The Leather Twins Part Two: Amy & Susan

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; kidnap; bond; leather; latex; shave; oral; sex; toys; nc; X

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Part Two - Amy & Susan

Chapter 3 – The Initiation of Amy.

After a few hours sleep Karen and I met in the kitchen for coffee and breakfast.  Then, dressed in tight one-piece black vinyl swimsuits and matching knee boots, we went through to the playroom.  Our house is a sprawling ranch bungalow on four acres of land.  It has a three-car garage and the playroom is behind the garage through a door hidden in the back of a spare bedroom closet.  The design is such that unless you know where to look, or are looking down from directly above, the windowless addition is not readily noticeable. 

Susan had been immobilized the longest so we started with her.  At the first touch of our hands she started moaning through the gag and head covering and continued to make plaintive noises as we removed the leather items restraining her body. 

When she was completely naked from the neck down we strapped her wrists together behind her back and pulled her over to the washroom area.  I forced her to sit on the toilet while Karen pulled on a disposable plastic glove and reached in the remove the butt plug and dildo.  When Susan finished emptying her bladder we moved her over to stand in the oversized shower area and used plastic ties to fix her wrists to chrome rings on opposite walls and her ankles, legs about two feet apart, to floor rings. 

Only now did we take off the gag strap, unlace the helmet, remove the tape around her mouth and pull out the gag.  As the blindfold came off she blinked at the light, saw the glass of water in my hand and drank as I held it for her.  When I was nearly empty Karen surprised her by forcing a plastic ball gag between her teeth and fastening it behind her head. 

The fun began when we each donned soft mitts, turned on the shower, and started to soap her body.  It was hard to resist spending extra time with my fingers around her crotch so I didn’t and she writhed trying to escape them.  When Karen finished washing our captive’s long black hair I rinsed off the soap and we used heavy towels to dry her. With the gag still in we dressed her in a soft terry cloth robe, tied her firmly into one of our special wheelchairs, and went repeat the entire process with Amy. Since neither knew the other had also been “acquired” it was funny to see the surprised look on Susan’s face as Amy’s helmet came off and she recognized her sister.  Amy’s reaction a few moments later was just as good. 

When we finished Amy’s cleanup we wheeled them through to the kitchen and warned them that when the gags were removed it was only so they could eat the light breakfast we had prepared; any talking would be severely punished.  Despite the warning Amy had only taken a few mouthfuls when she started to scream at us and the gag was promptly reinserted.  Susan was sobbing quietly but also had a plastic ball forced between her teeth. 

Wheeling them back to the playroom we let them sit while we changed.  Seeing us coming back into the room in matching black kid leather cat suits and high- heeled leather boots made their eyes go wide.  Our long blonde hair was held in ponytails with black leather ribbons. Everything we needed was readily at hand and we left Susan for the time being and both approached Amy.  First a blindfold so she could not see what was coming then I released her right arm and twisted it out sideways so Karen could put an elbow length kid glove on it.   Amy decided to co-operate with the process after I grabbed a handful of hair to hold her head still while Karen covered her gagged mouth with tape. 

Then we told her the choice was simple – do as you are told or else and pinched her nostrils together.  After 30 seconds I let go of her nose and she straightened her fingers so the glove went on smoothly.  Karen laced the glove tightly to the elbow, pulled a short disposable plastic glove over the hand to protect the leather and, squeezing Amy’s fingers together over her thumb, taped it from wrist to fingertips. 

A tight pointed leather mitt with a metal ring at the tip completed the process.  Attaching the ring to the arm of the chair we moved around and did the same to her left hand.  Pulling her from the chair we worked her into a leather jacket that had a high neck, 2” diameter holes in each bra cup and sleeves down to the elbow.   It closed down the back and we forced her face down on the floor attached the finger rings to floor bolts and pulled on the laces until the edges met. 

Once the back was closed and her breasts forced out through the bra holes we each laced one of the sleeves to the gloves.  A short strap started at the nape of Amy’s neck, split to cross her shoulders and then came together again and went down between her breasts to attach to the jackets waist belt.  The end at the back of her neck held a small snap hook and we each took one of her arms and forced them up her back so we could slip the finger rings on to the hook. 

With her arms between her shoulder blades we ran a wide strap around her elbows and pulled on it until her forearms were touching for their full length.  Since we had forced them in to the same position for the overnight hours we knew she was flexible enough to handle the strain.  The effect was to force even more of her breasts to bulge through the holes and we tightened laces around the base of each cup. 

We pulled her over to a leather covered doctor’s examining table we had spent a lot of time modifying.  Once we had her back down on the table we fitted and then strapped her feet into metal stirrups at the end of hinged metal rods and adjusted them so her legs were bent but held wide apart.  Straps across her waist and upper chest kept the rest of her body still. Before taking the next step we wheeled Susan over so she had a front row seat to see her sister’s treatment.  The table was made with hinged flaps at either end and we dropped the one at Amy’s feet to allow us to get close in between her legs.  As Karen worked a plastic sheet under Amy’s buttocks I went to the sink for a bowl of warm water and the shaving equipment. 

