Lilly's Cure

by Anonymous

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Storycodes: M/f; outdoors; capture; bond; cuffs; bfold; gag; predicament; toys; insert; bagged; cartrunk; torment; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Story inspired and posted by SuziC

“Hello, may I speak to Miss Neale please?” I asked. This was a new patient assigned to me at my clinic by the military. I worked as a psychologist in the city hospital for traumatised soldiers. 

“Yes, speaking.” she replied. 

“Hi, I’m Doctor Michael Vincent I see from your records you had served in Eastern Europe as a military interpreter, and you had a bad experience there and that is why I have contacted you on behalf of your C.O. I’ve looked at your case and would really like to help with your rehabilitation.” I explained as I looked over her files and a picture of her. She was quite attractive. She had chestnut brown hair and piercing blue eyes. 

“I see, yes I was kidnapped in Montenegro and taken to a hidden location,” she continued, “I was held captive for three days and mentally abused and tortured for information, before being rescued by the SAS.” she told me. “It really shook me up and I now suffer from panic attacks and rarely go out, especially if on my own”. 

“That’s terrible Miss Neale.” I sympathised.

“Please, call me Lilly.” she asked.

“Not a problem Lilly, well I think we should meet up. My methods are seen as a little extreme but I have a 95% success rate with my patients. Let’s just hope you’re not one of the five percent hey?” I joked.

“I hope so too.” she added, with a little laugh. “I need to return back to normal, I love the outdoors and feel depressed being cooped up inside.” she explained.

“No problem Lilly, would you be able to meet up tomorrow?” I asked.

“Mmmm, I don’t know? Where were you thinking?” she asked.

“Well I want to start your therapy as soon as possible, I’m looking on the map and it says you’re not too far from Chorley Park, I could meet you at the benches near the cricket pavilion.” I told her.

“Yes, that should be ok it’s not too far from my house. What time were you thinking?” she asked.

“Well let’s see, about seven am?” I proposed.

“Seven am?” she seemed a little startled.

“Yes, well I understand this is the time you were taken from your base and what I need for you to do for me is trust me. Please wear some combats and your army jacket” I told her.

“Are you sure? Well I suppose so, I am desperate to get over this fear of being out in the open.” She said. 

“Okay then, I’ll see you there tomorrow at seven am, bright and early Lilly.” I replied. 

“Yes Michael, I look forward to it.” she said.

That morning I set off for Chorley Park, as I drove by the cricket pitch I saw a lone figure sitting on the bench looking nervously around. That was the first time I had seen Lilly and she looked more attractive than in the photo. I parked the car out of sight and took a walk over to where she was sitting. I had military style black clothing on and a backpack full of rope and a few other items.

I approached the bench cautiously, not alerting her to my presence. I looked around the whole park, it was silent and empty. Perfect for what I was about to do. I sneaked up behind her and put my hand firmly over her mouth. She jumped and started to try and scream. 

“Calm down, it’s me Michael, your therapy starts here!” I told her. 

She looked out of the corner of her eye and realised it was me.

I took my hand off her mouth, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she asked.

“Well sometimes to cure a kidnap victim you have to do it again but make the experience pleasurable.” I explained.

“Oh, I don’t know, I’m not sure this will help, are you sure?” she asked.

“You have to trust me, I will not bring you any harm.” I reassured her.

“Ok, I’m willing to try anything but please be gentle.” she asked.

“Sure I will. Now if you just put your arms to the back of you we can proceed” I said.

She did so and with that I fastened on a pair of police issue handcuffs on her. 

“Oh I’m not sure about this.” she complained, nervously.

“Well I’m sorry Lilly, once I start a therapy session I cannot stop, it would be too damaging to you psychologically.” I had used this excuse many times. 

“Anyhow, I need to take you back to relive your experience as a captive.” I told her. “So now I have to become an insurgent that has to torture you and bring you out of your nightmare.”

“But I’m not……”

“Shut the fuck up bitch and open wide” I ordered her.

