Lisa and the Academy

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2015 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

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Lisa had been called to the School Principals office. It was noon. This time she knew she was in big trouble.

What 16 year old liked school. Well 15 and a half, but who counts the half these days. School was for weirdoes who didn't like life and playing hooky to be out tin the world. You learn more experiencing the world than studying it she thought.

Mrs McClusky was a lovey old lady who had tried to do right by her. She didn't like to use corporal punishment and handed out detention after detention. Lisa stuck her nose up at this and just didn't turn up for them.

Mrs McClusky's response was to get Lisa parents involved. She was really surprised when she called them and they turned up in her office more exasperated than she was. It seemed the parents could not control their daughter either. They had taken the TV rights away. They had dropped her off outside the school door, but Lisa went in the front and skipped right on out the back door. The local police had sat her down on the sofa and explained she was getting her parents into trouble with the authorities. As they were responsible and she was technically still under age, no matter how grown up she thought she was, it would be the parents who go to Jail for her truancy. When they locked her in the room with just her school books she just scooted on out the window and down a drainpipe.

Mrs McClusky’s secretary answered the intercom and ushered Lisa into the Principals office. Lisa looked around to find her mother and father sitting in front of Mrs McClusky’s desk with stern looks on their faces. This took Lisa back a little. All of her other times where her and Mrs McClusky, one to one. Mrs McClusky rose and placing her hands on the corners of her desk for support asked Lisa politely to sit at a chair next to her parents. She removed her delicate reading glasses and placed them carefully on her desk blotter.

"Lisa. It’s good to see you in school today. Thank you for coming to my office." Sarcastic Bitch! Black evil thoughts came into Lisa’s head. "I have had to bring your parents in to as it’s rather more serious this time. I have checked your attendance this year. You have missed forty seven days this year so far." Her mother gasped in horror.

"Mrs McClusky I have brought her here every day myself. I literally frog march her to the door and force her in. I can’t see what else I can do about this."

"Yes Mrs Fletcher. The fault is not yours. I see this as a problem only your daughter can fix." She patted at an imaginary stray hair in her short bobbed hair. "I am sorry to say I have had to expel Lisa this time."

"Mrs McClusky. Please reconsider this." Her father interrupted.

"I am sorry your daughter is very bright. I would even say she was even very talented in certain areas. But my mind is made up. I am amazed she still maintains all her grades, albeit at Grade C level. She would be brilliant if she only applied herself to the task at hand."

"Come on. Let’s get out of here." Lisa said in a bolshie manner, rising to leave.

"You sit right down there young lady. This isn't over by a long ways." Mrs McClusky raised her voice. Lisa slumped back onto her chair. She started to curl her finger in her long curly brunette hair, out of boredom.

"You may be expelled from this school young lady but I have asked a very dear friend of mine to enrol you in her Academy of Excellence. They are all special needs and as such have befitted from her tutelage and the school’s reputation is second to none."

"Listen lady, who are you calling special needs? I am no Spaz!"

"My dear girl. In no way did I refer to you as a spastic! If one is to speak the Queen's English, then try to do so without name calling and vulgarity. You shame yourself girl, as those poor unfortunate boys and girls would give their life's blood to be in your shoes! I implied you had certain needs and requirements I can’t give to you."

She sat at her desk and pressed the intercom button. "Janine. Has Mrs Adams arrived yet?"

"Yes, Mrs McClusky. Shall I show her in?" The secretary’s voice crackled over the intercom. "Yes please. Janine."

There was a knock at the door and Janine stepped aside and ushered Mrs Adams into the room. Mrs Adams walked over to the desk and hugged Mrs McClusky.

"Jane is has been so long since I saw you last. You look well." Jane Adams pulled off her gloves and deposited them on the side of the desk. Taking off her short fur coat, she threw it over the back of her chair, and then sat without being invited.

"Thank you Phyllis. So do you. Is this the family that requires my service?"

"I have been telling Mr and Mrs Fletcher all about your school. I may have neglected to say you have remained top school in the country for the last 10 years."

Lisa looked Jane Adams over with a much more critical eye than before. The woman was immaculate. There was not a blond hair out of place in her coiffured hairdo. Purple manicured and painted nails, short, on delicate hands. She wore a white silk blouse and black pencil skirt that looked ordinary but was extremely well tailored. She wore black three inch stilettos. With a hint of red sole. Wow she thought. Jimmy Choos. She must be minted, Lisa thought. The school she runs must be really expensive.

Lisa smiled. There was no way her parents could afford expensive school fees. She would be free to roam the streets and see Tim her boyfriend. Tim was twenty and a trainee mechanic. Lisa's parents didn't approve. It wasn't the fact he was training as a mechanic. They told Lisa he was no good, drinking and cheating on her. He was in trouble with the police too as he was persistently in fights all the time. They were afraid that his thuggish behaviour would rub off on Lisa, but more afraid that behaviour be turned on her.

"You know I don't approve of school rankings Phyllis. I don't look at my schools success because it’s top. I see success as turning out well rounded girls who have the confidence and the abilities to run their own businesses, or to run governments of countries. Not just to aspire to become a secretary or a PA."

"And what's wrong with secretaries and PA's Mrs Adams? I happen to be one." Lisa's mother indignantly interrupted the conversation.

Mrs Adams turned to look as Lisa's mother.

"Please don't misunderstand me Mrs Fletcher. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that career at all. But let me ask you this. When your boss is playing golf or at expensive lunches all afternoon with clients you have the greater rapport with; Do you, or do you not, take it upon your shoulders to run the company to the best of your ability juggling all those little balls in the air? Does he not defer certain scenarios for you to administer because he can’t be bothered? Does he earn a fortune and drive a big car and own a big house when he appears less clever than you? You go away to Benidorm while he swans around in the Seychelles."

Silently, Lisa's mother nodded.

"Good. There is nothing more to be said on the matter. I will promise you this. Sign the papers and enrol your daughter into my school and my care. I will give you back a well-rounded polished lady in return."

"Mrs Adams. I am afraid we can’t afford such a school for our daughter, as much as we would like her to go there. Also we don’t know anything about your school."

"I don't advertise. First we run it like a boot camp, army style. Your daughter will learn discipline at the expense of her freedom to do other things. For instance, when our young ladies show an aptitude for say lessons/horse riding anything they want to try really, I let them pursue it. They must and will keep up their grades. I expect every student to pass all their exams with A grades or I have failed them."

"We definitely can’t afford a school like that." Mr Fletcher looked sadly at his wife. He had spent his life working hard to get ahead, and he had doted on his family trying to give them the things he never had. Looking back now with some trepidation, at where he went wrong; it dawned on him he had spoilt his daughter who had grown a rebellious streak, whilst all he was only aiming for was a confident independent daughter.

"Mister and Misses Fletcher. I will enrol your daughter in my private school. It will cost you nothing. I will give her a scholarship and it will be my gift to you that in two years’ time she will have passed her A levels. She will also have retaken those O levels with grades I think are unsuitable, and she will vie for a place in some of the excellent universities I will recommend to her. I wish to warn you however that she falls way below my girls so will have to work hard to make up for this. I will assign her some of the girls, whose aim will be to whip her into shape and bring her up to the others standards."

"That sounds fantastic Mrs Adams. I don't know how I can thank you." Lisa's father was up and out of his chair and shaking her hand before she knew what had hit her. "I see that I have failed my only child. I let her become a spoiled brat, instead of what I had envisaged to be a decent member of society." He looked at Lisa.

