Lady Gwen's Weekend

by Jim Oz

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© Copyright 2001 - Jim Oz - Used by permission

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Chapter I

Lady Gwen rode her horse up the walk towards Coutt's Manor.  She and some of her friends spent the morning riding and were now heading home for the afternoon.  As she entered the courtyard, a stable boy, nude but for collar and leash, took her reins and held the horse for her to dismount.  Another servant, similarly attired, was standing by with a tray of drinks.  Taking a glass of wine, Lady Gwen turned her back and walked up the path to the house.

She stepped into the foyer and placed her riding cap on a small table.  She was the last in and her five friends had already arrived.   Moving to another table, she dropped her gloves and picked up an old and large book.  Lady Gwen caressed the rich leather cover and turned to leave the room.  As she turned, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.  She was tall lady, rich black hair drawn up in back.  Her face was still a bit flushed from riding and the thought of what her slave had done that morning.  All in all, a rather stern visage frowned back.

The book was an old and very rare volume.  It was an early English reprint of the memoirs of the Marquise de Sade.  She was a little known cousin of the much more famous Marquis who shared his interests in the darker side of erotica.  Lady Gwen was a member of the exclusive Circle of Circe, a group of women bound by the desire and ability to dominate and subjugate men.  The book was a virtual bible for them and they would often take inspiration from descriptions within.  Tonight her slave would live out one of the more intense descriptions.

Pausing only to pick up her crop, she strode from the foyer to the main room.  A regal staircase led up to a row of suites.  She ascended the stairs and entered the second door, which led to her room. As she approached the door, an awaiting slave opened it and stood by to serve her.  The slave took her clothes off and led her to her bath.  Lady Gwen lowered herself into the warm bath waters and luxuriated in the billowing suds.  She allowed the slave to wash her back and dismissed her to gather her evening clothes. She would have liked to have used the cute female slave but decided to save her energy for the evenings play.

She dozed for a while awash in fragrant bubbles and water.  Awakening, she called for the slave to come in with a towel.  The slave had to stretch to reach the tall Mistress and dry her completely.  The slave followed her out into the bedroom where she had laid her clothes out.  Lady Gwen looked and approved at the clothing selection.  She motioned for the slave to help her dress.

A filmy black bra was first.  It wasn't needed for support, but looked well against her light colored skin.  A narrow black garter belt followed.  The slave yearned to touch, but a warning glance kept her hands stilled.  Dark silk hose with a faint pattern of flowers followed up her legs.  The slave's hands made a soft swish as they rolled the hose up.  This time her hands strayed to the dark patch ascendant on Lady Gwen's thighs.  Her first thought was to punish the little slave, but she relented.  The small bud-like lips and tiny twitching tongue busied themselves among the thatch.  The rest of the clothes would have to wait a bit.

Sometime later, Lady Gwen finished dressing.  A soft and loose nylon shirt was tucked into a short skirt of supple shiny leather.  A broad braided leather belt was bound around her waist. Glistening boots led from just above her knees down to medium height heels.  Above all, a choker vividly stood out against her long neck.  A vision of contrasts in black clothes and white skin was the result.  She grabbed her ever-present crop and gave the little slave a sharp good-bye blow as she left.

Her boots made sharp tapping sounds as she crossed to the staircase.  Two flights down and a sharp right brought her to a large iron bound door.  She knocked twice and the door slowly swung open revealing another flight of stairs within.  A slave was pilloried by the neck and wrists to the inside of door acting as the door opener.  A set of bells hanging from his balls announced her arrival to those below.

The stairs wound down to open on a dark and foreboding scene.  Flickering bulbs on the walls threw their yellow light over the room.  Several women are seated at a large round table.  There are bottles of wine with platters of fruit and cheeses scattered about.  Around the walls and elsewhere are bound men and other women in various states of discomfort and undress.  Here and there the piercing glare of a white light displays someone in a special state of being.  In the background, the soft strains of Vivaldi form a counterpoint to the occasional crack of a crop or whack of a whip.

A slave, tray locked firmly around her hips, arms elbow to elbow behind her, with a high collar keeping her head up approaches Lady Gwen to offer her a drink.  Lady Gwen takes an elegant glass filled of pink rose' and drops the book on the tray with instructions to deliver it to Lady O.  She follows the slave and sits at the table.  Conversation is of things past and to come, business and pleasure.  The talk is lively and animated.  They only meet every other month for a full weekend and wish to make the most of old acquaintances.

Occasionally, a woman would get up and walk over to a slave on the wall.  She might tighten a clamp or a strap; perhaps rearrange a tie or two.  Should an errant slave move too much or not enough, a sharp reminder with a crop may be in order.  Perhaps a clip added, or removed and reattached with the resulting extra ache was needed.  For most slaves, the worst punishment was being ignored.  Those that could would whimper or move a little, strain against a bond or cry into a gag to gain attention.  Most on the walls were of a state that kept any movement or noise from being made.  The Circle of Circe was proud of their talents and would often bet on each other’s ability to bind or bend a slave to their will.

Lady Gwen decided it was time to take her slave through his paces.  He was tied simply but securely under the glare of a white light.  A thin pole reached from floor to ceiling.  His back was pressed against the metal.  Four strands of nylon bound him to the pole.  One was high and trapped his wrists together.  Another lower, kept his mouth with its rubber packing snug against the pole.  The most secure strap was next and kept his balls astraddle the metal rod.  Lastly was another taut strap confining his ankles in place.  A thin blindfold of black leather made sure his sights were within.  A small drop of sweat rolled from his nose as he moved at her approach.

