Lightening can strike twice or more! 2

by D.L. Leeming

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© Copyright 2016 - D.L. Leeming - Used by permission

Storycodes: FMM/MFmf; bdsm; bond, capture; captive; cbt; costumes; D/S; femdom; gag; hum; kidnap; rope; anal; mast; sex; torture; blackmail; nc; caution; XXX

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Part 2 - A New Start

The intruders were never caught and Tony and Jenny decided to sell up and moved to the outskirts of Oxford to be nearer to people.  Both could not bear living in an isolated spot anymore.  Tony’s friends thought the photo was weird, and his explanation of it being a drunken party prank was not really believed, and he was teased for a few weeks, but they lost interest after a while.

Jenny had to wear a wig until her long hair started to grow back which took a few months, and even then it wasn’t as long as it had been, but at least she could have it styled.  No-one commented that they had seen the video on any of the ABDL sites, but the two of them had checked a few and it was indeed there and occasionally they looked at it.

Strangely they started to use diapers, ropes and gags during their love making as since their ordeal, Tony had not able to get erect from Jenny’s attention alone.  They confessed to each other that they had enjoyed some parts of the ordeal.  Tony even secretly posted his thoughts on an ABDL forum, using an alias of course.  He wasn’t sure why he did it but the comments on his post at least told him he wasn’t alone in the way he felt.

To be subjected to the type of ordeal they had endured is something most people only dream of happening in their worst nightmares.  Lightening does not strike twice … or does it?

Lightening strikes again!

Six months after they got their life back together, they were enjoying a romantic dinner at home.  They had sold up and moved to a small community of modern apartments and houses on the outskirts of Oxford as neither of them could cope with the memories of their old house or its remoteness. 

They knew all their neighbours and they regularly either hosted dinner parties or attended them in the street.  Their house was a 3 bedroom detached property and what had attracted them to it was its secluded garden, surrounded by mature trees which were there because the area had originally been a wood surrounding a gravel pit before it was redeveloped, and the builders were required to keep the trees, so whilst the house was modern it felt a bit like still being in the country.

Jenny had joined a local woman’s group and led several fitness sessions at the local gym.  Tony was a scout leader at the local church hall and also helped out at a couple of other packs a few miles away as there was a shortage of troop leaders.  He had also a member of the local sub aqua club.  Their work colleagues still visited them, but the lure of the house in Oxford was not as strong as their old one in the countryside.

They had dressed for going to bed early and working on restoring their love life.  They had just finished a series of therapy sessions aimed at restoring Tony’s erectile function, which seemed to desert him, unless diapers and bondage was involved, although neither of them confessed that to the therapist - they had simply mentioned the erectile “problem”.  Their “homework” was to try using sexy underwear, a romantic dinner and an early night and to try not to put too much pressure on each other to perform, but see what happened.

Jenny was wearing a sexy red see-through negligee with matching red panties and wasn’t wearing a bra.  She had wrapped a short white silk housecoat around her to ward off any chills until they retired to bed.  Tony was just wearing red silk boxer shorts.  They had consumed a couple of bottles of decent red wine and were ready to retire, when the door bell rang. 

‘Leave it’, said Tony, ‘let’s pretend we are not in.’  The doorbell rang again and there was a pounding on the door.  ‘Police, is anyone in there?’ said a voice through the letterbox.  ‘I’d better go’, said Jenny, ‘I’m half decent.  I’ll see what they want, it might be important.’   

She fitted the security chain before opening the door.  A man in a police uniform shone a torch in her eyes, blinding her; ‘sorry to disturb you ma’am’, he said, and before she knew what was happening a pair of bolt cutters cut the chain, and the door was forced open.

‘What the fuck’, she screamed, before her words were cut off by a gloved hand over her mouth and her arms were pinned by another arm round her waist.  Tony heard the commotion and, forgetting he was just wearing his boxers, ran into the hall.  He stopped and held his hands up when he saw his wife wide-eyed, a knife at her throat and a hand over her mouth.  