"I will say this to you, girl. This is probably your very last chance to change your ways. I can only see you as an unmarried mother in a few years or in prison. You are breaking our hearts, and wasting your life." He choked with emotion saying the words. It was a mix of relief and impotence at failing to correct Lisa.

Listening to this, Lisa started to cry. She had never heard her father or mother say how unhappy she was making them. They had ranted and raged about her and she could cope with that. Pops was off on one again, yeah, yeah. But to see him almost cry with frustration she had bought was too much for her.

"I am sorry, dad. I don't want to be like this." She sobbed. "I'll try harder. Please don't send me to this school."

"I have to Lisa. You can hate me for it forever, but I'll live with that. I have to give you the best opportunity to get on in life. This is it. I will hate myself otherwise and that's more important to me."

Lisa slumped down on her chair with tears running down her face. Her parents talked through the formalities with Mrs Adams for another twenty minutes before signing the enrolment form.

"Right Lisa, I would like you to accompany me to the school now. You will have a new uniform provided by the school and we can provide you with everything else you need there. The sooner we have you bedded in the sooner we raise these grades of yours. Besides, there is no time like the present to be doing things."

Lisa gasped in shock. She was expected to up root her life in seconds rather than the days she was expecting before joining the new school. She had already started to plan to run away from her parents before she needed to go, so as to cause the maximum disruption and also have her parents in anguish, worrying about her. Dejected, Lisa was in stunned at how things were moving so fast out of her control. Her mother and father hugged then kissed her goodbye and left. That left Mrs McClusky and Jane Adams to tidy up the school transfer papers. She sat in her own little world plotting evil schemes to get back at her parents, when she was jarred out of her thoughts by Mrs Adams.

"Lisa. I want you to appreciate what Mrs McClusky is doing for you here today. There will be no mention of your expulsion from this school for truancy. Your record is still clean." Bewildered Lisa sat staring at her. "Miss Fletcher, I know things have moved very quickly for you, but you should at least say thank you to people who go out of their way to help you." Mrs Adams spoke the words kindly, but Lisa noticed a small undercurrent as she looked at her sternly. "Eh? Yes. Thank you Mrs McClusky."

"I want you to know I am not doing this for you Lisa, I am doing this for my friend Mrs Adams, here. She sees a lot of potential in you that I neither have the patience nor the time to. I think you will cause her no end of trouble, but I defer to her opinion of you and prey you achieve the results she thinks you will. You are only hurting your own reputation by being so unruly, when you could be brilliant."

"Please don’t be unkind to Miss Fletcher, Phyllis. You just don’t see what I do. Look at her attire. Stand up please Lisa and twirl around. There. That's it. Don't worry about us staring at you Lisa. Have you seen it yet, Phyllis?"

"I see an unruly young lady, Jane. Her skirt should be three inches above the knee minimum, or longer."

"Here, Phyllis. Look. The seem-work is beautifully straight. This skirt has been cut short deliberately, but then again, you and I wore the skimpiest of miniskirts back in the 60s and we were a few years younger than Miss Fletcher, here. I see you did this yourself Lisa." Stunned Lisa nodded.

"No Miss Fletcher. When asked a question you do not nod your head but answer the question directed at you."

"Sorry Mrs Adams. Yes I cut the skirt short. I hate plaid skirts. Tartan went out of fashion years ago unless you are an old pervert who likes to see women dressed as school girls."

"You see Phyllis. Our Lisa can be quite determined, and shows a deeper understanding of the world than we give credit for. So Lisa I see you are wearing a blouse a size too small for you. Why is that please?"

"Um I would rather not answer that Mrs Adams."

"Nonsense, I can tell you why. You have a lovely pair of breasts and you are trying to attract someone, by dressing like this."

"Um; well. . .; yeah. Okay. "

"You see, Phyllis. I think she has a talent for fashion, is using it to attract a mate, albeit in a misguided way. The seamed fishnet stockings smack of desperation to attract someone who I believe is friends, yet she wants it to be more than friends. The creases in her white blouse show she ties the ends in a knot under her breasts when there are no teachers around and when she is around people she is comfortable with. I will award you three house points for the beautiful sewing and the alteration work on the skirt, but I must insist that you don't alter your new uniform."

"Here, Phyllis. There are small weights in the hem of the skirt to hold it down in the wind or to prevent any ride up when seated. The skirt is short but Miss Fletcher still wished to maintain her modesty. Small denomination coins, sewn into the hem. Very inventive." Jane Adams took the hem of the skirt and lifted it to show Mrs McClusky.

"I am more astounded she is wearing stockings." Gasped Mrs McClusky.

"Please don't analyse me like this. I am not your lab rat."

"Yes. Quite right Miss Fletcher. I apologise. You most certainly are not a lab rat, and you are standing up for yourself, too. That's jolly good. Make that five house points."

Soon after, Lisa and Jane Adams got into the back of a chauffeur driven car waiting for them.

"George, this is Lisa and she is our newest pupil."

"Pleased to meet you Miss. I hope you will enjoy your time under Mrs Adams tutelage."

The car turned into the High Street and proceeded up only to be stopped by the traffic lights. Lisa was glumly looking out the window. Up away from the lights was the garage where Tim her boyfriend worked as a trainee mechanic and gas boy. She could see him pumping gas into some hot little blondes’ car. He was wiping his hands on a rag when the blonde got out the car to pay him for the gas. Lisa was astounded when he wrapped his arm around the woman’s waist and planted a sloppy kiss on her lips.

"Why the little Bastard!" Lisa was fuming. She looked on as the blonde responded to his kisses, as they practically ate each other’s face off from the energetic smooching going on.

"There is no need for such unladylike language Miss Fletcher. Just exactly what brought on that outburst?"

"My boyfriend." She pointed.

"Ah I see. You do realise that you are still sexually immature, and he is an adult? He looks very much an unsuitable boyfriend for you. You would be doing all the chasing after him, while he goes for ladies his own age?" Mrs Adams looked at Lisa. The stern expression broke as Lisa started to cry big sobbing tears. She handed Lisa a handkerchief to wipe Lisa's tears away. "You really haven't had a very good day today have you, you poor girl. I can only give you the advice that was given to me and I know that you won’t want to hear it. When you are older you will see this as a schoolgirl crush. At the moment you are feeling hurt and cheated, but the pain will go after a time."

She put her arm around Lisa and Lisa buried her head into Mrs Adams shoulder and cried until exhausted and there were no more tears to shed. All the while Mrs Adams gently rocked her, to sooth her.

It was with a start that Lisa awoke. The car had pulled up to the school and Mrs Adams had gently nudged her awake. "Her we are Miss Fletcher. This will be your new school for the next two years. Oh yes, you will want to know where we are I suppose. The closest village would be Chipping Camden. You are in the Cotswolds now. I hope you will come to love the area as much as me. But we need to get your grades up to scratch before I will allow you to explore the area. You only gain my trust through academia, and proper ladylike behaviour. Only then you are free to use your time as you see fit."

Jane Adams guided Lisa around the car to stand in front of the school. Lisa looked up at a large imposing; warm yellow/orange limestone stone building that wouldn't look out of place in the pages of Jane Austin. "The building was once owned by the Lord of the Manor. The Cavaliers fortified it in the Civil war, and then the Roundheads took the place and decided to knock it down rather than let it fall into the Kings hands again. Criminal! What you see is only a tiny fraction of what the house once was. Come along and we will get you settled."