I was holding the middle of her cuffs in one hand and forcing a large ball gag in her mouth with the other; it was huge and stretched her lips. Once it was in I buckled it tight, and marched her over to the pavilion. Her look of trust became one of despair as now she had no voice to reason with. I took my backpack off and produced a thick rubber strap band. It fitted over her head perfectly and over her ball gag. This made it even harder for Lilly to make noise. I then got another rubber strap band and pulled it over her head. I let her look at me one last time, her eyes full of despair as I slowly pulled the thick rubber band over her eyes taking her vision away. 

She looked great, absolutely hopelessly bound, with no chance of seeing or speaking. I held her tight under her arm and pushed her into the pavilion and locked the doors behind us. Her muffled cries were pathetic. This was making me hard. 

There was a beam in this cricket pavilion running in the centre of the roof. Great, I thought as I pushed her under where it was. I took the rope out of my bag and threw it over, tying a lasso and placing it around her neck and tightening it. I pushed a small footstool in front of Lilly and guided her forward until she was stood on it. 

I pulled the slack which was hanging and pulled to the point there was no slack, slightly choking her. I could see her face going red; she turned her head from side to side trying to free her noose. The footstool was at least a foot tall and I told her that if she was to move from it she would hang herself. 

She started to whimper but I slapped her hard on her buttock and she stopped. I used some more rope to tie her ankles together, then again just above her knees. 

“Now Lilly, I know this seems a little much but please trust me okay?” I assured her as I began to unbutton the fly on her combat trousers. I pulled them down as far as her knee high bind would allow me. She was wearing French knickers. I pulled them down too.

“Now you must remain very still and calm” I instructed her. 

First I took out a rabbit vibrator, turned it on and pushed it slowly into her cunt. The clit stimulator was where it should be as I could see her getting aroused. Her hands where frantically trying to undo her cuffs. Next I slipped around the back of her and took out a butt plug. I inserted this into her arse and then pulled the knickers back up keeping the rabbit and plug in place. I then pulled up her combats and fastened the fly and belted them. I could see her hands trying to work out how she could get these things out of her and escape. That unfortunately for her was not going to happen.

I then undid the buttons on her soldier’s jacket; she was wearing a tight black bra top. I pulled it down under her tits and next applied vibrating nipple clamps to each nipple. Making sure that they were on tight, I pulled her bra top back over her breast.

She writhed and started to orgasm, trying to steady herself from falling off the chair. 

“Lilly! You are now my captive.” I spoke into her ear. 

Her eyebrows rose as I explained her fate. 

“You must not move from this spot until I return for you.” I continued.

“I have the key to this place and you will not be leaving anytime soon, don’t forget if you try too hard to escape it could result in your untimely death” I said.

“One more thing, I have taken your sound and your sight, now just your hearing. If you’re unable to hear help it stops you from trying to attract it” I explained as I pushed industrial strength ear plugs in and pulled the rubber banded blindfold over her ears. She was ultimately left with her three main senses removed.

Lilly started to whimper again. I left her there balancing precariously, I took one last look and left, locking the pavilion door behind me. She didn’t know this, but the rope over the beam was only tied in a slip knot and would of come undone had she fell, but she was left not knowing this. I returned three hours later and gave her water and replaced the batteries in her rabbit. I could tell by her frowning eyebrows that she was not having the best of times. At least she had become resigned to her fate and had stopped struggling. I left again for another three hours. 

As I returned I scoped the Park out and it was extremely quiet, maybe the odd dog walker passing by. Great I thought, I went and fetched the car and parked as close to the pavilion as possible. I entered the room where my captive was held, playfully pushing her off balance. She panicked as she lost balance but I caught her and placed her face down on the ground. 

I removed the handcuffs and replaced them with rope binding it around her wrists then through and over. I then pulled her already bound feet upwards and used rope to connect her wrists and ankles creating a hellishly tight hogtie. Lilly shook her head frantically to show me she wasn’t enjoying her therapy. 

“Too late for that now dear.” I thought to myself. I rolled her onto her side and placed an extra-large holdall at the side of her. I pushed her upright again so she was lying inside the bag and zipped it shut. 

I poked my head out of the door just to check the coast was clear, which it was. With some effort I managed to drag the bag with Lilly outside and dump her in the boot of my car and shut it. I wondered what was going through her head as the therapy had been going on for at least eight hours. But I wasn’t through yet. 

