Like a Piece of Furniture

by Techie

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© Copyright 2014 - Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/mm; D/s; bond; dungeon; stocks; hoods; gag; earplugs; chast; objectified; furniture; display; bdsm; crop; tease; oral; climax; cons; X

Several months ago Techster designed and built 2 self-locking kneeling stocks. Now that we've had a chance to "test"a pair of them I thought it would be neat to pass the story about the test to you and Gromet's Plaza readers. Techster believes in thoroughly testing every device he designs and builds so here is his latest.


Most of our close friends know that my husband and I enjoy playing very adult games. In these games one of the other of us is usually bound and or tortured by some fiendish device. This past week I was invited along with several of my lady friends when the local underground Donimatrix, Bonita decided to have a meeting at her dungeon. They had all read about our adventures with the Dominatrix Bonita and her subby hubby.

Bonita asked me to design a piece of dungeon that would fit into the femdom environment and make the meeting scene really great?

One idea come to mind so I called Bonita and explained that our living room was short on coffee tables for such an informal meeting and told her I had thought about using Techster and her husband as human furniture. I explained that I had an idea that would put the men kneeling in headstocks, wrists in handcuff that were strapped with cable ties to the headstock frame and ankles strapped to the foot rest. I also planned to have them hold a riding crop between their butt cheeks and if it dropped the penalty was 10 lashes before it was returned.

I mailed her a sketch and she eagerly agreed. “It will be fun to see the guys with trays on their backs serving us. May I suggest ear plugs, gags and hoods so they are just our furniture and don’t get to enjoy the conversation?”

I agreed and we decided to hold a planning meeting at her dungeon. What Techster and her husband, Juan, didn’t know is that they would be building the basis for the “man furniture”. I had drawn the blue prints on my computer at work and laid out the finished item so it was inverted. It looked like a letter “L” but rotated forward 90 degrees. In the small end there was a large “U” shaped cutout with a pair of semicircular notched “cams” on each side of the “U”.

These cams were designed with mounting holes in them so that they would swing out of the way when a large object, like a man’s neck, passed them but as the end of travel which I estimated to be 8 inches they would swing shut trapping the neck in them. Since the cams were on the backside of where the captive would be the captive would be incapable of reaching or releasing them. In the long length of the “L” shaped pieces there were 4 slots that were 6 inches apart and were 1 ½ inches long. These slots were for the straps that would restrain the man’s ankles. I had drawn a picture of the units against a coffee table as an extension. They were labeled “coffee table extension” .

Thus the man would be kneeling on the long, carpeted board with his neck trapped in the “u” stock and his ankles bound to the end. Immobilized and perfect to serve as a coffee table. Place a tray on his back and you’re done.

We had a great dinner, steaks as usual grilled to perfection by Juan. After dinner Bonita and I presented the men with several blue prints of the components of our “device”. Bonita and I sat back and enjoyed our wine while Techster and Juan adjourned to Techster’s workshop and produced all to the pieces of the “Man furniture “. About midnight Juan and Techster appeared with all the parts for the 2 systems. They left all of the parts in the first floor of the dungeon and Techster and I headed for home. The next morning before leaving for work I gave Techster an assembly diagram for all of the parts.

“Please assemble, sand, paint, and cut 2 pieces of shag carpet the size of the largest piece.”

Techster went over to Juan and Bonita’s place and completed the router work, sanding and assembly. Techster has designed a number of dungeon furnishings, but I don’t think he had these figured out. He was looking at the 2 at the drawings of the 2 devices with a confused look on his face. “Well, the units are finished and are lying on their sides on the floor of the garage. What are they? “

I put my finger to my lips, “That’s a secret.”

“Oh, well I guess I’ll find out later. “He mused as he turned to greet me.

I kept him busy helping me prepare vegetable trays, meatballs, small sausages and assorted pastries. The next morning we loaded everything into our car and headed over to the S&M garage, also known a Bonita and Juan’s place of business. When we arrived and rang the doorbell Bonita and Juan came out and walked with us into the garage. Juan had a very large basket of what I’ll call a “taco kit” you know the chopped lettuce, guacamole, salsa, fried ground beef and chicken. I went back out to our car and brought in 2 large metal trays.

“Ok , Bonita,” I said, “It’s time to put our coffee tables together.”

I called Juan and Techster, “Please take what you built down to the first level and we’ll meet you there. Oh, please strip. Put on these hoods and wait for us.”