They walked up the stone stairs and entered through the main front door into a large hallway with a double staircase running up each side wall to a large upstairs hallway with many doors running off the upper landing. Various paintings of horses and Cotswold landscapes were dotted around the ground floor, and there were two suits of Armour placed as if each was guarding a staircase. They walked through the hall and through a double set of doors into a large library that looked full to the brim with many thousands of books.

"You will find this to be a very good up to date Library and you are encouraged to read and absorb as much knowledge as you can whist you are here. There are at least twenty thousand books. We have no computers or televisions here. You do things the old fashioned way. We teach you. Then set your homework. You come here to find what you need to learn and then you write your essays. We always mark extremely hard. You will learn decent calligraphy skills while here and we encourage you to ask as many relevant questions as you like. We do not tolerate disobedience or failure. We mark harder because most others won’t. Should your papers come up against mediocre tutors, and there are plenty, you will always gain the very best grade. I am telling you this Lisa because I believe you will try to do it the hard way. There is only the school way. So please don’t bend the rules. You will be very sorry should you get on the wrong side of the teachers here."

They walked through a side door into a small room that was obviously Mrs Adams study. There was a little Victorian fireplace with lovely blue china tiles of farm workers as a surround. She waved a hand at a chair. Lisa sat and took in the office. It was immaculate. The mahogany desk had a small note pad and a pen on top of a large leather blotter. There were several small sideboard cupboards. Nothing too large. The room was masculine, but not as you would have expected. The wallpaper was delicate pale silk wall paper, so as not to clash with a lovely ornate plaster ceiling that was the star piece of the room. Behind her a Grandfather clock clicked on six and started to chime, bringing Lisa to her senses.

A new school! She would have to make new school friends. Settle in to a dormitory with other girls. There would be no privacy in communal showers and she was boarding here too. A prisoner in a school was the worst thing she could have imagined for herself.

"I really do hope you enjoy your school time here Miss Fletcher. You earn my trust and improve your grades, and you can have the run of the school. The village plus any activities you wish to try. Nothing gives me greater pleasure to see our girls excel. I think a young lady like you would want some independence. We offer to tutor our girls in how to drive, riding that sort of thing. There is even a girl here who spends her Saturday’s learning to pilot gliders at the local aerodrome. Of course she does chores around the place in exchange for lessons."

She reached for an antique telephone and dialled up a number. "Hello Clair." She paused while the other end chatted for a moment, and then answered "Yes Clair. I have just returned. I may have to burden you again, Clair. I have another pupil I wish you to enrol." Mrs Adams paused for a bit then replied "I have it on good authority the girl will be an excellent student." Another pause while the other end of the line talked. "Yes, Clair. You don't get a glittering diamond without first smoothing a few rough edges here and there. Oh yes. She has earned five house points for this month already. Please have this recorded too." Jane Adams paused again.

"Yes Clair. I am afraid you will need to kit her out. I took her straight away, so she will need everything from a tooth brush and toiletries to her gym knickers. No Clair I will take her to the Doctor now and supervise her medical. Yes you find a suitable room she can bunk down in. I noticed that her old school never taught her French. I think Madeleine would be an ideal companion for her. Yes she went through the same thing when she came here without a word of English. Good I will talk with you again shortly. Thank you Clair." Then she hung up the phone.

"I have put you in with a suitable young lady called Madeleine. Her father is a Nouveau Riche, merchant. Madeleine was spoilt by her father who gave her everything she wanted but never spent any time with her. That's what caused her to run amok. She just needed someone to discipline her when she was unruly and praise her and spend time with her when she did well. It's what we all crave in life sooner or later."

There was a light knock on the door. "Entrée" The door opened and in walked a tall blond girl. She had the most beautiful blue eyes Lisa had seen. She was dressed in a white blouse and a black pencil slim skirt. Black stockings or tights, and two inch black patent leather shoes. Around her neck she wore a shimmering red silk scarf. To Lisa, she was the epitome of Parisian chic. Stylish, without trying too hard. "Bonsoir, Madame Adams. Comment ca va?"

"Ca va bien, Mademoiselle Zola. Merci. Mademoiselle Zola. Permettez-moi de vous présenter Mademoiselle Fletcher."

"Bonsoir, Mademoiselle Fletcher. I am pleased to meet you."

Lisa was shocked at not being able to understand what was being said to her. She decided just to repeat what the other girl said to her. "Er . . Hello Mademoiselle Zola"

Jane Adams fired off in rapid French "Mademoiselle Zola. J'ai un grand service à vous demander. Je serais très reconnaissant si vous allez entreprendre pour enseigner Mademoiselle Fletcher à parler Français. Elle n'a jamais parlé la langue avant."

"Oui. Daccord. Je vais vous aider, Madame Adams."

"Ah Merci." Mrs Adams gave Madeleine a hug and kissed her on both cheeks. "Asseyez vous, Mademoiselle Zola"

Madeleine sat in the chair next to Lisa.

"I have asked Miss Zola here to teach you to speak French. Happily she has agreed. A French nursery school child has more French vocabulary than you at the moment. Let’s not worry about the written for the time being Mademoiselle Zola. That will come easily enough when she can understand the words."

Mrs Adams now addressed Lisa. "Miss Fletcher. This will take a great deal of Madeleine's time. I urge you to grasp this opportunity with both hands. You will go where she goes and do what she does. You will try to learn as much French as you can in the next month. I urge you to obey Mademoiselle Zola. Mademoiselle Zola. You have accepted a very difficult task. I know you won’t fail the school and Miss Fletcher here will benefit from your tutelage. She will join you shortly after her school medical. Thank you again Mademoiselle Zola."

Madeleine arose and said "Au revoir", and left shutting the door. Lisa's mind was in a maelstrom. Things were happening in her life so fast now, and she had no control. Her days were planned out by someone else, and she would have to turn up and perform like a circus monkey. She started to feel very out of her depth. "Now come along with me. We have to take you to the Nurse for a thorough medical."

Lisa rose and followed Mrs Adams out of the room and down a corridor with several marble topped tables containing the busts of Roman Emperors. They turned a corner and passer a large ornate Collectors Cabinet. It was about six feet high and made in a Chinese style of black liquor and inlaid marquetry and Mother of Pearl. Mrs Adams turned to see if Lisa was keeping up and noticed her looking at the cabinet.

"The cabinet is Chinese. It's about two hundred and fifty years old. It is inlaid wood and Nacre on a lacquered frame. It was designed for gentlemen to keep their rare collectables in. The doors open to reveal many little drawers and small closets to display them."

"It looks like Mother of Pearl to me." She mumbled under her breath.

"Exactly right Miss Fletcher. Nacre is a seashell that is used to carve or is cut into slithers and polished up to be used as inlay in fine works such as this. Please don't mumble dear. Your tutors may not be able to hear your questions in class."

"Here we are." Mrs Adams knocked on the door and not waiting for a reply walked through.

"Doctor Johnston, this is Lisa Fletcher. She is our newest pupil. I would appreciate it if you could give her the once over please.”

"Certainly Mrs Adams. Right Lisa, can you please strip off and sit on the bench? There is a chair here you can put your clothes on."

Embarrassed, Lisa hadn't been undressed in front of other women in ages. She had played hooky from Gym so never was seen or saw the other girls. She had stopped sleeping and bathing with her brothers and sisters long before her teens. Only Tim had seen her fully undressed in recent times.