He could hear.  He strained to follow the sounds she made as she walked around him.  A small gesture and the crop cracked across his thighs.  As he jerked in surprise, a cry was swallowed by his gag.  She continued, sometimes a crisp stroke, another time a soft caress, other times just the swish as she swung the crop near.  He strained and twisted in his bonds.  His small movements were a testimony to her implacable bindings.  Finally she finished and ordered another slave to let him down and chain him near her chair.  Even the worst slave must be allowed time to recover for his next punishment; and the weekend was as yet young.

As the evening progressed, Lady Gwen would help others in their work.  Her timing with a whip or crop were particularly renown.  After a few strokes she could have a slave writhing or lunging from her caresses.  Rarely was a mark left, only often enough to teach and prove.  Occasionally she would glance at the slave still chained to her chair by his collar.  His wrists were securely locked to his neck behind his back and his ankles confined by leather cuffs and a short chain.  As the night progressed, she decided what his fate was and returned to him.

She fastened a cock harness on him, unlocked his bonds and led him to a pile of straps on the floor.  The harness was locked by a leash to the floor and a page of instructions was given him.  She would not deign to speak to him this evening.  The instructions were explicit and came from the book of de Sade.  It was known that making the slave do his own bondage made it that much worse.  He would be bound but not have his Mistress near.  He would make the bindings tight, often tighter than the mistress would dare, in fear of her deciding it was too loose.  Yet, the final tie would be hers to symbolize her power.

He started by sitting.  There was strap after strap to add.  They ranged from narrow and short to wide and long and all had their place.  The smallest strap trapped his large toes together, followed by another drawing his ankles together.  There was also a strap looped around the ankle tie and left loose.  He added one below and above his knees.  With those in place, he changed his position to kneeling. The kneeling position stressed the knee straps taking all slack out.  One long and wide strap was trapped behind his knees and left loose while another pulled his thighs down to his calves.  A final loose strap under his ankles finished this part of the tie.

The next part was to trap his upper body.  A small strap was made into a loop and laid behind his feet through the loose ankle strap.  It would be used to trap his wrists at the end.  Laying a strap over his thighs, he bent forward at the waist.  He fastened the last strap behind his back.  The loose strap behind his knees was snugged up behind his neck.  The last untied strap was tightened from below his ankles to his back.  Struggling now, he slid his arms under the final strap and waited for Lady Gwen to add her last strap.

She watched for a while and then came over to slip the final strap over his wrists and snug it down.  The loose strap to his ankles was pulled forcing his wrists to his ankles.  The neck to knees strap was then also pulled tight.  Lastly, she pulled on each straps' free end to get very last bit of slack out.

Lady Gwen walked away to view the scene that was laid out.  There was something not quite right.  Most of the rest of the Circle had gathered to watch the increasingly difficult struggles of the slave to tie himself.  Lady Gwen walked from side to side to try to determine what bothered her.  Finally she noticed.  He could move his fingers.  She told him that was another black mark he could look forward to working off.  A small piece of wood was obtained and slid between his wrist tie.  A length of duct tape was then used to wrap his fingers to the board.  The bondage was complete.

It was early morning before a thoroughly exhausted slave was finally released and ordered to please his Mistress.  Light bonds of a collar and cuffs were attached as she led him up the stairs to her room.  He moved off to draw her bath and prepare her clothes for the new day.  She yawned as she watched the slave prepare her clothes.  She gave another yawn and moved cat-like in a long stretch.  As the dawn's light peered through the window, she reflected it was hard work disciplining a slave.

Chapter II

Noontime had come and gone before Lady Gwen woke up.  She stretched and looked down to see her slave still securely chained to the foot of her bed.  She got up, nudged him awake with her foot and went to the bathroom to freshen up.  As she did, she rang for a slave to come up and help her and also to bring some breakfast.  Several minutes later she was sitting, nibbling on the fruit and muffins they brought.  The fresh scent of coffee filled the room.  She would give her slave, now kneeling at her feet, a few titbits now and then, while absently stroking his hair.  Her gaze was unfixed as she thought of what needed to be done for the evening.

Breakfast over, her decision made, she made to finish her bath.  She pulled her slave in this time to clean her.  Having the other slaves around was nice, but only hers knew precisely what she needed.  The shower was large enough for both to easily fit in.  The slave used a large natural sponge and enough soap for a lot of lather to wash his mistress.  He made sure to firmly knead her back and thighs.  The soap let his hands slide easily against her flesh.  He knew which areas were forbidden to his touch, but after a while would always go to them.  The punishment later would be worth the reward now.

He knelt down as she turned to face him.  His hands reached to spread the lather over her shoulders and then down her arms.  His face was inches from her waist.  His breathing grew deeper as he gently caressed her breasts with the sponge and finally not being able to stand it any longer, plunged his face forward.  The water ran down his face as his tongue explored her familiar places.  His mouth twitched and hummed as he used all the tricks she taught him.  She finally grabbed his hair and pulled him in.  When she came, she would have fallen had it not been for her grip on him.  Inwardly pleased, but outwardly furious, she told the slave he would pay for taking such liberties unasked.