Bonita passed both Juan and Techster a loosely woven cloth hood. When we arrived there they were standing, naked in all their glory, with their heads covered by a hood. Bonita placed the units near 2 sofas that Juan had moved from the center of the room. Next we placed the carpet on the lower part and threaded the straps through the slots. Both men stood patiently as we cuffed their wrists. I told them. “You are going to be gagged and wear ear plugs so you can’t get involved in our conversation. Bonita and I are going to guide you into a kneeling position. Oh, and one last thing you are going to hold a riding crop between your butt cheeks. If you drop t it will be 10 lashes. Do you understand?”

Both men nodded “yes” and with that Bonita and I lifted up the hoods just enough so that we could install the gags and the ear plugs but they could not see. We led them onto the units and strapped their ankles, then we lowered their heads and the cams swung shut trapping them. Bonita got out 2 long riding crops and stuck them between their butt cheeks. I put the 2 big metal trays on their backs and we went up the elevator to get our refreshments and stand by to greet our guests. Bonita unfolded a large cloth banner and tied it across the tool boxes in the rear of the garage, “Welcome Ladies in charge, dominant ladies, lovers and wives club.”

She had just finished when the first guests arrived. In less than 10 minutes the parking area of the S&M Garage was full.

As soon as the ladies arrived Bonita said, “Welcome to the best kept secret in our town. What appears to be a closet against the back wall is really an elevator. It has a capacity of 10 people so Techie will guide the first group down and I will take the second group.”

The group of 9 dominas all gasped when the elevator opened and they discovered a well equipped dungeon with a circle of leather sofas and our 2 human coffee tables. “Ladies, please be seated while I get the refreshments.” I went over to the large shiny stainless steel refrigerator and placed drinks, chocolates and pastries on the cart. Bonita arrived with her group. As she exited through the elevator she advised all, “Please keep our secret. This is the upper of 2 underground floors. I have invited you here today to offer you a deal. First let me ask, Do any of you have your own dungeon?”

She looked around the room and no hands rose.

“Here is my deal from time to time you can rent anything in this facility. Does that interest anyone?” Immediately 16 hands shot up.

“Next about the billing statement. You can charge your bill on any major credit card. The rate is only fifty dollars per hour and will be billed through my husband’s garage which is a real auto repair shop.”

Techie then pointed to the two human coffee tables, “By the way these are our husbands this is my husband, Techster.” With that I pulled the riding crop up and gave Techster 5 good hard swats on his butt before reinserting it between his butt cheeks. “Don’t worry they are hooded, gagged and are wearing ear plugs so this is a private conversation. They are also in effect neutered as their cocks are safely locked in CB6000 male chastity devices. Oh, and one more thing, if they drop the riding crop they are carrying they automatically get 10 hard switches.”

Then Bonita pulled the crop from Juan’s butt and gave him 10 hard switches. She pointed to the refreshments and said, “Now ladies and sister dominants, enjoy yourselves and feel free to ask any questions. One last thing you can call ahead and if there is an open piece of equipment you can be scheduled right away. One rule before you come here your submissive, captive, slave, whatever must be hooded. We don’t want to give away our secret.”

It was my turn. I announced, “My trade name is Techie, together with my husband and sometime sub, Techster, we design and produce all of the devious instruments of torture and discipline you see here and you will also see on the next lower level. We will custom make any one of these units for you. Our prices are reasonable our delivery is rapid. As an added bonus Techster and I, for safety reasons, don’t sell any equipment we haven’t experienced and tested ourselves. Bonita, Juan and the S&M Garage are our exclusive agents. Does anyone want a card and contact info?”

All hands shot up and Bonita walked around passing out cards.

The meeting lasted for about an hour and ended with 2 of the dominants taking a ride on the “wooden pony” and another 2 (that I strongly suspected were a lesbian couple) rode “the merry go ‘round from hell”.

There were 10 guests scheduled for rental in the nest week. These were paid in full, while another 15 events were being planned. We escorted our departing guests to the upper level. After everyone had left Bonita and I rode down in the elevator on released our husbands. Even the men enjoyed the experience as the dominants handled them and teased them. So much more fun when you get to play with your husband. We went home and I rewarded Techster by cuffing his hands behind his back, hooking a leash to his collar and allowing him to give me an orgasm with that talented tongue of his.

I don’t know why but I enjoy it more when I have complete control over my personal sex slave and I know he enjoys it that way too.

Before my second orgasm the phone was already ringing, it was Bonita with 3 orders 2 for the human furniture stocks and 1 for a folding “U” stand.

After I enjoyed another orgasm I released Techster gave him a kiss, and sent him out to his workshop to start work on our newest business, namely producing more of the equipment we had designed. While I worked on invoices for our “family business”.

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