She kicked of her shoes and unzipped her skirt slipping out of the garment, while using the tails of her white blouse to hide her modesty, although she was wearing her knickers. She unrolled her hold-up fishnets and placed then on top of the skirt. Next, she slowly unbuttoned the blouse feeling a little self-conscious. She folded the blouse and placed that also on top of the skirt. Finally she turned away from the two ladies and removed her bra and knickers placing them on her blouse before using her hand to cover her fanny and an arm to cover her breasts before quickly jumping up on the padded nurses’ bench where she crossed her legs blushing.

Doctor Johnston had ignored her totally and was filling out some details on a clipboard. Lisa turned and looked as Mrs Adams who sensing her discomfort had averted her eyes slightly and just smiled back at her. Doctor Johnston had a powder blue E.R uniform worn under a white Doctors coat. There was a stethoscope hung around the back of her neck worn like the hunky doctors in ER. She started by asking Lisa her next of kin, address who to contact in an emergency. Then it progressed to any known medical problems. Did she have regular periods? Bowel movements okay? Lisa blushed at both questions.

Next Doctor Johnston moved behind her and examined her back with the stethoscope listening for breathing. She used her fingers to tap on her back for a healthy hollow sound of the lungs.

“Okay Lisa. I know you are young and this shouldn't concern you, but I teach all the girls who come into my office to check for lumps in their breasts. Mostly any lumps discovered will be cists and benign. Sometimes they could be cancerous. It’s always better to teach a girl this check rather than them not knowing and finding out too late for any treatment that may save them.”

She stood behind Lisa's back and cupped her breast in her hands. She showed Lisa the likely areas to investigate and how to probe and squeeze her breasts to feel for any lumps. Taking Lisa's hand she showed her to feel her own breasts.

"There you see. Nothing wrong with those, but you should keep a regular check because cancer doesn't have an age limit and attacks both young and old indiscriminately. Right. Lay down on the bench and I'll have a look downstairs."

Lisa's mouth dropped open, as Doctor Johnston moved the stirrups into position. Lisa had never been examined down below before and turned bright red. She took Lisa legs and splayed them apart putting a heel in each of the stirrups, exposing Lisa to the world.

"Now it is better to answer the questions truthfully. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You are having periods okay. Are you on the Pill?" Lisa nodded she was. "Have you been sexually active in the past?" Lisa nodded an affirmation.

"Fifteen is young to be sexually active Lisa but your body is nearly fully developed so shouldn't be a problem to your health. The ladies in the middle ages were giving birth at twelve and thirteen. This is what damaged their bodies and caused a high mortality rate. Now take a deep breath because to some of us this isn't the most pleasant of examinations."

Lisa looked on as Doctor Johnston pulled on a latex medical glove, and then lubricated what looked like a plastic torture device Lisa had never seen before. Looking up she could feel plastic slowly insert into her vagina. The Doctor slowly twisted the plastic screws and Lisa could feel the inside of her fanny slowly stretch apart. It wasn't comfortable and yet it wasn't unpleasant either.

"Not a lot of us girls like this exam." Doctor Johnston said. "This is a Speculum. We use it to look at the uterus and cervix, the head of your womb to make sure your inner workings are okay. We also use them to take a pap smear, to check for cervical cancer." With that she felt something uncomfortable probe her. "We will get this shipped off for analysis and I'll have the results in a week. You will report back to me here next Friday after your lessons are over and we can have a chat."

The Doctor had already put the swab into a medical container when she looked up. Next Lisa felt the plastic slowly retract and removed from her and put into a kidney shaped medical bowl.

"You may feel a little uncomfortable for a little while, but it will pass."

A gloved finger was inserted into her Vagina and probed her for a bit. When they withdrew she felt a thumb brush lightly over her clitoris and she gasped at the pleasure. "This is your Clitoral Hood. I'll have a quick look under it and then you can kneel while I perform a rectal examination."

Doctor Johnston used her two forefingers, one on either side of Lisa clitoris, and gently pushed back against the hood revealing the pink clitoris. The doctor then used her thumb to view the glands.

"This is the clitoris under your Clitoral hood. The hood is very much like a male foreskin, hiding and protecting your Clitorial Glans underneath. Sometimes this becomes infected too. It is also extremely sensitive with many little nerve endings.”

She rubbed her thumb over it gently. Lisa gasped and shuddered at the touch. She had never felt so sexually turned on as right now. She had even forgotten the shock that she was about to undergo a probing she had never thought she would undergo. The Doctor positioned her on her knees turning her bottom towards the light. She stripped off the old gloves replacing them with new latex. A quick squirt of lubrication and then she asked Lisa to hold still. "This maybe a little uncomfortable. I try to make this as painless as we can." Lisa was alarmed to note a thumb rubbing lubrication over the entrance to her anal passage. The thumb rubbed gently but more firmly. To Lisa this was quite a strange sensation. She was used to wiping her ass and that was that. The only thought she had on the matter. But this was turning into quite a pleasurable experience.

"I think you are ready to proceed with the next part of the exam Lisa. Take a deep breath. This will feel strange but will not hurt. I promise. Oh, please don't forget to breathe out after. You wouldn't believe the amount of girls I examine who pass out from not breathing out."

She chuckled and Lisa gave a little giggle too, imagining girls passed out all over the room in various states of erotic undress. Then she felt a finger slowly insert into her ass. "It is always a little shock having this done to you at first. Your muscles are designed to open and then contract again after expelling the waste. They are tight so you don't have any leaks until you sit down in the morning all relaxed and do what you have to do." She said as a matter of fact.

Lisa could feel the finger inside her but tried hard to relax. The hand twisted a little as she could feel a very strange, yet erotically sensuous probing. Then she felt another finger enter her bum alongside the other. It was probing different lengths, twisting every once and a while. "What we are looking for are any little lumps or bumps, tears or anything untoward that may cause you problems in later life. I can safely say you have an excellent rectum and are free from any blockages that could obstruct your Colon and Small Intestine."

She removed her fingers wiping her hand on some tissues before removing her latex glove to the waste bin. She slipped on another glove before using more tissues to wipe any residue lubrication from Lisa anus, before the tissues and the glove were reassigned to the waste bin. "There you are Lisa. Please sit on the bench and we can have a chat. Now at fifteen you are also under aged to be smoking the odd cigarette behind the bike shed. Smoking ruins your lungs over time shrinking the little capillary airways in your lungs. When you can’t breathe you are in big trouble. It also weakens the skin in the face. Your eyes will become puffy and around your lips you will start to see little lines. Both are cause from smoking. As your Doctor I have to advise you to stop."

"How did you know I smoked? Surely you can’t tell from tapping my back and listening to my lungs? I don't even do it that much." Lisa mumbled in shock.

"It is no secret really, Miss Fletcher." Mrs Adams interrupted. "We all have noses, and tobacco smoke gets into ones clothes and hair. Don't be distraught as it is hardly noticeable on you. However as you are under age, you will not smoke again until you are sixteen, and as such legally allowed to do so, although I can’t comprehend why our government allows smoking at sixteen but prevents the purchase of tobacco until eighteen."

"Well thank you Doctor Johnston. Before we leave, please issue a Pass for Miss Fletcher to call on you for next Friday."

Lisa thanked the Doctor, who told her that any ailments or other problems Lisa had; all she need do was call as she was contactable twenty four hours a day. She trailed off behind Mrs Adams. Jane Adams walked back through the corridor passed her desk and knocked on a door just off the main hallway. Without waiting for a reply she entered the room and Lisa followed her inside. The office was little more than a broom cupboard with a small desk with a computer. The room was full of metal filing cabinets, most likely holding student details Lisa thought.