With the shower finished, she dressed for the evening.  Black lace undergarments went on first.  The tight design of the lace closely moulded itself to her body.  Dark black hose followed, her hands rolling them gently up her long legs, the nylon making its unique swish as it followed her every curve.  A black cape followed as protection if the night air became cool.  Lastly, her ever-present choker went on, its sleek blackness contrasting her light skin and complimenting her black hair.  Dressing finished, she grabbed her slave's leash and walked out the door.
He was dressed simply for this evening, with no clothing to get in the way.  A high three-inch leather collar kept his head up.  Snug cuffs kept his wrists strapped tightly to his thighs.  The thigh cuffs in turn were secured to his waist belt.  A complex arrangement of straps, rings and buckles was tightly locked onto his balls and cock.  From this the leash led to his Mistress's hand.  A simple ball gag was pulled deeply into his mouth.  Incongruously, running shoes completed his attire. Tonight's festivities would take place outside, behind the Manor.  A large area containing the pool and tennis courts was fenced off from prying eyes.  Within the fence was a small pavilion where most of the Circle of Circe had already gathered.  The women were gathered around a small bar, their slaves tied off to various objects in the area.  Several of the slaves had been tied into furniture for the women to use.  Lady Gwen clipped the leash to a handy bit of furniture and walked over to the bar.

The talk was animated, as this night's activities would be a race.  Some of the slaves were already being buckled into harnesses and other slaves were bringing more equipment into the area.  A track had been marked out and bets were being made.  Lady Gwen always like this particular event since her slave was well made to take part.  He was fairly strong, and had good endurance.  As a runner, he always did fairly well in the race.  Indeed, she enjoyed keeping him proficient in this at every chance she could.  After some small talk and a drink or two, the Circle broke up to harness their mounts.

His current bonds consisted mostly of parts of the harness.  Two wide straps went over his shoulders and were buckled to another strap that went around his upper chest just under his arms.  The chest strap had a large ring mounted securely to the back.  The ball gag and collar were removed and replaced with a complex arrangement of straps holding a bit gag.  The thick rubber bit went between his teeth and was held by a strap behind his neck.  A smaller strap went under his chin and a longer "Y" strap went over his head and buckled behind.  Two rings on either end of the bit held reins, which slipped through rings on his shoulder straps.  The waist strap also had a sturdy ring on its back.

Next, a cart was brought up.  It was lightly made and consisted mostly of modified bicycle parts.  There were two wheels with a canvas seat hung over them.  A draw bar came off the front.  The draw bar was connected to the slave's waist belt.  A stout nylon strap went from the chest belt and was also clipped to the bar.  The two reins went from the shoulder rings to the seat.  A last braking strap went forward to the slave's cock harness.  Topping off the rig was a long and light whip, which clipped to the cart.

The race itself was quite simple.  For the preliminary rounds, one lap would be made around the course. The two finalists would have to make two laps for the finish.  The ladies would sit upon the cart and making ample use of the whip and leash, steer their steeds along the course.  The slave primary job was to keep their balance, and secondly to win.  With the encumbering harness and straps, the fleetest didn't always win.  Lady Gwen's slave actually enjoyed this bit, it gave him a chance to let loose frustrations and also make his Mistress happy.  He might not always win, but he could always be counted on to do well.

The idea in racing was to keep the shoulders low and pull with the cart.  His Mistress could be counted on to do her part in leaning into the curves.  They were in the first race and it was easy enough to be no more than a warm up.  He led into the first corner and could hear the gravel skid out from the cart's wheels.  An occasional flick with her whip would keep him losing complete interest in the race.  He felt good to feel the sweat build up on his body and feel the deep breaths of air he drew in.  The second race was almost as easy as the first and again they won.  The next race was bit more work.

The opponent's advantage was primarily in the fact the Mistress was much smaller which meant there was less weight to pull.  He fell behind for the first corner and much of the first straight.  It wasn't until the second corner and the back straight that he was able to get back his lost lead.  Neck and neck they went into the third corner.  In the last corner he ducked into the inside line where he felt his size would be an advantage.  There was a nudge of carts and he was through.  He led by a few feet by the time the finish line appeared.  They took an easy half lap jog to cool off before turning in.  The last race would be the next.

There would be a couple of hours before the final.  He was led off to be massaged and watered.  The upcoming race would be important for his Mistress and she would take no chances with her mount.  He was reharnessed and led to the line.  Lady Gwen carefully checked over his harness and prepared for the race.  Her opponent as was usual, was Lady O.  Lady O's mount was also in good condition with many races to her credit.  They pulled the carts to the line and with some preliminary stretched and jogging, got ready.  The gun fired and they were off.  Lady O pulled off to an initial lead of several feet with Lady Gwen close on her heels.

The lead was often lessened, but never closed through the first corners.  Lady Gwen's mount would strain, but could never quite seem to close.  There were two times when Lady Gwen pulled neck and neck with Lady O, but couldn't quite pass.  Finally, midway into the second lap, Lady Gwen's mount seemed to get his second wind and pull up and past.  As the finish line came into reach, he was just a bit ahead.  Summoning all he had, he sprinted the last several yards and finished just ahead of his opponent.  His Mistress's cry of victory rang in his ears as he stumbled around the track trying to get his breath back.  A small smile tried to leak past his bit as he slowly trotted along.

