The Last of Tony Pt 2

by Tina

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© Copyright 2007 - Tina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; kidnap; electro; susp; nc; X

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Part Two

The drive back to her house was the only dangerous time left for her. If she got stopped by a cop, she was doomed. When she passed a patrol car, sitting in a commercial driveway looking for speeders or drunk drivers, her heart missed a couple beats, but she drove on past and the cop car did not move. She only allowed herself to feel real relief when she arrived on the rural street where she lived. Her family house, built in the late 1940’s, and isolated from the nearest residence by three acres of brush and trees. Her long gravel driveway was probably pretty bumpy for poor Tony in the back, but she knew it was going to get a lot worse for him, and very soon.

She pulled the Toyota into her own garage, the door obeying the remote after she pushed the button. The garage was massive, built for three cars, while she only had the one. She was parked in the far left hand side of the garage, farthest away from the main house. She closed the door behind her, and with gleeful excitement, jumped out of the car, while remotely opening the trunk. She had an old wheelchair sitting in the corner of the garage, and rolled it up to the trunk. She then unzipped the bag, and found the locks to the chains holding first Tony’s head, then his ankles in the brutal hogtie. She released these, and guided Tony’s legs over the side of the trunk. With some coaxing she got him to stand up again.

He was a bit shaky after the ride in the hogtie, but all he had to do was turn a circle, and then Kate eased him into the wheelchair. She pulled a seatbelt across his chest that ran around the back of the chair, and buckled it tightly. She pulled his arms over the chair, and chained his still bound wrists to a metal bar that ran there. She then easily rolled him to what at first glance appeared to be a wooden doorway into a wide wooden tool cabinet, that sat at the back of the garage. She pulled the double doors of the cabinet open, then stepped into it. She then groped around underneath one of the shelves, until she found a hidden release latch. With a loud click the entire back wall of the cabinet swung open towards her, and with some effort, she pulled the entire hidden door wide. Lights came on in a tunnel that slanted gently downwards. The entire tunnel was reinforced concrete, and when she pushed Tony down it, his chair rolled easily.

She maneuvered Tony down the incline, until it leveled off into a massive single room, She found a switch and lights illuminated a square room, with concrete walls and no windows. Even if there had been windows it would not have done any good, being how they were now eight feet below the back patio of her house. It was a bomb shelter that her grandfather had built at the end of World War 2, and that appeared on no plans for the house ever made. In fact, since Kate was an only child of now deceased parents, she was reasonably sure that she was the only person in the world that knew it existed. (Although she was slightly worried that her cousin Al might have been told about it too. Of course Al was living 2500 miles away, and had not talked to Kate in at least a decade so she was not too worried that he would bring up the old bomb shelter to the authorities.)

The room did not resemble much of a bomb shelter now, but instead was mostly empty except for cabinets along the walls, and some carpets and mats on the floor. Her grandfather had apparently dug the whole area out with the pretense of building a very deep swimming pool. He had then simply built in the passageway leading from the garage, and then added the six inch thick concrete ceiling to the place. He then built the massive tile patio that dominated the big back yard of the house, and people soon forgot about the folly of the pool. He had also run a separate electrical panel into the place, and even a bathroom next to the cabinets in the back.

When she had first moved into the place, after her parents had died six years before, Kate removed all the food, and survivalist supplies that had been there since the beginning of the cold war. She then, painstakingly, had installed the complicated electric winch and pulley systems that criss crossed the entire ceiling of the place. It might not look like it now, but it was a fully functional, and completely escape proof dungeon. And it was there for one person only, the massive man sitting in the chair, gagged, blindfolded and bound. She reached behind his head, and began to unbuckle the straps holding the gag in and the blindfold on. She finally got them all loosened, and pulled them both off, the gag being a bit more difficult to get out of his aching mouth. Tony was blinking his eyes and working his mouth. He held back the urge to vomit from how massive the gag had been, and as soon as he could get his mouth working right, said in a soft conversational tone.

“You better fucking hope I don’t get free, cunt, because I swear to you, I will rip your body apart with my bare hands.”

“Well gee Tony, under any other circumstance, that would probably have me scared to death. But right now, you are still chained to that wheelchair, and if I left this room now, you would die of thirst in a couple days, and you would STILL be chained to that wheelchair.”

She grabbed his face in one hand at the jaw, and pulled it up until his eyes met hers. She was a plain looking woman about five years older than Tony’s 28. She had close cropped, jet black hair, and unimpressive features. He could not really tell what sort of body she might have under her clothes, but she was not very tall, over a foot shorter than his own six feet six inches, and maybe weighed 110 pounds.

“Look straight at me Tony. My name is Kate Amos, and I live about fifteen miles away from you, just outside of town at number 17 State Route 10. If you ever did get free you could go to the cops in a heartbeat, and I would spend the rest of my life in jail. I know all about jail, Tony, because that is how I first spotted you. You see I am a clerk in the country jail, and when you had that little scuffle at that bar six months ago, and were arrested, I processed all your paperwork. If you got free, and you decided not to rip my body apart with your bare hands, my life would still be over. You know my name, what I look like, where I work, everything about me. I am telling you this, because I want you to realize in that dull, Neanderthal brain of yours, that you are never going to be free again. That wrap around your hands is made to stay on for months at a time, for instance. I could not take if off now, even if I wanted to. What I have done to you, and will continue to do with you, is for the rest of either your life or mine. “

She walked behind Tonys wheelchair and slowly spun him around. “This is your tomb, Tony. This is where you are going to be forever. You are never going to leave, and I am the last person you are ever going to see. The worst part about that is, you are going to be here for years. Ten years? Maybe. Twenty years? Its possible. For however long I enjoy playing with you, and tormenting you, and most of all, tying you up in the most stringent, inescapable ways possible.”

