Leather Bound Slave

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2022 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; M/f; fpov; shop; sex; rope; stockings; corset; collar; cuffs; gag; blindfold; display; public; toys; cons; X

James, my husband, and I have been together now for over five years; we met through mutual friends and clicked from the moment that we saw each other. Our relationship developed over time and carried on from there until we decided to marry and live together, moving into a new home to start our lives forward. We have no children as yet, so I’m spoilt for attention by James.

We have been exploring our sexuality and making things spicier in the bedroom, starting out with the usual kinky underwear worn by me to please him, and then we moved on to include some bondage sessions with me tied either to the bed or some other place in our home. This all happened after James had held me firmly down to the bed while having sex one night when we stayed at his parent’s place. I loved the feeling of helplessness as he held my wrists down to the bed above my head, his other hand placed over my mouth to stop my cries of pleasure from waking everyone in the house. 

When we returned, I asked him that night if he would like to tie me down to the bed, to which he readily agreed; my eventual orgasm that night was one of the most intense and body shattering experiences that I had ever had, especially when I asked him to gag me again with his hand. He seemed to enjoy the experience as well, judging by the grunts and groans as he came inside me, his member shuddering against my inner walls, letting me know that he was cumming.

Since that day, we have explored more and more bondage with different types of ropes, knots, and positions for me to be tied up in. We moved on to other things to restrain me and have included gags and blindfolds as part of our playtime. I’ve even bought several books about knots for him to study up on, and have patiently waited while he tried them on me, though when I once did try to say something, he just gagged me and carried on doing whatever he was with me at that point.

Then I found out about a local sex shop that was friendly to female clients; I had heard about those places and suspected them to be full of dirty old men in raincoats, not the bright open, cheery place that my friend had recommended to me. That was after she had come around one day for a surprise visit, just after I had been released by my hubby from the bondage session we had played that morning. She found out about my love of bondage when she saw the rope marks still on my skin. I had only enough time to quickly get dressed when she turned up, so I didn’t even think to cover myself up.

I could see her staring at my wrists and them at my ankles as we sat there talking over coffee.

“Ah, I see that you’ve found out about my little secret,” I said.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t help but notice the marks on your wrists; they look like rope marks to me. I’ve had similar on my wrists after Paul has tied me up for sex.” She replied as if it was normal, and not surprised or shocked.

“So you’re into bondage too, then?” I asked.

“Yes, Paul and I have been playing for about two years now. Paul ties me and sometimes I have tied him up, but it’s usually me that gets bound and made helpless, which I love.” She smiled as she seemed to recall some fond memories.

“James and I have been trying it out for about five months now; although James hasn’t asked me to tie him yet, he’s more into tying me up and taking me, not the other way around. Though I’m loving every time that we do it, I really do enjoy being tied up and used by him or even just tied up and left for him to come back to later on.” I said.

We then spoke over more coffee about what ways that we were tied, what materials were used to bind us, and what we enjoyed most about our times in bondage, just like women usually do when chatting about things in our lives, something that men don’t understand, our mutual sharing of information and experiences.

Sue then shared the information that she sometimes felt the need to be tied up when her husband was away on business. I had never tried this and pressed her for more details. Sue carried on by saying that she had learnt to tie herself up in such a way that it was hard to escape from; she had found several ways of doing so on the internet. Her escape usually involved her cutting the ropes that she had bound herself with, though at other times, she just used handcuffs and placed the key to her freedom in another room so that she had to crawl there to find it, especially hard with a blindfold applied as well.

I was astounded by what she was telling me, and a little turned on by what she was revealing to me, and I had visions of myself tied by my own hands either waiting for James to come home or just enjoying my time in bondage with some delightful ending at my own hands. After some more talk of her and her husbands' bondage activities, she then told me about the little sex shop that she had bought all of her supplies from. She said that if I would like to that she would take me there and she then said that it could be fun!