Lady Gwen turned her mount over to the grooms to take care of while she returned to the party.  She collected her bets and the trophy.  This race made her and Lady O even for the season so far.  As she sipped a glass of champagne, she reflected that she would have to think of something special to do to her slave as a reward for today.  She would have to dig into memoirs of the Marquise de Sade for that special situation.  Until then, she would enjoy the excellent refreshments and company of the evening, perhaps help in disciplining the odd slave or so.

Chapter III

The evening was progressing nicely.  Lady Gwen and Lady O were sitting together sharing a plate of fruit and cheese and washing it down with champagne.  They were talking about the earlier race and how they were tied once again.  Both of their slaves were comfortably yet securely bound at their feet.  The race didn't tire them too much, but they needed to get their rest for the remainder of the evening.
This evenings festivities would include a slave swap.  This evening's swap would use the slave's identity numbers.  Each slave in the Circle was assigned a number.  The Mistress of each slave determined how this number was carried.  The methods ranged from a simple tag, mounted on a collar or cuff, to rather complex tattoos or even brands in some cases.  The number allowed for a way to identify slaves, yet keep the anonymity of those that needed it.

For this nights choosing, a bowl would be filled with chits having the numbers of each slave.  Each Mistress would draw a chit and be responsible for using that particular slave.  If she drew her own slave, she would return the chit and draw again.  It made things interesting because each Mistress would attempt to do her best binding another's slave, while the slave would do its best to escape.  It was considered quite a kudo for the Mistress if her slave would escape from different Mistress.

One time there was a new slave who was particularly limber and the Mistress that drew his number wasn't aware of his talent.  She tied him into what would have been a rather taut and complex position for a normal person.  It was quite an affair when he simply shrugged and bent himself out of the position.  Ever since then, most Mistresses were extremely careful to do an especially secure job, particularly with an unknown slave.  It could take quite awhile to live down letting a slave escape.

Lady Gwen drew the number of a tiny female slave.  She was a newer member of the group and Lady Gwen hadn't played with her before.  Her name was Martika and she was barely five feet tall.  Her most imposing feature was her large dark eyes.  Her hair was dark and cut short in a mannish styled crew cut.  Her body was anything but mannish, with firm breasts, a neat tucked in waist and a dark tan.  For most of the evening she wore naught but a high white collar with her wrists cuffed up behind her back.  Lady Gwen was happy to get something new to play with.  As luck would have it, Lady Gwen's slave went to Lady O.  He would no doubt have a long evening paying for his earlier race win.

Lady Gwen clipped her leash to the collar of her new toy and pulled her near the pool.  There were mats near the pool and she laid one of these out and told the slave to kneel down on it.  From a nearby pile of straps and cords, Lady Gwen pulled some nylon straps.  Rummaging around in another pile, she picked up spreader bars and brought them to the pool.  She had the slave kneel up and then placed a spreader bar behind her knees.  While she was strapping the bar in place, she placed her hand on Martika's neatly trimmed pussy and gave it a preliminary stroke.  The quick intake of breath, told her all she needed to know about this evenings playmate.

As she forced the slave to kneel down again, she secured ankles to thighs using a pair of wide nylon straps, which trapped the bar and held her knees wide apart.  She pulled a lawn chair and setting it in front of the slave, sat down.  Things were arranged so that the slave only had to lean forward and her head would be between Lady Gwen's thighs.  As that was done, she could look over and see where her slave was being put through his paces by Lady O.

Lady O was bound to get her revenge from the loss earlier.  She took a short length of cord and tied a simple knot around his balls.  His wrists were then tied by the remainder of the cord.  This simple tie would keep him still as she set up her materials.  If he tried to move his wrists, the knot would tighten around his balls, so he tried to keep still.  Just to make sure, she forced him to his knees and taking another bit of cord, tied his balls to his ankles.  He was indeed in for a long night.

She decided that an evening of cock and ball torture was what he needed for the evening.  First she would tie him in a position where he would be completely accessible for her.  She gathered together a handful of nylon straps and releasing his ankles, pulled him over to a bench.  She had him sit down, straddling the bench and then pushed him down so his back was against the seat.  She took the first strap and pulled it around his neck, holding him in place.  Releasing his wrists, she pulled his arms up over his head and tied them down together under the bench.  A couple more straps went around his chest and waist, keeping them in place.  The last set of straps tied his ankles below the bench.  His final position made him taut against the bench, with his cock and balls resting on the edge of the bench.  Lady O tied a five-pound weight to his balls and then went off in search of more goodies.

Lady Gwen had not been idle during this time.  While she was enjoying her slave's predicament, she also had to make sure she didn't ignore her toy for the evening.  She got up and looked for a piece of nylon rope.  Finding a piece, she brought it back to where Martika was still bound.  She released her knees and let the slave stand for a bit.  She also tied one end of the half-inch rope tightly around the waist of the tanned slave.  The knot was left in front with a few feet dangling free.  She next retied her wrists so they were forearm to forearm behind her back.  The free end of the waist rope was then pulled up between her legs with the rope being buried snugly in her cunt.  The end was then pulled up and tied off to her wrists.  Lady Gwen then laid her on her back and pulled a strap tightly around her thighs.  With that, she took some ice and a pair of nipple clamps and soon had her slave writhing on the ground.