Karen started the job with a small pair of scissors and then I took over and carefully shaved her crotch area.  A little astringent when I finished, being sure not to get any in her vagina, and we were ready to continue. Talking softly to her I told Amy to think about who had the upper hand as I gently slid the lubricated butt plug into her puckered rosebud.  Twisting it as I did so I moved it in and out a few times just for fun.  Now Karen had her turn with a 7” dildo and she wasn’t quite as gentle which drew loud grunts from the recipient.  Later Amy would get another surprise since both items now inside her were remote controlled vibrators loaded with fresh batteries. 

Handling her easily we pulled on a pair of latex panties followed by kid leather toreador pants that laced down the back of each leg from knee to ankle.  She was ready for the thigh boots with 7” heels.  It took both of us to start the boots over each foot and they stretched her insteps into straining arches.  They had to be laced up their full length and we each did one, taking our time and making sure the laces were tight, smooth and even. There was a D ring on the outside of each knee. 

We pulled her off the table and fitted another wide belt around her waist and under the points of her bound elbows.  Both of us pulled at it to get it as tight as possible.  There were reinforced fastening points around the belt and the first thing we used them for was to pull a crotch strap between her legs and buckle it front and back. 

There were two vertical poles 30” apart on one side of the room.  They were bolted to the floor and ceiling and we moved Amy over to stand between them.  Short chains went from D rings on each side of the waist belt to brackets just above waist height on the poles.  Two additional ones went to brackets just above shoulder height from the heavy epaulettes on her jacket. I clamped a small diameter bar between the poles just above the back of the girl’s knees.  Standing behind her we each grabbed an ankle and, pulling her legs off the ground, bent them up around the bar.  We crossed them at the ankle and used strong cord to bind them together.  More cord went through the rings at the toe of each boot and was pulled tight to each side of the waist belt. 

Still using cord through the rings at her knees we pulled and tied her legs wide apart to the poles.  Her tightly bound leather encased body was now suspended between the poles and we went to work on her head.  She was crying after we removed the ball gag and blindfold and her sister was sobbing through her gag as she watched us complete Amy’s outfit. Rubber plugs filled her ears and then a tight rubber bathing cap went over her head and we tucked in her hair before pulling the chin strap tightly across and fastening it under her left ear.  She tried to resist me filling her mouth with a large gag that had grooves top and bottom for her teeth but a quick twist on a nipple by Karen caused her to open wide and I pushed it in.  Karen wrapped two or three turns of tape across Amy’s mouth and around her head to seal the gag in place. 

Hollow leather inserts slid into her nostrils and then we fitted the black kid leather helmet over her head and Karen laced it down the back as I smoothed out any wrinkles.  The neck of the helmet laced to the collar of the jacket and now just her eyes and the tops of her breasts were free of a leather second skin. The wide gag strap buckled firmly over her mouth and had D rings on each side just under her ears.  Cord from the rings to the side poles held her head facing forwards and another ring in the top of the helmet allowed us to attach a strap through it and over a cross bar just above her head. 

Taking two narrow piece of leather ribbon we each rolled one of her nipples between our fingers until they reacted and we knotted the ribbons tightly, in neat bows, around their bases. 

Amy had been initiated into our leather and bondage lifestyle. 

Chapter 4 – Susan Joins the Club!

Now we turned our attention to Susan and, without bothering with a blindfold, we worked her into a duplicate of the first part of Amy’s costume to the point where she was strapped face up on the table with her arms locked tightly between her shoulder blades. Her legs were bent and held wide apart in the stirrups.  I looked over at Amy and saw she had her eyes closed so I went over and tapped her on the cheek.  When she opened her eyes I signaled her to keep them open or I would tape the lids apart.  We wanted her to watch what happened to her sister. 

During the process of shaving Susan’s bush Karen mentioned that she was getting a little worked up and I admitted to similar feelings.  We decided to use Susan and get some relief. I pulled out the plastic ball gag and replaced it with a threaded ring gag that strapped around her head and held her jaws wide apart.  Karen then gathered the girl’s hair into two ponytails one above each ear.  I screwed the base of a dildo into the ring gag and then lowered the table to just above knee height. 

Karen stripped off her boots and catsuit while I buckled a strap-on in position at my crotch level. My sister climbed on the table and settled with her knees on either side of Susan’s shoulders.  She gripped a ponytail in each hand and gradually pulled the girl’s head up off the table while lowering herself on to the mouth-mounted dildo. I moved to kneel between our victim’s legs and inserted, first a lubricated battery powered butt plug into her rosebud, which I turned on, and then, my strap-on into her vagina. Slowly pumping my hips I reached my arms around and gently massaged Karen’s swollen breasts.  It wasn’t long before my sister’s breathing became faster.  She had her head back as she rode the dildo in and out.  Sometimes when it was fully buried she held it for a moment so the girl’s breath, panting out through her nose, caressed Karen’s clitoris. 

