Late Night Rendezvous

by Billy C

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© Copyright 2001 - Billy C - Used by permission

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It was after midnight, but I was having trouble sleeping. I would doze off, but then come awake again at the slightest noise. I am not typically a paranoid person, but for some reason the house sounded strange tonight. I had began to doze for the dozenth time when the hand covered my mouth. I came instantly awake. My hands were pulled behind my head and tied loosely to the bed post. The strange thing was was that they weren’t tied tight enough to hold me. I was just beginning to struggle when I heard a female voice whisper, “Stop that!” It was a voice I recognized.

My eyes had grown accustomed to the darkness and there were several rays of moonlight leaking through the window blind. This gave me just enough light to recognize the face of my girlfriend. The fear that had been forming in my mind was now beginning to be replace by embarrassment and I could feel my face start to flush.
“What...”, I began, but she shushed me by putting a single finger on my lips. She started trailing the finger from my lips, but paused just long enough to let it slip into my mouth. I hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do. I tentatively started sucking it lightly. She let me suck for a brief instant before taking her finger out of my mouth.

She quickly threw the covers aside, revealing my entire body. I was naked except for a pair of briefs. She inserted her fingers into the waistband and removed them in one swift motion. This surprised me and I pulled my hands free to reach for the covers, but she grabbed them and returned them to the bedpost, more forceful this time, and tied the cloth around my wrists again, only tighter this time.

I watched in amazement as she stripped off all her clothes and climbed on top of me. She straddled my legs, just below my stiffening cock. I started to say something again, but as I did she leaned forward and instead of covering my mouth with a finger, she covered it with her own mouth. She kissed me passionately, then she parted my lips with her tongue and began to caress mine. I opened my mouth wider and she inserted her tongue deeper, almost touching my tonsils. She started stroking my tongue rhythmically. I began inserting my tongue into her mouth and she started to suck gently. We were both breathing heavily by the time her lips left mine.

She then started to kiss her way downward. First my chin, then my neck, then my chest. She stayed at my chest for awhile as she started sucking my nipples. I began pulling at my bindings again, I so desperately wanted to touch her... to give her pleasure, but she laid her hand on my wrists gently and stopped my struggling.
She soon stopped her kissing and sucking and straightened to an upright position. This allowed my now completely erect cock to stand up fully (her body had been pressing it down while she had been kissing me). She looked down at it lovingly and smiled. She wrapped one hand around the shaft and began stroking softly and started caressing my balls with the other.

I groaned hoarsely and she quickened her pace. I gripped the headboard tightly and began writhing on the bed. She slide further down on my legs and leaned forward, nipping at the head lightly. This caused tiny jolts of pain and pleasure at the same time. On the downward strokes she began taking the head into her mouth and sucking gently. This caused several more groans of pleasure to escape my lips. She would alternate the sucking with licking and continued this for several minutes before she stopped completely.

She leaned up and quickly kissed me again, slipping her tongue into my mouth slightly. Her tongue tasted differently this time. She moved back to where she had been and continued to caress my balls again. She allowed me a couple of minutes to calm down before she leaned down and licked the shaft of my cock. This caused me to shudder lightly. She again took the head into her mouth, but instead of stroking the shaft with her hand, she began taking the whole thing into her mouth. I breathed out a moaning exhale and raised my head to look down at her. I could see a stray ray of moonlight shining in her eyes.
She was looking directly at me.

Her head was bobbing up and down rapidly, stopping only every 15 or 20 seconds to lick the entire length of my cock before continuing the bobbing motion. When she finally stopped I was sweating profusely. She leaned forward until the entire length of her body was against mine.
She began rubbing her body against me, smearing her body with my sweat. Her erect nipples were rubbing against my chest, and my cock, which was now between her legs, was rubbing her slit. This was causing gasps of pleasure from her, and causing her breath to quicken. Her breath had a musky smell to it. This continued for several minutes before she stopped suddenly, gazed deeply into my eyes and smiled mischievously.

She leaned back quickly, grabbed my hard cock and placed it so that the head was against her swollen, wet slit. She slid forward swiftly, taking me into her. This caused us both to gasp sharply. She began thrusting ferociously. She placed her hands against my chest to brace herself as she pounded me into the bed. We were both moaning loudly with every thrust. She was gripping my chest so tightly that her fingernails left deep scratches, but I was so rapt with pleasure that I hardly noticed. As she thrust down, I was thrusting up into her, deepening the strokes.

Our flesh was slapping together audibly, but I could scarcely hear it for the pounding of my own heartbeat in my ears. Sweat was dripping from her body onto mine as she continued her mad pace. Her movements were causing me to gasp with every thrust, barely giving me time to take a breath. When I came I screamed her name, my cock spasming within her. My body rocked from the release. I wrenched my arms free from the bedpost, tearing the soft cloth that had held me, but my arms fell useless to my sides.

Even while I was achieving my orgasm, she thrust onward, searching for hers. She continued to pound me, sending continuing jolts of pleasure through me. She went on for what seemed like hours, but could have been no more than a few minutes. I was beginning to see little flashbulbs of color go off behind my eyes and was beginning to think that I could go on no longer, when 
she arched back, slinging her hair and a shuddering wail slipped from her lips. Her hands clenched strongly, embedding her fingernails into my chest, drawing blood. I screamed with pain, but she was oblivious to anything but her own orgasm. She would apologize for it later, but for now I would have to bear it. I could bear anything for her.

Then, as quickly as it came, her orgasm was over and she had collapsed against my chest, gasping for breath. We lay there several moments before I spoke... was ABLE to speak.
“You surprised me,” I said.
“I’m sorry.” was her reply.
“Where did you come from?” I asked. I began to slowly rub her back.
“I was hiding in the closet.” she said.
“I was hoping you would do something... interesting,” she said, smiling up at me. “When you didn’t I had to take matters into my own hands... so to speak.” she grinned at me impishly, then laid her head back on my chest.

She must have been what I was hearing all night. She surprised me this time, but it won’t happen again. In fact, I think next time I’ll surprise her. I smiled to myself, closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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