Lady O found what she was looking for, several yards of thin twine.  She sat herself down on the ground facing the slave’s balls and went to work.  She first untied the weight and cord from his balls and let them hang free.  She started by winding several feet of cord around each ball, setting them into separate little bags.  Each ball started to turn dark and became hard little knots as the twine was wound tight.  Another length of cord was then wound around both balls, squeezing them together into one tight little package.  Another piece of cord a bit thicker was wound around his cock.  She started with a knot at the base and slowly tightened the coils up to just below the head of his cock and tied it off.  It slowly began to throb as the cords snugged up.

She took another piece of cord and tied it off at the base of his cock and balls together.  She slowly began to wind this up.  Little by little, his cock and balls became as one.  They darkened and began to bulge as the pressure built up.  The veins, were they could be seen, soon started to pulse with a life of their own.  She wound them together until she got to the top of the balls.  The last windings went around the cock alone.  A small stream of pre-cum fluid began to drip from the end of his engorged penis.  His struggles against his solid bonds were growing.  You could see his muscles bunch and writhe against the implacable bindings of nylon.  He was starting to moan, so Lady O slipped off her panties and nylons and tied them tightly into his mouth.  She gave the head of his cock one long lick and watched as he tried to thrust his cock forward.  She then moved off to find a drink and leave him to his thoughts for a while.

Picking up a tall cool lemonade, she walked over to give Lady Gwen a hand with Martika.  She settled opposite Lady Gwen and taking a nipple for herself, dove in.  Between the two of them the poor slave was soon moaning loudly and writhing within her bonds.  She was in fact making so much noise that soon Lady Gwen got up and sat over her mouth to quiet her down.  Seeing she was no longer needed, Lady O got up and went back to her slave who by this time was in quite a state.  She sat on his chest and soon began to pull the cords off.

She grabbed the end of the outermost cord and slowly pulled it up.  As it unwound, it waved his cock around and around.  His breathing was becoming quite noisy through the nylon gag he wore.  As that rope finished, she started on the cock rope and did the same.  She paused a minute to help him settle down a bit.  As she began to pull the rope tying his balls together, he started to come.  Every muscle tensed as fought the bonds holding him to the bench.  Lady O tied well, and only a slight movement was noticeable.  She loved to have a slave in this position, still tied and having come, it always made the bondage much more difficult.  She watched him fight for a while before she untied the remaining cords on his balls.  By the time she was done, he was hard again.  She tied the five-pound weight back on to keep him hard and mounted him.  She was so worked up and hot it only took a short time for her to come.  He followed shortly again himself.  Lady O finally untied him and locking a pair of cuffs on him, allowed him to rest.  She could see that Lady Gwen was also done and had mostly untied Martika.  It looked like it was time for all good slaves to go to the aid of their Mistresses.

She found her slave tied off to a tree and gathering him, collect Lady Gwen's slave as well and brought them both back to their chairs.  It had been a rather strenuous night for all and a little rest was required.  Some kitchen slaves brought out food and drink for all and they sat around under the stars and all talked of the evening's events.  Of course, "all talked", being relative as the slaves were still slaves and had nothing much to say.  Any talking by them would be done later as their Mistresses dragged them off to their rooms for the evenings final entertainment.

Chapter IV

Although it was quite late in the evening as Lady Gwen got ready to return to her bedroom, there was still time for one more episode for her stalwart slave.  She wanted to show him off as she left the party, so she picked up some items to help out.  A high and heavy leather collar kept his chin up, no insolent looks here.  A wide spreader bar hooked to the back of the collar with both wrists secured to the ends, made sure the slave wasn't about to cover up.  To accent his nipples, she clipped on two shiny nipple clamps connected with a bit of shiny chain.  Another spreader bar was strapped securely between his knees.  To keep him at his best posture, she connected a strap from that bar, up behind his back to his collar.

To make sure he didn't complain too much, she added what she like to call a "volunteer" gag.  She picked up the trick from Lady Bundy, who often used it on her slave, Fanny.  It was a simple apparatus with no straps or buckles.  There was just a medium sized ball gag, easy to spit out with a bit of effort.  Hanging from it however, was a small lead weight of a few pounds.  What made it secure was the small bit of chain that hung from the weight.  It in turn clipped to his nipple clamp chain.  If the gag should slip out, the chain would first yank his clips off and soon be dangling from his cock.  Needless to say, he made sure he had a firm grip of the situation.

To make sure his cock and balls weren't in the dark, she trussed those up as well.  A noose of thin cord went around each ball and was in turn snugged down to the knee spreader bar.  One more cord went around his cock, just below the head and was in turn tied off to the chain from his nipples.  She snapped her leash to the chain and led him off to her room.  Aside from a bit of side-to-side twisting, he made sure he didn't move much.  As it was, every step was another tug on his sensitive cock and its friends.  As was the usual in such a bizarre binding, he came before too long, which made the rest of the walk just that much more difficult.

The stairs to her room led off up into the darkness and seemed to go on forever.  By the time he was at her door, he was bathed in sweat and was breathing heavily through his nose.  He ached from head to toe from the bondage.  His nipples throbbed with the tug of the swinging chain and leash.  His cock and balls were taut with strain against the bite of the cord, and his bite on the ball gag was jaw aching tight.  Once in the room, Lady Gwen loosened her slave and let him collapse on the floor.  In deference to his fatigue, she merely wrapped a chain around his neck and locked it to her bed.  She would let him rest while she retired to her bath, and her little bath slave of the previous night.  He fell asleep almost immediately as she rang for the bath.