His first thought was; ‘this can’t be happening again.’  ‘Back off mate’, hissed the man, dressed as a policeman, as he advanced down the hall letting in his two accomplices. The last one closed the door.  ‘Tie and gag him’, he said to the third person, ‘I’ll hold on to the lady.’  

The man brought a holdall forward and produced a coil of rope.  He pushed Tony onto the floor, tied his wrists behind his back, forced a sponge ball into his mouth and slapped a strip of duct tape over his mouth to hold it in place. The other man bound and gagged Jenny in the same way.

Memories flooded back to Tony, particularly as the three people pulled coveralls from a holdall and put them on.  He had a flashback to their ordeal in their previous house.  They quickly found that one of the men was actually a woman when she spoke for the first time.  

‘You’ve probably guessed we robbed you six months ago’, she said, ‘and we like to return to our victims about six months later, because they have always filled their house with nice new things, thanks to insurance payouts.  In your case we have also been following you on social media and various forums.  We did warn you to keep quiet about your ordeal, but we see you have been to a therapist and told an ABDL forum all about what happened.  We don’t like our methods being shared in this way, so as well as robbing you; we are going to teach you a lesson.’

‘I’ll look after them whilst you two search the place’, she said, ‘but first as they seem to have been enjoying a candlelit dinner, find me a couple of bottles of wine.’  Two bottles of red wine were brought in and uncorked.  ‘You have good taste’, she said, looking at the labels. 

She pulled Tony up onto the settee and stripped the tape off his mouth.  His scream was muted by the sponge ball but she warned him to be quiet; ‘otherwise Jenny will suffer’, she said.  ‘Now for every drop spilt there will be a consequence’, she said, tipping the wine into his mouth directly from the bottle.  

She poured slowly, to give him chance to drink it, but some did dribble down his chin.  Ten minutes later he had consumed the full bottle and she pushed the spongeball back in to his mouth and sealed it with the tape and then repeated the process with Jenny.

‘That should relax you two a bit ready for the night ahead’, she said, ‘now as you are much nearer to neighbours than the last time we met, we’ll have to ensure your total silence.  I’ll go and see what I can find, and if I hear a peep from either of you, your ordeal will get much, much worse.’  

She left them lying on the settee, whilst she raided their wardrobe and clothes drawers.  Finally she returned; ‘well it’s got to see that you have added several new long silk scarves to your collection Jenny, and I’m guessing that it’s you Tony that has joined the scouts’ she said holding up some beautifully ironed scout neckers; 'they should make good gags.’

She tore the tape off his mouth and plucked out the spongeball; ‘you can have the panties I think.’  She stuffed three pairs of Jenny’s panties into his mouth and cleave gagged him with one of the long scarves winding it three times through his mouth before knotting it tightly.  

She tied one of his scout troop scarves over his mouth and then gagged Jenny with more panties and two layers of scarves.  ‘Let’s check them for effectiveness.’  She reached into Tony’s boxers and squeezed his balls hard.  The ensuing scream was very effectively muffled.  

She repeated the exercise with Jenny’s nipples and she proclaimed herself satisfied.  ’I notice you have no problem getting it up when you are tied up’, she said, looking at Tony’s erection tenting his boxers and the growing stain of pre-cum.  ‘I think we have found the solution to your little problem.  Who needs a therapist, perhaps I should give him, or her, a call; you must have the number somewhere.’ 

She pulled his boxers off, leaving him naked and then untied Jenny’s wrists in order to strip her of her house coat, negligee and panties before binding her wrists again.

All the time she was dealing with them, her accomplices were carrying stuff into the kitchen until they had collected everything of value, most of which was a recent replacement for stuff stolen in the last burglary. 