I took a drive into the peak district; about a thirty minute drive. I knew quite a few places where I could carry on Lilly’s therapy outdoors. It was a great location, a secluded car park of a winding country lane. 

It was just getting to dusk but the temperature was a warm, about twenty two degrees. I went to the boot and unzipped the bag. She just lay there still. The blindfold was thick and her earplugs in deep, Lilly probably didn’t even know the car had even stopped she was so overwhelmed with confusion and loss of sense. 

Lilly flinched as I touched her; she now knew someone was present. I untied the rope from her ankles and knees, freeing her from her hogtie. I pulled her out of the boot onto her feet. Pulling her by her hair I marched her into some nearby woods. It was getting late and the light of day was starting to disappear. 

I took her to a spot about five hundred yards from the nearest stretch of road. I bent her over and pushed her against a leaning tree. I again bound her feet at the ankles and just above the knees, the tree held her weight brilliantly. I pulled down her combats and knickers again and removed her toys and her nipple clamps. I then held her face firmly against the tree as I entered her. She cried out past the gag as loud as she could, it was still quiet that nobody could hear. 

As I pinned Lilly to the tree with my weapon I removed her earplugs. I put on a strong deep Montenegrin voice and told her I was back for revenge in the language she would find familiar from her ordeal. ‘He’ told her the doctor had sold her to him and that she was going to be smuggled back to Montenegro and put on the streets as a hooker. 

“It vas you who got my friends caught by army intelligence you fucking bitch!” the voice said. 

Lilly started to panic, and fight her bonds wildly. The voice laughed and thoughts of dread were rushing through Lilly’s mind. 

‘Surely the kind Doctor Vincent had not sold her back to the Montenegrins?’ she wondered. 

She hadn’t had her sight from the morning and was really starting to panic. Her position in the forces was quite low key but she had to help some very important people with her interpreting skills. Her kidnapping had been planned as the Montenegrin rebels knew she was a high value bargaining chip. Little did they know she was carrying a GPS tracking device that helped the SAS rescue her and shoot a few of them dead. 

The fucking became harder and harder. Lilly still fought at her bonds but it was no good, Lilly’s hands had been tied so tightly that every now and again she would open and close her them to get the circulation going. I put my hand up her bra top and got a handful of breast; I squeezed on them hard and rubbed the nipple. I knew she was coming, as she started to back into me taking the full length of my cock and groaning wildly under her gag. She kept riding now, making the most of her experience.

“MmmMPPppphhh!!!” she repeated over and over as I fucking her hard from behind. 

Her body shook as her orgasm came to an end. I drew out my tool and put it in her bound hand making a back and forth motion until she got the hint and tossed me off all over her back. Lilly loved the sensation of having hot cream all over her whilst being restrained. 

I took my t-shirt off and wiped her and then myself down. I removed her blindfold and gag. She turned straight around to see the Doctor, she was so relieved it was him and not the Montenegrin Rebel that she thought it were. I started to untie her wrists,

“So how did you find that?” I asked. 

“Oh my god, your so getting fired tomorrow!” she said angrily.

“I’m sure I will, well seeing as you’re out in the middle of nowhere would you like a lift home?” I asked.

She took a moment to realise it probably was the best option. 

“Okay but don’t talk or speak to me all the way back you perverted fuck!” she snarled. 

“That’s fine” I told her as I opened her car door invitingly. 

I saw a grin as she lowered herself into the car, angry but excited at what she had been put through. I went about it as if I didn’t notice, but knew my job was safe. My method had worked. 

She got out of the car at her house and walked to her door. I hadn’t spoken to her as she instructed I just looked on as she approached the front door; she looked behind her and then disappeared inside. I drove home satisfied in more ways than one that my work was done.

The next morning I had a call, in my office.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hello, it’s me Lilly, I’m sorry I snapped at you last night it was just a little more extreme than I imagined.” she said.

“That’s ok I understand, I know that the shock factor sometimes releases a prisoner from their torment.” I explained.

“Yes your right, but I think I would like to be kidnapped at least another three or four times, maybe more, for your therapy to really work.” she said. 

I agreed that this should happen to; I would love to tie her up and fuck her senseless on a few more occasions. 


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