The slave of the previous night was not available and a different one showed up.  This slave was very tall, almost as tall as herself, just under six feet.  She had pale skin and very light thick hair that reached to the small of her back.  Her eyes in her downcast head were so light as to be almost eerie in looks, a rare and intriguing pale grey.  Her breasts were in keeping with the rest of her stature, compact, yet imposing in their appearance, with large nipples, already slightly erect.  The fingers of her hands were long and thin, tipped with short lightly colored nails.  A thick, wide, black leather collar stood out boldly against her neck and the same style cuffs secured her wrists in front of her.  The very boldness of the dark bonds against the light skin dominated the slave to an extent Lady Gwen would not have previously believed possible.  It looked like her own slave would get a long nights rest this evening.

As Lady Gwen stared at the slave, she felt her own nipples rising to the sight.  She could feel herself grow warm as a rosy flush rose to her skin.  She grabbed the ring at the front of the collar and forced the slave to her knees in front of her.  Her position left no doubt as to what the slave needed to do.  The slave leaned forward and slowly dipped her tongue into Lady Gwen's darkly thatched cunt.  Her tongue made slow and deliberate contact with the tiny clit.  Her lips lightly sucked and massaged as she thrust her head forward.  As she licked and sucked, her hair fell forward and soon hid any view of her face.  Lady Gwen let a low moan escape her lips and then stepped down on the chain holding the cuffs together.  With the slave secured, she ground her pelvis forward and tried to fuck the tall slave's mouth.

If it hadn't been for the slaves size and strength, they would have surely fallen as Lady Gwen orgasmed.  As it was, she partially collapsed on the slave until she could regain her poise.  It had been one of the strongest reactions she had in quite some time.  Standing back up, she told the slave to prepare her bath.  In a little while, she walked into the bath where the slave was adding various oils to the bath water.  The slave was bent over, her legs slightly spread, showing Lady Gwen an irresistible sight.  Lady Gwen stepped up behind the slave and reached between her long legs and cupped the slave's shaven cunt.  She dipped one finger in and began to slowly rub and soon had three fingers in.  She reached forward and dipping her hand in the bath, began to massage the compact breasts.  The nipples soon stiffened in response to the light caresses.  Soon the slave began to rotate her hips and finally a small moan, almost a groan, slipped from her lips.  At this point, Lady Gwen stood up and grabbing a crop, struck a sharp blow across the slave's cheeks.  The poor slave quivered as the two sensations flooded her senses.

Lady Gwen was going to take this slave to new heights.  She grasped the cuffs and hooked them to a rope in the ceiling.  A pull and the slave was hanging upright in the bathroom.  Rummaging around the room turned up a long spreader bar, which soon had the slave split widely apart.  Her shaved cunt was open to anything, increasing her nudity and helplessness.  A medium sized butt plug was soon humming inside her.  Next, a penis gag was forced deep between her lips and strapped in.  A large and very vibrant dildo was soon pulsing its way within.  Slowly, in and out it went, and it was soon covered in shiny juices from the struggling slave.  As she applied the dildo, Lady Gwen nibbled her way across the body, from thighs to breasts and back again.  The slave's muscles were soon standing in bold relief as she fought the bonds.  Finally her body arched in a massive spasm, with nipples in bold relief and her cunt dripping wet.  With the slave hanging weakly in bondage, Lady Gwen applied the warm and wet dildo to herself and soon followed the slave into orgasm.

The slave was let down and all her bonds removed.  The heavy collar came off and was replaced with a shiny loop of chain.  The satiny silver links complimented the slave's light colored features.  As their heartbeats and breathing finally settled down to normal, Lady Gwen took the hand of the slave and pulled her to the bath.  They climbed down into the slightly oily and fragrant waters and began to wash each other.  The foamy bubbles formed intricate patterns as they slowly rubbed each other's breasts and nipples.  They came together in a tight embrace.  The two bodies looked as one, tightly entwined in the foamy waters of the bath.  They pressed tight as lips slowly and sensuously crushed together.  Tongues entwined and explored each other.  A sponge rubbed up and down a chest, the nipples jumped up and reacted to the slightly rough, slightly raw feeling as the sponge ground in.  The air began to steam from the hot moist air and the raw emotions pouring forth.  For a short time, slave and mistress were as equals as they came together in each other’s arms.  To finish, they dried each other with the thick towels and returned to the bedroom.

Spent for the evening, Lady Gwen led the slave in and locked her collar to the bed.  Her other slave, still asleep at the foot of the bed was wakened and quickly cuffed.  He was directed to the shower and told to clean himself and return.  He finished quickly, came back and was promptly and strictly hogtied on the bed.  Food and drink had been delivered and the two women ate and drank and fed bits of food to the poor male.  Finally, they retied him into a less stringent position; only his hands and feet bound, and stretched him out on the bed between them.  Snuggling into a compact mass of bodies, they finally all fell into a deep sleep. They finally all fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter V

It was late morning when Lady Gwen and her party woke.  This being Sunday and the last day of the meet, there was a big dinner scheduled for late in the afternoon.  Since many of the members would have to leave by evening, the party would climax rather early compared to Friday and Saturday.  Also, since it was the last evening, there would be serious competition to do the most with one's slave for the last show.  Regretfully, Lady Gwen sent the borrowed slave on her way and started to prepare herself.