"This is my right hand. Miss Clair Fuller. She runs the school single handed which leave me time to press palms and get sponsorship funds to run the school. This is the new pupil. Lisa Fletcher."

"Good Evening Lisa. Mrs McClusky has emailed me your file. This is the first day for the rest of your life. So what's happened before is irrelevant. I will say this though. It was quite an extensive and eye opening document! Now I have a basement room for you. It’s the best we have at present. Madeleine will be your guide and will be assisting you with your French. I have managed to get Lisa into Madeleine's Classes."

She looked at Mrs Adams with a raised eye. "Are you sure Lisa will be able to cope being in those classes. They can be pretty intense lessons."

"I acknowledge your comments Clair. Lisa has been bored in her lessons. With practically no schooling this last year she has scrapped C grades in everything. She hasn't studied in any way, so what will she be like if she only applied herself? Besides it will be good for Madeleine to have a bit of competition for a change. Things will work out. You will see." She smiled at Lisa.

"I have a very good feeling she will do well. She has to. We won’t tolerate her not doing well." With that, she tuned on her Jimmy Choos and left Lisa with Miss Fuller. Lisa looked over at Clair Fuller. A pair of horn rimmed spectacled dangled from a chain around her neck. She wore a white blouse and grey cardigan. Typical admin staff, Lisa thought. And yet looking harder at her there was something in the eyes that told you this woman was not to be messed with.

"Ok young lady, let’s get started." She printed of a sheet of paper from the pc. "Here is your Timetable for the rest of the school year. I mentioned to you just now that you are in all of Madeleine's classes. She will act like a surrogate tutor for you. She will show you where to go and what to bring to your lessons. I don't advise slacking off here. The tutors can be quite brutal with their homework and the pace of work. You suffer from boredom do you? Well you definitely won’t have time to be bored."

Lisa looked down the timetable. "But tomorrow's Saturday. There are lessons on Saturday?"

"That's right. Saturday to 1pm. After lunch you complete homework or whatever you need to. Sunday is a rest day; however you will be encouraged to read up on your lessons for the following week. Once you have gained our trust and you are working and fulfilling your potential you will be allowed extracurricular activities. Now let’s get you settled in. Please follow me."

Miss Fuller rose and walked out of the office, and Lisa followed. Miss Fuller had a quick stride and Lisa rushed to keep up. She followed to the hall and then through the side door behind the big staircase which lead her down into the basement level of the school.

"New girls are always billeted to the basement. If they cry and are home sick they don't disturb the other girls."

"That's a bit harsh isn't it Miss Fuller?" They were now walking down a long thin corridor. With closed doors every dozen paces.

"Life isn't fair and is quite horrid at times. We provide enough of a crutch to lean on if necessary, but we try to give the girls a sense of self-reliance. Not everyone is like you Lisa. Besides, the more academically gifted girls are weeded out and we allocate the upper stories to them as a reward for effort. The world only remembers winners. Coming second and turning up to just play has created a sub culture in the United Kingdom where we don't know how to win at things so we knock down anyone who is successful." At the end of the corridor, she opened one of the doors. "This is your room Lisa. Ah good Mr Jenkins our porter has brought you your things already."

On a small metal framed bed there were a folded pile of grey skirts and white blouses alongside a small 5 pack of black pantyhose and a 5 packet of M&S panty briefs. Next to these were a pile of towels with two plastic bottles on top of them. One, shower gel and the other, shampoo. In a glass on the little bedside table next to the reading lamp was drinking glass with a new toothbrush and a new tube of tooth paste. Next to that was a full jug of water with a dust lid. Alongside the door was a small sturdy open clothes rack with several hangars. Other than that the room was bare. "Dinner is 7 to 7:45pm. Breakfast is 6 to 7:30 am. Lunch is 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Lights out is 11PM An alarm will wake everyone at 5:30 am. Lessons start at 8:30am and finish at 4:30pm"

Miss Fuller read from a little card in her hand. Then she placed it on top of the towels.

"The door directly at the end of the corridor is the communal bathroom. It has the usual facilities. Showers, a dozen sinks, and a dozen loos on this floor."

Miss Fuller went to the cabinet under the bedside table and opened it. In the cabinet Lisa could see there were several note pads and exercise books. On top of the exercise books were several pens and pencils, an eraser and a small calculator. Miss Fuller closed the little door, and opened the little drawer. "Good. This is what you will need closer to the time." She put a packet of Tampax on the top of the towels alongside the shampoo. "This little lot should keep you going for a little while. I still have to find some gym stuff for you to wear. You look about a size 5 or 6 shoe."

"Five, Miss Fuller." Lisa interjected.

"Very well. School shoes and some training shoes will be found for you, and Mr Jenkins will pass these along to you. I will send Madeleine down for you now. The sooner you start finding your way about the school the better."

“We treat all our girls as adults. You are expected to clean your room once a week at least and change and wash your own clothing and bed linen. At the end of every corridor there is a closet with irons and ironing boards and several hoovers. There is a big laundry, turn right at the end of this corridor and go all the way to the end. I would try to do these things at obscure times as they will always be in demand on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday.”

Miss Fuller looked Lisa over with her critical eye, once more.

“I really do hope you try to fit in here Lisa. It is a very good school for a willing student, but it is pretty ghastly if you go against the rules. My door is always open if you have any questions or if you need things. Your parents will be told you have settled in and that they can forward you your own clothes and small items to kit out your room. Just be warned, if I ever see you in my room for any wrong doings you will be in for a whole heap of discomfort. Just you bear that in mind.” With that she turned on her heel and walked to the door.

“I will send Madeleine down to you shortly. Remember what I have told you.” With that she left and closed the door leaving Lisa alone.

Lisa looked around at the Spartan room. She opened the little cupboard and pulled out a set of exercise books. Some she recognized from her old school. She had read all her old school text books once over.

The information just seemed to sit somewhere in the back of her head until she needed to pull it out for an exam. The rest of the time she bunked off lessons or goofed around at the back with the boys, making fun of the teachers or the swats that always put their hands up with the right answer.

Plenty of times she thought about that but never answered anything, even though she knew the answers. She hung out with cool kids. Then it dawned on her. She knew the answers for most of the lessons she went to, but these other kids didn’t. She had passed exams without trying hard. She even left exam questions she couldn’t be bothered with, leaving most of her exam papers only sixty or seventy percent complete.

She had enjoyed the notoriety of sitting at the back flicking ink blots at the front where all the swat kids sat. Dusting a teacher’s chair, from the dust of the chalk board eraser, so they sat and had chalk marks on their clothes. Sticking stink bombs carefully under the teacher’s desk so that when they leant on the corner it cracked the vial and stank the school room out. She was always the one to laugh at the smart Alec who shouted “Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jones has shat themselves again in lesson time.”

Lisa sat reflecting on how these kids were going to be hopeless and helpless in their final exams. They would probably end up on the dole or in prison. She shuddered. She was hanging out with them, so that made her a delinquent, just a smarter one. She was always wilful and free, but she had imagined herself locked up for twenty years. That was a whole heap worse than school with its term times where you had Easter and summer holidays. There was never a holiday in a prison. Even this boarding school was more restrictive than the life she was living until three o’clock today. What was she doing with her life?

