by Glen Nitwood

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© Copyright 2001 - Glen Nitwood - Used by permission

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She snuggled down between the sheets. Hmmm, nice, fresh linen on her skin. Such a lovely feeling. She brought her knees up to her chest so that she was in a ball, like when she was a child. Now, however, instead of being frightened by a raging storm, she was waiting, waiting for someone to come, she was waiting with delicious expectation for that special person to come home & play with her.

Her eyes flicked over to the clock on the side table. Nearly midnight. Late again. Another night late. But she wasn't angry. Her partner's work was demanding and took so much energy. Besides the waiting was such sweet torment and the play time, when it came, would be all the more sweeter.

She thought of the word 'Partner'.  Such a business like word. As a term to describe their relationship it lacked the passion and the understanding love she had found. Even the word 'relationship' didn't begin to describe what they had found together. She placed a finger lightly on her right shoulder. The touch, no heavier than a feather, and slowly ran it down her side, feeling the ribs underneath her skin. Flesh on flesh, she was naked except for her silky knickers. Down her hip, up the length of her thigh, to the knee then  back down to her ankles.

Her skin was soft, soft as down. Lightly oiled with a scent that was subtly sexy. Now her fingers traced a line back up to her knees, slid inside and ran along the firm muscles of her inner thighs and only stopped when they reached her satin undies. The sensual material sent electric shock waves through her fingers and up her arms. Two traitorous fingers snuck under the waistband to the playground of her fur. The hair there was fine and soft. The two little villains ran through it, gently catching strands & pulling at them. Not content with that intimacy they worked their way downward seeking sweeter delights.

No. With an effort she pulled them back, felt the elastic snap back onto her tummy. Soon she would be inside herself exploring, exciting that glorious part of her womanhood. Not only that, she would start the fires and the more she explored the higher they would burn till she was a raging bush fire out of control. 
The fire would burn her up & thenů and then she would explode again and again and again, like the fire works she had seen last new years. She would wait. Patience now would bring an orgasm, guaranteed to pale the fireworks by comparison.

She turned her mind away from her body. To think of other things. Mundane, work-a-day things. The office, paper work, phone calls to be made in the morning. But little thoughts, like naughty children, crept into her mind. Memories of her life, the changes in it. The things she had done since leaving the vanilla world, the things had been done to her. Once, in her former life, the talk of these experiences would have sent her screaming in terror from the room. Now they were beloved memories and not just memories. She hoped to repeat them. Often.

She giggled like a young teenager. She couldn't help it. She wrapped her arms around her legs and hugged them tight and giggled again. Oh no. It was happening. The juices were starting to boil. That's how she thought of it. Like a roast beef cooking slowly in its own juices. That was her. Now she'd done it. "Oh, come home won't you", she whispered into the night.
No good. She had to move. If only to distract herself. Releasing her knees she rolled onto her stomach, her legs stretched out. Hmmm, nice. Nice sheets.

What was that? Yes, she'd heard a sound. Keys going into a lock made that sound. Then the lock turning. Yes!  A last! Soon play would begin, soon she'd be a toy for someone else to have funwith.
"Oh, come to me sweetheart, come to me," She whispered through soft lips.
The front door opened.
Then closed.
Oh, yes!
Footsteps, things put down or dropped. Keys on the table, a dull clang.
She turned onto her back again.

The footsteps came her way. The door creaked a little as it opened. Light from the living room washed in. "Are you awake, Hun?"
"Hummm," she mumbled, doing her best to imitate some one only barely awake.
This was a game they played, a game that was fast becoming a special ritual. Both of them knew she was wide-awake & eager for what was to come.

Soft ruffles came to her. Clothes being removed. Soon there were two naked people in the room. Footfalls approaching. The loom of someone standing over her. Another's breathing. She could barely contain herself, hold in the giggles. She had to, she didn't want to break the mood she felt building up.

A hand rested lightly on her shoulder. Slid down the blanket to the mound of her right breast. Then moved on down her body, down to where her legs met. Rested at that juncture for a moment, pressing gently against her, then moved on down the form of her leg. That simple touch set her blood raging. 
Soon, very soon.

Two hands pulled back the bedding, revealing, unveiling the glorious woman underneath. The giggles were gone now but how she smiled. The smile of the Cheshire cat. The bedroom was warm, so even with the bedclothes gone she was comfortable. No not true. She was warm, getting warmer by the moment. She could feel, if not see, the red flush of her chest which meant she was sexually aroused.

The hands were at her underwear, working them downwards, around her bum and down to her ankles. Slowly with infinite patience, as though there were all the time in the world.
And in truth there was.

Fingers played with her pubic hair. Then one finger slid down, between her naked legs and into her. It was warm there and very wet. Slowly the finger was removed. Her right hand, laying at her side, was taken gently but firmly  above her head.
She knew what was coming.
She knew what to expect.

Her bedside draw was opened and something that clinked was removed & wrapped around her wrist with a solid click, click, click. Immediately followed another half dozen clicks as the handcuff was locked onto the bedpost. That someone went around to the other side of the bed.
She heard a draw  open and then metal on metal again.
Her left hand was pulled towards the bedpost on that side just like her right hand and similarly locked into place. That click sound that said her body was being placed into bondage, but also it meant her spirit was being given its freedom.

More delicious rattles. A leather cuff went on her left ankle. 
A padlock snapped shut, then her leg was pulled towards the side of the bed. The chain from that cuff would go around the bedpost. Snap. A second padlock secured that leg in place. Warm hands caressed her right ankle. Savouring the moment. Enjoying the last few moments of her freedom. A cuff went around her last free limb, the padlock snapped home. Her leg pulled towards the edge. The sound of the chain as it was wrapped around the bedpost. The last of the four padlocks ensured her helplessness.Spread-eagled on the bed as she was every part of her was open to view, to touch, to poke, to enter.

Something about the moment, something about the way the hands, the fingers and the lips of her lover teased and tantalised her, brought her vision into focus. It was as though there was something in her life she saw everyday, so often it had faded into the background, that she suddenly become aware of and its overwhelming importance. Suddenly all the endearment's that had been whispered into her ears over the last six months were revealed to her for what they were, an honest deep felt expression of love.

It all came together in one moment. The realisation of what she meant to the person who chained her to the bed. She saw with a clarity she had never known before. Her presence in this unit and here in this bed, her willingness to be tied up and the love she gave so freely helped another person get through the day. She was the anchor for another's dreams. She was the their hope, their desire and their need.
It was a shock for her to realise that, despite all the faults she saw in herself, she was some one else's idea of perfection. She was the fuel that fired another's soul.
Never had she known such acceptance. 
Not just of her as a woman, but as a person.

Emotions swelled up in her like damn held waters finding freedom, they burst their way through her barriers and she cried. Sobs tore through her body, tears rolled down her cheeks & onto the pillow case. She had never in her life known such happiness and the only way to express it was to cry.
And she cried. 

The stresses, strains and fears of the past half year were washed away.

Even as she felt the body of the one she loved gently lay on top of her, the feeling of weight she loved so much, as she felt with her senses that soft, sweet skin against her own, breast against breast, thigh against thigh, she knew she was being born again.

Through sobs that shook her body, she felt fingers work their way behind her back, until she was wrapped in an embrace that was not only physical but the truest, deepest love she had ever known. 

Love that gave without taking, love that was unconditional.

She knew that special love that only two women can know, that only two women can share.