Feeling somewhat mellow after the prior night's games, she took her slave into the shower with her.  For the time being he was, for this weekend, virtually untied, having only a stiff collar and tight ball harness on.  He started the water and set the temperature for her.  When she stepped in, he picked up a large sponge and began to gently soap her.  He started on her shoulders and slowly rubbed up a thick lather.  As he worked down her sides, he strayed to her breasts and continued to stroke and soap.  She made a small gasp as he ventured towards a nipple and sensing nothing to deter him, began to rub it.  As usual when touching his Mistress, his cock was hard and solid, but he knew better than to touch her with that.

Slowly and deliberately, he started to massage and soap her breasts until she turned her back to him.  As she did, he alternated rubbing her back and front.  He could feel her nipples begin to stiffen and extend forward as he continued to caress.  He began to stroke her back with his cheek, as he massaged ever faster.  He tried to keep strokes in time with her breathing.  His breathing was also becoming hard and heavy.  His cock pulsed with desire from being so close to her.  It was taking all his control to keep from losing control and coming.

Next he dared to reach down in front of her and begin to play with her cunt.  He lightly stroked through the suds and felt her shudders as he dipped first one finger and then more.  He kept one hand with the rough sponge caressing her breasts and the other busy in her thatch.  Embracing his Mistress, feeling her silky skin and hearing her deep breathing, he knew he could not hold back for long.  His only hope was that she would soon come before he did.  She was always more understanding once she came.

Finally, he reached his point of no return.  His cock began to pulse and throb as he tried to hold back just a little longer.  Her scent and sounds ultimately put him over the top.  He felt the spasm start deep within him and pulse its way to his cock.  With one last throb he came, spurting against the back of his Mistress' long thighs.  Aghast at what he had done, he felt his Mistress stiffen in passion as her orgasm followed.  Too late, he knew he would pay dearly for what had happened.  As soon as she regained her breath, she gave him a cold stare that held no sympathy for what was to come during the long evening.

Without a glance back, she strode out of the shower into the bedroom.  He hurriedly cleaned up and followed her.  He could tell by the way she was standing that she was extremely pissed.  He knew he would have a very long night paying for this mistake.  He knelt at her feet and awaited his punishment; it was not long in coming.

She dried her thick hair and looked down at her slave, thinking about what she would have to do.  It would work out quite well tonight, since she now had a legitimate reason for putting him through the ringer.  It wasn't all that long until the evening, so she wasted no time in starting.  She strode over to the well-equipped bondage locker and started picking out items for the evening's wardrobe.

She found a length of aluminium tubing about three feet long and an inch or so in diameter.  She wrapped the centre with some rubber strips until it was about two inches in size.  Next she had her slave bend his arms up and trap the bar in the crook of his elbows.  Two nylon straps connecting his wrists to biceps kept it in place.  The rubber section was then forced between his teeth with another strap holding it deep within his mouth.  She then had him get over to the bed and lay down on his back.  To make sure he didn't move until she wanted, she tied his wrist bar to the head of the bed and followed by spreading his ankles wide and tying them off to the bottom of the bed.  This made it easy for her to work on his cock and balls.  She unstrapped the ball harness and tossed it to the side.  She then pondered for a bit, wanting to make this part of the bondage something for him to remember.

She decided to use a rather complex cock harness and sheath assembly on him.  It took some time to apply, but would look rather dramatic for the evening, sort of black tie.  The sheath portion had a small hole at one end for his balls to fit through.  It was actually a bit too small to fit, but a little judicious force would get them in place.  A strap connected to the sheath went around his balls, ensuring they wouldn't slip out.  The difficult part of the harness was lacing the sheath tight.  It usually took several retries before all the laces were tight as possible.  The sheath consisted of a piece of leather long enough to fit from the base to just under the head of his cock.  A series of eyelets ran along each edge of the sheath from top to bottom.  The lace was fitted in and by dint of much tugging and pulling, the leather edges finally met.  Only the dark head of the cock finally showed at the end.

There were also three straps around the sheath to keep things neat.  One went around the base and under the balls; one just under the head of the cock and a final strap was between the two.  The straps all used roller buckles to make sure they were as tight as possible.  Each strap, including the ball strap was locked with a separate padlock to make sure no one would let him loose early.  One advantage of the harness was to make him appear hard for most of the night.  It also made the head of his cock extremely sensitive to touch.  A slow caress would make him writhe uncontrollably, yet the tightness of the harness kept him from coming without a lot of attention, and she would make sure he didn't get much of that type of attention tonight.

Around his waist, she fastened a wide belt.  It had two chains on the sides that went between his legs and locked.  Her next step was to lock on some leather ankle manacles.  She had to let him up for the rest of the bondage.  A length of chain was slipped through a ring on the back of the belt and the ends went up the to the wrist bar where they clipped on.  This would make sure he kept proper posture.  Another length of chain went from the back ring to his ankle cuffs.  This was adjusted so that he couldn't quite straighten his legs.  Lastly another chain connected his ankles together to make sure he wouldn't run off to fast.  She connected a leash to his cock harness and then attached it to the bed frame.  She wanted him to stay close and watch while she dressed herself for the party.

She decided that tonight would be a chain and leather night to compliment her slave's design.  She stood in front of the large bedroom mirror as she dressed.  Her panties were first.  They consisted of a small triangle of supple and shiny leather dotted with chrome studs.  A strip of flat chain went around her waist and a bit of leather thong went up the seam of her ass.  Extra bits of studded elastic hung down from the waist chain to act as garters for the very sheer, yet very dark nylons that followed.  Tightly fitted, almost knee high boots were next.  The high stiletto heels were chromed in contrast to the black leather and more chrome chains attached the small spurs to the back of the boots.

