The Leather Twins Part 9: Drink Your Milk

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bond; leather; bdsm; corset; armbinders; susp; urophagia; toys; nc; XX

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Part Nine - Drink Your Milk

Chapter 17– Drink your milk – or Else!

Susan and Amy were facing each other their knees, almost touching, were spread wide and held in place by cord to floor rings.  Ankles crossed and lashed to another ring then straps around their upper thighs completed the job of holding them to the floor.  The girl’s legs were encased in kid leather thigh boots with punishing en pointe shoes. Showing above the tops of the boots their buttocks were covered in skintight leather pants.  There were no crotches in the pants but before we had dressed them we forced in long, ridged butt plugs and taped them in place.

The girl’s arms were strained behind them in mono arm leather sheaths that laced up over their tightly bound wrists and elbows almost to the shoulder.  The points of the sheaths were tied to rings between their feet pulling them back to sit on their ankles.  This reinforced the pressure on the butt plugs and made the tops of their breasts push out through the 2” diameter openings in the leather bondage bras. Leather thongs threaded through the base of each cup were pulled tight and knotted.  Cinched around each waist was a heavily boned corset that matched the bras and gave them hourglass figures.

The tightly laced discipline helmets had openings at the mouth, eyes, nostrils and ears and a stiff collar around the neck.  Amy had refused to finish her lunch and so now both of them were reaping the punishment for her action. They made little sound as we worked on them because large ring gags held their jaws wide apart.  A plug had been screwed in to each ring for the time being and we had used waterproof tape around their mouths to seal the lips. Co-ordinating our movements, Karen and I fitted threaded nipple clamps to the four bulging mammary glands and then screwed thin 8” metal rods in the sockets attaching the girl’s chests to each other by their nipples.  Even if there had been some play in the arm and thigh restraints it was now gone.

We unpacked some new toys and held them for the girls to see.  The long thick dildos were made of ridged, hard plastic, had a flared opening at the knob, were hollow down the middle and had several holes drilled in the sides.  Flanges at the base had small holes drilled around the edges and a 2” long rubber tube extended out from the hollow center.  Amy and Susan were unable to do a thing about it as we inserted the instruments deeply inside them until the flanges were tight against their openings. Using the holes pierced around each vagina we laced the lips over the edges of the flanges and covered everything with waterproof tape.  The catheters, for that is now what they had become, were sealed inside our Chinese beauties and we moved to the next step.

Cords from the ring at the crown of each helmet and attached to the top of the arm sheaths forced their heads back.  We unscrewed the center plugs from the gags and replaced them with pieces of clear plastic hose.  At the ends of the hose were small funnels and we moved chairs over to sit beside the hapless girls while we slowly poured a jug of water into each of them. They had no choice it was either swallow the fluid or choke.  After the second jugs were empty we loosened the cords holding their heads back, removed the funnels from the hoses and re-attached the ends of the hoses to the tubes protruding from their vagina.

But – we switched them so Amy’s mouth was now connected to Susan’s vagina and vice versa.  We fitted heavy gold rings into their pierced ears and used thin gold chains to connect them to the nipple clamps of the victim opposite. That kept their heads facing forwards and we explained to them exactly how the punishment would work. Sooner or later the water would work through their systems and they would have to empty their bladders.  When they did they would then see the amber fluid climbing inside the clear plastic tubing until it disappeared in to the mouth opposite.

We removed the clamps closing the vagina tubes and, getting ourselves long cool drinks to sip, we settled back to watch as they desperately tried to hold off the inevitable.  It took over an hour before we saw liquid in the tube slowly rising towards Amy’s mouth.  She had rebelled again and would now suffer for her trouble. Naturally, she was breathing through her nose and we saw, even under the leather, her neck muscles tense as she attempted to stop from swallowing the flow into her gagged mouth.  Her eyes flinched as she got the first taste of her sisters’ effluence.  Taking a metal rod Karen used it to tap the ones connecting their nipples.

The reaction to the pain was a sharp intake of breath and Amy lost both that battle and the concentration on her own bladder; fluid surged up the other tube to Susan’s mouth and we had turned the two sisters into a recycling system. We checked the seals at their mouths and vaginas and found not a dribble of leakage.  As we left the room Karen whispered in Amy’s ear that next time she should drink her milk!

Chapter 18 – “Anyone for Cards?”

Karen and I were playing cards but Susan and Amy were keeping the score!

They were each suspended between vertical poles beside the fireplace, Amy on the left and Susan on the right.  Their heavily corseted torsos were held between the poles by body harnesses.  The straps from the shoulder D rings and bondage belts just increased the pressure holding their leather encased arms up between their shoulder blades.

The tops of their breasts bulged through the 2” diameter holes in the corset’s bra cups.  Their legs, in stiletto heeled thigh boots, were bound to the poles at the knees then doubled up and had the ankles tied to their thighs.  The resulting V shape made them completely vulnerable.  Ring gags held their mouths open and their lips were sealed around them with tape.  Their heads were covered, after we had pushed in earplugs and hollow nostril inserts, with skintight leather discipline helmets laced down the back.

In front of each helpless girl was a third pole with several attachments arranged at different heights. Before starting our card game we had screwed into the gags a metal sheath holding rubber penis shaped prods.  The other ends of the sheaths were attached to the pole in front of their faces. A foot above their mouths was a funnel also attached to the third pole, and hoses led from them to threaded fittings in the gag sheaths. These, in turn, were connected to the ends of the hollow prods. Level with their breasts were short hoses with suction cups at the ends. We had attached nipple clamps to heighten the effect and then fitted the cups over them and laced the edges of the cups to the top hems of the bra openings. The hoses lead to small electric pumps.

Impaler poles were bolted to the floor and further held with clamps part way up the third pole.  Large catheter dildos protruded just an inch from their sheaths and into the front orifices while second impalers, tipped with massive butt plugs, barely rested at their back entrances.  Each pole had a ratchet mechanism worked by a foot pedal. Clear plastic hoses ran from the catheter tubes with the other ends attached to the poles just above the funnels.  The tips of both inserts were held in place by flanges that we had taped over until they were leak proof.

The idea was very simple. If I lost a hand then Karen had her choice of doing something to my partner – Susan.  The choices were: - one turn of the gag screw which pushed the prod an further half inch into her mouth; one cup of water poured into the funnel; one click of either of the impaler mechanisms or one notch of the pump which first started and then increased the suction.

If I won a hand then I had a similar list of choices with Karen’s partner – Amy,

Dressed in incredibly soft kid leather lounging outfits, we had light music playing in the background, a lovely flickering fire, cocktails at hand and a great game going. After an hour of play it was neck and neck.  Both partners had the penis shaped prods halfway into their mouths and, through the hollow centers, had each been forced to swallow several cups of water.  Both suction pumps were on and at one third pressure while the dildos and butt plugs (our favorites) were almost all the way in.

For one of us to win the others partner had to have the inserts all the way in and tight against the flanges; suction at maximum and the gag prod screwed in all the way while swallowing a steady stream of amber fluid flowing into the funnel from the catheter tube. Susan and Amy were positioned in such a way that they could see each other and every time one of us won a hand their eyes would follow the winner as they made the next adjustment to claim their prize.

The first game lasted nearly two hours before my partner had nothing left to adjust and I had lost.  To reward Amy, Karen snapped an electric vibrator pad to the flange of her dildo and adjusted it to optimum.  In turn, I unhooked the funnel end of Susan’s tube and allowed it to drain into a bucket. I turned off the suction pump and lowered the two impaling poles then, I had another drink while I waited for Amy to get off so we could start another game.




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