I didn’t have to think twice about it, I was intrigued by what she had told me, and I wanted to delve more into the realms of bondage and also liked the mention of sex toys that she had told me about and I really wanted to find out more. I quickly dressed, and by now, James had retreated to his garden, leaving the girls to talk. I popped my head outside and told him that I was off shopping with Sue.

He groaned a response as he has never enjoyed shopping with me, let alone with two women, he was happy where he was. I told him that I would bring him back a surprise for being so good to me this morning, which made him smile and nod his head in agreement.

Sue drove me to the store that she wanted me to see for myself, it was on the other side of town from where we lived, and the journey took about 40 minutes, during which time Sue gave me more information about her times in bondage and I gave her mine. She told me of her desires for being tied up and made helpless and some of her experiences while she had been bound. She even spoke about someone she had found that liked to tie her up when her husband was away; she didn’t go into greater detail but said that this person was very good at ropework.

As she told me about this, she had a big grin on her face, she clearly liked being tied up by this other person, and I wondered who it could be, not that Sue would tell me her secret bondage lover. She told me of the times she had been bound and tried to explain the different positions, some that she had enjoyed and some that she endured. She swore me to secrecy about the matter, I was not to let either James or Paul know of her little secret. I promised that I would keep it, and not tell anyone. Sue then said that maybe she would introduce me to this person sometime if I felt the need for being tied outside of the home.

We arrived at the store; from the outside it looked like a place where you’d buy party clothing from; the window displays had several mannequins dressed in a variety of outfits, one wore a shiny red mini-dress, another with what looked like black jeans and a T-shirt with a sheen to the material. Sue said that it was made from latex, though I still had no clue as to what latex was, let alone what it looked like. Rubber, she told me and the penny dropped.

Sue entered the store first; I held back and followed her inside, not sure what I would find. The store seemed to have shelves all around the walls, and there were several racks of clothing in the centre; towards one side was a counter with glass displaying many things that the store sold. The woman behind the counter recognized Sue and quickly came around to greet her; she sounded very welcoming and hugged Sue warmly like an old friend. She seemed pleased to see her, as was Sue who returned the hug and kiss on the cheek.

They both then broke into deep conversation, I was still slightly out of my comfort zone and drifted off to gaze around the store, ignored for the moment by the two of them. It was my first time inside a sex shop; I had seen them on the street before but never thought to venture inside for fear that I would never come out again. My mind played vivid scenes of what the men who inhabited these establishments would do to a lone female who strayed into their territory.

Eventually, Sue caught up with me as I was exploring the clothing on display; she introduced me to the owner of the store and told me her name was Clair. Clair greeted me much the same way that she had when Sue had entered the store, her hug around my body at first a surprise, but I returned the hug and thanked her for letting me look around her store.

Sue then said that we should have a good look around and see what I’d like to try on or buy to take home. Clair then said that she would give me her personal tour of the store and introduce the many items that she has available. One of the first things that she showed me was a daring red leather outfit that she said that she could see me wearing; it was currently being modeled by a mannequin display that I was currently looking at before they came over. It consisted of frilly-type lingerie, all in deep red with matching stockings, which I had visions of me wearing, but to top off the outfit the model had a corset around its waist running from just over the breasts down to her crotch.

With both Sue and Clair urging me to try it on, I reluctantly agreed, mainly to shut them up and also out of curiosity as to what I would look like in the outfit, plus I had never worn a corset before and wondered what it was like to wear one. Dragged to the changing room by Sue as Clair went off to fetch the outfit, she soon returned, and I was made to get undressed in their company, with Clair assisting me in getting re-dressed in the new outfit. I quickly covered myself up in the underwear, my embarrassment not unnoticed by the two women, who laughed and called me silly.

Each stocking was then put on by Sue and Clair together, and it felt like I was being dressed like a little girl again, and had visions of Clair getting me ready to display in the stores' window. My thoughts were interrupted when Clair placed the cold leather corset around my naked skin, though it quickly warmed up as it was pulled tight around my waist. Sue aided Clair in lacing the corset and then in tightening it around me. The leather held my body in its grasp as Clair pulled the laces tighter with each tug. Finally she managed to bring the two ends of the corset together around the back; my waist felt like it was held in a vice, I could barely breathe, let alone move. Both of them told me to take shorter breaths as I adjusted to wearing the corset and that it would be easier after some time. 

