up.” Sarah’s tongue had flicked over her mound before finding Penny’s clitoris. Now she was lapping at it like a good puppy.

Penny turned the wand back on and circled the head around Sarah’s pussy, before pressing the wand on to her Labia lips. Sarah shuddered as the wand hit her sex. She tried to shut her legs but the rope kept them wide open and exposed to Penny’s onslaught.

Sarah moaned but Penny sat harder on her mouth. She could feel Sarah’s nose tickling her ass. Then Sarah clamped her mouth over Penny’s clitoris. Sarah worked her tongue to flick incessantly over the head of Penny’s clit, this time making Penny moan.

Penny used the wand to rub between Sarah’s thighs, bringing the wand up over her clit before bringing it lower and back to the Perineum before repeating the process over and over. Every once and a while she pressed the wand directly onto the Sarah’s clit and felt Sarah instantly buck and squeal before her tongue resumed its attack on Penny’s clitoris.

As Penny came, she pressed her fanny hard onto Sarah’s mouth while she held the wand onto Sarah’s clit. She could feel Sarah’s hot breath on her thighs twisting to breathe and to control her own orgasm. That was when Penny clicked the wand to “fast”. Sarah squealed and was fighting to close her legs again as Penny slapped each thigh. Penny could hear Sarah’s muffles screams of orgasm as she pressed the wand harder against her clit, rubbing the clit just with the minutest movement of the wand. As Sarah orgasmed her stomach seemed to ripple and contract. Penny wriggled her fanny pressing Sarah’s mouth as Sarah screamed an orgasm which rocked the bed. She eased off of Sarah’s mouth which gave Sarah the opportunity to beg for the wand to be turned off.

“You left me with the wand on full power all evening on that timer. Why should I turn it off just yet?” Penny had to shout over Sarah’s screaming orgasm Penny thought would break her bed.

“There. I did tell you that you would like the wand. Didn’t I?” as Penny flipped the wand to off, leaving Sarah to gasp for breath and to compose herself.

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