Lisa looked about the room again. Spartan wasn't a word for this dump she thought. No window, and a crummy electric light bulb the only to illuminate the room. Lisa grinned then too. It was also one less way she could escape the school. Not that she had anywhere to go to being miles from her school. Her home in the Midlands with her room with a portable TV and mini stereo were just distant memories now. This place was going to make her go nuts.

A knock at her door brought her back from her despair. Perhaps this Madeleine girl and she would hit it off as friends and they could get out and explore the place, explore meaning a pub or a club and a high street to browse the local shops.

Madeleine opened the door and came in. "Bon Soir Mademoiselle Fletcher Comment Ca Va?"

"Eh, Hello Madeleine."

"Non. En Francais, sil vous plait. En anglais, et repete en Francais."

"Look Madeleine I can’t speak French. I told Adams that." Lisa was angry now, but it was from frustration from something she did not understand.

"Cest Merde. Je parles Angais no? Vous apprendrez comme je l'ai fait"

"Look. I don't understand a word you are saying."

"Non! Je ne comprend pas! I don't understand. Repete, sil vois plait."

Okay Lisa thought I'll humour the bloody Frog! "Je ne comprend pas! I DONT UNDERSTAND!"

"Oui. Daccord. Tres Bon."

"Je m'appelle Mademoiselle Madeleine Zola. Et tu? I am Miss Madeleine Zola. And you?" This went on for a good hour. Lisa was shown how to introduce herself. They discuss their ages. Hobbies, boy bands, and books she liked. Madeline rattled off sentences in French and Lisa repeated. When she tried to speak English Madeleine cut her off and Lisa had to converse in French. It was frustrating the hell out of her.

Then she blurted out, "Je suis famé. A quelle heure est dîner? You bloody slave driving Frog. "

Madeleine looked at her shocked that Lisa was picking basic French up in just a short time. She looked at her watch.

“Je suis Français et pas une grenouille.” She looked at her watch and realized how late it was.”Merde, venir, rapidement!”

Lisa followed Madeleine down the hall at a run. She hurled herself up the stairs after her and was out of breath when they joined the end of a very short line of late arrivals for the evening meal in the main hall. Lisa looked up at the clock to see that it was 7:30 already. The last hour had flown by. They both had a bowl chicken stew, and Lisa had a desert of Jam Roly Poly. They both wolfed the food down. Lisa had skipped lunch bunking off the morning lessons to hang around the local shops. When she started to eat the Jam Roly Poly, she noticed the look of horror on Madeleine's face.

"You are really eating that?"

"What? Steamed Jam sponge and custard. Crème Anglaise sil vous plait." She waved a spoon of the pudding under Madeleine's nose. “Come on, you know you want to try it." Madeleine shook her head in a grimace. "Your English food is terrible."

"La nourriture anglaise est terrible." Lisa rattled off back to Madeleine. "What? She looked back at Madeleine. "Did I say it wrong?"

"Pas du tout. Not at all." she replied, pleased Lisa was at least making an effort to learn. They went back to Lisa's little room and they slumped down on the bed, which creaked at every movement.

"I do not think you will be in this little room for long Lisa. Please try your best hey? It’s depressing coming back down to this level. I was here for a year without a window to look out. My room was four doors down from here. I hated it and cried every night."

"Adams said you spoke no English. Was that why?" Madeleine nodded. "Oui Lisa. I was so bad they took extreme measures with me. I was locked in here with nothing but tapes of Janet and John to listen to. Day and night for two months over the summer and the summer holiday. Mrs Adams made sure I would learn English or I would die trying. I was a prisoner in this room for 20 hours a day. I was let out to shower and use the toilet and eat breakfast in the morning, and dinner and to use the toilet in the evening. It was Victorian Schooling at its worse, only in the 21 century. I still have them on my IPod to remind me how horrid it was."

"So go and get them. I am going to need all the help I can. I can’t rely on you to be here all the time can I? If I do that you will resent me because you can’t do your own work. That will drag you down with me and we will both fail."

"You want me to lock you in here every evening like I was. Non. It was horrid."

"You want me to fail and you look bad too? There really isn't a choice in this. You have to show me how you learned English so quickly, so I can learn French the same way."

"I do not think this is a good idea. You will not like the way I was taught."

"Do you think I want to learn French? Do you think I want to be here at all? I don't. I hate school. I don't have a choice being here. My parents made sure of that. There is no radio; no TV and I have had it impressed upon me I will learn no matter what. So it looks like I am going to have to do it. I would be very grateful to you if you could show me how you learned English so I can use the same methods to learn French." Lisa half snapped, half pleaded.

"You want me to do the exact same things Madame Adams used on me, to learn? Merde. You promise not to hate me, I think you will though. Daccord. C'est possible. Dix minutes."

Madeleine got off the bed and left the room.

Bored, Lisa opened her cabinet and flicked through some of the exercise books she would be learning from. It was a relief that she would have something similar to her old life. She was thinking if only she had tried a little harder she wouldn't be here now. There was a little rap on the door and Madeleine came in with a little bag.

"Cher, you will have to use the bathroom. Be very sure that this is what you want, eh?"

"It is because I have no choice, and it frustrates me that I don't." Lisa and Madeleine went down the hall to the bathroom. Lisa sat in the cubicle and relieved herself. While she was washing her hands Madeleine spread some toothpaste on Lisa's tooth brush.

"Cher, maintenant vous brosser les dents." Lisa brushed her teeth and wiped her mouth on a towel. "Ready when you are."

Madeleine closed the door to Lisa's little room. "So undress and get ready for bed Lisa. I have the Ipod ready. I will set it on a big loop."

Lisa sat on the side of the bed and striped nude. She pulled the bedcovers back, ready to slip under the covers naked when Madeleine told her to stop. "Non. You are not yet ready to get into bed. Stand up and turn around." Madeleine went to the bag and pulled out a scarf. "Here, Cher. You need to wear this first." Madeleine folded the scarf and placed it gently over Lisa eyes tying it snugly behind her head. "This will heighten your other senses now you have lost one."

Lisa could here rustling in the bag again and a light thud on the covers of the bed.

"The scarves are very soft no? You are lucky you asked me to do this to you. I was bound with rope." Lisa's head jerked around at the sound of Madeleine's last sentence "Mais oui. Madam Adams tied me and gagged me and had me listen to those tapes over and over again twenty hours a day for months. Now you are going to do the same to learn French. After the homework has been done, every evening you will spend an hour or two conversing with me in French and then you will spend the rest of the night bound and gagged, listening to the to these tapes. Trust me you will learn fast this way."

Lisa felt a drape of silk run down her arm and Madeleine took one of her hands and positioned it behind Lisa's back

"Adams tied and gagged you? That's against the law."

"Oui, but I learned English. And you will learn French too Cher. So I am asking you to trust me."

Jesus Christ. Everyone is nuts in this school if they do this to the girls. Madeleine was getting ready to tie her up, Lisa thought. Then she felt Madeleine's hot breath on her neck.

"You are worried Cher. Will I hurt you? It is a big thing to ask a stranger to trust you, but I will ask you to trust me." She whispered as she took hold of Lisa other wrist and pulled it gently behind her back crossing it with the other wrist. Lisa gulped. Do I let her continue? Madeleine started to wrap the silk scarf around Lisa's wrists. Gently, pulling it tight. Lisa knew she was being given the chance to pull herself free. It was a matter of trust. Madeleine hadn't lied to her, and had tried to assure her. Besides it was Saturday tomorrow and there were lessons. Would it hurt to try this for one night?