‘Now Tony, we had this conversation last time, so hopefully this time it will be easier, because you know what we are capable of.  I need you to transfer all your savings, just as you did before.’  Tony looked at his wife, noted her frown and slight shake of her head and he shook his head.  ‘Oh I thought you might take that view.  It makes it more interesting as we were going to torture you anyway, because of what you published about us and our methods after we had told you not to, now we can go that a lot further.’

‘Your work colleagues seemed appreciate the photos we sent them so I think before we go any further we should take a few more and seeing your scout uniform gives me an idea’, she said mischievously. 

She went back to the bedroom and collected Tony’s Scout leader uniform and some of Jenny’s lingerie.  She untied Jenny; ‘get dressed in his uniform’, she said tossing the shirt and trousers to her.  Jenny complied quickly and the girl handed her a troop scarf and woggle; ‘this should complete the outfit.’ 

She untied Tony and tossed him the lingerie.  He started to protest but the girl slammed her fist into Jenny’s stomach and laughed as she collapsed on the floor retching.  Tony pulled the white silk knickers on and then rolled a pair of white tights up his legs and clipped them to the suspender belt.  A white lace bra completed his outfit. 

‘Good, that should make a nice photo’, the girl said pulling a troop scarf around his neck and securing it with a woggle.  ‘Let’s go out into your garden and take some photos.’  Tony shook his head and tried to say “no”, but his gag muted any sound.   The girl pulled Jenny off the floor; ‘you’re not in a position to refuse’, she said, pushing Jenny to the back door.  Tony followed meekly.  Fortunately the garden was secluded and so, even with the floodlights on, neither of their neighbours would be able to see what was happening.

The girl pushed Jenny onto a picnic table on the patio so that she was lying on her back.  She unbuckled the belt of her trousers and pulled them down to her knees and then ripped the bottom part of the Scout shirt to bare her chest, leaving her breasts covered.  She then reached into the Tony’s knickers and pulled his semi erect cock out of one of the leg holes and gently teased it back to erection. 

‘I’m going to take your gag off, but if you call out, your wife will suffer, and we will get away before anyone comes to help you, do you understand?’ she said, and Tony nodded.  His gag was removed and she guided him forward until he was standing between Jenny’s outstretched legs. 

The girl leaned in and adjusted Jenny’s troop scarf and then said; ‘you know what to do Tony.’  He moved forward and thrust his erect cock into her wet vagina and as he did so a flash went off.  The girl continued taking photos as he pounded in an out, but before he ejaculated she pulled him back; ‘I didn’t say you could have any pleasure’, she said, slapping his cock.  She showed him one of the photos; ‘a transvestite Scout fucking a Scout Leader, what will that do for your standing in the Scout movement I wonder?’

She led them both back inside; ‘that was just a bit of fun, but now it’s time for you to really suffer.  We’ll start with what I know from your posts you enjoyed last time, but, with our new variant, I promise will not be as enjoyable’, she said, bringing in the holdall.  

She stripped him naked, gagged him again, tied his hands behind his back and pushed him to the floor.  One of the men stripped Jenny and retied her, whilst she tied his ankles and then rubbed his penis back to a firm erection.  

She then took a catheter from its sterile wrapping; ‘normally you have to very careful about germs, but with you I’m not bothered, nor am I going to lube it to ease the process of fitting it.’  She picked up the floppy catheter and rammed it into down his urethra, holding tightly to his cock whilst he flapped about in pain.  

When the end reached his prostate, she brutally forced it though before repeating the process with Jenny.  She then ‘injected’ water into the pipe to inflate tiny balloons to anchor each catheter in their urine tracts.  ‘A normal bladder holds about 2 litres of liquid although most men can hold more’, she said, producing a very large syringe and several 1 litre bottles of clear liquid.  

She unscrewed all the bottles and tipped a small amount of each onto the floor and then she went to their drinks cabinet and returned with a bottle of vodka.  She topped all the bottles back up to the 1 litre mark.  ’They say you should never mix drinks’, she said, ‘well you’ll find out what they mean I guess.’ 