Moving up, she put on her top next.  It was another complex arrangement of chains and leather.  A wide choker collar went on first.  This had a formidable collection of high metal studs extending out.  A narrow length of leather extended down the front and back of the collar.  From this strip, an echelon of chains draped around her shoulders and then under her arms and across each breast.  Her every move was accompanied by the soft chink of chain and a quick glimpse of nipple.  The constant motion of the links would have a pleasurable effect throughout the course of the evening.  Finally done, she stared into the mirror at herself.

Her dark blue eyes looked at a collection of contrasts.  The lustrous black hair and the deep dark shine of leather contrasted strongly with her white skin and the shine of chrome.  Long shapely legs led down from a trim chain encircled waist, through the rich sheen of her nylons and finishing in the chrome trimmed boots.  Her large breasts poked their way through the jungle of shiny chains draped across her chest, with a pert nipple occasionally peeking out.  She grabbed her slave's leash and pulled him out the door and down the hall to the party.

Chapter VI

He followed as well as he could.  The assortment of straps and chains kept him well heeled just behind her.  The pull of the ankle chains made sure he wouldn't outrun his Mistress and the back chains kept his posture straight.  The quiet sounds of clinking chains and slightly squeaking leather preceded them down the stairs and hallway.  Soon the buzz of conversation from the dining room reached their ears.

They walked into the dining room and looked over the group of people.  There were a total of maybe two dozen people in the room.  More than half were bound and clothed as slaves.  Clothing ranged from heavy leather sheaths and corsets to nothing but light chains.  She noticed Lady O and her slave at a table near the back and led her slave there.  For this evening, Lady O bought her female slave along, a tiny elfin like creature with short-cropped blonde hair.  She was simply yet securely bound with white nylon straps binding her arms and wrists behind her, an ankle strapped to each side of the chair she sat in and a medium sized ball deeply strapped in her mouth.  Each nipple also had a small glistening chrome ring hanging down.

The two Mistresses talked for a while and pointed out and visited other Mistresses and their slaves.  It would be a little while before the slaves, at least those that could, made their dinner parade.  At the end of the parade, awards would be given for various contests over the weekend and also for the best bound slave of the night.  Lady Gwen had high hopes for the win tonight, the last meeting she just missed it and hoped to do better this time.  Lady O's slave wasn't entered in this event.  She had more pressing duties to do this night.  With the signal that the parade would soon start, Lady O loosened her slave and retied her so the only thing the slave could see was Lady O's cunt.  With her little elf gently licking and nibbling, Lady O leaned back to enjoy the show.

There were about ten slaves moving around the room, some with more difficulty than others.  There were two that stood out, Lady Gwen's slave and one owned by Lady Fanni.  Lady Fanni's slave was in very severe leather tonight.  Several sets of black leather cuffs were attached at his ankles, above and below his knees and at his upper thighs.  These were all connected by varying lengths of chain, that limited his stride to a very few inches.  His forearms were strapped horizontally together behind his back with a cuff that covered the complete forearm.  This in turn was chained to an elaborate collar and gag assembly.  The collar was very tall and form fitting.  It had cut-outs to fit his shoulders and under his chin.  A ball was wedged tightly into his mouth.  The shape and fit of collar kept his head up and his mouth closed around the ball.  There was another strap to make sure the ball would not come loose.

There was a complex arrangement of thin black cord and straps wound around his cock and balls.  Each ball was separately tied by a tight coil of cord and another coil of cord wound its way up his cock, being tied off just below the head.  A thin strap fastened each ball to a thigh strap, making sure he would take short strides.  His cock would swing back and forth with each step he made.

Perhaps the bondage was too much, because Lady Fanni's slave slowly lost his hard-on as they paraded around.  The cord loosened and the cock began to droop.  The tight black sheath around the cock of Lady Gwen's slave kept him with at least the appearance of staying hard.  This was the turning point for the parade.  Since once around the table was a big effort for many of the bound slaves, the contest was soon over.  All slaves returned to their places and the award ceremony began.  Since the night was coming to and end, many of the slaves had their bondage loosened a bit.  Even Lady Gwen removed some of her slave's bonds.

For the overall winner, the ebony crop was awarded to Lady Gwen for this quarter.  Lady Fanni, being the last champion, gave the crop up, after making sure it still worked on Lady Gwen's slave.  Lady Gwen allowed her slave to rest his chin on her thigh as she fed him a portion of food and drink.  This meeting of the Circle had gone much to her favour and she felt that the slave earned his rest.  One more night and they would return to the mundane world for a while, until the next session at least.

Once the dinner was over, all the members made their good-byes.  For most, the dinner was the end and they would leave to return to their ordinary lives until the next meeting.  Others, like Lady Gwen, Lady O and Lady Fanni, life as a Mistress continued.  All had permanent slaves and would continue to be treated like the Mistresses they are.  Lady Gwen's current slave was temporary and had another week to go with his Mistress.  He was one of the few to be kept bound throughout the final meal and during the farewells.  For him, there was one more night at the Chateau.

After all the guests left, Lady Gwen and Lady Fanni brought their slaves with them up to the master bedroom.


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