"You are trembling Lisa. Are you cold?" Lisa shook her head so Madeleine continued tying the wrists by cinching them. Lisa senses Madeleine kneel on the floor then another scarf was draped from her shoulder and down across her breasts making Lisa gasp. The scarf was rolled on the tops of Lisa's thighs making Lisa tremble again, this time from excitement not fear. Lisa was becoming more comfortable at this idea. The scarf was wrapped around her thighs.

When Madeleine cinched the scarf by pushing her hand between Lisa's thighs she gasped again at the warmth of her touch. Then she felt her thighs pull in together as Madeleine tied a knot tight. Lisa felt another scarf touch her skin close to her fanny and slowly pulled down her thighs and down her lower leg. Lisa felt the wraps around her ankles and the cinch as Madeleine tied her ankles together.

"Are you ready to turn in now Lisa?"

Lisa nodded. Emotions were rattling around in her head that she hadn't had since that no good bastard Tim had made her feel when he touched her in the same way. She could hear the covers pulled back. Madeleine's hand pressed down on Lisa’s shoulder guiding her back onto the bed. Hands pulled the pillow more comfortable, and Lisa lay on her side as it was more comfortable to her with her hands tied behind her. Lisa felt ear plugs pushed into her ears and the blindfold was adjusted to keep the plugs in place. Then the bedclothes were pulled up and Lisa felt Madeleine tuck the covers in tightly so she was trapped in the bed. Hands smoothed the covers and her nipples hardened as the hands smoothed covers over her breasts.

Madeleine knelt beside the bed. "I will see you tomorrow Cher. I will release you early. Subconsciously you should learn some of the tapes just from listening even while asleep. Bon Nuit Lisa." Lisa felt a hand touch her cheek and brush her ear, and then she felt Madeleine's lips brush hers in a tender kiss.

"Now Cher, open your mouth. One less sense will really heighten your ability to learn these tapes."

Lisa felt the scarf pulled between her lips and hands smoothing the hair off her face as the scarf was tightly tied and knotted behind her neck.

There was a click and Lisa could hear Janet and John tapes in her ears. She never noticed the lights turn out as Madeleine shut the door and lock Lisa in her room.

Lisa felt a whole heap of emotions. The scarf bondage over her naked body felt wonderful and soft. The knot of the scarf between her lips as she probed it with her tongue was something she had never experienced before. Madeleine's touch on her body had made her feel extremely horny and she could not touch herself to relive it.

She tried her best to concentrate on the tapes but was so turned on. She realised if she stretched and put her wrists as low to her bottom, she could slip her fingers between her cheeks and stroke the lips of her pussy. She gasped as the stroking and fingering her pussy brought a massive climax. She lay there exhausted, then she realised she was happy for the first time in ages. She turned her brain back to the tapes, trying to mimic how they said the words in her head as the gag prevented her from speaking them for real. She listened for a good long while before finally falling asleep.

Lisa was dreaming.

Janet and John were on a holiday in France. They were riding their bikes around quaint little French villages when they came to the top of a steep rocky incline. John dared Janet to ride down the hill with him. Janet could feel every rough bump and shake in her body.

"Mon dieu. Arrêt S'il vous plait." Janet couldn't stop. She was screaming for something to stop her. The bike tipped over and Janet crashed to the ground in a heap.

Lisa woke to a rough shaking of her shoulder.

She tried to look for who was doing it, then realised she was still blindfolded. Janet and John had obviously ran the Ipod she was listening to out of battery power. The ear plugs were still pressed into her ears held in place by the blindfold.

Lisa hated mornings. And tried to tell who ever it was to clearoff for another few hours.The words come out garbled. She tried to sit upright but the covers held her under the covers of her bed. Panicking she thrashed around only to realise her legs and arms were tied by something preventing her doing anything. Then the silk blindfold was pulled up over her forehead to reveal Madeleine.

"Bonjour, tête endormie. Comment ca va?"

Lisa blinked hard to get rid of the sleep in her eyes.

Lisa replied but it came out garbled. Then she remembered Madeleine had gagged her the night before too. Madeleine apologised and slipped a finger in the side of the gag and pulled it down and out of Lisa's mouth. The scarf was wet and clammy as it hung around her throat. "Bonjour Madeleine. Ca va bien Merci. Etvous?" Lisa repeated.

"Vous souveniez. Fantastic." Madeleine was pleased Lisa was remembering some of the words she had heard on the Ipod.

Lisa fidgeted under the bed. The urge to pee was making her squirm. Her mouth was also parched from the gag.

"J'ai besoinla salle de bains."

"Oh. Oui, pardonnez-moi." Madeleine grabbed the covers she had tucked tightly under the mattress and gave them a yank, allowing Lisa to sit up now. Madeleine quickly untied her ankles and knees. As soon as they were free Lisa shot up of the bed, opened the door with her bound hands and ran down the corridor quite naked. It's a good job no one is around she thought as she kicked open the toilet door. She found an empty cubicle, lifted the seat lid with her feet and sat down on the toilet with a massive sigh of relief as the pee flowed out. Madeleine had hurried after her and was watching Lisa through the opened door.

"I want to see you wipe your ass with your hands tied though." Madeleine said impressed that Lisa had managed to use the loo with her hands still tied behind her. Lisa looked at the grinning Madeleine. She stood and smiled at the challenge. She twisted her body and ripped off a few sheets of toilet paper. Putting her hand up between her ass cheeks, she wiped her fanny dry.

"So Cher, did you enjoy your evening." She pulled Lisa into a bear hug embrace and put her hands around Lisa's naked body to untighten the scarf at her wrist. Their lips were so close Lisa could easily have kissed her. Madeleine's hot breath on her cheek made Lisa shiver at what could happen. Before she slept last night, she would never have felt anything for a girl. Tim was her boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend, and she liked him fucking her. Well that was what it was she thought. He fucked her. He didn't love her. The bitch he was snogging made her mind up on that matter.

Yet, Madeleine was very attractive. She had a certain French Chic about her that made Lisa stare after her. She also felt that Madeleine liked her. She had teased her body with the scarves last night after all. She could so easily have turned me around to untie me she thought. Lisa's breasts rubbed up the cotton dressing gown Madeleine wore, hardening her nipples. The feelings of excitement rose in her body again. Surprising herself, she took Madeleine's hand and pressed it onto her sex moving Madeleine's hand over her clit.

"Non Cher. Not yet. Qu'est que cest?" She touched Lisa's clitoris.

Lisa didn't know the word. "Je ne sais pas." She said unhappily. "En Anglais c'est le clitoris." She said in hope.

"Oui, en Francais c'est le clitoris. " Madeleine pressed her hand over Lisa's sex once more. "Le Vagin. En Anglais c'est the Vagina." Then she slowly started to stroke Lisa's pussy. A finger slowly slipped between her lips.

Lisa closed her eyes and murmured. God she was wet from the excitement. Then she realised she was naked in the girls bathroom. Lisa looked around. There was no one about.

"A quelle heure est-il , Madeleine?"

"Cinq heures. Pourquoi?"

Lisa groaned. "I hate mornings. Can’t you tell? Why did you get me up so early?"

"You want a hot shower then you need to be first in the queue, non? Besides this tells me you are a little more awake than you think you are." As she slipped a finger in Lisa's pussy causing her to gasp once more. Madeleine removed her finger. "C'est bon non?"