She used the syringe to pump nearly 4 litres into Tony and a further 3 into Jenny before clamping the catheters closed.  ‘I think we’ll leave that in for a while so that you experience the full effect’, she said, looking down at their two bloated stomachs.  She went off to supervise the bagging up of their contents and to check round for herself that nothing had been missed.

The cramps from their full bladders had set in by the time the girl returned. She laughed at their squirming and the ‘mmpfhing’ coming from their thick gags. ‘Right I think we can let the liquid out but I don’t think we should waste it.’  

She produced two thick butt plugs, each with a tube running through the middle. Without greasing either, she rammed them home and forced their respective catheter tubes though the middle of each other’s plug and then removed the clamps.  After a short delay, water flowed from their bladders into the other’s bowels.  Once the flow was finished she yanked out the catheters, laughing at their screams, and clamped off the butt plugs.  ‘We’ll let that stew for a while’, she said.

She produced another sterile pack and rolled Tony onto his back on the floor.  ‘You, young man, have annoyed me the most with your forum posts, so you get the most attention.  Clearly you enjoyed the last visit a little too much, so I intend to make this one more painful, and I hope that this time you will keep quiet afterwards.’ 

She withdrew a sterile urethral sound from the pack. Whilst a normal sound was thin and smooth this one was much thicker, curved at the end and rough on the surface.  She sat on top of him, grabbed his erect penis, squeezed his urethra and inserted the sound pushing it all the way in until she felt it push through his prostate gland.  

She then pulled in out and slammed it back in, rotating as she did it.  The rough coating tore at the sensitive lining of his urethra and its size took its toll on his prostate muscle.  Tony bucked and shrieked in pain as she did it; ‘well we know your gag is effective’, she remarked, pulling the blood soaked rod almost out of his penis before ramming it back down through his prostate.  

She kept up the torture for several minutes before finally she finally withdrew the bloody sound.  ’You might find it a bit difficult to control your peeing for a while’, she laughed, ‘but I gather from the forum articles that diapers do turn you on, so I guess it will be no hardship to wear them all the time.’

‘Right, I think it’s time that you both voided your bowels.’  One of the men fitted Jenny with a disposable diaper, having first removed her butt plug.  ‘I think you Tony can suffer in a different way and I saw just the thing hanging in your wardrobe.’  She disappeared and returned with his wetsuit. 

She untied him; ‘I guess you can get into this by yourself, so get on with it.’  Tony had given up protesting, so he lay on the floor and pulled the suit on over his ankles and up his legs.  When he reached his waist she stopped him, reached between his legs and pulled out the butt plug; ‘carry on’, she said.  He put his arms through the sleeves of the one-piece suit and reached over his shoulder for the tape hanging from the long zip which allowed him to seal the suit up to his neck.

She pushed him down onto the floor and retied his wrists and ankles.  By now his head was spinning from the alcohol ingested through his stomach and colon, and it clearly relaxed him, as very quickly his bowels let go, without him being able to exert any control.  He did however scream in pain as the urine created a burning sensation in his tortured urethra.  The wet suit contained the mess but he could feel it sloshing around his waist and seeping down his legs.  A little while later Jenny also filled her diaper.

‘Are you ready to transfer your savings?’ she said, looking down at Tony, but he looked away and shook his head.  ‘You don’t learn do you?’ she said, ‘on your own head be it … well on her head first actually.  I said I should have done this when we last met, but I didn’t’, she said, running her hands through Jenny’s regrown hair.  She leaned over to the holdall and brought out a battery powered set of clippers.  

Rather than hacking Jenny’s hair as she had done last time, the girl used the clippers to shave everything, leaving Jenny bald and crying, the tears running down her face into her gag.  Tony didn’t escape, as his hair went the same way.  One of the men then sprayed shaving foam onto their heads and ran a disposable razor over them both to complete the task. 

The girl then pulled the tabs on Jenny’s diaper and stripped it off. She handed it to one of the men; ‘see to this and to her’, she said.  One man took the used diaper and smeared it over the settee, whilst the other cleaned Jenny with discarded Scout uniform before shaving her genitals. 