A few minutes more of this action and Karen let out a yell and sagged in relief.  She let Susan’s head fall back on the table and when this happened I pulled out of the girl, stripped off my clothes, and changed places with Karen.  It was marvelous. By the time I was satisfied Susan was crying hysterically around the gag and Amy’s eyes were wide with shock at what she had seen.  While I was recovering Karen picked up the remote control, pointed it at Amy, and turned on the vibrators buried inside her.  Even with all the restraints holding her she still jerked about on the chains as the vibrators came on.  We let them run only while we got dressed again then shut them off and returned to complete Susan’s outfit. 

We unscrewed the dildo and replaced it with a penis gag for now.  The butt plug was still imbedded up Susan’s rear end so I turned it off and replaced the batteries while Karen pushed a 7” dildo deeply into the girl’s vagina.  In short order we added latex panties, the skintight leather toreador pants and stilt heeled knee boots. After lacing the boots we pulled her off the table and to her feet then tightened a crotch strap in place.  She could barely walk as we moved her over to a special item we had designed and had made by a local ironworker.  He thought it was some sort of garden hanger for plants but after we modified the basic unit it became part of our bondage equipment. 

A strong ½” diameter steel rod was set in a deep floor socket.  About 8” above floor level two short bars jutted out sideways.  The rest of the rod was straight to crotch height where it was welded to a 2” wide flat piece of metal that then bent back and up to follow the curve of a persons buttocks.  It then shaped to the small of the back before splitting into rods that formed a V on either side of the arm pouch. Also at crotch height another strip of metal came forwards, then up and split to end at the hipbones.  What we had was a narrow metal saddle.  Needless to say Susan tried to struggle as we lifted her and worked her into the saddle.  When her weight was on the crotch piece we settled the arching insteps of her boots on the short bars.  The rod then adjusted until her legs were taking some of the weight and we strapped her legs to it just above the knee. 

Using a decorative strap with a buckle on either side to hold her ankles firmly against the vertical rod made it look like they were part of the boot design instead of a restraint.  The soles and heels of the boots were barely ½” off the floor.  We fastened straps through slots in the bars at the small of her back around to the front and pulled them tight to the ones at the hipbones.  A further strap went from the top of the V rods on either side of her doubled up arms across her chest just above her breasts and was fastened securely. 

Her body, from the neck down, was now held so rigidly that the only motion was the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.  Gradually we were turning her into an armless store mannequin. The next step was a beautiful knee length black leather dress that Karen fetched from the closet.  To get it on I stood behind Susan and bent down slightly to wrap my arms around her at hip level.  Straightening my legs I lifted up until the rod came out of the floor socket.  Karen slipped the dress up over the booted feet until it was clear and I let the girl settle back in place. 

The dress opened down the front and had extra wide lapel like flaps up to a high collar.  We worked the garment up until the skirt was snug around her legs and pulled it the rest of the way to fit over her shoulders.  A pouch for her arms was designed into the back. Partially closing one zipper to just above her waist, it ran from the lower end of the front opening to over her right breast, we added a wide matching belt.  Now we went to work on her head.  Removing the gag and ignoring her pleas to stop we plugged her ears and again covered her hair with a tight rubber bathing cap that fastened under her left ear. 

A new gag filled her mouth holding her jaws wide apart and, like Amy’s, it had grooves for her teeth.  Two or three turns of tape sealed it in place and we slid in the hollow nostril inserts.  I smoothed out any wrinkles as Karen laced on the kid leather discipline helmet until it formed like a second skin to her face and head.  Additional laces attached the neck of the helmet to the collar of the jacket. 

We knotted thin leather ribbons around her nipples and then tucked the left lapel across under the right one and closed the inside zip all the way.  Another wide designer zipper now closed the right lapel to just under her left collarbone.  I lifted the high collar of the dress to allow Karen to fit a wide leather chocker band around Susan’s throat and do up the three decorative buckles at the front. The top of the dress collar now folded down over the band with the buckles visible under her chin and the wing tips fastened down with fancy clasps.  Her head was thereby held firmly; chin up, facing straight ahead.  I visited the closet for a black pageboy style wig and waited while my sister finished tightening the gag strap that matched the helmet before settling it in place on Susan’s head. 

Once it was brushed out to frame the girl’s leather encased face we pulled in the waist belt another notch and stepped back to study our beautiful statue clad in sleek black leather. There were lots of items laying around the playroom that needed to be cleaned or put away and the van still had to be emptied.  We decided to have lunch before we started but I couldn’t resist picking up the cape we had bought Amy home in and draping over Susan’s shoulders.  Closing the full-length zipper I reached in through the arm slots to adjust the half belt and knotted it firmly in a neat bow centered on her waist. 

Her eyes were pleading with me as I stood in front of her and lifted the hood to frame her face.  We then left the two sisters with nowhere to look except at each other, covered in gleaming leather, restrained unmercifully and went for lunch.  They were identical twins and we, a few years older, were also identical. 

In both cases you could refer to us as “THE LEATHER TWINS”. 





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