"C'est bloody fantastic." Lisa murmured. She wanted to grab Madeline's hand and slip her finger back inside her, but was nervous in public.

"Cher, here are your towels and toiletries." She handed them to Lisa before walking over to the wall with a bank of showers. Madeleine put her towel on a bench beside the showers and squeezed toothpaste onto her tooth brush. Then she stepped under the shower. As the water got hotter the room filled with steam and the air ventilator whirred into life.

Lisa looked at Madeleine. Her blonde hair plastered to her skin which she flung back splashing water at Lisa and giggled, looking coyly over her shoulder to Lisa as she did it. Lisa started to brush her teeth then slipped under the shower next to Madeleine.

"Voulez-vous vraiment prendre une douche à côté de moi?"

"Je ne comprend pas." Lisa replied, thinking Madeleine wanted to shower alone, when Madeleine's hand grabbed her and pulled her under her shower.

"Est-ce mieux, cher? I said do you want to shower next to me? Isn't this better?"

Madeleine's hand stroked Lisa's face and brushed her long brown locks from her face. Her lips inches from Lisa's, she leant in and brushed hers over Lisa's. Lisa dreamily closed her eyes, responding to Madeleine's touch.

Madeleine's tongue darted out and flicked across Lisa's lips. Then she pressed her mouth gently on the new girls. Lisa's lips parted a little as Madeleine tongue flicked at the opening. Lisa's hand brushed Madeleine's arm. She found her way around Madeleine's waist and pulled her close as their lips crushed each other’s, as an unknown passion fully awoke in both girls.

Their tongues flicked and entwined, they nibbled and sucked each other’s lips as both Madeleine hands found their way to Lisa's cheeks pulling her face closer to the French girls, to stroke her cheek and ears.

Lisa murmured her pleasure and her hands in the small of Madeleine's back, pulled the French girl closer, until she felt her leg brush the lips of Madeleine's pussy. The French girl started to grind her pussy along Lisa's hip and thigh. Lisa crushed her lips over Madeleine's as the breathless French girl humped her leg in a sensual way. Her body writhing over her own like a slippery snake as water splashed everywhere. Madeleine's eyes closed. She was taking shorter and shorter gasps as her body rode Lisa leg before she shuddered and a low groan rose in her throat.

She continued to ride Lisa's leg and her body seemed to spasm in pleasure as Lisa felt the French girl hold on to her ever tighter, until she threw her head back and let out a long breathless groan as she shuddered in Lisa's embrace. Lisa held her tight, her head on Lisa's shoulder as she recovered from her orgasm.

Lisa stroked her back under the shower rubbing softly from her shoulder to the small off her back over and over. Now Madeleine murmured her pleasure. Her head bobbed up and she turned around.

"You wash my back non?" Lisa soaped up the sponge and started to rub her back softly across the shoulders, then down tracing her spine rubbing the cheeks of her bottom, and then Lisa’s hand started to gently squeeze her soapy bum as she rubbed the sponge over the other cheek.

She guided the sponge between the Madeleine's legs to wash her pussy. Gently she stroked the sponge in an upward motion over the French girls Vagina again and again. Madeleine spread her legs and leaned forward with her hands pressing against the wall as Lisa stroked the sponge between her thighs. Lisa rubbed her fanny up against her bum and her hand went around her waist and found the girls breast. Madeleine's nipple was hard from the excitement. Lisa rubbed it between her thumb and finger increasing the stroke of the sponge. Madeleine rested her head on her upper arm resisting the urge to come, but Lisa's slow methodical strokes were increasing her desire to come. The buildup was intense and she cried as she came, biting her arm to stifle her cries.

She turned and kissed Lisa hard on the mouth. She took the sponge and turned Lisa around and washed her back. It was rushed and nothing like what Lisa had done for her. Lisa was disappointed. Madeleine handed back the sponge and started to wash and condition her hair, before stepping out of the water wrapping a towel around her hair.

Lisa stared agog. Shocked at how she was being treated after pleasuring Madeleine. Embarrassed she washed her hair and the rest of her body before stepping out of the shower. A red faced Lisa dried herself in silence before wrapping the towel around her body.

They both walked in silence back to Lisa's little room. When the door closed behind her, Lisa let rip.

"What the fuck was that about. I thought you liked me. You nasty little cow."

"Cher, oui. Je fais comme vous. Beaucoup. Je suis le tuteur, vous êtes un élève. We haven't even started."

She ripped the towel from Lisa body and threw it on the bed.

"Qu'est que cest?" She touched Lisa’s Vagina.

"C'est mon Vagin" Lisa answered unhappily.

"Non." She cupped her hand and smacked it against Lisa pussy making her gasp. "C'est Madeleine's Vagin. Daccord?" Her hand stroked Lisa pussy.

"Qu'est que cest?" She pointed at Lisa's Clitoris.

"C'est mon Clitoris. Non. C'est votre clitoris, nes pas?" She barely whispered back as Madeleine's hand continued to stroke her pussy, and finger her clitoris, causing Lisa to pant loudly.

"Oui.C'est tres bon, non?"

"Oh Oui." Lisa panted, an orgasm starting to slowly build up in her loins, causing her to close her eyes again and tremble at the French girls touch.

She stepped behind Lisa and took her breasts in each hand rubbing herself on Lisa's naked bottom. Her fingers squeezed Lisa's nipples.

"Des mamelons. Repetez, sil vous pait." Lisa did.

Madeleine's hands moved down Lisa's body caressing her stomach.

"Estomac, répétez après moi." Lisa could barely get the word out when Madeleine's hands found her pussy again.

"Le Vagin." Lisa gasped but managed to get the word out. Madeleine now started to kiss her on the neck.

"Le Col. Repetez."

The little butterfly kisses on Lisa neck had her panting in pleasure. She only just managed to say the word. The French girls hand moved back to her pussy and stroked her clit again while her lips nibbled Lisa’s ear lobe.

"L'oreille." She whispered in Lisa ear, and then kissed her earlobe. "Le lobe de l'oreille. Repetez sil vous plait."

Madeleine brushed her lips over her ears. "L'oreille, ou le lobe de l'oreille."

Madeleine stroked Lisa's arm, and down to touch her hand. "Le bras, la main." Lisa repeated the words panting heavily.

Madeleine's hand moved down toward her stomach again and Lisa mumbled the word out, overcome with the pleasure rising in her body.

Madeleine's leant down to stroke Lisa's vagina, where her fingers toyed with her clit. This time they stayed there. Lisa was panting so heavily now, her orgasm was about to explode onto the scene. "Le Vagin. Le clitoris. Oh god that's good. Please don't stop." she gasped. Madeleine's fingers worked a circular motion over Lisa's clit and she felt her legs give way as she shuddered to a noisy orgasm panting loudly. The French girl held her tight until Lisa's orgasm had passed, kissing and nibbling at her neck while she regained her breath.

"Je suis affamé. Temps pour le petit déjeuner. Permet de s'habiller."

Breakfast came and went in a haze, as Lisa sat in a world of her own thinking how she had gone from a teenage delinquent to bisexual French student in less than a day. She wasn't complaining mind you. She had enjoyed the French lesson immensely. She was troubled at how easily she had given herself to Madeleine. Although she had thrown herself at Tim, she had never really let him do the things the French girl had done to her. She liked Madeleine, and she her. Perhaps this school would be the making of her. She hardly heard her French lover speak.

"Cher it’s time to go to Ballet lessons."


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