Tony was pulled to his feet and she untied his ankles; ‘you can come with me’, she said, leading the way to the bedroom.  She pushed him onto the bed and reached behind his back to untie his wrists and pull the long zip down to his waist.  ‘Take it off’, she said.  As Tony struggled out of the wet suit the foul liquid poured out onto the bed. 

The girl pulled some clothes out of a drawer and wiped him down, before dragging him back to the lounge and shaving his cock and balls.  ‘Now that you are both empty I think we can up the pain level, and that means we need to add a bit to your gags just to save distracting your neighbours.’  

She went to the kitchen and returned with several dishcloths.  She folded two into thick pads.  She untied the necker over Tony’s gag and held one of the pads across his mouth and his nose and held it in place with duct tape round his shaven head.  She then retied the necker over the top, more for effect than adding to his silencing.  She repeated the process with Jenny so that both sported huge multi-layered gags.

She then produced a bottle from her bag. She screwed a long nozzle onto it and forced the end into Jenny’s vagina and squeezed.  Once satisfied that a large amount of the contents were now inside Jenny, she squirted some down Tony’s urethra and smeared the rest onto his erect cock.  The two men picked Jenny up and unceremoniously lowered her onto Tony’s cock. 

‘You’ll soon feel the heat from the deep heat liquid’, the girl laughed, ‘and then we’ll see what you do.’  Tony felt the heat first, a burning sensation on his cock, and he squirmed with pain underneath Jenny.  She responded, massaging his cock with her vaginal muscles until he came inside her.  The gags were doing their jobs, but the heat continued to build and, as they struggled to find relief, Jenny finally came with a muted scream.

The couple were pulled apart and one of the men used their filthy clothes with wipe some of the heat cream from Tony’s cock.  The girl picked up one of the dishcloths and forced it into Jenny’s dripping cunt to wipe her down.  Whilst she had the Jenny’s lips open, she forced a probe deep into her urethra.  The probe was rough like the one she had used on Tony, and as she pushed it deep into the opening, it tore at the muscles; ‘now you too will have a bit of trouble holding your bladder for a while’, she said, as she withdrew the bloody probe. 

‘I guess we should find out though if that is indeed the case.’  She picked up the catheter she had used before, ignoring the need for it to be sterile, and forced it down into Jenny’s urethra.  She then syringed another litre of water into her bladder and repeated it with Tony.  The couple were pulled to their feet and forced to sit on their settee. 

Whilst one of the men stood over them, the other two disappeared, but were soon back carrying all of Tony and Jenny’s clothes, which were dumped in a heap on the floor.  Both of them soon felt the urge to pee, and neither could control the muscles that normally have stopped the urge, and soon water simply poured out soaking their new settee.  ‘Well that seemed to have worked’, the girl said, laughing; ‘so, its diapers for both of you until things heal.  Luckily I see you have a stock in your wardrobe.’

‘Now let’s have a look at these clothes’, she said, sifting through the heap.  She picked out some designer dresses and ripped them in two, laughing at the screaming from Jenny as her wonderful clothes became nothing more than rags.   Tony’s silk shirts and designer trousers went the same way.  The girl put Jenny’s collection of fine silk scarves to one side along with Tony’s silk boxers.  The rest of their underwear was added to the pile of rags and bleach was poured onto them, ruining both them and the carpet.

‘Now since you are clearly not going to part with whatever savings you have, I think we’ll just take your goods and leave you.  Last time we left you able to enjoy each other, this time I think you have to make do with pleasuring yourselves individually and we’ll start with you Tony I think.’  

They pushed him face up on the floor and opened out a fresh diaper under his arse.  The girl produced a spiked wheel which, whilst the two men held Tony down, she rolled it over his newly shaven genitals and arse, raising pinpricks of blood as the wheel lacerated his delicate skin.  She rubbed a mixture of salt and Tabasco sauce into the skin before wrapping his cock in several pairs of his silk boxers and taping the diaper in place.  

