The Leather Twins

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2002 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bondage; leather; kidnap; n/c; X

This is a work of fiction. The author in no way condones or promotes any activity that is not entirely consensual.
The Leather Twins
by Anne Gray
Copyright: Anne Gray, November 2002
Chapter 1 – The First of the Set!

I was waiting in the car outside the entrance to the mall just after 9:00 p.m. for Karen to do her part in our new adventure. She timed it perfectly and was behind Susan as she pushed through the doors and fiddled with her umbrella.

The rain was getting heavier and I saw my sister point towards the car to offer a ride. We had been in the store, owned by the girl’s parents, several times and she knew us as good customers, that along with the rain obviously helped her decide to accept the invitation.

We knew from our research that she didn’t drive and that when her twin sister Amy was at night school she took the bus home after closing the store. The parents were away in Hong Kong on vacation.

They both ducked against the weather and ran to the car where Karen arranged for Susan to get in the front passenger seat. Closing the door she thanked me and asked how we liked our walking suits. My sister and I were both wearing leather outfits we had bought in their store and they had not been cheap. The tailored leather slacks were matched by hip length belted jackets; mine was light blue and Karen’s pale green.

I reminded them both to do up their seat belts and pulled out of the parking lot. The windows of the five-year-old car were heavily tinted but it didn’t matter since nobody was there to see us leave. I told her that I remembered her telling me in the store where she lived and we had to deliver a package nearby so it would not be going out of our way to drop her off.

There was a small strip mall on the way that closed at 6:00 p.m. and, while the stores faced the street, the parking was at the back and shielded by the blank face of a hi-rise apartment building. I pulled in and parked, shut off the engine and undid my seat belt before turning to Karen and asking if she had the package ready.

That was her cue and immediately her arms came over each side of the passenger seat with a 3" elastic strap between her hands. It settled under Susan’s breasts and trapped her arms to her sides as Karen snapped the ends together in back of the seat.

As the girl’s mouth opened in surprise I had the leather ball gag out of my pocket and jammed it between her teeth. Karen grabbed a handful of hair to hold her head while I tightened the gag strap and then slipped a blindfold over Susan’s eyes. There must have been Caucasian blood in the family because her eyes did not have the really pronounced Asian almond shape.

Catching her left arm I forced it down between the front seats to give Karen a chance to get the handcuff on; a short chain attached it to the seat leg. Quickly getting out of the car and around to the passenger side I helped Karen snare the right arm, twisted it backwards and held it while she snapped on another cuff attached to the other seat post.

Her legs had no place to go as I got some cord around her ankles, pulled them together and tied it off to the seat bracket. While I was doing that Karen got a dog collar around Susan’s neck. She released the strap around the seat and pushed down on the girl’s back and I ran a cord from the D ring on the collar, under her knees and pulled on it so that between us we forced her head down below the dashboard. I tied off the cord.

A light blanket covered our unwilling passenger. She was ours and the whole thing took less than two minutes.

When we got home fifteen minutes later the garage door closed automatically behind the car and Karen got out and opened the front passenger door. Still in my seat I held Susan’s left arm and Karen held her right as we reached around to undo the cuffs. We reconnected her wrists behind her back with a set that had no chain between them, then the neck and ankle cords came off and we undid the lap belt so we could pull her from the car and through into the house and then the “playroom”.

We tied her into an anchored chair, took off our jackets and gloves, and went to work on her head. Karen replaced the blindfold with eye pads that were held in place with surgical tape. The gag strap came off and I covered her mouth with more tape. Plugs went in her ears and then I piled her beautiful long black hair on top of her head as Karen pulled a tight latex cap over it.

We tucked in the loose hair and ran more tape completely around her head and over the ball gag. Hollow stiff leather inserts went in each nostril and Karen fitted the black kid leather discipline helmet over Susan’s face and laced it until it was like a second skin.

A matching leather gag strap buckled behind her head. Pulling her to her feet we removed the handcuffs and each held a wrist as we undressed her. She was wearing a full-length red vinyl raincoat over a silk blouse and white leather mini skirt.

When she was naked, except from the neck up, we tied her ankles together then positioned her standing between two floor to ceiling posts and tied her left arm to one of them. A further cord from the D ring in the top of the helmet to a ceiling hook straightened her until she was almost on her toes. While I held the right arm Karen eased a tight kid leather glove over the fingers. We had done this to each other so many times but now with two of us it was so much easier.