Clair ducked out of the changing room to get something else that I needed to wear, leaving me with Sue, who stood there admiring the way I looked in this new outfit. She moved me around and over to a mirror so that I could take in my reflection, and I must admit that I did look amazing as she had told me. I felt her hands on my waist as she emphasized how much smaller my waist was now with the corset. My eyes were drawn down the other parts of the outfit I was dressed in, the see-through panties doing little to hide what mother nature had given me. I felt myself blush as deep red as the clothing that I wore.

The curtains opened again with Clair’s return, in her hands she had a pair of very high heel shoes, with straps that would hold them on to my feet. Without another word or allowing me to protest that I would never be able to walk, let alone stand in those shoes, she was down on her knees, grabbing at my foot to place inside of the shoe. With Sue’s help to steady me, Clair managed to get both of my feet not only in the shoes but firmly strapped and locked in them as well. I only noticed the locks as they glinted in the lights of the changing room. 

Sue then left, saying that she had something in mind for me to try on as well; Clair then started to adjust what I was wearing, her touch felt nice, and little jolts of electricity sparked around my body in response to what she was doing to me. It felt like a special intimate moment between the two of us, only interrupted when Sue returned with more items in her hands. Handing one of them to Clair, who then reached around my neckline and placed the leather collar around me, bringing the two ends together and fastening them to tightly but firmly hold my neck in place, the collar holding my chin in its grasp.

Now to look around, I would have to move my body, but Sue wasn’t finished yet, she had some more items to show me by placing them on me, willing or not. It was like they were both playing dress-up with me as the dolly. My wrists were encircled with matching red leather cuffs, each locked on with a small padlock, and soon my ankles similarly displayed the same type of leather restraints as my wrists. Again more padlocks were applied as well as the one on my collar, I was now locked in by Sue and Clair, and though I should have objected to being treated and dressed by them this way, I found that I was quietly accepting what they were doing to me.

My mind was zoned out in some sort of bondage haze; I shouldn’t be enjoying this, I should have stopped them from doing this to me, but the more that they dressed and then applied bondage to me, the more I seemed to accept whatever they wanted to do with me. My thoughts were brought into focus when Sue applied a leash to my collar and then made me walk out into the store, the see in a better light she had said. I was then led around the store, dressed as I was and bound for anyone to see; when I did start to object when other people walked in, Clair brought over a ball-gag to keep me quiet.

Sue showed me various items that she thought that I would like, and some that she had bought for herself, including some battery-operated toys, of which she told me how much she enjoyed using them or having them used on her. There were a few more customers in the store by now; I felt deeply embarrassed to be dressed like this in front of them, though they didn’t seem to take too much notice of me, as if they expected to see a scantily clad female walking around the store bound and gagged. One couple even came up to admire what I was wearing, telling Sue that her slave looked really nice dressed the way she was, assuming that I belonged to Sue. 

And the thought of that gave me an incredible sensation throughout my body, not an orgasm as such but something that felt nice. Could I be Sue’s slave, the thought of that before today would have repelled and revulsed me, I have never thought of having sex with another woman, but here I was bound and dressed like a slave, having some sort of feelings for both Sue and Clair. I wondered what I had turned in to, my world seemed to have changed the moment I stepped foot inside the store, or had I had along repressed desire to be somebody’s slave.

At some point, I was still lost deep in thought and sexual bondage haze; Clair returned; she had just sold the same couple the outfit that I was wearing and had come up with an idea, which she shared with Sue. I heard a little chuckle between the two of them and had a feeling that this did not bode well for this little bondage bunny. Clair then placed a matching red leather blindfold over my eyes; bound as I was I could do nothing to stop her. I wondered what they would do to me next.