The front of his diaper bulged from the amount of padding.  She used another of the scout neckers to blindfold him, and then turned him over onto his stomach.  His wrists were untied, rebound with another scarf and pulled out above his head and tied to the leg of the drawer unit in the corner. His ankles were tied with yet another scarf to the legs of the settee. He was now immobile on the floor and any movement rubbed his sore penis in its silk cocoon and such movement was guaranteed because of the burning from the salt and Tabasco on his lacerated skin.

Jenny endured a similar fate although in her case a vibrator went into her vagina and Tabasco sauce was forced into her urethra and arse before the diaper was secured.  The girl ran the pinwheel over Jenny’s nipples to lacerate them until blood flowed freely, and she rubbed salt and Tabasco into the cuts before taping sandpaper over them.  She used a silk scarf to create a bodice to hold the strips in place.  Jenny was tied face down alongside Tony, her tortured boobs resting on the rough paper.

‘Right, we’re off’, said the girl, ‘thanks for all the goods, you never know we may be back after you replace them.  In the meantime enjoy your discomfort.  If you’re lucky we may call someone to come and untie you.’  With that they carried all the goods out to their van, and left, leaving the front door slightly open.

Tony squirmed against the burning of the sauce and the pain of the salt, and soon he climaxed into his silk padding, before peeing into the diaper.  The constant pounding of the vibrator brought Jenny to climax after climax and soon Tony came again.  Neither could even think of trying to get loose because as they squirmed against their bonds the pain brought them to a further climax.

After what seemed like an eternity they heard someone shout “Hello?”  Both tried to call out but the gags remained effective.  Because of their blindfolds neither could see a man staring down at their predicament.  ‘What have we here?’ they heard a man’s voice say; ‘I was just passing and saw the open front door and it looks like you two have been tied up and robbed.  I should call the police, but I have to say you have been left very vulnerable and, whilst the lady looks to be in distress, she does look quite hot, so it would be rude of me not to help her out before I call them, particularly as you can’t identify me.’

He untied Jenny from the furniture that was anchoring her to the floor and rolled her over. He made no attempt to remove her blindfold or gag, but did remove the scarf bodice and gently wiped her breasts with the silk to remove the Tabasco.  He then undid the diaper, and used the silk to clean her up before pulling the vibrator out.  Finally he released her ankles leaving just her wrists tied.  She thought he was going to release her, but she couldn’t see him drop his trousers, but she soon felt him climb on top and there was nothing she could do to prevent the inevitable rape.  

Tony could sense what was happening but was powerless to stop it and Jenny was left sobbing into her very effective gag.

‘Now I wonder what fun I could have with you young man’, he said, untying Tony from the pieces of furniture and rolling him over.  He pulled the diaper off, and he laughed when he saw the wadded silk boxers stained with cum; ‘looks like you have been enjoying yourself, so perhaps this wasn’t an ordeal after all.  I wonder if you have one more shot left in the locker?’  He took hold of Tony’s cock, brutally brought it to a state of erection and then, without any lubrication, rubbed away until a long jet of cum sprayed onto Tony’s chest.   

‘There that was fun all round I think.  Now perhaps I won’t call the police, because I think you enjoyed the ordeal far too much, so I’ll give the young lady some scissors and leave you to get yourself free.’

Blindfolded as she was, it took an hour to cut through the scarf securing her wrists, and only then could she undo both their blindfolds and cruel gags.  The question now was; “should they call the police? If not, how would they replace their stolen goods?  And more to the point; how could they stop this happening again?”

They discussed their options and decided not to call the police or to discuss the burglary with their neighbours.  They would just have to save up to replace their stolen goods.  Tony agreed not to post anything about their ordeal on the ADBL website this time.  As the girl had told them, they both had difficulty holding their bladders for a few days, so they were forced to wear disposable diapers until control returned.

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