The glove laced to the elbow and then we tied that wrist to the other post and did the other arm. I slipped a clear plastic throw away glove over each hand to protect the leather and held her thumbs across the palms as Karen bound them tightly with black 2” tape. Heavy leather mitts, with rings at the points of the fingers, went on, were laced and then straps buckled around her wrists.

The long leather corset was heavily boned and laced down the back from the high neck to just above her hipbones. The sleeves reached down her arms to the top of the gloves. We settled it on her upper body and then tied the finger rings to the posts to hold her arms out of the way.

As Karen laced the garment down the back Susan’s nipples poked out through the 2” diameter holes in the bra cups. I busied myself connecting the top of the gloves to the sleeves and the neckband to the helmet. That done I joined my sister and between us we got the corset completely closed and tied off the laces.

Now we forced the girl’s arms up between her shoulder blades and hooked the finger rings to a neck strap. This strap went from the back of the neck across each shoulder then down between her bulging breasts to the waist belt of the corset.

We untied the helmet cord and lowered her face down on the floor. Blind, unable to hear anything and severely gagged she had no way to resist the two of us. Now we knelt on each side of her, joined the two pieces of a strap from each side of the waist belt over her elbows, then each pushed inwards, gradually tightening the strap until her forearms met and touched down the middle of her back and we closed the buckle of the strap.

Untying her ankles we pulled her legs wide apart and attached them to floor rings at the ankle and knee. Karen knelt in front of the helpless form and, gripping her head between her knees, pushed forward forcing Susan’s buttocks to rise. I was ready.

Karen used her fingers to spread the girl’s ass cheeks and I dipped the 6” butt plug in a jar of lubricant gel and slowly twisted it into the puckered, pink rosebud that presented itself. She forced a groan past the gag and head bondage and managed to weakly buck against Karen’s hold but to no avail. The invasion was soon complete.

Pulling her back up into my arms I held her while my sister took the 7” dildo and worked it up until it was buried in Susan’s vagina. Releasing her legs we pulled on tight latex panties and covered them with skintight leather pants that laced down the back from just above her knees to the ankles. Stirrup straps under the instep kept them taunt and the waist attached to the bottom of the corset.

We attached a crotch strap to the waist belt and pulled it as tightly as possible between her legs to hold everything in place. The neck strap could now be pulled for another notch to take the last ounce of play in her arms. Straps went around her legs above and below the knees, and at the ankles.

The thigh length double leg boot needed teamwork to get on. The heel was so high it took both of us to get her feet settled in the shoe so we could start the lacing. Once done it was very even and very, very tight.

She was now encased from head to toe in gleaming black leather except for her nipples and tops of her breasts that bulged through the bra holes. As she lay helpless on the floor we each took a nipple and rolled it between our fingers until they reacted then tied them with thin leather ribbons in neat bows.

The whole process had taken some time and it was close to midnight when we lifted her onto a narrow leather padded table and strapped her down. Karen and I were identical twins and so were Susan and her sister - it was time to complete the set!

Chapter 2 – Completing the Set!

Knowing it was going to be a long night we had rested during the day but both hoped the next stage would go as smoothly as the first. Going through Susan’s handbag we found her key ring, grabbed our pre-packed bag of supplies, put on our leather jackets and gloves and headed out.

Driving straight to their home I cut the lights before pulling in and parking in the driveway. At 1:00 a.m. the quiet residential street was deserted. It only took two keys before Karen found the one for the side door and we were in the kitchen.

There was enough natural light for us to avoid furniture as we moved through the bungalow. The master bedroom was empty, as was a smaller room part way down the hall. Moving slowly so the leather we were wearing did not rustle I gently pushed on a partly open door at the end of the hall and could make out Amy, fast asleep on her stomach.

I didn’t waste time in case she sensed we were there and in a moment I was on the bed with my legs on either side of her body so the bedclothes were pulled tightly against her arms. My gloved left hand went over her eyes and as I pulled back on her head my right hand gripped her lower jaw and Karen, who had flipped on the light, forced in the large leather ball gag she had ready.

The first item out of our bag was a blindfold that slipped over her eyes followed by a roll of tape that Karen used to lock the ball in Amy’s mouth. Now Amy was bucking and struggling against my weight on her back. As I jumped off the bed Karen peeled back the covers and we each grabbed a wrist, twisted them behind her back, and snapped on a pair of handcuffs.

Taking an ankle each we tied them wide apart to the short posts at the bottom of the bed. Now she was under control and Karen went through the house to bring our car into the garage beside their family car. While she was doing that I installed earplugs in Amy’s ears and covered her head with a latex cap. Karen came back and we tucked any loose hair inside the cap and wrapped 2” tape two or three times around her head and over her mouth.