She stepped around to the front of Tony again as she said this. “You see, this is my particular sickness. I get a serious sexual rush on making people helpless. The more well bound they are, the more exciting it is to me. It is also a double rush, when the person I have bound is exceptionally big and powerful like you Tony. Watching your muscles flex helplessly, watching your fury in your eyes, and your complete inability to do anything about it, is making me as wet as I have ever been right now.”

Tony simply stared at her, his anger not quite allowing the importance of what she was saying to filter into his brain. He just had to get loose from this chair, and get his hands on her, and this would all be over. He tugged again at the handcuffs on his wrapped wrists, and for the hundredth time there was no give at all. His frustration growing, his desire to kill this bitch standing in front of him, laughing at him, was the most important thing in the world to him. He began to buck and struggle in the chair now, pulling uselessly at the cuffs on his arms and at the strap holding him in. His cuffed legs kicked out, trying to reach Kate, despite her standing too far away to affect.

“Let me the fuck go, you ugly cunt” He screamed at her.

He was incredibly strong, and the wheelchair began to slide backwards away from Kate as he thrashed around. All the while Kate smiled at him, then that smile turned to laughter, as Tony’s struggles got more pathetic. After allowing him to wear himself out for a couple minutes, she gripped the small remote control still hung around her neck, and after fingering it playfully for a moment, pressed the button. Tony was not watching her do this, still focused on finding a weak point in his bonds, and when the massive electrical shock went through him, it caught him completely by surprise. Kate held the button for a full five seconds, enjoying the effect it had on Tony’s now rigid form. When she finally let go, she could smell the scent of ozone, but it was now mixed with urine. Tony had actually pissed himself, having completely lost control of his bodily functions. His head drooped and he gasped in the chair, unable to believe how powerful and painful that jolt had been.

“What was that name you called me again Tony?” She said to him. “Go ahead and call me a cunt again. I dare you. Come on big man, tell me what you are going to do to me when you escape.” Tony did not reply, keeping his head down avoiding her gaze. She grabbed his hair in her hand and pulled his face up to see hers. He had started crying with tears and snot pouring down his face.

“Please stop.” Was all he could get out between sobs.

“Nope” was Kates one word reply. “Time to get you ready for your new life.” She said happily. She rolled Tony to the far corner of the room, where a sink was recessed into the wall. She opened a drawer beside the sink, and removed some sharp scissors. “You might want to sit still for this part, cause if you thrash around, you will get cut.” She bent down at his shackled leg, and pulled the cuff of the left leg of his jean free from the metal hasp. With surprising ease, the scissors sliced through the tough denim of the jeans. She cut along the seam on the outside of his leg all the way up to the hip. She performed the same operation on the other side, and was then able to slide the ruined pants off his body. She then pulled a remote control out from the same drawer and brandished it before Tony.

“Please don’t” He said pathetically.

Kate smiled at him and hit a button. Tony winced with the anticipation of more agony from the shock collar, but all that happened is a whirring sound came from the ceiling. Tony looked up as best he could, with the collar inhibiting his ability to move his neck freely, and saw a wide metal bar, with cuffs attached to it, lowering from above. It dropped down behind Tony’s chair, and Kate immediately began unlocking the cuffs around his wrapped wrists. Despite them being released, his elbows were still tightly bound together, preventing him from bringing his hands in front of him. He felt and heard her attach wide leather cuffs to his wrists, and finally she released the cuffs around his elbows and for the first time in an hour his arms were not bound behind his back.

However his hands were still encased in the plastic tape, and now other cuffs attached to the ceiling held his wrists. Kate hit another button on the remote, and the winch whirred to life above him. Slowly he was lifted up by his arms, until he stood with them over his head, his head slumped forward. She took advantage of his momentary defeat, to attach a spreader bar to his ankles, keeping his legs three feet apart from other. She then used the scissors to remove all the rest of his clothing, including his underwear. She fondled his soft cock for a while, pleased that it appeared his massive size was reflected in his dick

“I am going to have so much fun with this thing.” She said giving it a little pull.

Reaching down, she chained the spreader bar to a ring on the floor. She then pulled over a heavy metal table, on wheels and right in front of Tony’s dangling form. The table locked into place so that its top was level with the front of Tony’s waist. She then began manipulating the winch system in the ceiling using the remote control. Tony was forced to bend over the table, farther and farther, until his ass was pointed straight out behind him. Tony was on his tip toes, with his bound arms and upper body directly parallel to the ground. She ran a leather strap over the table, and Tony’s back, completely removing any movement he could make.

Kate began to fondle Tony’s exposed ass with some relish, then running her hands up and down his muscular legs and up to his chest and stretched out arms. “Oh yes this is going to be fun” She said again.


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