I didn’t have to wait long as I felt gentle hands guiding me to wherever it was that they wanted me, I felt both of their hands holding me and was lifted off of my feet onto a small platform. I was then guided backwards until I felt something hit my back; it turned out that it was a pole. While one person steadied me, the other began running either ropes or straps, I couldn’t tell as I was blindfolded, and they began to fasten me to the pole behind me. Several more straps or ropes went around my body until I was firmly tied to the pole and couldn’t get myself free.

Then a quick adjustment to make me look more presentable, I guessed, and then I was left on my own. I still could not see with the blindfold covering my eyes, I couldn’t say anything to object to what they had done to me with the gag firmly in place, and the bondage that they had put me into made sure that I could barely move. I was now their captive plaything to do whatever they wanted to do with me it seemed. I would have to hope that they knew what they were doing with me.

Both Sue and Clair stood back to admire their handiwork, the new display dummy looked great on the stand, and they took several pictures of me, which they showed me later. I was left there for some time as more customers came into the store, they all made comments about the new display, and some even wanted to buy the model wearing it. I wondered if Clair and Sue would have sold me given the chance, all this talk of me being someone’s slave-girl got my juices going, and I hoped that the people looking at me didn’t notice.

Sue eventually returned to where she had placed me, I heard a noise and wondered what it was, and then I felt it as Sue applied it to my sex, right on the very spot that I needed, and she worked on bringing me to a long-overdue climax, though she managed to tease me several times beforehand by withdrawing the sex-toy. Eventually I was allowed to orgasm, and my body tensed up with the overwhelming pleasure, my cries of joy muffled by the ball-gag as I shook in my bondage, the tight restraints holding me firmly against the pole, making my orgasm last much longer.

It was only just after the major shocks of my climax had passed did the customers in the store who had gathered around to watch the show start to applaud, I hadn’t realized that the store was still open and that a crowd had gathered to enjoy Sue playing with the display model. I think my entire body again went the same color as the outfit I currently wore. Luckily I couldn’t see just who was watching me, and hopefully with the gag and blindfold they would not recognize me either.

I was left bound to the pole as I recovered my strength, the aftershocks of my overwhelming orgasm still currently running through me. The store eventually emptied of the last customers and I was taken down from the stand. Taking the blindfold off, I could see both Clair and Sue grinning at me, asking me if I had enjoyed my shopping trip. I could only nod sheepishly, I had indeed enjoyed what they had done to me, though I would never have agreed to it happening. I realized that by forcing me to be their bondage display, I got to experience something that I would never in a million years have ever dreamed of doing myself.

They were both wary of taking my gag off, but Clair said that because I was a good sport that I could have what I was wearing for free and that she would throw in some toys as well. Once I was able to get my mouth to work, and had been given something to drink by Sue, I thanked them both for what they had done to me. I said that I would never have thought of doing what they had to me, and at times wondered if I would have been sold, the thought of being someone's slave turned me on, I found the whole thing was more than I could have ever wanted.

Sue said that it was time to go home and reached up to start removing the collar that I was wearing, but I stopped her. 

“Please leave me bound like this, and I want you to deliver me home dressed just like this, with the gag and blindfold back in place, as a gift to my husband,” I asked them both.

“You’re sure?” Sue asked.

“Yes, I don’t want to take this outfit off just yet. I feel like a slave girl who needs to be kept bound and restrained, sold to her master.” I replied, my fantasies coming out in me.

“Slavegirl, sure no problem,” said Clair, “Just need to add a couple of things, and you’ll be ready for sale to your new master.”

I stood there as Sue continued to hold the leash attached to my collar. I felt very submissive to these two women at this moment, and if they’d asked me to do anything, I thought that I would have gone along with whatever they wanted. My mind lost to being a slave; I wondered if I could be sold to James, who would then sell me on to others when he tired of me. I seemed to have changed completely at the hands of these two women, once meek and mild to wanton slave, who had I become, was this the real me.

Clair returned with some chains in her hands, “Can’t be a slave without chains,” She said, and then started to unfasten the lock that bound my ankles together, adding the chain and shortening it so I could only take small steps. Bringing up the rest of the chain, she fastened this to another that went between my wrists and then up to the collar around my neck. 