Nostril inserts were followed by a black leather helmet with openings only under the nose. As Karen laced it down the back I smoothed it to take out any wrinkles. A gag strap fastened behind her head.

Each holding a wrist we took off the cuffs and stripped the nightdress over her head. Karen produced a leather straitjacket from the bag and we worked it over Amy’s arms until her hands slipped into the mitt pockets. I held her arms while Karen laced it down the back.

Folding her arms behind her I pushed on the elbows as Karen buckled the straps from the ends of the mitts under her breasts. While she was lacing the helmet to the neck of the jacket I went to have a look around the house. From what I found in the closets they had been their own best customers at the store.

Leather and suede garments hung everywhere and we knew they would fit us because the girls had modeled our outfits for us before we bought them. That was one of the main reasons we had developed our plans around them over the last few months. The best of both worlds was ours with two beautiful Chinese girls who would fit into all our bondage outfits and a chance to clean out the store. They carried everything from formal evening dresses in suede and leather to motorcycle gear.

From Amy’s closet I selected a pair of fitted leather slacks and knee high boots. The heels were not that high but would do to get her home. First we had a couple of toys to put in place. Her legs were still tied wide apart to the bedposts so it was easy to pull her up on her knees and then force her to bend at the waist. Karen locked the girl’s head between her knees making her buttocks readily available.

We had forgotten the gel but I found some Vaseline in the bathroom that worked just as well. The butt plug slid in as I twisted it but, even bound as she was, Karen had to work to hold Amy still for me as the plug disappeared. Pulling her back and up I got a similar reaction to the next intrusion as Karen inserted the big dildo.

Releasing her ankles we pulled on a pair of latex panties from the bag and then the leather slacks. Once these were on I pulled a strap from the bottom of the straight jacket up between her legs and fastened it in the small of her back. We tucked the slacks into the boots and then tied her ankles together and left her on the bed.

Moving through the house we gathered all of the leather clothing from the bedroom closets and the front hall one which was full of heavier outerwear. I went down into the basement for some suitcases and found a small office set up in the corner. I used their computer to produce a memo on some store letterhead from the desk drawer.

It wasn’t easy typing with gloves on but the printer gave me what I wanted and it went in my pocket. We loaded everything into the car except for a beautiful black leather cape that I could not resist. Releasing Amy’s ankles we pulled her to her feet and I draped the cape around her shoulders. It closed with several large glossy leather covered buttons down the front that did up to her chin. I put my hands in through the arm slots and adjusted the half belt before tying it at her waist.

The hood came up over her leather-encased head and I fastened it under her chin. We pulled her through to the car and loaded her in the back seat tying her ankles to the front seat bracket. Once we had double checked the house, made Amy’s bed and turned off all the lights, we took the license plates off their car and locked up.

I don’t think Amy enjoyed the ride home but I did. I had pulled her over so her leather-covered head rested in my lap and spent the ride gently squeezing her breasts through the supple kid.

By the time we had Amy fitted into an outfit that matched her sister and strapped down beside her it was getting close to 4:00 a.m. We were both tired and we had filled the set, but there was still a lot to do.

While I changed into Susan’s clothes Karen fitted their license plates on our non-descript van. I wasn’t comfortable in the low-heeled pumps but it would not be for long. I had a black wig covering my blonde hair. The red raincoat was necessary because it was still raining and also, because of a couple of all night restaurants the mall entrance doors were never locked, and if anyone saw me they would remember the coat.

Karen dropped me at the mall entrance and then drove around to the store’s delivery door. With the coat hood up I went straight to the store and used Susan’s key to get it. When we were negotiating for our suits I had followed her in one morning and, as a result of her carelessness, now went to the wall pad and used the code to shut down the security system.

Closing the front window drapes and door blinds I went through and opened up the back door for Karen. Rapidly going through the place we loaded anything we saw in our size into the van. Slacks, jackets, coats, boots and dresses, leather and suede and combinations of them – it all went in.

I locked the back door as Karen pulled the van away. It had an inside deadlock and so I had to go out the other way. Once again in the red vinyl coat I posted the memo I had typed so it could be read through the front door glass, reset the security and walked out through the mall to meet the van. The memo just stated that, due to illness, the store would be closed for a few days.

We drove home and pulled into the garage just as dawn was breaking. I checked our matched set of guests who, obviously, had not budged an inch but were breathing evenly through their noses then Karen and I got some rest.

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