“There, that’s more like a slave-girl, all chained and bound.” Clair said. “You best re-gag her Sue, after all, slaves are not allowed to talk.”

Sue then placed the ballgag back in my mouth and fastened the straps behind my head, grabbing hold of my leash, she forced me to start walking towards the door of the shop and out into the street. Clair stopped the two of us, “Sorry forgot to add this,” she said as she placed a ‘sold’ sticker on my breast, “and here’s the receipt should you wish to return the goods.”

Clair accompanied us outside and helped me get into the passenger seat of Sue’s car, fastening the seat-belt around me, she made sure that it was pulled nice and tight. My hands were trapped underneath, and I couldn’t stop her from leaning in and kissing me passionately on my gagged mouth.

“You’ve been fun to play with today, I hope that you return soon, so we can have some more fun.” Clair said, “Just like Sue over there.” And I knew at that point who Sue was referring to when she mentioned her bondage partner. Sue then started the car and drove off with me as the slave off to be delivered to her master.

We arrived at my home; I had remained gagged and bound the entire trip; Sue had spoken about how much she had enjoyed playing with me this afternoon and hoped that I had as well, to which I nodded in agreement. Opening the car door, she helped me stand. 

“Are you ready, slave?” she asked me.

I could only nod my approval, still bound as I was, the collar allowing only minimal movement of my head.

“Blindfold?” Sue asked, to which I again nodded.

Now blind, I was walked from the car up the path to my home; I didn’t know nor care if the neighbors could see me at this moment dressed and bound like I was, I knew that I would be the talk of the neighborhood. 

With each step I took, I felt more like a slave that I had become, the clink of the chains as I walked, the restricted movement caused by the short-chain between my ankle restraints, and the ever-tight presence of the corset around my body. With Sue gently tugging on the leash attached to my collar, I could only follow blindly behind her, a slave being delivered to her owner.

I wondered what my husband would make of seeing me like this, would he be shocked, or would he love having this slave for him to use as he so wished? I will find out soon. The trip along the path seemed to take forever; without my sense of sight, I couldn’t judge how far it was, and with my shortened gait, I could only take small steps. But eventually, we arrived, and Sue rang the doorbell.

“I don’t know if I should leave you here like this and leave or wait until James, your master arrives.” Sue teased me.

I heard the door open and a gasp of surprise from my husband, now my master in my mind. “When you said that you’d have a surprise for me, I didn’t expect this!” he said.

Sue then spoke, “Here is the slavegirl that you ordered; she is yours now to do with as you wish, please make good use of her.” 

James said, catching on to what Sue had said, “Well, thank you Sue for delivering this slave to me, I hope that she didn’t give you any trouble?” 

“No trouble, she seemed very willing to become your slave, and she has been broken in this afternoon to accept whatever you want to do to her,” Sue replied. “If she ever gives you any sign of disobedience, please feel free to call me, and I will come over to discipline her.”

The thought of Sue disciplining me sent wicked thoughts through my mind, and I wondered what she would do to me. And did I want to find out?

“Very good Sue, and again thank you for making my slavegirl; as arranged I have made payment for her to your account, I look forward to using my slave and getting you to continue her training in the future.” James said.

Hearing this I began to wonder was this all set up? Was I really now a slave to my master, to be used by him and others? It certainly sounded that way; maybe they had been planning this all along. Although I didn’t mind in one way, I was happiest when bound, and being kept as my master’s bound sex slave did fulfill some of my secret fantasies. Only time would tell.

Sue then handed over the leash attached to my collar, and I felt myself being pulled along inside our, or should I say, my master’s home. I was a happy little slave-girl eager to serve and please him, and I wondered if I would get to play with Sue and Clair again someday. As the door closed behind me I felt my old life closed with it. I wanted to be his slave from now on and serve him as he wished. That happened shortly after as I felt his hands on my shoulders pushing me to my knees and the gag pulled from my mouth, with my master’s first command. “Please me slave, show me that you were worth the money.” My head was pulled towards his crotch…


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